SEGA FINALLY Announces Sonic Generations For PC Download, New Screenshots

SEGA has FINALLY announced that Sonic Generations will be available for PC Download, confirming what the world has known for months now. The PC version will be released via PC digital download platforms on the same day the console versions release November 4th 2011. This version will include Steamworks features like Steam Cloud, full stereoscopic 3D support, Achievements and online leaderboards.

Check out the press release and screenshots below.


LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO – 8th October, 2011 – SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA®of America, Inc. are delighted to confirm that Sonic Generations™ will be released on PC and available via SEGA’s partners for PC digital download in November this year. Sonic Generations™ is the ultimate celebration of 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog and sees SEGA’s iconic mascot racing through a brand new adventure as both the much loved classic 1991 character, and the modern day video game hero he has become today.
Sonic Generations™ for PC digital includes Steamworks features such as Steam Cloud, which allows save files to be stored on Steam’s servers so you can resume your game progress from any PC. As with the other console platforms, Sonic Generations™ will be available to play in full stereoscopic 3D and will contain Achievements and online leaderboards.
Sonic Generations™ will be available via PC digital download as well as Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system on 4th November 2011.
For more information please visit

Source: SEGA Press

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        1. For one asking a lower price for the version that offers more quality? That kinda makes me feel jipped for pre-ordering the PS3 version.

    1. Because there are people who want to enjoy the game with modern hardware at full resolution, full AA/AF and not outdated hardware from 2005/2006.

      I have a PS3 Slim, but i opt for Windows versions over consoles for this very reason. (e.g. Portal 2, Battlefield 3)

      1. For those who only have a laptop, our only choice is to get the console version. My new 360 needs more game, after all XD

        1. @Grassy

          I only have a laptop, and I can guarantee that I can play this perfectly.

          $1800 gaming laptop from Dell can handle almost anything right now xD.

  1. Oh so it will have Steamworks as well as all the 3D and stuff. Then it may not be a lazy port after all, however I don’t think it would be worth holding your breath over

  2. @KennyWolf: There hasn’t been a *NEW* PC Sonic game in years. And there are quite a few people that I know that’d rather play on PC than a console.

  3. Well this is excellent news.

    Yeah yeah you can say “This isn’t news” but until it was ACTUALLY CONFIRMED, it’s considered “unconfirmed”. (That sentence sounds like a no-brainer to me.) And now it IS confirmed, so the “suspense you ppl were going through is over and I can finally tell my friend for sure some set-in-stone info rather than “Well signs and rumors are going around that…” lol


  5. Great news for many people out there. Only one thing worries me though. Piracy. I hope a lot of people not go into that and not buy it for their console or 3DS. This game deserves it’s money.

    1. I will certainly be getting the be getting the 3ds version. so far I have 4 favorite level in it and Big Arm is one of my favorite bosses so I won’t be missing that. Since I don’t know much about steam unfortunately that other way might be the way to go

    2. Right? I was hoping the PC version would come out a month later for that purpose. OH WAIT! On the bright side not everyone will be able to meet the requirements to run int on their computer. At least that’ll slow piracy down a little. Sure the pirates themselves might be advanced enough but not all of them and not all the ppl who might’ve received it from them, and for those ppl, money pay is the only way. lol

      1. prehaps you never got the heads up on the Steam pre-release leaks on The Pirate Bay, if that happened to RAGE and Dead Island, it can happen to Sonic Generations. We are the pirates, the most technologically advanced minds inside and outside Piracy itself!

        1. I lol’d.

          @Spore Your not a pirate lol, your a lazy ass “gamer” that waits 4-6 months to play the pirated version of a game youb can easily buy at Gamestop with the amazing amount of deals you can get online. When you see a new game, you immediately say “It has a price! I’ll just wait till someone pirates it”

    3. PS3 yes, pre ordered, PC version Piracy to see if it runs, if it does then i’ll purchase as a back up if i can’t get to my ps3 when i want to, i have a hard time getting to the TV -.-

    4. Piracy is inevitable, even on consoles. Welcome to the digital age.

      Gabe Newell seems to have pricing figured out and Sega may be following that idea.

      I will pre-order for Steam when it hits.

  6. I really don’t understand how steam works but guess I’ll have to learn if I want to get it. It interesting that the graphics of the PC version are way better than the console version.

    1. It’s a PC. It’s actually not that strange at all. Somewhat expected even. You’d probably only expect it to have cheaper graphics because of the price and controls, but I believe computers are a lot less limited than consoles are in that field.

      That and the graphics look the same time me. It doesn’t even look like screenshots specifically for the PC version when I look at them. It just looks like console version screenshots. lol (And heck, supposedly the PS3 has more poly’s than the 360 and until just now I never thought about or even knew if we were looking at 360 or PS3 screenshots the past few months cuz it looks pretty much the same. XD)

    1. Not to be mean but if 5 out of the 9 levels have pics here do you think that would count as a demo?

      1. Well if the whole thing is for download, I would assume the person would also have to pay for it at the same time wouldn’t they, it couldn’t be free, right?

          1. Well I already reserved the console version, oh well. Somebody might put up a pirated version of it, like a ripped one that wouldn’t be too big in size.

