SEGA Has No Plans to Bring Classic Sonic Back After Sonic Generations

Founder of The Sonic Stadium and writer at SPOnG Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne got to speak with SEGA Europe Brand Manager David Corless recently and received some sad news for Classic Sonic’s future after Sonic Generations.

Joscelyne asked Corless if he thinks there’s a possibility of seeing Classic Sonic in future games.

“Sonic Generations sees a classic and modern form of the blue blur running around loops in the same game. If the gameplay is received positively, do you think thereโ€™s an opportunity to bring Classic Sonic back into future titles?”

Corless replied with the following “brutally honest” answer.

“Do you know what? There are no plans, to be brutally honest, to bring Classic Sonic back. The reason for bringing him back for this game was because this is a celebration of 20 years of Sonic. It was a real fitting time to do it. Heโ€™s really well loved. Letโ€™s see how Generations does. You can never say never in this industry, but at the moment there are no plans.”

Source: SPOnG

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  1. options sega are always a good thing

    in the future game let players pick which sonic they want to play as

    Simple everyones happy

    1. hope they know what they are doing.
      It took a long time for them to develop the classic gameplay or at least come close to it.
      The least they could do is put the classic physics in the episode 2 of sonic 4

    2. Good ridance, lets see if sega can continue to pull something original out of their asses, up until now they have been playing it pretty safe.

  2. I think it’d be crazy not to include a Classic Sonic skin in Sonic 4-2 as it’s such an obvious thing to do, but you know what? This doesn’t really bother me. I’m looking forward to see what Sonic’s next original adventure entails. I wouldn’t want to see a Sonic Generations 2 until his 25th.

  3. They can always bring him back, but i wouldn’t want him milked though. But as Corless said, i want to wait and see how Sonic Generations does.

  4. Thank you, Sega, for reaffirming a statement you already delivered after the release of Sonic Adventure 1. Seriously people, the 90’s are over. If it’s that big of a deal play one of the many Sonic collection games and maybe you’ll even try some of the 2D Sonic games with the “horrible” green-eyed Sonic that were released within the past decade…bee-otch!

  5. I’m pleased to hear frankly. I am so ridiculously overexcited for Generations, but I still stand by my initial (also ridiculously excited) opinion from the first trailer – Classic Sonic is a lovely fanservice, but a little dissapointed that they pandered to the fanbase in THAT way.

    1. That would be Sonic 4. And I wouldn’t find that disappointing since it’s just one game and a lot of games were doing it around that time. Sonic Generations does not apply to this “fanservice” thing other than the fact the entire game is fanservice, as it IS his 20th anniversary game. It seems awfully fitting.

  6. Don’t care. I’m happy with modern Sonic. I grew up with the Genesis games, and I’m pleased that Sonic’s evolving. It’s like having a kid and watching him grow up into a young man~ If they kept bringing back classic Sonic, he’d become as bland and uninteresting as Mario. Modern Sonic keeps things fresh.

    1. Thank you… Anybody here but he HATE the way Nintendo has tried SEGA’s “back to the roots” crap with Mario making EVERY game play like Mario Bros. including the Galaxy sequel? Way to ruin what could have been a great second space trip…

      Hayao Miyazaki once sent a kunai knife to the american anime industries stating bluntly “no more cuts” to his movies and I think it’s time we started mailing some knifes of our own to Nintendo saying enough is enough with repetitive gameplay launches… -_-

    2. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………………Except Modern Sonic doesnt have a fraction of Classic Sonic’s Personality and isnt nearly as Likeable.
      Mario is not Bland his games usually get almost 100% approval.You’re a Shallow creep nothing else.

  7. I don’t care so much about the character mode. My main concern is whether or not they’ll “lose” the code for Classic Sonic’s physics.

  8. They didn’t say there’s no hope for Classic Sonic. All that was stated is that there currently aren’t any future plans. There’s still plenty of ways he could come back though. Even if the next game doesn’t have any classic-style gameplay, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Classic Sonic costume. Especially in Sonic 4: Episode II or other throwback Sonic games, which might even use the Classic Sonic game code for all we know.

