How StreetPass Works in Sonic Generations 3DS

Japanese gaming website Andriasang has shared details of how Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS will use the handheld’s StreetPass feature and we’ve listed the main points for you here.

– Players will be able to swap profile cards and missions via StreetPass.
– The game contains 100 extra missions which can be unlocked via StreetPass.
– “When you do a StreetPass exchange with another player, he or she will appear in your StreetPass log. Then you need to select the player’s name and you’ll receive a mission that the the player cleared.”
– “There’s a mission called Revenge which has you where taking out a certain number of enemies while Special Trial sees gopher-like enemies turning up in Act 1 of Mushroom Hill Zone.”
– If you’re not able to get enough StreetPass hits, there is also the option to unlock missions with game coins.
– You can list your Sonic fan credentials on your profile card and other details, like who your favourite Sonic character is.
– Your profile card will also record how long you’ve been playing Sonic Generations.
– Your profile card will update automatically when you perform an exchange.

Some screenshots of this feature have also been released by SEGA Japan and you can view them below.

Source: Andriasang (via ONM)

Thanks to CyberGW, Lip and interface for the heads up!

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  1. Well, to those who thought the 3DS verison was developed in a rush, this shows that alot of thought went into making the 100 mission, and the profile cards. I’m now more excited for this.

    also Shadzter, I don’t know if you can post them but a bunch load of screenshots were also posted on that site of Speed Highway and Radical Highway

    1. “also Shadzter, I don’t know if you can post them but a bunch load of screenshots were also posted on that site of Speed Highway and Radical Highway”
      Already working on it. I saw your comment and will be crediting you πŸ™‚

      1. i sent it to through windows live e-mail and it said sent successfully with a green check next to it. i wonder if it didn’t go through becuase there are 2 accounts on it and after it sent i clicked cancel because the other account was sending somthing but i don’t know the password to it. i didn’t think it would cancel my e-mail too

        1. I’ve found it now. The spam filter sent it to the spam folder >_< Sorry about that. Any future news tips you send should get sent straight to our inbox now.

  2. That’s quite good news that you don’t absolutely need StreetPass to unlock those extra missions.
    People may hang out with their 3DS in their pockets in Japan, but it’s quite rare outside.

      1. kind of an interesting twist.

        Colors Wii only had Sonic and tails, Colors DS had everyone but their mothers.

        Generations console has everyone but the kitchen sink and Generations 3DS has Sonic, Tails, and Rivals.

        I wish they could have at least have Blaze and Marine (if the last two levels are from the Rush series) and Knuckles, but oh well. It love it though.

  3. I can dig it, i figured it’d be something along these lines. While it’s not something that you can only do in a sonic game, it’s nice to see streetpass get an excersize. I need more excuses to bring my $250* piece of hardware in to a public schooling area.

    *Now only 169.99!

  4. Thanks so much for crediting me Shadzter! Means a lot!
    Shall I send news to your actual Shadzter email or continue with the current one?

  5. At first I read that to get those extra missions you had to use street pass and I felt like kicking someone, but then I read the part where you can unlock them with coins lol. So happy that’s allowed. I got my 3DS 3 weeks after release and take it with me everywhere I go and only have about 24 people on the plaza. The whole idea is cool with those cards and whatnot, but I wish they thought of people outside of Japan and those 3DS and Sonic lovers, because for some of us, that feature is gonna be totally pointless.

  6. It would be epic to be able to have the feature added on in an update to the Generation’s versions so that you could play as your avatar.

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