  7. Shadzter check sonic’s offical facebook. a certain hedgehog who is from the future has offically been revealed

  8. THIS IS GREAT! Plus, SEGA have revealed the Silver Boss fight on Sonics Facebook Page.

  9. IT’S ABOUT TIME…..FINALLY At last 😀 Unknown if you are here this will be good news for you now you and others don’t get to miss out on Generations 🙂

  10. Oh god YESSS!!!!! THANKS SEGA!! 😀 But I’m confused! If all those online stores have it for pre-order, does that mean it can be physically bought too? Or do you buy a digital copy or something? I’d really prefer an actual CD/DVD, but I am so freaking happy about this, I DONT MISS OUT!!! And the graphics look beautiful! ^.^

  11. Sonic: *Drives the Car* Look! I don’t need Tails and Knuckles after all! XD

    Tails and Knuckles: T_T

  12. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!

    … sorry, just so excited. 😀 I’ll actually be able to play this game!
    Wait, so… if this is a download or whatever, how much will it cost?

  13. Steamworks = No buy

    Release a PC retail version without any DRM bs, and I’ll buy the game twice.

  14. I’m planning on buying the 360 and 3DS versions, and probably pirating the PC version (unless there’s a demo). I don’t think my laptop can handle this game, and I wouldn’t spend full price on a game with the reduced graphics I’m going to have to play on…


    hey was I the only one impressed by the screenshots?looks like our old shield buddies will be back too 🙂

  16. Full sized game + Steam (shudders) = PC on all night. No thanks, made that mistake before.

    If it was on disc I’d consider it.

  17. Would you need a really powerful computer to play it because I woudnt want to buy it if it lagged heaps because i dont have a powerful computer

    1. Hmm,looking at the specs,not really. You could still play it on low settings if your computer isn’t all that powerful. There are things you can do to make the lag less noticeable such as a batfile.I’m not sure how to make one though,my friend did that.That cancels out the explorer system,and makes games run smoother.

    2. A Pentium Dual-Core T4200 (2×2.0GHz) + NVIDIA GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 2900 is no powerfull Computer, that low end crap.

      Every 400 Euro Computer in Europe has 2-3 times the Power of that.

      A standard gaming computer in europe has a Quad-Core with 3 GHz + as Minimum a GeForce 560 or ATI equivalent + 4 GB Ram.

      Todays Computers way more Powerfull then a X360 or PS3….HighEnd Computer are more than 10 times as powerfull (and no, it’s not that expensive, such machine only cost about 800 Euros…..the above standard PC cost about 400-500 Euro (with 2 Terabyte HDD + other things)).

  18. I haven’t had good experiences with games on digital download, especially ones from Steam. I was hoping SEGA were going to bring the game to PC in disc form too 🙁

  19. This is great for people like me who dont have either an xbox or ps3 and still need those awesome console levels 😀

    1. More than likely that’s too scale,but…at the same time…monitors are about the same as a t.v…..I’m a tad confused by this too.

  20. i think they should release the much rumored modern sonic rooftop run demo before the game relaeases, this would give us a opportunity to see just how fast the hedgehog engine would work on our computers!

    1. Yes!So much this!I’m dying to see how it looks!I hope my processor can handle it….it’s not the best,just a cheap low end gaming computer processor.

  21. It’s going to look awesomeon the pc!Actually…Steam does have sales a lot, if it’s too high I’ll just wait for it to go on sale. Just a few weeks ago, steam had a 50%-60% sale on many sega items,so more than likely we’ll see sales.I hope steam releases a demo soon!The anticipation is killing me.So you could end up buying it full price on steam one week,then noticing it could be several times cheaper the next.Steam is tricky like that.

  22. Grrrr, I really might have to get this on PC. I’m going to be upgrading my rig pretty soon for Battlefield 3. It should be more than capable of maxing this game out at atleast 60fps. The 360/PS3 versions will probably struggle to keep 30fps, just like Sonic Unleashed. And it’s already hard enough to see what the hell is going on when moving quickly through the 2D classic levels.

    60fps makes the Sonic experience so much better…


  23. Is sonic in a fuckin Car, this is sonic drift all over again, but still it is kinda traditional

  24. Pc- yes
    conclusion- who gives a crap
    i’d rather hav ethe physical copy but this is te next best thing.

  25. I’m so glad that its coming to PC because I really don’t care for consoles. Its all the more better that Sega is launching it from Steam with Steamworks, I love those features! Both my laptop and desktop will handle this game easily so I think I’m set. 🙂

  26. Ohhhhh yes! Now my AMD 6950 is ready to eat this game for lunch. And for those of you jealous, I haven’t played a main Sonic release since Unleashed on the PS2 (does that count?)…thanks to that 6950; some choices are difficult to make.

  27. November 4th? Um… it’s still slated to come out on November 1st here in the US, right? I had plans to pick it up on Halloween night with a friend (console and 3DS versions). >_>

    1. November 4th for the download copy,yes. For the physical copy you can still get it on that date.

  28. I have 1gb graphics intell 6770 1gb i have battlefield 3 on max it doesnt lag.
    I am pretty shore that sonic generations wont lagg.

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