IGN Unleashes Sonic Generations’ Modern Era Trailer


IGN has released SEGA’s Modern era trailer for Sonic Generations. Within it, we get some gameplay clips of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)‘s Crisis City stage, Sonic Unleashed‘s Rooftop Run and Sonic Colours‘ Planet Wisp in both Classic and Modern flavours. An old boss you may recognise also pops up at the end.

Source: IGN (via Sonic Retro)

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  1. AHHHHH!!!

    They’re playing a revised “Trespasser”!! I thought everyone forgot that song except for me!
    When I heard the first four notes I thought, “Could it be… Oh no, everyone hates Lost Colony.” Then… rest of song caused my Sonic music fan heartstrings to explode.

    1. Just listened to Trespasser. I didn’t hear it at all in this trailer’s songs… It just sounds like Crisis City with a few original elements in it, to me.

  2. Anyone know what the song is? I know it’s a remix of Crisis City… but there’s something else there…
    As for perfect chaos… shouldn’t he be in the dreamcast era? Or are Sega just unveiling one boss each time (they started with the eggman mech) ? Perfect chaos looks a bit too… soild for me. Shouldn’t he be transparent and a lighter touch of blue? Apart from that, no complaints.

    Looks like Classic Sonic gets to use the Spike power-up. That makes sense, since it’s practically the sonic spinball with the ability to stick to walls…

    The only question is… will that tornado be carrying a car?

  3. Wait- that’s definitely Crisis City music- I’m an idiot– but it sounds like Trespasser is remix in there as well? Or is the lateness of the night getting to me?

    1. Well halfway through, the second mix sounds kinda like one of the segments of Crisis City but it starts off sounding like the final boss from Zero Gravity kinda. lol

      The first one, I have no idea.

  4. Perfect Chaos has glowing green teeth, and a glowing green horn, and he’s not translucent anymore. Weird.

        1. I thought it showed no mercy anyway Oo

          Burn it. Burn it with fire, I say! (But fire against a water monster?) Burn it to steam!

          …That’s my policy. I’m always a terrible hero in any game I play because I love destroying stuff.

      1. Not “compaining.” Just noting some intriguing alterations to the character design, douche bag.

        1. Thank you for explaining the goddamn “complaining” stigma to this douche bag. You just earned yourself a 1UP and +10 rings.

          1. SHUT UP!!! dill bags from ur anus. GOSH, pecker faces. no need to get riled up over that. please to do that go to fricken utube. *derp*

    1. Your teeth would also be green and glowing if you haddn’t brusheded them for over 10 years.

  5. i still dont get why crisis city is in here(though if i did had to chose a stage from that game that really impress me graphically it would be that one) that time was completly erase but i dont think this game is canon so whatever. i dont like the way perfect chaos look he supposed to look well liquidly lol, i supposed to see through him now he just looks wierd

    1. Probably Time Eater corrupted him so it wouldn’t turn back to Chaos Zero meaning they’d have to finish it off for good πŸ™‚

        1. Wasn’t he solid in the CG Opening for SADX? It’s just that SADX or SA1 didn’t have the power to make him like the CG opening one. Now they can πŸ˜€

          1. he was translucent it just that there was so much water it took on asolid form but it was still see through cause when super sonic fought him he had to hit the brain and you saw the attack

  6. *mops up drool* Son, I am proud. Wisp Planet is 10 times greener and Crisis City is 10 times Chaotic. But my question is, will Sonics eyes be as good as they were in the previous Crisis City.
    The whole Citys on fire
    That Tornado is carrying a car >O> Yeah…..that tornado is obviously trying to kill you…

  7. Did Perfect Chaos…have scales? That’s weird, I though his body was made of living water with some bones inside.

    …er, not that I’m complaining, though! I’m not one to let tiny details like that ruin the experience for me!

    1. Well HE IS a serpent. I like the new design, dont really give a shit if he’s suppose to be water. And to all of you people who thinks chaos looks weird, would you rather have the perfect chaos design from SA1?

