New Sonic Generations Screenshots & Artwork

UPDATE: We also have the above piece of new artwork from CBBC Newsround. (Thanks to SSMB member Neon for the heads up!)

Original story:
As well as story intro spoilers for Sonic Generations, SEGA Japan has today also released some other new assets, including new artwork for Rival character Silver the Hedgehog and new enemy Time Eater, new Xbox 360/PS3 & PC screenshots for Sky Sanctuary Zone and new 3DS screenshots for Emerald Coast.

You can view them all in our gallery.

Source: SEGA Japan’s Sonic Generations website

Thanks to SSMB members The Dead Skin and Torcano Sanctuary for the heads up!

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  1. All Sky Sanctuary screenshots are amazing. 🙂 I especially love the parts in the second screenshot, where Sonic can’t walk in. The stage has an amazing architecture. If there is a cutscene in places like those…

  2. I love the way they’re both reimagining the zones as well as remaking them. Indoor sections in Sky Santuary Zone? Yes!

  3. I love the green hill pic. That should have been the offical box art for both versions. Emerald coast looks really nice. and I will for the first time be fighting against Silver, never played 06

  4. Shadzter! Apparently at the Golden Joysticks Awards, SEGA released a new Sonic Generations Trailer showcasing [DELETED]!

    Shadzter edit: Spoiler removed.

    1. at this rate sega should have just release the whole games content at E3. Nothing in the console version is a secret. The mystery now lies in the 3ds version

      1. [DELETED] is in this game?! Thanks for the spoilers, man. Thanks a LOT.

        Shadzter edit: I know you were responding to someone who posted a spoiler, but I have to delete it all the same.

          1. In Colors it wasn’t necessary to be [DELETED] but it was unlockable. here on the other hand it necessary in order to beat the game. hench spoiler

            Shadzter edit: Please don’t post spoilers.

          2. Actually Will (won’t let me reply directly to your comment), what we know of the trailer so far confirms nothing of the sort.

        1. My comment was a joke, actually, at the fact that it confirmed something so painfully obvious of a Sonic game that it could on no grounds ever be a spoiler! So it’s a bit ironic that it was censored!

          P.S. You should monitor your own articles, too. You guys spoiled Crisis City’s inclusion for me 😛

          1. We only report about stuff that is revealed officially. The thing I deleted hasn’t actually been revealed yet, despite how common it appears in the series. I wasn’t fussed about it before, but for this and Sonic Colours a lot of our readers in the comments have always shown in the comments how much they don’t like to have that particular thing spoiled and SEGA themselves never usually officially reveal it.

            Word is that the next trailer is going to have it in, but even then I’m not going to give it away in the headline. I personally think SEGA’s going way too far with how much of the game they’re giving away.

          2. But said thing has appeared in pretty much every main Sonic game since Sonic 2. Anyone who isn’t expecting it is a fool.

      1. Honestly, it’s not all high res when you resize it. Tried resizing it as 1920 x 1080 and it’s still a big pixellated. But it’s not bad.

  5. classic tails is so so cute !! xD

    i hope one thing to be real.. i want that exclusive zones for 3ds come to consol by dlc at least 🙁

    specifically mushroom hill zone.. my favorite zone for ever :'(

  6. SEGA: You have convinced us all. You can stop hyping it. Just release it now and get it over with.

    1. dude they can’t release now. they still have 10 days to work out bugs and make millions of copies… milions and millions of copies.

  7. Something tells me Mr. Time Eater here came out of Mad Gear Zone… haha

    In all honesty though, he looks pretty neat. He reminds me alot though of a mix of Venom from spiderman, the final boss in Colors, and some guy off a cartoon that I cant remember the name of for some reason.

  8. We all know who the time eater is right, fine I shall explain:
    The Time eater is a bunch haters and whinny and ignorant Sonic fans(the ones people dont like) negative energy put together to create this thing and tries to destroy everything that is Sonic and make CoD the best thing ever.
    But it is up to the Sonics and our heroes(the positive and non-ignorant sonic fans) to stop this vile thing and make Sonic live long.
    There, I hope you realize this is just a joke…but thats what i like to think time eater is aaaaand that makes me happy 🙂

  9. Awesome 😀 Love the screenshots especially Silver and The Time Eater O.o look so epic 🙂 only a few days away till November man they are going by slow hopefully SEGA won’t post lots of footage we are near release, we’ve seen more than enough 😛 I’ll be avoiding any more footage in the future I’m guessing there will be a launch trailer next week or so…

  10. we all know who the Golden Joystick trailer is about right? Collect all red rings in sonic colors and boom

  11. so time eater is a robot-cloud hybrid? or are those gears just to make it look like the cloud sucks everything it gets near

  12. I seriously think the Time Eater is an insanely-upgraded Eggman robot.

    All the smoke looks like it’s covering a mechanical skeleton.

  13. Talkin’ About sonic… I’ll be making a Favorite Sonic Levels video. 🙂 It’s Gonna Have from Sonic The Hedgehog (1991) to Sonic And Knuckles by using my copy of Sonic Mega Collection on Gamecube. 😀 It’s gonna be awesome.

  14. that boss really is called Time Eater *laughs* SEGA decided to throw all the character and level information of the game inside a demo for the community to eat up, priceless! whats next, comfirming that there WILL be that Genesis emulator thing if so, thanks SEGA for letting us leak info about the game and for spoiling the suprise

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