Sonic Generations 3DS: New Preview Confirms Multiplayer Exclusive Levels, Emerald Coast & Shadow

A new Tokyo Game Show 2011 preview of the 3DS version of Sonic Generations from Capsule Computers has confirmed that the above screenshot released last month is from Emerald Coast. Shadow the Hedgehog is confirmed to be a rival in the 3DS version, too. Their preview also reveals that the game’s multiplayer mode will feature exclusive environments, though they didn’t give any examples.

After playing the demo, Sega let me have a second hands on play of a level Emerald Coast as it’ll be in the finished game. In each level you can play as either ‘new’ or ‘old’ bringing two very distinct feels to the same level. As some may know, Emerald Coast is a level from the Dreamcast version of Sonic, Sonic Adventure, which has now been redesigned into a 2D platform based level. After playing through the game twice, It’s apparent that there is an emphasis on the game as a platformer, rather than just a speed based game where you race through. A few other features included in the game will be the use of Shadow as a rival, and exclusive environments for two player verses mode. Sonic Generations will be released for the 3DS, PS3 and Xbox360

You can read the full preview at Capsule Computers.

Thanks to Neon at the SSMB for the heads up!

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      1. I didn’t, the gameplay just doesn’t look the same to sonic rush, but they’re pretty similar I guess.

          1. for some odd reason. it may use the rush engine. but it is not meant to be sonic rush 3. just like unleashed and ’06 being SA3 and SA4. -_-

          2. Sonic Colors DS focuses more on platforming than just boost to win. it is NOT Sonic Rush 3 and Sonic Generations isn’t Sonic Rush 4.

  1. I’m happy that there actually working this time, but geeze they couldn’t go out of there way to incorperate some hand held exclusive rivals like blaze or Gemerl?

    1. I would love for them to bring back Gemerl. Technically, he’s still around. He’s was friends with Cream at the end of Advance 3, but we never see him again. (Plus, I loved Emerl, but Sonic Battle stuff making it into Generations is a doubt, considering it was a fighting game.)

  2. many people are saying they also confirmed radical highway as a level in the 3ds version…it makes no sense!

        1. We’re waiting for some proof or official confirmation. These so-called friend of a friend type “sources” are a little hard to believe. If it turns out to be true, then fine. I just need more proof than the word of an unidentified source.

          1. Shadzter since you are one of the people that post here maybe you can help me understand this problem. A few month back on this site an interview was posted about Iizuka talking about the 3ds version. in it he snubbed the game gear games and said that the levels chosen for it were portable levels. Flash foward now and one console level from the dreamcast era is offically confirmed. With the possiblity of another confirmed as well. Have any other interviews popped up inbetween those times to cause this drastic change, was this the so called overhaul that some sega reps were talking about, or do you think that Iizuka has been lying to us all this time.

  3. First Metal Sonic and now Shadow. Iizuka that is a lack of creativity on your part. Right now the only thing exculsive for the 3ds is Casino Night, Mushroom Hill, Emerald Coast, possibly Radical Highway and Big Arm for a boss. Gemerl and Blaze could very well be rivals for this version but nooooooooooo. well maybe Blaze will be one but I doubt it now that Shadow is confirmed. Next up Silver. I finally learn to accept Emerald Coast but It will take me time to accept that your Sonic Team especially you Iizuka that you said Handheld levels for the handheld version, and you come to pull the rug from under us.

    1. Don’t you remember Patrick Riley said that the Xbox/Ps3 and 3ds versions are going to have similar stories.

      If that’s not the case, then this is:

      1. The 3DS version was worked on pretty late, compared to the ps3/xbox versions, and the game does come out in November, so you cannot expect much creativity when you have such LITTLE TIME! So don’t say Iizuka is lazy :/ Your just being ungrateful.

      The reason SEGA decided not to do GBA levels, is because they said the levels were too similar, and almost the same as Genesis ones. Something like that, i cant fully remember what they said.