  9. I’m alright with them not bringing back classic Sonic, i understand that it was just a one time come back. But it was cool to see the first Sonic back in game again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Whilst I was eager to read the reply on Classic Sonic’s future, Sonic 4 sprung into mind. If Classic doesn’t make it, then there is Sonic 4 Episode 2 and perhaps more to be excited on. It may be the modern Sonic with homing, but there are still those classic, side-scrolling roots for not-so-bitchy-classic-fans to enjoy. I like both Sonics and I grew up with Modern, but I find a enjoyable replay value on some classics like Sonic 2 (meaning that you guys could play them again). Some of you may be angered but the person said that there was no plans for the future. It is too early to assume if the real character is returning in years time (25th anyone?) but SEGA are moving on.

    I suppose at the end of the day it doesn’t matter guys, I suppose we all have to live and learn. Modern will evolve in the future and the classic fans have Sonic 4 to enjoy. Endless possibilities guys.

    1. You’re an Idiot Sonic 4 is nothing like the Classics its just a stupid Cashcow which mixes Dimps awful Gameplay with Rehashed Themes.

      1. If you dont like it dont play it. I dont look at it like a classic, I look at it like a fun side scrolling Sonic game.

  11. Good, it’s not set in stone. I would like to see a full HD remake of Sonic/CD/2/3/&K, kind of like NSMB.

  12. i ve seen takashi iizuka with my own eyes at the paris games week last saturday, and my ears have clearly heard his translator saying that after generations, sonic team will keep on working on both 2d classic gameplay, and 3d modern gameplay… so i m sure classic sonic will return, in a way or another ^^

      1. YES! finally! an intelligence comment. Am I the only one who thinks Classic sonic was classic gameplay. its all about the gameplay NOT what color his eyes are.


    1. maybe sonic “classic gameplay”. thats like saying nintendo says they go 2D and they bring back ugly 8 bit Mario. Which we all know they won’t. Kirby Return to Dreamland launched and it goes back to its roots. thus its a classic throwback in 3D. we don’t see “classic” kirby do we? Know because Kirby IS a classic.

      1. Mario never really changed there just were technical limitations i mean just look at Super Mario World’s Boxart and see Mario there then you see his current render and he’s Identical.

  13. just wanna say : LOL
    This game might probably be the best selling sonic’s game ever, and they won’t bring CS again for the future ?

  14. I already figured this, but I don’t think its a bad thing. Classic Sonic is what makes Generations unique.

    1. Please stay on topic. This artwork – even though it’s old – has nothing to do with the story on this page. If you think you have new information, please submit it to us via the Contact Staff page.

  15. Guys, that just means the character. I’m almost certain they’re going to be building off of this combination of modern behind-the-back angle and sidescrolling platformer angle–after all, it’s what’s earned them the best scores in years.

    If you’re sad about the character leaving, I know it’s tough, but I got over that when he actually left. Generations is a nice little way to bring him back for a game, though.

  16. Not to be mean, but I dont care. I was surprised in the very first place that SEGA gave in to the CS fans. I wouldn’t like it if they continued with it. Both Sonic’s are the same to me, speedy, cool, brave and help their friends no matter what!

  17. I remember when common sense once existed. lol

    But no seriously. Why are we still talking about this? I, personally, don’t consider this “news”, as it’s not new at all. It’s just obvious. Modern Sonic IS Classic Sonic, just of today. Classic Sonic makes sense for Generations, but otherwise he’s over. Bringing him “Back” wouldn’t make any sense. He’s so outdated that if they were to truely bring him back they’d need a lot of updates, which would pretty much just make him another Modern Sonic.

    It almost sounds like ppl just want the design back so they don’t have to grow up. Cuz if they brought back the gameplay it wouldn’t be very different. The Advance, Rush and Colors series already pretty much give you that and more.