          1. I would def like for him to be as he was in SA1. If this is how his design was supposed to look like…they could have def did a better job. I liked him as a pure water being anyway. He looked more like a Chao color anyway,

  8. I liked the crisis city tune in this trailer ^^ chaos should be dreamcast era but i guess there just showing bosses in random order lol, its going to be pretty cool to play a polished/completed version of crisis city with no Glitches lol.

  9. Btw abit random but is that rogers voice on the bit when sonic says *yes* at 32 secs? because it sounds different like a mix of ryan and jason lol. i know roger is voicing in this but im just curious if hes changed the sounding since alot didnt like the older tone much. or is it just the france voice actor or german one lol.

  10. Crisis City ruined that trailer for me personally. But damn, does Planet Whisp look fine!! The detail in the environment for that level looks amazing!! Well, it seems that Sega’s “not everything leaked in the demo is final” stuff was rubbish, if there is anything not present from the demo leak it’s one of the small insignificant things, cause everything else has pretty much been confirmed to be in the game.

    1. Who’s to say they added in some surprises as a result of the leak? I remember the Wolverine movie was leaked online and as a result they recorded a few cold endings to encourage people to go and see it properly.

  11. Looks more Reptilian Chaos to me..I was just thinking about this when it popped..was hoping against hope they’d use planet wisp’s music instead of crisis city..but ah well

  12. choas looks more deadly looking, dont really care o how the color it is, the battle has to be good and hard too beat,
    wat kind of trailers are we gonna get now, since we covered all the levels based of the eras?

      1. WAIT! we may also have an exclusive trailer for time eater and all the bosses weve seen at the end of others, and a storyline trailer

      2. I think we’ve got two more trailers to cover Silver and Egg Dragoon. Maybe the trailers will lead to an insight into the bosses?

  13. ….*scearms like a little fan girl* That remix of Crisis city is the shit!!!, Planet wisp looks absolutely beautiful!!!, AND CHAOS LOOKS SOOOOOO BEAST!!!

  14. Wow! That was quicker then expected! Apparently there’s going to be a modern demo next week as well! I’m also playing a few Sonic games for the Generations countdown lol

    1. well it could be fals rember in some interview where some guy of sega said “some things in THE DEMO were first plans so som of it is not true “besides if it was next week there should have been a announcment or somthing cause it was suposed to be realeased at 10 october

        1. Um if you’re talking about how I said there would be a Rooftop Run demo on October 10th, that was months ago, SEGA could have changed their minds especially considering all the leaks.

  15. Crisis City doesnt look as batterd and beat up like it did in Sonic 06, but it still looks good. I’m still wondering how they’re gonna fight perfect chaos without being super sonic. =p

    1. maybe they’ll fight him the way they did in Winter Olympics, by synchronized figure skating into him.

        1. Lol what? I know where this is coming from, but the idea still tickles me XD That’d be epic but humiliating for both Chaos and Sonic.

          Imagine if the others saw that, too. Amy would be (more) love-struck, Tails would be reconsidering if he should look up to Sonic, and Shadow would be laughing his arse off.

          …He he.

  16. I’m not caring for the Crisis City remixes. :/ It kinda ruined the epic-ness of the original. But somehow I knew Sonic Team would ruin it’s theme because if I recall wasn’t Sonic 06’s music done by not the regular Sonic Team musical talents?

    1. No, the Sound Director for 06, aso did Unleashed, and not sure about Colors, but he might have done that game too.

    2. Tomoya Ohtani created an original tune, and he also created this remixes for Generations. He was a sound director of Sonic 06, Unleashed and Colors. Music from Sonic 06 was created by standart Wave Master employees, like in most of Sonic Games.

  17. SO AWESOME MUSIC. Sure hope this song is uncluded in the music disc that comes with the Collectors Edition. One of the best trailers yet. Really makes me excited… well, even more then I was πŸ˜›

    I personally loved the music in Sonic 06, much better compared to unleashed in my opinion. Crisis City was a nice level, except the loading screens in between. However, kingdrom valley was my favorite ’06 level, except the non-sonic parts.

    MAN, 29 DAYS LEFT…. SO LONG….. Can’t resist….

  18. Despite how bad a game Sonic ’06 was, Crisis City looks like an awesome level to run through in Sonic Generations. The level design looks brilliant!



