Sonic Generations PC Still On The Way?

Though still not officially confirmed by SEGA, it appears a PC version of Sonic Generations may still be on the way. GAME and their retail partners GameStation and Gameplay are all now listing a PC version for pre-order, which is down for a November 4th release with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. GAME had listed it before, but later removed it, and Gameplay had previously listed it for an October release, but have updated it today to a November 4th release.

Until July, there was plenty of evidence suggesting a PC version of Sonic Generations is in the works, but we’ve seen or heard nothing since, and SEGA has still not officially announced the game for that format. With the game’s release just two months away, we should hopefully receive official word soon… if the PC version does exist, of course.

Sources: GAME, GameStation and Gameplay

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    1. Actually having a PC version would help prevent 360/PS3 3DS rips. Some people get desperate, since they are WITHOUT consoles and emulate through PCs.

      No matter what, you can’t PREVENT pirating entirely (there’s plenty of console/handheld pirates out there, silly).

      Also if you’re advance enough you can most definitely mod through a console as well. It’s not that hard.

      1. I mean seriously not wanting people to have sonic generations because they don’t get as much salary as you do or your parents or whatever and instead of jackbutt how about nincompoop. jackbutt’s a bit harsh

          1. well considering the highs have been at or around 100 and then all of a sudden went don’t to 80 so im chilled not really but it sure seems nice.

            Can it rain here yet!?

    2. Don’t be silly. There are Sonic fans out there that don’t own (or want to own) a 360/PS3/3DS system. We’re not all made of money you know.
      PC version please!

      1. It’s not only about money, for example, I don’t want to buy a PS3 or 360 because they will become obsolete in like 2 or 3 years, we’re getting close to a new generation of consoles, so buying a PS3 or 360 now would be a waste.

      2. That’s true! I used to have a Windows XP (old) Wii and no DS a couple years back, so i was missin’ out on a lot! (Now i have Windows 7 Ultimate, Xbox 360 and DSi :D)

  1. In an interview a guy accidentally spills the beans. There’s a pc version. Probably later than the console version, but there is def a pc version

    1. There are a bunch of Sonic games for PC. Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Riders and a few older ones.

  2. I still think it would be such a logical thing for SEGA to do, but we’ll have to wait and see I guess.

    I lay in hope!

  3. its sonic 20th birthday, they need to put this on pc, i dont play on the pc (i own a ps3), but i think its something proper to do

  4. let the mods begin. come on sega you know it’s gonna happen stop trying to deny the pc version i understand how you feel but come on its pc, who doesnt hack,mod on pc games =D

  5. Come on SEGA, I didn’t spend $1,200 on a gaming PC so I could ONLY play your Total War series (albeit they’re epic torture testers, and I doubt the Sonic Generations PC version will support DirectX 11…just imagine tesselation on Sonic’s 3D model).

  6. I hope so. My Canadian pen pal won’t be able to get it otherwise…And then I can’t boast how much more I fail at Sonic games :/ (But I fail with PRIDE. And that is the important thing!)

    I’ll keep watch on this, for sure…

      1. Steam is a free digital distrubution service… the only real PC platform. Steam is epic, why not? You can get it now and buy Sonic Generations on it, along with loooaaddss of other games.

        All of my PC games were bought on Steam. I would be disappointed to see Sonic Generations for PC without a Steam release.

        Crossing my fingers for a PC release of this game.

  7. This is good, but after seeing the hedgehog engine in action, I’m going to need a pretty powerful graphics card.

    1. I imagine there is probably going to be a level of scalability for lower-end hardware like with most other modern graphics engines.

      1. maybe they could not use the hedgehog engine for pc. like what they did with unleashed for wii and ps2. it would still nice at least going as fast as colors

  8. OFF topic Spoiler!

    I think there will be 4 acts and a boss for each one (basing it off of the image of where the front of it is in color and the back is white those ones and it has red rings and teh zone name). and it looks like you could pick which way you could go for which act you want. if you don’t see what im saying tsuj ksa (just ask).

    OH and I hope that when you get red rings you get the for that one stage you get the original level(s) and all red rings you get supersonic. just hoping πŸ˜‰

    1. I really hate The Red Rings I didn’t bother unlocking Super Sonic in Colors it was too fustrating I wish they weren’t appearing in Generations XD I wish there was another way to unlock SS….

      1. That’s why you should go on Youtube, and look up Sonic Colors Red Ring Guide________….etc. Though its not worth getting Super Sonic in Colors, he’s pretty worthless, its just unlimited boost, with a higher jump. I’m pretty sure both Classic Super, and Modern Super will be much better πŸ™‚

        1. @Ricardo

          I looked at some guides but I really couldn’t be bothered to collect them all I ended up selling Colors a while ago…not because of the red rings though

      2. I honestly don’t mean to brag but getting all Red rings was piss easy, along with getting all S Ranks. Colors is definitely one of the easier Sonic games to ace. It had nothing compared to 06 and unleashed (Yes I went for 100% on those games too lol) try getting all medals in those games xD

        1. 06 was unfair difficulty, it was just way too buggy.
          I can’t even beat Silver “It’s no use! It’s no use!”

        2. You should try 100% on Sonic and the Secret Rings! I’m not sure if i can stand that game anymore. Sonic Colors was definitely one of the easier games, especially on DS. But as long as it’s fun!