    I also don’t consider this “brutal” because while he says there’s no “plans” to bring him back, he didn’t say that he wouldn’t ever come back. Can we just accept that Classic Sonic’s status currently leaves him at only being able to come back for “special” games such as Generations or anything similar they come up with in the future?

    1. See there’s some confusion here. If were just talking looks, then yes this is a pointless article, but SEGA doesn’t make it clear if they mean the Classic Sonic look or the Classic Sonic gameplay. See a lot of people are impress with how accurate to the original games C Sonic’s physics are here, and that style of gameplay is also being referred to as “Classic Sonic gameplay” so the question is does SEGA simply mean the character model or do they mean the classic gameplay entirely? If they don’t use this brilliantly programmed gameplay again it’d be a GREAT shame, if it’s just the look, meh who cares?

      1. I believe fans are thinking they’re a package deal or something while SEGA is only referring to the design, as the design is what symbolizes him as a “form of character”.

        Otherwise I’ve already heard that Sonic was back to his roots supposedly in Colors even according to Classic Fans, which is Modern Sonic.

        That said, I see no reason to downgrade to inferior gameplay. I love the gameplay, but it is not up-to-standards for a post 2011 game. So you’d assume it’d still at least have 2D-3D transitions if anything. Then you’d need the homing attack because merely jumping on enemies in a 3D plane is a pain and a poor design decision for a game like Sonic. You know where that lands us? Pretty much SA3. (Or in other words a post-2011 repeating of the Adventure series formula.)

        Eventually they gotta evolve somehow. Modern gameplay in Generations, especially for certain levels, already looks like a good start. And my moveset idea could seal the deal. Oh well. lol

        1. I would disagree. SEGA has said repeatedly that they want to continue to make 2D games for Classic fans and 3D (with the 2D transitions) games for Modern fans (because they think it’s that simple when it’s WAAAAY more complex) so the way I see it, for Modern games, they should continue to use the formula they are using right now for M Sonic, make improvements of course, but this is the ideal formula for M Sonic games IMO.

          But for making 2D games that appeal to fans of the Genesis, they should definitely use the Classic Sonic gameplay in Sonic generations because that is fantastic and would truly be the right direction for the 2D games in the franchise to go.

        2. Well you said they shouldn’t use the Classic gameplay from Generations again in future titles and I think they should.

          1. Oh I see. That part was kinda unrelated to everything else I said tho. lol
            I think they shouldn’t because it wouldn’t make sense and it seems like if they ever used it again it could only make sense for games like Generations that have a good excuse for bringing him back.

            If they did bring him back, personally, I’d see it as very outdated and uninteresting unless they showed SOME progress, and in order to do that they’d end up making a second Modern Sonic, which is pointless. We’ve already got the Advance, Rush and Colors games. So that mission is pretty much already accomplished. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

            There’s also the possibility that using Classic Sonic again officially will wear him out and he’ll lose his “specialness”. lol It’s one of those things where you’d rather discontinue something than drag it out and milk it til eventually people complain that the original formual is being tainted unlike the originals. lol I mean just look at the shift of “popular” response to Sonic 4 over the course of a single year it’s been released. It changed a LOT.

  18. As long as they stick with the 3D/2D meld or continue with the sidescrolling 2D style games like Sonic 4 (but with their new refined physics they have worked so hard on) it doesn’t bother me if the character looks like Modern Sonic. Now if they out and said we aren’t going to being back the 2D gameplay, now that would be idiotic and shooting themselves in the foot!

  19. Y’know, I wouldn’t mind seeing Classic Sonic as a character in the Olympic series. They did Bowser Jr., why not C. Sonic?

  20. I am excited for generations, I love the prospect of Classic Sonic returning, but I’m glad he won’t be continually returning.
    I find those purists who say there hasn’t been a good Sonic since ’94 as obnoxious as I find the ones who say there hasn’t been a good Star Wars since ’77.

    I look forward to see what sega does with games after generations. Now don’t get me wrong, like I said, I look very forward to generations, but let’s face it, it’s based almost ENTIRELY on nostalgia. I personally would not mind seeing another game with at least Knuckles and Tails playable.