    Anybody notice the resemblance to Sonic 2’s final Death Egg Zone?

  20. ^ No I don’t agree that he looks crappy just from watching 2 seconds of close-up.

    Oh I am LOVING this.

  21. I hope there’s a final EGGMAN level, just likeο»Ώ there was ‘Eggmanland’ in Unleashed!

  22. hey dude who said they would show silver IN YO FACE ! HAHA i just knew that they would show because chaos because com’on chaos IS WAY MORE inportant then silver

  23. Maybe Perfect Chaos is in this trailer because you fight it after Crisis City. I mean, it’s a similar scenery. So, if you battle Death Egg after Sky Sanctuary and Metal Sonic after Chemical Plant, that would make sense. If that is true, then we might start trying to guess where we battle Silver. It’s probably a similar scenery to one of the stages that have no boss yet. Maybe Castle Town, after Rooftop Run?

    About the song, there’s a tiny piece of it that has the same notes and similar instruments to Gene Gadget, from Sonic 3D Blast. But it’s so tiny that I doubt it was intentional.

        1. Wha? I know you hacked it and all but I dont think their making Perfect chaos available to fight after seaside hill, Chaos is a SA1 boss, there for he should be fought at speed highway .

          1. Nope. You have to collect keys in the game in order to unlock the “Boss Gates” in order to fight bosses. Each boss is fought at the end of each era. You fight the (Sonic 2) Death Egg Robot after Sky Sanctuary and you fight Perfect Chaos after Seaside Hill.

          2. You do fight Chaos after Seeaside Hill because he is the era boss and Seaside Hill is the last level of the era.

  24. Sadly, I will not be watching this trailer. I’ve spoiled myself too much. I hope Crisis and Wisp live up to what they should be πŸ™‚ btw don’t reply because I’m not coming back to this topic πŸ˜‰

  25. What, Perfect Chaos is solid, RUINED FOREVER (why do you care, it’s not like him being solid will make the gameplay any different)

  26. I was expecting Silver at the end, but that more solid looking Perfect Chaos is nice too.

  27. Godzilla Chaos!
    Bbut seriously i like the look of Perfect Chaos. He looks way more real and i’m sure that’s what SEGA was looking for. They really couldnt make him that detailed back in the dreamcast days..

      1. The files from the Demo leaks confirm that the Iblis monsters are in the game; SEGA just decided not to show them in the trailer.

  28. “The Vendor Rule Bases disallow this card range”

    That’s what I get when I try to use my debit/check VISA card on that site to pre-order my collection set. Any ideas to help me out?

  29. I’m digging this remix, willing to wager that’s the classic version theme of Crisis City. Nice to see how that’s all panning out.

    New Chaos design is very interesting, I wonder if the solid look is a reimagining, or if it’s more consistent with what they originally wanted to do but couldn’t do to time/technology/budget. No real way to know for sure I guess, I think it looks cool though and works well for me!

  30. may i have permission to faint like a true fan?, oh and someone get me some wipes, cuz i made a huge mess at the end!

  31. BEST SONIC GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Time to show that big drip Chaos whose boss again just like the good old days! XD

  32. (insert the sonic chants from sonic adventure) *scream like a little girl* OMG SOO MUCH EXCITEMENT AHHHHHHHHHHHHH CHAOS WERE HAVE U BEEN THE YEARS HAVE BEEN VERY GOOD TO U:) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I’m uploading a fan made trailer using all of the era trailers that are out. its like a 47 TV spot if you will πŸ˜€

    1. be sure to warn us when you post it,i must admit that i am curious to know how this one is going to turn out πŸ˜›

  34. Man I got really BAD day at school but this trailer make me so happy! Crisis City looks kinda empty but still epic, Rooftop Run looks a lot more lively than in Sonic Unleashed and Planet Wisp IS JUST BEAUTYFULL!!!!! I can’t wait for this game!

