GameSpot Interviews Sonic Team About Sonic Generations


Gaming news site GameSpot has posted up the above video interview with Sonic Generations producer Takashi Iizuka, director Hiroshi Miyamoto and sound director Jun Senoue. The 4 minutes and 52 seconds long interview covers topics such as level selection, music and the set-up for the game’s story.

Source: GameSpot

Thanks to Graham for the news tip and to Woun for the YouTube upload!

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          1. good thing no one mentioned silver, cuz then a huge new topic about how fast he is compared to the the other three, and if he is as fast as Sonic, and it would diverge into what he will do in Sonic Generations, and it will go back to the original topic about Sonic racing, and then people would mention some other characters like tails, knuckles, and blaze, and it would go on and on and on, until a another new news story shows up. Well, that’s how it works at TSSZ, I got so scared of getting yelled at, that I barely ever comment there anymore, unless there is something important…

      1. would you give me link to sonic’s new art with the sword, and I’m loving Roger’s/Sonic’s voice there, but not Amy’s…

    1. shadow always had the gray part since shadow heck he even had shadow pics on his rings (if im correct)

  1. It was so hard to understand what they say because of Japanese in the background. Man couldn’t they erase japanese and THEN put English version or at least make English louder than Japanese.

  2. They said “Mysterious new villian but we’ll let you decide who it is.” or something along those lines. So it has me to believe that the villian isn’t actually new but a variation of an old villian. It could be either “classic” me, Mephiles, or Fang the Sniper (That would explain his “wanted” poster in classic City Escape. Since Bark, Bean, and Ray all got “missing in action” posters). Yes the Time Eater pic got leaked but who’s to say that Fang couldn’t have created that monster through the power of both the chaos emeralds and the time stones from Sonic CD? Once you defeat the “time eater” it shows that it was Fang’s doing all along because he got tired of being forgotten and left in the shadows so he re-wrote Sonic’s history so he could maybe be included. I mean the game’s story is being written by those Happy Tree Friends guys who wrote Colors “story” so breaking the 4th wall isn’t a problem for them.

    1. Maybe.

      …The guys who wrote Sonic Colors (I presume it’s Sonic Team XD) also did Happy Tree Friends? …The more you know! *Stomps on the foot of whoever tries to say GI Joe*

      1. mondo media makes happy tree friends. not so sure about script. but i am sure it’s the same.(mondo media)

    2. As awesome as seeing Nack in the bad guy role in a game would be, our chances seem slim. Didn’t whoever it was that pushed to have the posters included in City Escape as a nod to the lost characters ( I forget who it was ), have to really push for it? It would be an awesome twist having the lost characters show up as bad guys, like you say, because they feel scorned for being left out and forgotten. A lot of people would be upset if they made Mighty a bad guy tho I’ll bet.

      With the Sonic CD love as of late the Time Stones being involved wouldn’t surprise me tho. It would be a good twist, rather than some random monster that controls time. Their last reason for not using Nack/Fang again was they needed to find a way to re-introduce him. What better way than in a game where time is played with and possibly re-written, but it doesn’t seem that they will include him :/ I’m surprised they didn’t re-introduce him in the Riders games, what with his air-bike and his wanting the Chaos Emeralds.

        1. Because Hong Kong and NYC are clones of each other. Cities can be different. Heck, two different SECTIONS of NYC have variety. We’re not complaining about the lack of other characters because they’re both hedgehogs. We’re calling THE SAME PERSON TWO CHARACTERS because they are different in personality and gameplay. You can live with 4 stages that share the traits of many buildings and high population density because other than being cities, THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLACES. Unless you wanna argue that NYC, Chicago, Rome, and Tokyo ON FIRE are the same place.

          Yeah, i got a lot carried away there, sorry.

        2. Final Rush (sonic and shadows battle) is on the ark (in space) and planet wisp is techincally in space as well:)

          1. I know, but Planet wisp isn’t really in space, it’s on a planet and final rush is just a rival boss fight.

  3. It was kind of hard to understand but when Iizuka was talking about the 3ds he said something about chosing levels from Next-Gen consoles for it. So there goes Sonic Rush out the window.

    1. the same sites that say radical highway is confirmed for 3ds say there may be 10 levels. so maybe theyre postponing it, fixing the game, and giving us 3 extra levels from the console games, in addition to the rush games.

    1. I know right? Some leaked info revealed it was being worked on, and they expected it to be released the same time as the console versions, but it’s been 2 months since then, and we’ve gotten nothing. Either they are revealing it at the end of september, or they are just dropping it altogether.

      1. Unfortunately I don’t think they will release it on PC. Many Sonics were announced for PC (like 06) but not released. I feel sorry to all Sonic fans without PS3 and 360 :(. I still hope for PC because I want everyone to enjoy this game and celebrate 20th Anniversary of Blue Blur.

    1. He does, but you know people are just gunna be all, you got a poster cameo what are you complaining about. They don’t stop to think, hmm if Shadow or Silver were just poster cameo, I’d be upset a bit. Nack/Fang was in 3 games, and has cameoed in a few and was supposed to be in Sonic Xtreme too. He’s part of the history as much as anyone else. He does deserve a spot, even just a brief appearance in a cut scene or something, tho a boss battle would have been nice.

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