  21. they will bring classic sonic back trust me this game is going to do so freakin well its not even funny ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. i know, but they said it depends on how well sonic generations does and this game is gonna do damn fine

        1. well if they said classic sonic they could have meant just sonic in 2D THAT’S Classic sonic. playing sonic in 2D like the good ol’ days regardless if his eyes or green or not. Well im not going to assume if this game is gonna do good since that happened before and they all sucked ass. sonic colors did not suck so hopefully this game will not suck either.

  22. I actually think that this is a wise move from Sega. Sure, I love the classics, and it’s great to have Classic Sonic back in Generations, but come ON, did you really think that they’d make more games with him in after this? I mean, it’s 2011, for God’s sake! Sonic can’t keep thriving on nostalgia forever! Times are changing, and Sonic has moved on. We need to face the fact that this isn’t the 90’s anymore.

    The most recent Sonic games (such as Colours) are brilliant, and they’re not getting the recognition they deserve, because of the decline in quality a few years back put people off, and fans still refuse to give the newest games a chance – or simply because “they’re not like the old games” and this really annoys me. If you want to play as Classic Sonic in the old style of gameplay so much, then play the Megadrive (or Genesis if you’re American), and Generations, which has Classic Sonic in HD! And this is another reason why I’m excited. This gives the classic fans a chance to see how Sonic has advanced in the Modern Acts – and modern fans, who haven’t played the classics, a taste of what Sonic started out as. This game will build a bridge between the divided fanbase.
    And if you’re sad that if after Generations, you’ll never see Classic Sonic again, then remember: Modern Sonic IS Classic Sonic, but older! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. *Sniff* That… Was beautiful… 50 rings and 7 emeralds for you man. Keep being a super fan for us all… *Sniff*

    2. THANK YOU. I was getting sick of everyone treating Classic Sonic as a completely different character.

  23. i was really hopping that they would put classic sonic as an arcade game and on handhelds while modern took the consoles but that’s there decision to make

  24. Fine by me. If they keep bringing Classic Sonic back he won’t be classic anymore. The nostalgia will wear out and everyone will eventually be just as irritated with him as they apparently are with the Modern Sonic of today. And trying anything new with Classic Sonic would be destroying the original formula as far as purists are concerned, so the franchise would wind up at a standstill.

    Modern, plz.

    1. Um, no. The gameplay is what made Classic Sonic great in the first place. The gameplay of Modern just branched out differently and not very consistently if you ask me. Which is why the fanbase is split to begin with. It’s their own sodding fault.

      They have the opportunity to build on Classic physics, where can you go wrong with that? There’s no end of designs and quirks that you could work with on top of that, so ‘nostalgia wearing out’ isn’t going to have any effect. New nostalgia will be there in its place.

      As for the people who like Modern physics, well, that’s great! There’s two markets there to cater to! So they’re completely ostracising a huge part of the fanbase if they sweep Classic under the carpet after this. Simply put.

  25. That’s what they said about Shadow in SA2, and look how that turned out, now he’s one of the main characters.

    In all seriousness, it’d be really hard to bring back Classic. At best, they could perhaps make a patch for Sonic 4 to retain his classic look, especially if their really pushing for this whole ‘link’ thing. Or they could have him as an unlockable character for the Mario and Sonic games.

  26. me personally, i never gave a fuck or had a fuck to give about “classic” or “modern”. I always thought sonic was “sonic as I do Mario. There’s no classic Mario or classic crash bandicoot right? I only want good gameplay in a sonic game. i dont give a damn about his form and figure. a game can only be great if it has good gameplay and controls, not because a character has black or green eyes. Thats gay.

  27. I bet the “classic” Sonic fans are whining and throwing a tantrum about this.

    Just see how well Sonic Generations does. I won’t mind if Classic Sonic returned, but I still like Modern Sonic the best (Even if I respect both designs), and if SEGA wants to keep using Modern Sonic in their games, then get over it. I’m sick of nostalgia hogs whining about Sonic these days. He is fine the way it is.

