Sonic 4: Episode 2 Will NOT Feature 3D Support, But Will Contain All-New Music

You may have seen a report late last month from Japanese website Inside Games that many other sources roughly translated to suggest that Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 might include support for 3D TV’s. Well, SEGA’s Sonic 4 Brand Manager has informed the community via the SEGA Forums that Episode 2 will NOT feature support for 3D displays.

Let me clear this up; Episode II is not in 3-D. SEGA has made many 3-D games, THOR, Captain America, Generations, all can be viewed in 3-D if you own a 3-D TV. Episode II however, will not be offered in this format.

Cheers everyone,

Balough also revealed that Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 will contain all-new music and won’t feature any covers of tracks from past games like Sonic CD’s Sonic Boom.

Hahahah, no – that was just used for SOnic Boom – Episode II will have brand new music 🙂

Source: SEGA Forums Link 1, Link 2

Thanks to SpookyMulder at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. I’d kind of expect a new game to feature new music, with the exception of running themes like the Eggman one we’ve had since 2006.
    At least it’s something, not heard all that much about Episode 2…

    1. Ugh, of all of the running themes, why did they have to choose that Eggman one? That theme, along with his theme from Chaotix, is right at the bottom of the barrel, on its own plain of suck.

  2. Hehe, haven’t had any S4:E2 news for a while now – I wonder how the all-new music will sound – will it use the Mega Drive soundfont that they recieved from someone off Sonic Retro I believe, the same instruments from E1 (the music was great, but there weren’t that much of variety in instruments), or pull a Sonic CD & have real intstruments complimenting the whole HD thing?

    1. Ha, we havent had any actually NEWS about a sonic game over the weekend it was just comics and mash-up

    1. Same here. For a long while since Sonic Advance 3, we haven’t had any playable characters other than Sonic. Sure there was Blaze in the rush series and other 2-P characters in SATBK, but other than that, it’s been nothing but, Sonic, Sonic, and more (or less) Sonic for a good number of years now, while the rest of his friends stood on the cutscene sidelines. I believe this video hits the name on the hammer:

  3. 3D TV gaming is a little ahead of itself right now, so it’s all good.

    Looking forward to Episode 2 🙂

  4. This isn’t exactly big news, but still, I’m impressed with how this website is frequently updated, and practically every update is at least partially interesting. Keep it up Shadzter and everyone else!

  5. What would be the point of playing a 2D game in 3D, so that the trees in the background can pop out in the background?

  6. Yeah, they say that now. But knowing how much Sega loves putting every game of theirs on every console possible, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sonic 4 end up on the 3DS at some point, and then 3D is *almost* a given.

    1. Honestly, I think if there would ever be a possibility of having Sonic 4 on a handheld, Sega will wait till the whole saga is done. Then release the full game fore, say the 3DS. But, I highly doubt they will do that anyway.

      1. I’m just hoping they release all the episodes onto some form of disc release, because I don’t like connecting my console to internet. On some format I can actually play, given the only console I own is a Wii (Curse you Wii U, curse you!)…

  7. Im not fussed about 3D , 3D is nothing more but a gimmick thats losing its flare alreadly, ive seen films in 3D and in the end you forget its in 3D because your eyes get used to it, i rather stick to good old fasioned 2D.

  8. Meh, I don’t care much about 3D.

    I played Sonic Generations in 3D and boy did my eyes hurt. It will be the same result with Sonic 4: Epi. 2 (yet I own a 3DS).

    As for the music, that’s great. Glad to hear that it will have original music. I thought Sonic 4: Epi. 1 had it’s own original music that most people did not like?
    I understand where people would get the whole Sonic CD thing going on, but if they create music that is similar (not remixes) to the Sonic CD soundtrack, then it would be cool!

  9. Senoue never made such terrible music until Episode 1. It had the right instruments but it was just so… uninteresting.

  10. Sonic has been impressive getting very good video games recently like Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations

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