  35. OMG WOW πŸ˜€ Glad the Mordern Era Trailer is out gaah I might have spoiled too much for myself πŸ˜›

    Crisis City and Planet Wisp look so FREAKING AWESOME πŸ™‚ I still kinda hoped more levels would appear (e.g Kingdom Valley, Jungle Joyride etc) but I’m still excited and I honestly can’t wait OMG Chaos is Boss and Rival? :O WHOA I’m so excited I can’t wait to find out who the other bosses are I’m glad I managed to avoid the spoilers for all the rivals (ex Shadow,MS and now Chaos) I might be getting the 3DS as my birthday is on the weekend so I think I’ll get the 3DS Version of this too πŸ™‚ while Both versions of Olympics sorted for Christmas great

    Roll On the Weekend for my B-day then ROLL ON NOVEMBER!!!!!!!

    1. You still dont know last Rival huh. Trust me you will be happy when you see who is he πŸ˜‰

      About trailer. It Rocks but some points:

      -THAT EARLY!? DC Era Trailer was like 1 week ago! SEGA I WILL GET HEART ATTACK BECAUSE OF YOU!
      -Stages look great! Cant complain.

      -Perfect Chaos speaks for himself duh!

      So 25 days till US relase. We will get Soundtrack by then. If I get the Soundtrack I will only listen to Stardust Speedway, Chemical Plant and Modern City Escape. Rest will remain UNSPOILED! But this little piece of Soundtrack will keep me busy so I wont look at spoilers.

      1. Hey i was wondering, I checked out the Generations soundtracks and found that they were really just compilitions of past Sonic music, from games like Shadow, Sonic R and Sonic Spinball. Are there official soundtracks coming out as well? I looked at both the Blue Edition and the White Edition on the Japanese Sonic Generations website, and when I translated the tracklist (which they just added today) the music included was NOT the Generations music. Do u know anything about that? Any hwlp would be greatly appreciated!

  36. Now this is what IM TALKING ABOUT ALL THIS EXCITEMENT now Im pumped for Sonic Generations!!!!!

  37. It’s Sonic 2006’s redemption through Sonic Generations. And, through the same game, it’s also Sonic Colors’ redemption for not being on the HD consoles. πŸ˜€

    I love how Planet Wisp is greener than on the Wii. Now, it really looks like in the CG opening. πŸ™‚

    I’d much prefer Metal Overlord over Perfect Chaos, but I guess we already have one Metal Sonic in, and that SA1 was more popular than Heroes.

    1. Ah ha! I knew someone would say something along the line of “It’s Sonic 2006β€²s redemption through Sonic Generations”!

      Sonic 06 wasn’t THAT bad… It’s just wasn’t the Sonic Adventure 3 it was trying to be. That and it involved kissing humans…

    2. You haven’t played Colors? I wouldn’t say you’re missing much. Unlike a lot of people, I was somewhat disappointed with it. I felt like the game was somewhat unfinished. Come to think of it, that’s how all Wii games are to me…

  38. you know i don’t why half of the past stages of all city stages?
    City Escape: awesome
    Rooftop run: great
    Speed highway: ok
    Racial highway (3DS) : errr
    Crisis city: it still a city stage or fire..i dunno, Sega pick something else instead of city like a ice stage!!

    1. SEGA didn’t completely pick the stages. They polled SEGA staff from each region AND the fans with an online poll. These and the 3DS stages are all the top stages voted for.

  39. Crisis city, does not suck, classic sonic in it. CONTROL ALT DELETE TERMINATE ALL SYSTEMS BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH

      1. Oh well, okay, I didn’t think that though. Crisis city is cool itself, but it was a glitchy level with sonic, with the skateboarding, and the mach speed. I know it can be mastered, but well… sonic 06 sonic gameplay was not that good compared to unleashed/colors. I’ve been watching the pokecapn LP lately, so that kind of blurs my opinion I guess. Moral of the story is that the generation version will be MUCH BETTER.


    TAKE IT!



    1. What have you been drinking or smoking? Sonic’s smoke he left behind. or 32 bfc of monster

  41. eep… I– I uh– Oh god. I can’t wait. One month to go, on goddamn MONTH!
    Perfect Chaos’ dramatic change in appearance threw me off a bit, but I’m sure it will be much, much more Epic in the game! Can’t wait!!