    If you want to see Classic Sonic again, then play the old Genesis trilogy plus Sonic CD if you want your precious nostalgia back.

    1. It’s not about the nostalgia, it’s about the pinball physics that MADE Sonic who he was. The gameplay. Not the fact that it’s old and invokes happy memories.

      I’m sorry, but without the pinball physics he is just ‘an incarnation’ of Sonic. That’s not bad, but by itself it’s just not enough. The transition to 3D wasn’t consistent enough, and that’s why there’s so much demand for Classic Sonic, because he retains the original feel of Sonic and why the ‘classic fans’ became fans in the first place.

  28. To me, all these years of experimenting with the Sonic formula, has been a great experience. As opposed to Mario, as mentioned above, Sonic Team has continued to strive for new heights, for better or worse, and in the end, what came out of it, were an unparalled number of different games. From 2D to 3D and onward to 2,5D. Sonic never seizes to amaze you. There almost always something new encorporated into the game mechanics, and always something new to see. To me, Sonic is like the phoenix: He may grow weiry every once in a while, only to burst into flames in a shining light, in order to be reborn from the ashes(best example would be the transistion between Sonic 06 and Unleashed). I recent memory, Sonic has only gotten better, and I believe that Sonic Colours finally nailed what SEGA ought to be striving for in the future, and I’m immensely joyous to see, that they’re building upon past experience ๐Ÿ™‚ May Sonic Generations be the spark that once again sends him towards the heavens ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. See, Mario has been striving for new heights too. The difference with Sonic is that he didn’t fail tremendously multiple times while doing so.

      1. He has failed more times than sonic, difference is he has more than twice as many games so no one cares. Sonic has really only failed ones or twice the rest is just people making there expectations to high. Shoot for a middle ground and you will be pleasantly surprised. My least favorite Sonic game is colors, the reason for witch is my expectations for that game where sky high.

  29. I wouldn’t really go out and say the older fans are whining, sure if he doesn’t appear again I will certainly miss him. It was great to at least have him in this game. But when I hear this news however I feel that the two Sonic’s might be missing a good business marketing chance in the future.

    I mean, I would like to see this classic engine return somehow and maybe Sega could use Classic Sonic as an approach for more 2D style Sonic games (Sort of like how Mario has New Super Mario bros.) and while that would happen they can continue to experiment with Modern Sonic for their new ideas. That would be a win win for both sides of the fanbase and could really keep the balance going strong for everyone. But it’s still Sega’s choice and they already offered us this great looking game, and who knows maybe Classic will stop by for the next anniversary. I’ll certainly be waiting for that day. : )

  30. Have to say I’m pleased…I mean think about it, classic fans will go absolutely ape if (god forbid) if SEGA put him in a game that totally messed up.
    Besides, how on earth would you bring him back with current story lines unless we go back to “earlier adventures” taking place prior to the Sonic Adventure series.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love classic Sonic, but lets not revert to the past.

  31. Corless? More like Soulless ๐Ÿ™
    Gonna miss the little guy.. at least we got some awesome toys of the Classic super star (I mean how long have we been waiting for proper looking Classic Sonic toys?_

    Awww well, maybe in 5 – 10 years we’ll see a return. Who knows, maybe they’ll replace Modern Sonic with a newer looking Sonic?

  32. I really like his Classic Sonic look and would definitely dig spin-off or Handheld games having him in this look with classic gameplay.

  33. Every time I see or hear “Sonic ” and “roots” in the same sentence, I want to punch somebody.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Sonic is Sonic. He’s still the same hedgehog who busts up Eggman’s plans.

    As far as gameplay goes, as long as my Genesis works (spoiler: It does.), I can play “Classic” Sonic whenever I want. I’d rather have Sonic move forward without regrets than do the same song and dance for the rest of his career. I don’t care how acclaimed it’d be.