      1. I figured similar stories to be the beginning and ending. The different zones lead to different story elements. I mean a cutscene in which Modern Sonic is talking about lets say passing through Chemical Plant in the 3ds version is very out of place. I don’t think that it being worked on too late is the issue. Big Arm is an example of them placing differences in boss battles. Same could have been done for the rivals. And I don’t think I’m being ungrateful, I love Green Hill, Casino Night, Mushroom Hill, Big Arm, and Metal’s inclusion, and I’m starting to accept Emerald Coast. Heck I am even forgiven them for the copy paste of classic levels and the classic sonic homing attack.

        Also Iizuka said GBA levels would be considered along with DS levels. I don’t recall them saything that other than for the first sonic advance game. Plus Iizuka ignorantly said that Sonic Rush was Sonic’s first title on any Nintendo console. When it was Iizuka that designed some of the new elements in SADX and SA2Battle and Sonic Heroes for the Gamecube.

  4. Exclusive multiplayer levels? This might mean that if we dont get ANY GBA levels, then we could probably get 1 or 2 from vs 🙂

    So sad that its Emerald Coast :/ Now the chances of Emerald Coast coming to 360/PS3 are 0%.

    This could also mean that Radical Highway could be a multiplayer stage, but then again wouldnt, because then where would you fight Shadow?

    Btw, can someone answer this? Can you play vs with a CPU, or do you have to go online/play with another friend? If you cant play with a CPU, then what a waste of multiplayer levels, because there are so many people who do not have internet, and people who have a high security. I have internet, but my security is WPA2, which not even the 3DS supports, so im technically screwed 🙁 WHY NINTENDO, WHY?!

    1. We’ve not had any details of how the multiplayer works yet, I’m afraid. I don’t think you’ll need the internet, as there’s bound to be local multiplayer, so you can play with friends who also have a 3DS. If they don’t have Sonic Generations, I imagine the game will support download play, and hopefully they’ll let you play multiplayer mode against a CPU. I’ll keep an eye out for more info.

      Oh, and if you can’t get your 3DS connected online at home, you could always try places with wi-fi hotspots, like McDonalds.

    2. Or, you can, you know. Change the security type of your router? It’s not like random houses are common targets for hackers?

  5. I just realized something guys!

    Remember when Iizuka said that 3DS ver. will only have characters that are important to story? Rivals are abviously important. Maybe they know about Time Eater? So yeah I expect Silver reaveal in 2 weeks for bot versions.

    1. The only one I would buy that from is from Silver since he’s from the future. Metal Sonic just wants revenge on Sonic and Sonic and Shadow are rivals. I think that since Time Eater sends Sonic back in time it esencially in a way places Sonic back into similar conflicts of his past which means classic sonic’s battle with metal sonic is like they just met in Stardust speedway. Plus that would be something technically new for classic sonic since supposedly he is from the first game.

  6. Hey SEGA, thanks for putting Radical Highway and Emerald Coast on the 3DS. I totally want to play those as 2D sidescrollers rather than 3D platformers as they originally were. They better make DLC for proper versions of these stages on the consoles, dammit. Really, there needs to be DLC for the 3DS stages on the 360/PS3, but with the Modern versions having proper Modern layout rather than Sonic Rush layout.

    1. Hey SEGA, thanks for putting Green Hill and Chemical Plant on the HD consoles. I totally want to play those as 3D boost to win levels rather than 2D platformers as they originally were.

      your argument is as stupid as this one.

  7. What happened to that statement about Generations 3DS covering Sonic’s portable titles? Did they decide to just chuck that idea out the window and go along with the console games instead?

      1. according to some of the sites that say radical highway, they also say theres a possibilty of 10 levels. so maybe theyre postponing the game, fixing it, and giving us 3 extra levels from the consoles as a bonus?

  8. No 3DS (thus far I’m unimpressed with the console…Handheld. Thing. THE THING) for me, but it’s nice to know some of these facts.

  9. By the looks of things, I would guess that the main story’s levels are all from console games, and the multiplayer exclusive levels will be from some of the handheld games.

  10. I seriously have no idea what you guys are complaining about with emerald coast or radical highway being on the 3DS only, it really wouldn’t be different on the console since the modern levels are already like 70% 2D

    1. the reason some people are complaining is that a certain head of sonic team said that the 3Ds would have levels of only the handheld games and not the console. and now we are on the verge of not one but two console levels that are coming to the 3ds

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