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I like the look of these last levels, I’m just not as excited by them as I was of say Sky Sanctuary, City Escape and Seaside Hill/Ocean Palce.
        Chaos just looks odd, looks as if he has skin…

  42. The Crisis city remix at the start is just an ear orgasm. It makes me feel happy and sad, almost like its telling me that the end of the game is coming (since this is the last era of the game).

  43. think we might be getting a boss trailer, but i wont be watching it, i wanna figure out how to beat it on my own
    levels looks great, planet wisp, more green, more clear, than the non hd console, cant wait

      1. Hmm… I can see how that would work…

        Angry Sonic fans: How could you do this?!?
        SEGA: But… we were just trying to be like nintendo… with zelda?

    1. Bahahahahaha I would actually love the hell out of this.

      Or, if they just had a portion of the level where the level just stops, and it looks like you’re running through a loading screen.

    2. That’s what I was thinking! A while into the loading time, Modern Sonic could yell “COME ON!”, and the level will start immediately after.

  44. O GOD!!!! Hold up, gotta change my pants (sits down again to try and watch it)……NOT AGAIN!!!
    Man this looks epic, words cannot describe the awesomeness of this game. and I gotta say, I’m REALLY likin what what they did with Chaos. I mean, he looks more like the serpent he was supposed to be (NOW who’s arguing the serpent the ESRB was talkin about wasn’t Chaos??? jk), I like the greenish glow for his teeth (makes him look even more evil), and the liquid oozing down his face is a great effect. And who knows, like someone already stated, he could be tainted by whats happening with the Time Eater and everything, thats why his appearence is altered. Or that could simply be how he was always meant to look, but the technology was just limited back in ’98-’99. Surprisingly my favorite of the three trailers, due to the EPIC music, and the fact it showed off 2 levels we hadnt seen any video for (and of course Chaos). Well, this is it for me, now I have to restrain myself from ANY new info until I get to play it on december 25th (since its the biggest game, for me, to come out this year, i have to wait till christmas, not allowed to get it on release even tho i have enough money πŸ™ )

    1. O and i almost forgot, does parts of the Crisis City music remind anyone of the Final Zone music from Sonic the Hedgehog 1??? There’re bits in there that sound similar, but im not sure if its just me…


    However I DID listen to the music. I must say the Classic remix of Crisis City sounds much better than the Classic version of Speed Highway.

  46. DAT REMIX. πŸ˜€

    …huh, Perfect Chaos doesn’t fall under the Modern era. And I can’t say I’m particularly fond of the redesign… ah, well. :s


  48. Idk why, but this remix reminds me more of Flame Core than Crisis City at some parts :/
    Amazing none the less! Sadly…I don’t even know when I’ll get to play the game cuz I preordered from Germany and I live very west Canada XD Gonna be sooo hard to not watch it on YouTube XD

  49. As much as I love these trailers, they really are the biggest teases. I mean, we don’t really get more than 10 seconds of footage per level from them. Mind you, I’d rather that than know the whole game inside out before playing it.

  50. Now this is quite a promo to celebrate!
    1) Perfect Chaos now reminds me of a Dragoon (from Panzer Dragoon Saga)
    I like this new skin he’s developed, still looks like a nasty foe (but even more this time around)
    2) Most of the stages demo’d were from Classic Sonic’s perspective. That’s a first!
    Curious how Crisis City will fair against either Sonic. That tornado will still chase us somehow!
    Plus new mix of CC stage, I dig =D

    1. You preferred that badly animated lazy nose-snuffling design over this cool new looking one??? get out!

      1. Hey guy calm down! Everyone can have it’s own opinion right?! I also prefer New Look of Perfect Chaos but Needsemail1 can have it’s own opinion on it!!!