  34. Will be interesting to see what this “new era” after Generations that Izuka mentioned turns out to be like. Makes me wonder if the epilogue cutscene that was mentioned in the list of cutscenes found in the hack will reveal anything about the future of the series. Random thought, but what if the time travel ends up altering something in the game series moving on, or imagine if they use the time travel/beating the time eater as a way to do their next era redesign….or god forbid try another reboot like ’06 was trying to be.

  35. I wonder what Sonic’s going to be like in the future, like what kind of new model will they be using and what the gameplay will change to…anyone else think about that?

    1. talking about that what if sega uses an new model and what would we be called the classics will still be classic fans and well the modernfans now what will we be called green eye fans

        1. sorry ^^; my english sucks at late times what i meant was if sega uses a new model and a new kind of sonic kicks in and the now modern fans will be kinda like the “classic”fans what would the name be for the now modern fans green eye’s adventure fans? (understand it now )

  36. I’m fine with this decison to be honest. Classic needs to stay Classic for all his games up until Adventure (and Generations).

    Personally, I’d like to see Modern Sonic…but, with more momentum based gameplay. I think that’s one of the reasons why the Adventure Series was so popular; even though a lot of the running sequences were “Scripted” the majority of these games were still based on momentum were speed was an award. I’m not saying to revert back to the Adventure Engine though…

  37. If they brang back Classic Sonic what would the story be about anyway because the only sensible reason I could think of would be if SEGA made a Sonic The Hedgehog prequel

  38. I hope they bring back Dreamcast Sonic. Weither as Generations DLC or in his own game(however that’d work)
    I think the next Sonic game should be Silver the Hedgehog. He has huge potential for his own game.

    1. ’06 was supposed to be his own game literally, then they turned it into a Sonic game. If the interviews etc are to be believed. Considering Shadow’s game didn’t do that well even tho he has a large fan following. And Silver as a character isn’t as well received as some of the others, I wouldn’t imagine they would ruin the upward momentum of the series as a whole by doing anymore solo adventures of the side characters.

    2. Just make sure Sonic, Silver, and Shadow are playable, and the game will be an A! ๐Ÿ˜› The reason I say Sonic and Shadow, is because its ALL of the hedgehhogs ๐Ÿ™‚ (excluding amy).

      1. I can’t tell if your joking or not. They…they already did that…and it was far from an A grade game.

        1. I’m not joking, and I know that. But what’s a hedgehog game, without your 2 runner-ups?(Don’t respond to this question idiotically…please.) Sonic, and Shadow would fit perfectly into a hedgehog game(Silver), that way, the game would be more special.

          So, your telling me a SILVER THE HEDGEHOG game would be far from an A if it had creative levels, a humorous, and deep story, and 3 playable characters? It would sound like an A to me…

          1. I don’t know. I’m kinda sick of people teaming Silver up with Sonic and Shadow. It’s like they’re trying to build a new “Team Sonic” almost.

            I would like to see Tails and Knuckles, 2 of the 3 legendary Sonic characters, make some magic with a comeback. They’re being treated like.. like… like Team Chaotix!!! No! ugh! lol

    1. That speed highway, and shadow stage fight looks unbelievable BEAUTIFUL!
      Speed highway is very detailed, even through a parking lot.
      And the ark looks amazing and fun, it literally looks like your on a racing course, although the boost effect on sonic looks….weird?

  39. Generations will sell because of Classic Sonic and you all know it.

    No different when NSMBWii 2D Mario outsold the Galaxy games ten fold. People want the classical gameplay.

    If Sega go back to there 3D niche fan base the series will return to stagnation and ridicule.

    1. Sonic Adventure and Sonic Colors prove this idea wrong.

      People loved the old Sonic games because the gameplay was good, not because Sonic was stumpy and fat.

      1. Adventure 1 was the closest to the Genesis Gameplay in 3D though.Also Classic Sonic is so much more likeable to the General Audience then Modern Sonic.

