Sonic Colours’ Planet Wisp Recreated in LittleBigPlanet 2


Reader mul-tec-rnb has sent in the above video of his recreation of Wii and DS game Sonic Colours‘ Planet Wisp stage using tools in the PS3 title LittleBigPlanet 2. It’s quite the faithful design, from the flowers to the construction site parts.

Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks to mul-tec-rnb for sending this in.

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        1. “RABBID SQUIRREL!” wait no that’s not it -_-


      1. I have the costumes, the default isn’t white. It doesn’t include special eyes. There is no white, just beige and blue.

  1. Sweet! I’m friend’s with Mul, He’s very happy! I’m making my own LBP Sonic level, I’ll send it in when it’s done!

  2. Add that level to my queue! This reminds me, there should be Sonic Generations level/costume packs for LBP2! With costumes that look better than the ones in the Unleashed pack, and special Sonic-based objects, a new sound object with Sonic sound effects, and some music tracks from Sonic Generations! Maybe even some instruments for the music sequencer that sound like the stuff from the Genesis games!

    1. And let’s not forget an AMY SackGirl costume, with a pink upper body, and white lower torso, to replicate her underwear.

      1. It’s not that hard to make an Amy costume. I just used the Knuckles skin and hair, a dress, and a few stickers. But yes, an official one would be okay, I guess.

    2. I think they should implement the drowning theme to play when your Sackperson is.. well… drowning. 😛

      1. Who? Me? :P, I’m still programming the bot, I feel like I’v captured the feel of Apotos pretty well, however, due to LBP2’s WONDERFUL thermo, it might be short. =/

  3. 🙁 I made all sonic colors lebels on lbp1 and no one loves them , now i make sonic generations on lbp2 and sonic colors is popular no :/

        1. Iiiiiii don’t think so. I think I remember seeing your avatar there. that’s how i figured out he was wearing shades. either that or the sega forums. oh well forget i said anything

        2. Iiiiiii don’t think so. I think I remember seeing your avatar there. that’s how i figured out he was wearing shades. either that or the sega forums. oh well forget i said anything

  4. Oh hey shadzter, I did that pre-order thingy of sonic generations collectors edition. Their page says the game would be released 30 November.. and now I got email saying about the estimated date and such when I’d get it.. and it pretty much said December.
    Ya think amazon just got the date wrong and are gonna fix it, or do they really have that game released so late? :O
    Just wondering and all

  5. Ha cool Muls really happy about this level. He flipped out when he heard that it was on Sonic Stadium =P

    Also i’d like to point out the bot is called the “SA3 Bot” developed by Miniweav who gave mul permission to use it. The Music is made by one of his friends but im not sure which. =/

    He has a rooftop run level too and hes currently making a Werehog level.

    1. Yes, Miniweav was somewhat annoyed that he did’nt get the credit he (or she? IDK ;P) rightfully deserves.

  6. Who thinks they could do better at making software/designing/making a console or game better than 99% of the video game companies out there.

    Off topic… yeah i know 😛

  7. “A friend of mine was at San Diego Comic Con and she had some talk with SEGA employees while there. Among other things, they gave reasons for Sonic ’06’s botched, too early release and told her that regarding the Time Eater, she’d be “pleasantly surprised…” (An important note here might be that she’s a big Mephiles fan which she told them, too… Hmmmmm…)”

    This is a quote from sonic retro!
    Mephiles is back baby!…even though he was erased from history:/

    1. Oh man, if it was Mephiles, that would be awesome! Though we no longer have Dan Green to do the epic voice, and awesome laugh I might add. Hopefully, they get someone who sounds the same, IF it really is him. But, I’m not getting my hopes up.

    2. Well Mephilis was apart of Solaris who was a god <__< And its nearly impossible to kill gods, just seal them or reincarnate them as a different being. That would be surprising.
      Also history can't be truly erased, those events still lie in another dimension in 'said' timeline.

      1. Well, Isn’t it true that some people like to think Sonic remembers? From the ending scene, it kind of implies it, but not said.

    3. Well if there is Iblis there must be Mephiles. If there are Iblis and Mephiles then there is Solaris. If there is Solaris then we will have 4 (!!!!!!!) Super Hedgehogs in fnal battle! I mean Past, Present, Future and one extra (Classic Sonic)

      Yeah… Wishfull thinking.

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