      2. @jordonguy24 dude chill out i grew up with the dreamcast and sonic adevnture 1 and i also prefer the old look but thats my opinion and it wasent badly animated heck it was fucking awesome for that generations of consels

  51. SEGA totally neglected the concept of “Adventure Sonic”

    Honestly… if they can publicly state the 3 eras of Sonic, then the least they could do is ‘tweak’ Modern Sonic gameplay to be more of a 3D platformer… More like Sonic Adventure… Why? Because running down an obviously fixed track does NOT make a game a 3D platformer… Nor does including a 2D platformer in a 3D game make it a 3D platformer…

    Outside of the horrid Werehog (bad 3D platforming) concept and the added 2D platforming sections… I wanting to call Unleashed, Colors, and Generations varying degrees of “Roller Coaster Platformers” since you usually watch the game play itself when running. I’m loving this game so far, but I really wish they’d delay it for about a year to make it a complete package of all things Sonic.

    SEGA needs to learn to go BIG or go home… In this case home is pretty sweet but it could easily be sweeter. Square Enix knows how to take their time in perfecting a game. They should follow suit.

    1. Dont even say im trolling but this stupid to what you said and I just HAVE to let this out:
      So what your saying, and from what im reading, you just want another Adventures game.
      From what i read in the first paragraph you want sega to make a Adventure sonic, Im sorry but thats stupid,a waste of time, and pointless I find that the Adventure style gameplay is a bit boring to be honest. the modern that you see now is the same one from the beginning of SA1, so there nothing they need to really change, to be honest more people liked the hedgehog engine better than the adventure engine.
      saying that people need to fuckin let go of the past and stop wishing to bring back old gameplay and just FREAKIN move on. if ya dont like it then GTFO.
      delaying it for another Year just to tweak with sonic gameplay style and change t to adventure, PFFFFT, fuck that noise, no ones gonna really play it if they delay it for a whole “year.” why a year even? why not a month or 2, but you want a whole fuckin nother year???O_o
      I dont care what you say but this IS segas big run and they will knock it out of the park.
      Sega should follow in their own footsteps and not Squares. This is not creative or original,its just like all of these other companies doing the same damn thing. how can you even use square as an example, I could point out MILLIONS of things Square fucks up on

      The point is This is a Anniversary game and their just bringing back the stages in the past using the classic guy everyone wanted back so much.when you are talking about eras , their just stating WHAT era it came from so stupid ppl would figure it out.
      Im done with my rant and once again, Im sorry, but your statement is just very ignorant sounding to me.

    2. “Square Enix knows how to take their time in perfecting a game.”

      Final Fantasy XIV. I win the argument.

        1. I like the look of Versus XIII, but given that it has taken years to develop and they still haven’t announced even the vaguest of release dates (or let anyone play it), I’m beginning to wonder if it’s all a big joke and they’re not even making it.

    3. I don’t think it’s Sega’s intention to make Sonic games 3D platformers any longer. I actually really like your term, a roller-coaster platformer, because I think that’s accurate; The New Sonic is a roller-coaster ride. It’s a genre all it’s own, and only Sonic games deliver it. It’s about challenging the player to make the perfect run, not explore a world like Mario. I don’t agree that the games play themselves, or it’s a ‘boost to win’ scenario – it takes skill, practice, and timing to make those epic runs and get the high score. That’s the appeal of the new games.

      I think you’re looking for a Sonic that’s long gone. The Adventure games are classics, and were fun, but now we’re in the Modern Era – and Sonic has changed. Take it or leave it, man.

      Sega IS going big with this one – I just think you’re not appreciating it for what it is. And truly, I’d rather have a decent Sonic game every year or two than a hit-or-miss Final Fantasy every 5 years.

  52. Compared to the rest, this trailer was an intense disappointment… An ugly as **** and wrongfully redesigned Perfect Chaos… and Crisis City… ANOTHER City level… and it’s from one of the most hated games in Sonic history. Way to go SEGA, way to celebrate Sonics 20th. They should’ve at least tossed Ice Cap into the game… or a DESERT themed level. When was the last time Sonic saw one of those!?
    I never liked Chemical Plant much (ugly colors IMO) and Green Hill isn’t really that fascinating once you play it… It’s not bad but it’s basically the default of Sonic.

    Despite this, I LOVE Planet Wisp, Speed Highway, Sky Sanctuary, Seaside Hill, Stardust Speedway… and Rooftop Run has grown onto me. Weirdly. Therefore this game is warranted “buyable” in my book.

    We need Adventure gameplay. We want DLC zones on Generations. Go Sonic!