  40. At least in Sonic 4 they could include him. Anyway, more than classic sonic I want they go back to an adventure gameplay, maybe mixing it with the unleashed one in some stages. And sonic heroes was amazing too, I loved it.

  41. Honestly I like Sonic’s modern look. Looks a lot cooler. The classic pudgy sonic was great, but personally he had more attitude back in the genesis days and I believe as Sonic evolved they wanted to convey that attitude more in 3D so they modified his look to be more and with more “tude.” The classic sonic in generations is cute, but he’s missing what made genesis sonic really shine and compete or in some people’s opinions defeat mario, it was the attitude and the persona he conveyed. I personally don’t believe it’s conveyed in generations he’s just pudgy and cute. Which is fine. Though for me Sonic was cool when I was a kid, and now a days Sonic continues to be cool in the modern era. His games have been lacking, but he has not, so don’t mistake the gameplay with the persona. What you really want is 2D sonic not a pudgy version of sonic lol. I still have faith Sonic 4 ep.2 will be a good game and have a ton of improvements, but until then let’s all enjoy Sonic Generations and Sonic in general… Long live Speed!

    1. More like they made him Lame and friggin ugly i dont get how many of you percieve Modern to be badass he just looks friggin ugly to me.Only time i liked Modern Sonic was in Adventure 1 it was sort of a nice mix of Modern and Classic.

    1. I like the song. Good Work.

      Iam excited to play Sonic Generations. I think the best sonics are in 2D, with exception of Sonic 3D (is amazing too, in my opinion).
      Adventure 1 and 2 are nice too, very fast and inovating, but i still prefer the classic 2D Sonics, before the sonic talks like “oh…no” when he die, and all of that. I dont like the voice of sonic. But its just my opinion.
      I love the 2D sonic, and i like the 3D too. I Will love sonic generations. Classic sonic model is much nicer than modern.
      I think, sega could make 2 versions of Sonic: Classic and Modern.
      I think SEGA can make something like this: One classic Sonic 2D (like genrations) with classic model, midi-like sounds, and call him for exemple: Sonic The Hedgehog: 5. And the new sonics could be called Sonic Adventure 3.
      The sonic 5 (for exemple) could be a game placed in past of sonic (for exemple, what appened between Sonic 4 and Aventure). And the Sonic Adventure could be the “present” of game.
      Something like Capcom made with “resident evil 0” (The history before resident evil 1).
      I think this will make happy all people. Just my opinion.

  42. Well he didnt say a proper no, besides didnt iizuka mention there trying to find ways to bring him back? in the end its up in the air, most likley sega will bring him back because public reaction hes been more well loved then modern has, just look at Segas “which is your fav sonic” poll, classic won By a Landside.

  43. Thats a little upsetting, but that doesnt meen they’re not gonna use the Classic Sonic gameplay (knowing SEGA they probably will tweak it a bit). If theres any time to bring back Classic Sonic wouldnt the release of Sonic 4 have made more sence? After all that is tied in with CLASSIC sonics story. Eather way i knew after Sonic 4 was released that Classic Sonic wasnt coming back purely from what SEGA said, then Sonic Generations came out, quite a shocker, just sayin’, dont take this information to heart (but you shouldnt ignore it either).

  44. I’m also happy with the fact that they have no plans to bring back classic Sonic. I grew up playing with classic Sonic and now that I’m older, playing with modern Sonic (older version of classic Sonic) just seems right. It’s like Sonic has matured and grown up over he years and you can see it clearly when you look at a picture of both classic Sonic and modern Sonic together.

    As far as the classic gameplay is concerned I think Sega/Sonic Team will use the same physics they are using in Generations in future titles. For example Sonic 4 episode 2 will have the homing attack just like in episode 1, however the physics will be similar to classic Sonic’s gameplay in Generations. In other words you won’t be able to walk up walls.

  45. I’m crying on the inside, but as long as classic gameplay sticks around, I am ok with this.

    I mean, game play really the most important part of the franchise, right?