          Actually, i think i’ve beaten every save slot on Sonic R in under an hour…but it is a fun short and sweet little game πŸ™‚ and i’m gonna say that with pride

          1. Yup did Secret Rings too and Black Knight as well. Getting all followers was a pain xD As of now there’s only two Sonic games I haven’t got 100% in yet. Sonic Battle and Free Riders. Battle because of all those rare moves that barely show up (Anyone who’s got all moves in that game without hacking deserves props lol) and Free riders because I don’t own a 360 xD

    1. Holy crap how did you get that italcized. did you copy and paste from microsoft word? just wondering

      1. This comment system allows basic HTML. Use the “i” tag around the text you wish to be italicized.

  9. Gosh! Sega just announcing already so we can stop being like trapped hedgehog waiting on that chili dog..*sigh*

  10. Maybe they’re not saying anything about a PC release to avoid ppl going after pirating it so easily since no one knows for sure if there’s anything to pirate yet. I mean I hear it’s much easier to do with PC stuff that concole stuff. They can’t prevent it entirely but most ppl with consoles have a computer too so it could be a slightly increased risk. idk

  11. As with SaSASR, I would like nothing more than to enjoy the Steam version with full AA and AF on my HD5970 rather than the PS3 version.

    In a worst case scenario, I will still pick up the PS3 version, but there are reasons why I built a $2000USD gaming rigβ€”this being among many.

    To those against the PC version of anything (let alone this game), consider for a moment that piracy is no better on the consoles these days.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing what kind of modifications the modding community will be able to come up with, and to what extend these modifications will change the game and the experience with it.

      1. It would be even cooler if SEGA decided to add some extra DLC for Sonic Generations containing levels that didn’t make the cut!

    1. Njaah, that’s most likely a fake. Someone’s just replaced the Xbox 360 part with Windows PC :/

      But I sure hope PC version is on its way! I’m a pure PC player! I also saw a pre-order of PC version on Though I’ve never trusted that site fully…

      Please SEGA, a whole lot of PC players are (most likely) counting on you!

          1. you probably could if you had a 3d tv and a cord that connects the computer to the tv. I think it’s the S-video but im not sure

    1. ARE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?! STEAM ONLY?! dude! think a little! STEAM IS A CRAP! good AP and it would be everything! not everyone are like or have STEAM, STEAM suckz : O

      1. It would be very good business for steam though eh? HEY SEGA Perfect business opportunity right there

  12. I like the idea of a PC version so I can play on my LCD monitor without having to buy a 360 and some kind of DVI adapter (Sonic Generations deserves more than a 19″ tube TV lol). I’m not into the modding / hacking scene so that doesn’t bother me either.

  13. I wonder what the requirements for this will be like,how much ram gigs and such it will need to play off of. I smell a modding community getting together! Please for the love of god sega! Make it modifiable!

  14. Oh for the love of god and Sonic fans, PLEASE SAY THERE WILL BE A PC VERSION! Even if it’s a port that comes a few months after, I wouldn’t mind! I have no consoles and it’s really depressing to see possibly one of the best Sonic games to be released!! Seriously, can people stop worrying about piracy? It’s really annoying, there’s still heaps of franchises who release their games for PC and Xbox/PS3! (CoD, GTA, etc.) Plus, what is so bad about mods?

    I REALLY need this, it’d be a dream come true! πŸ™‚

    1. I honestly don’t see what’s so bad about mods ether, look at the oblivion modding community. Again, it must be because there worried over copy-wright infringement..*sigh*

  15. Yay, I’m not the only huge fan completely failing at the games! ^^
    SEGA, please announce it already, we can’t live without knowing for sure anymore! Don’t let your PC fans down! It’s not just any game! It’s THE 20th Anniversary game!

  16. The game was already announced for pc, but then sega decided to take back all info on it, and try to repackage it as a surprise. Later on, a game developer actually spilled the beans on a pc version being released the same time as the other 2 games. And this interview was like 2 months ago. Now UK gaming sites are putting the pc version up. What more do u guys want?! It’ll be announced in due time.

    1. It’s bad enough that the wii U hasn’t come out yet, and the only wii game coming out is Skyward Sword. And that I actually payed 400 for my wii. πŸ˜‰

      1. who cares about the wii u. it’s a glorified wii controller. I like the concept though but it’s a little early.

        1. wii u is not a wii controller it is a home console.the touchscreen thing that you saw in the trailer is the wii u controller

  17. Game now says released on 4th November. However an email I got from Sega Europe says they have no idea if or when it will be released.

    Hope so us PC gamers have earned the right to be included in the very special game

  18. I don’t own a video game console anymore since I hardley ever used it for gaming because I’m so bad at games. I just bought a top of the range iMac and set it up to dual boot Windows alongside OS X for the express purpose of playing this game. This game better happen on PC otherwise I’m looking at a messy setup with the dolphin emulator just so I can play the Wii version. I resent the insinuation that PC gaming is cheap, I laid out over Β£2000.00 on my iMac plus some extras for gaming on windows and I’ll be very pissed off if I don’t see Generations on Games for Windows (though to be fair I did jump the gun a bit assuming it was going to come out on PC anyway).

    1. “This game better happen on PC otherwise I’m looking at a messy setup with the dolphin emulator just so I can play the Wii version”

      Umm, sorry to dissapoint you, but there’s no Wii version of Sonic Generations

  19. Hey, a PC version would be great. Why? One, Nintendo Wii only owners can play the game for themselves, and two, when the mods show up, they could do some texture hacking and people with the PC version could play extra characters and stuff.

  20. I’d love to see this game on PC, even though I have a 360 I don’t think I’d buy a console version I want high res, AA, mods and all that.

  21. Well, i dont own a 360 or PS3 nore do i plan on buying one since they will go old in the next 3 years or so. So SEGA, can you release this game commercialy in stores and not Stream because not everyone uses it.

  22. The only site that still displays the Generations Sonic is, it’s a fact that no other records it ….

    SEGA please do not make us this ….

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