    1. My freakin God your one of those retro fags that everyone freakin hates. You can either join the party and move on, or GTFO

      1. Seriously dont know why you need to result to name calling to get your point across…but anyway i somewhat agree with that guy. Chaos now def doesnt look like the Chaos i loved but curious how the battle will go. I want an adventure game engine again because they seemed more…fun in a giddy way and a bit challenging. Your the first person i ever heard say that people wanted Hedgehog engine over the adventure engine…seriously ive never heard that one before. I kinda wish they didnt have so many city levels too, but people need to remember this is really a “new” game when it actually is. Its more of a HD compilation of all of sonics most memorable moments in the series.

        1. I also prefer Hedgehog Engine over Adventure one. So now you know 2 persons who like Hedgehog Engine more. πŸ™‚

      2. If Sega kept making the games the minority wanted then Sonic probably wouldn’t be around much longer. Sure his games sell well enough. But let’s face it, “most” of the people outside the fanbase are interested in this new game due to one thing only, the return of the true classic type gameplay, and the remade old levels. ’06 was received horribly and Unleashed minus the Warehog and Colours have finally started the trek to bring Sonic back to quality standard outside the Sonic community who are mostly biased, especially the younger fans. You can make all the noise you want but it’s the sidescrolling 2D (especially in Generations) and the refinement of the 2D-3D gameplay that they started to incorporate again that has managed to get the attention of reviewers and people who had ditched the franchise again after the last 10 years of what people outside the community generally refer to as subpar games.

        You will no doubt get another Adventure styled game at some point but I believe they don’t wanna ruin the upward momentum they have going on and get the gameplay right first which they have been successfully improving over the last few games. When an Adventure game will come tho is anyone’s guess as they said the next game would be a new era for Sonic and makes an Adventure style game seem unlikely.

    2. Perfect Chaos’ Sonic Adventure design was the poor redesign, this is actually the original. Just look at the mural at the end of Lost World.

  53. I guess that Chaos being solid kind of rules out wooshing through his body to bonk him on the brain. Who reckons Sonic will end up running along the outside of his body to whack him on the noggin?

  54. Rumor has it that Perfect Chaos had many different design aspects. This is what happens because of the time fusion.
    But replay Adventure, and look at the mural. Look familiar?

    Adventure’s engine was only able to display so many graphics at once. But I am curious if he might be able to shape-shift its colors depending on the Hedgehog its facing. I believe that Chaos we saw in this trailer is the one our 16bit friend meets. And the next gen Chaos is the one our modern Sonic takes up the fight against. Think about it.

    In response to the other boss we deal with.. I think we might take on a broken down “berserk” version in modern era. While classic takes on the foe in its better state.

    Or even Metal Sonic may have different appearances too. Anything can happen.
    *Plus the music may shift gears as well. =D

    1. Meh…i was hoping we could fight two versions of each of the bosses…but people are like ” THERES NO SUCH THING AS CLASSIC SHADOW!” when in fact there IS. Shadow is older than Sonic in a sense so its possible…

  55. Is it just me or did Classic sonic say “go” around 0:36 seconds? Also Perfect Chaos! hell yeah! I can’t wait for this game. xD

  56. what? nobosy else noticing this!?
    wow you ppl are slow. i thought of this this morning
    “OPEN YOUR HEART” REMIX. DUH you cant have a perfect chaos battle without ‘open your heart’!!

    and who gives a crap on design? you hatin on this dont buy it. or your one of those people that nag and buy it. -_-

    1. I dont think they’ll be playing the “open your heart” theme, I think they will likely, knowing Sega will fail the fans demands, play that phase 2 of Chaos when you fight him the second time.

        1. How is it confusing, I just said they might play the 2nd theme for perfect chaos after you fight him fight with open your heart as the theme instead.

        2. no i understood it. wouldn’t make sense using phase II cuz open your heart is awesomer than you can imagine.*cough*evenawesomer thanmodernwarfare3*cough*. no i do not like those stupid war games. everybody at school talks about em. that or bleach or that other anime stuff

    2. Definitely a remix for either version of the boss you’re facing. Plus “Open Your Heart” can’t miss that one for sure. Should be fun to hear what classic Sonic’s remix will sound like of OYH =D

  57. I hope there is a DLC trailer in the future. I want SeGa to give it their all and if they add DLC stages in Generations, we might not need another new Sonic game for 2-3 years. These are my picks….