  46. I personally never minded much which style of Sonic I played as…
    however, I think people should be nicer to the classic Sonic lovers.
    Put yourself in there position, there childhood hero was one day changed out of nowhere and they
    didnt like the way he looked anymore.

    That would suck.
    Everyone has different taste.

  47. I’m not really so interested in classic Sonic coming back but I wouldn’t mind seeing a new gameplay direction for modern Sonic after this.

    Enough with the boosting. Can’t we just return to Sonic Adventure-esque gameplay again? Sonic is fast but his games have never been about “run as fast as possible”. There’s a deft subtlety that I feel like the Adventure games got closest to touching as far as taking Sonic into the 3rd dimension but since Sonic Unleashed, that subtlety has been lost in favor of constant boosting gameplay.

    1. Since the current Modern gameplay is not returning, I’d say for Izuka’s new “Moddern” Sonic coming in 2012, that bringing a mix between SA1 and SA2’s gameplay would be an excellent choice.

  48. Sonic Generations looks like it will be AWESOME, but I think if they try to make a generations 2, that’d just be a horrible iddea. I’m not really one for recycling PLOTS. This is a special game, it shouldn’t be overdone. :c I wouldn’t mind if they released downloadable content for more levels, whatnot, but not another game altogehter. But that said, I don’t mind classic sonic leaving. And I feel pretty sure they’ll keep his gameplay around for Modern Sonic to use here and there.

    …Plots seems to be what seperates me from 99% of the other Sonic fans. Along with the fact that the most preferable gameplay to me was Sonic Adventure, and classic. Anyway… plots are kinda a big part of it, to me, and I think Sega could do a lot better… add some drama and suspence, less humor, but make it make sense, and still alright for kids. Colors’ story just wasn’t interesting to me. Cute, sure… but, it’s not something that, aside from gameplay, motivates me to finish the game. Certain things just kinda turn me off too… I’ve noticed Sonic team seems to have a facination with involving Aliens. The Meterex Saga of Sonic X, Shadow the Hedgehog (which to me, killed poor Shadow, and I personally don’t think anything’s redeemed him after that…), and Colors. It’s not so bad, if it’s very spread out, but… to me it’s all rather close together. =_= Rather not see any more aliens… not for a LONG while.
    Oh well, as long as the gameplay’s good, I’ll just skip cutscenes or something. haha.

  49. in reference to all the comments as classic sonic being the younger sonic, and modern as him being more grown up, which he basically is, i’d like to see how they continue to age and re-invent sonic for the next few games or anniversaries. like most of us here, sonic was a kid when he started out (although sonic 3 manuals put his age at around 15 if i remember rightly), and as we develop our tastes for gaming, i’d like to see sega develop the character in the same way.
    to all the haters of modern sonic, he’s aged, like the rest of us! and i bet he looks a dang sight better than most of you do now as opposed to when you were younger! me included! ๐Ÿ˜›

  50. TBH im quite dissapointed by this Classic Sonic is much more likeable and has so much more Personality then Modern Sonic who is friggin Bland.
    And im pretty sure Aeasthetics Wise Classic Sonic would be much more succesful in the General Audience then Modern Sonic.Now im not saying Classic should replace Ugly Modern Sonic but he should atleast have its own series with 2D Genesis Like Games and 3D Games which try something new.
    And please dont reply to me saying “I should like Sonic’s Modern Design” in order to be a fan cuz that is Fanboyism nothing else.

  51. Lets be honest now Sonic Generations is just amazing! every level is just pure fun which for me is the number one factor of any sonic game. I grew up with Sonic on the megadrive and I like both styles of gameplay but I think I have more fun with the new modern sonic levels. There is just something really satisfying about finding different quicker pathways using the homing attack and the dash rings! The next game I think Sega should continue down the lines of the Modern Sonic levels in generations but throw in some epic story line like in Sonic Adventure. Now Sonic Adventure!! that was a genius game ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Modern Sonic is sometimes used in Classic Sonic’s shoes. So people who are complaining about Modern having his own unique – and in my opinion great – game style should probably calm down.

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