    Classic DLC Stage Pack:
    Sonic 1 – Marble Zone (Laval Cemetery in epic HD?)
    Sonic 2 – Hill Top Zone (Boosting over and through mountains and cliffs as much as you want in 3D?)
    Sonic 3 – Ice Cap Zone (The awesome music, amazing snowboarding gameplay, Holoska on crack, must-have stage in this game)
    Dreamcast DLC Stage Pack:
    Sonic Adventure – Lost World (Oh god yes)
    Sonic Adventure 2 – Metal Harbor/Green Forest ( Either one would be fine, boosting and spin dashing your way through a near-explosive forest or huge military base)
    Sonic Heroes – Final Fortress (Speaks for itself, I mean come on lol)
    Modern DLC Stage Pack:
    Sonic 06 – Kingdom Valley (May not be picked if Lost World is chosen)
    Sonic Unleashed – Chun-nan (Chinese New Year just got sexier)
    Sonic Colors – Starlight Carnival or Sweet Mountain (HD Lolipops lol)

    Fan-Picked DLC Stage Pack: (All stages are picked by fans through voting system, only 3 though)
    Sonic 1 – Any honestly
    Sonic 2 – Any honestly lol
    Sonic 3 – Again, any lol
    Sonic Adventure – Egg Deck or Twinkle Park
    Sonic Adventure 2 – Any again xD
    Sonic Heroes – Metropolis or whatever that cybernetic city is called.
    Sonic 06 – The train station stage I’m too lazy to look up.
    Sonic Unleashed – The African Desert stage I’m too lazy to look up.
    Sonic Colors – Asteroid Coaster

    On Topic: I went on Sonic Wiki to check out Perfect Chaos, and realized something…….

    When the hell did Chaos have a green horn?

    1. Sorry, but SEGA will not give us DLC. If they did, they would just give us existing stages DLC. SEGA is working on a Wii U title, and Ep.2. Id rather have SEGA focusing on their games right now, then having them work their asses of for DLC, that not many ppl will buy. Cmon, agree with me, wouldn’t you rather have SEGA making their future Sonic titles as good as Generations? I sure would. If SEGA did do other stage DLC, then it would be for only abit, trust me. Remember back at E3, Patrick Riley even said that when Sonic Gen comes closer to release, that they would talk about whether they would have DLC OR NOT. So don’t get ur hopes up.

      1. >SEGA is working on a WiiU title
        So yeah…..link now 😐 There is a possibility of SEGA giving DLC, not 100%. It depends on if they’re as loyal as the COD creators are to there fanbase and those Black OPs packs are an obvious sign that they care >-> And want to keep the fires to a minimum. I’m not gonna agree with you that I’d rather see SEGA making future Sonic titles as good as Generations because this is a good way to see if they can juggle it. Can they really remake 1-3 levels in 5 months while focusing on a new game, you never know.

        1. I doubt (for some strange reason) that sega would release DLC for this game, but if it was it would just be extra levels and Sega KNOWS it will make money off it of…so its up to sega…Do they wanna make money on something they KNOW will sell. Or would they rather try to make more sells on more games…such as the 2nd game to the ds rpg trilogy, Ep2, or finishing the trilogy with the Secret Rings thang.

          1. lol I doubt they’ll be finishing the story book deal for a while, so many books, so many transformations, there are well how should say this….endless possibilities

    2. If there is DLC, Sega may not make completely new levels. I don’t think that they can add new models, objects, textures, enemies, music within a short period of time. If they do make DLC, I think it’ll be most likely new level layouts/designs already used in Generations. Or missions.

      1. Who knows, im strongly hoping for more lvls for DLC. It would be stupid not to…unless they make a sequel…or totally do remakes like this for SA1,SA2, and Sonic Heroes….which they should totally do…

  58. After hearing the ending mock up of the music…i strongly hope this track in the trailer is used for crisis city.

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