ESRB Rates Sonic Generations, Reveals A Couple More Details

The ESRB, the US ratings board for games, has rated the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sonic Generations, indicating the game’s development is now complete. The game has been given an E for Everyone rating, and in their write-up they’ve revealed a couple of interesting tidbits about the game.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

It appears the mysterious enemy force that sends Sonic back in time is actually trying to alter Sonic’s universe’s timeline. But why they are trying to alter Sonic’s timeline isn’t clear. The write-up also states the game includes a handful of boss fights and one in particular sees you “defeating a giant serpent creature by crashing into its weak points”.

You can check out the full rating write-up below:

Sonic Generations

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Rating: Everyone

Content descriptors: Cartoon Violence

Rating summary: This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the role of Sonic the Hedgehog as he attempts to stop a mysterious force from altering his universe’s timeline. As players zoom across fantastical landscapes, they collect gold rings and power-ups while using spin attacks to knock over enemies (e.g., insect- and animal-like robots); enemies disappear amid smoke puffs, and Sonic blinks and loses rings when hit. The game includes a handful of boss-fight sequences (e.g., defeating a giant serpent creature by crashing into its weak points); explosions, shrieking sounds, and close-up spin attacks accompany these battles.

Source: ESRB

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          1. The Time Eater is not a robot… how can a robot make travel in time somebody?… time eater its a monster or a mistic forse whit form of monster…

  1. Last time I hit weak points on a serpent to defeat it was Final Hazard. Unfortunately
    I’m sure everyone has seen the leaks and knows this isn’t the case :\
    ***Spoiler End***

    1. OH SON OF A – the one spoiler I read winds up being such a huge letdown DX SEGA! You messed up. Big time. I hated that boss, but dangit…At least I know who we get in replacement (the other spoiler I found out). Although I’m still hoping for the Biolizard to make an appearance. Lizzie needs love! XD

    1. Hey Hunter I am from Poland too. Back on topic, I hope for quick time events as a Boss finishers it would be epic.

  2. OMG perfect chaos this is such a big surprise. Oh wait no it isn’t because everyone’s known about it for months. XD

  3. –This post contains spoilers if you haven’t completed SA1 or haven’t seen the leaks–

    Why do I get the feeling that this time round, Perfect Chaos might be defeated by Sonic boosting across the water and collecting rings to keep the boost bar full instead of being Super Sonic like in SA1? Either way, he’ll drown once he runs out of rings/ring energy.

  4. Guys this maybe only one thing a super sonic boss battle!! a classic style and a modern style gameplay!

      1. and the reason i say that is because Super Sonic is the same thing as Modern Sonic Boosting. You dont need Super Sonic for the PC Battle, because Sonic casn simply boost on the water. duh.

      2. what i meant is that they each take turn to defeat the monster while in classic style and modern style.

  5. Its not perfect chaos , perfect choas is already a boss in the game but not really the cause that sent sonic back in time.

    1. It is Perfect Chaos, since Perfect Chaos is already a boss in the game, and is a large, serpent creature that you had to defeat by crashing into his weak point. It never linked Chaos to the thing that send Sonic back in time, so.. yeah.

      1. its not perfect chaos and wdf! chaos never sends you back in time WTH! the only person that sends you back in time was tikal , knuckles ancestor. Also They had said its a new foe -_-.

        1. “The game includes a handful of boss-fight sequences (e.g., defeating a giant serpent creature by crashing into its weak points)”

          The description doesn’t imply Perfect Chaos is the final boss; they’re just using him as an example of a boss fight in the game.

        2. It is Perfect Chaos, again. The description, again, is “defeating a giant serpent creature by crashing into its weak points” as one of it’s HANDFUL of boss sequences. It never says that Perfect Chaos sends you back in time.

          The whole point of the game is Sonic being sent back in time to re-play things in the main Sonic game series. Guess what, not only is Perfect Chaos a large serpent-like creature, but, again, you had to destroy him by crashing into his weak-point.

          The final boss is a new foe, but here’s a surprise for you, there’s more than one boss. Leak or not, even Metal Sonic was officially announced, so I’m not sure why you’re being so adamantly ignorant. Either way, it’s Perfect Chaos.

          1. dude , do you know what a serpent is? a serpent is a big ass large green water snake. Not a water liquid thing

        3. Haloteen ur so damn stupid! This boss is obviously Perfect Chaos. How u may ask? Because in SA1 u had to crash into his weak points (his head) in order to beat him. Also, Perfect Chaos is a big ass SERPENT u idiot.

          And if it’s not Perfect Chaos which I Incredibly doubt, it could still be the Biolizard who is also a huge serpent with a cannon stuck up his ass.

          Stop commenting if you don’t know what the hell ur talking about Haloteen

          1. omfg go to dictionary .com and put in serpent , Serpent is a snake , perfect chaos is not a snake . Perfect chaos is a liquid alligator creature.

      2. It is not necessarily Perfect Chaos, it could be the snake boss near the end of Sonic Adventure that Eggman uses, or anything else ! I wouldn’t class ‘Perfect Chaos’ as a ‘serpent’ to be honest… So don;t go around calling other people ignorant when it hasn’t officially been confirmed it is chaos has it ? So who are you to go around saying it definitely is that.

        1. Because of the demo’s boss list!!
          Perfect Chaos is the boss who represent’s Sonic Adventure 1. If you took the time to look at the leaks, u would know that when they say “giant serpent” they are obviously talking about HIM!!!

          Jesus Christ, people are incredibly ignorant these days >.>

        2. Nuzamaki i made a mistake I thought it was like the final final boss. I read the information and think about it but why the hell would they put serpent??

  6. SONIC




    I know it’s probably not that, I was so instantly reminded, 😛

    1. I dunno, it sounds like the 2nd most likely candidate. Perfect chaos would be awesome for nostalgia, but way too easy with modern sonic (seeing as sonic is about 5 times as fast now as he was in Sonic Adventure), whereas Perfect Dark Gaia (oh hey, the 2nd most perfect boss, huh) would at least give an already recently given challenge. Though I can’t immagine that battle in classic form, but I can picture PC’s battle in side-scrolling form pretty nicely.

  7. I wonder what fighting perfect chaos will be like Not being super sonic (coz I doubt he’s not gonna be the last boss and you’ll probably first be super sonic fighting the last boss) and what classic will be like against him.

    1. Unless it’s gonna be like the classic games (where you could be super sonic as soon as you collect all the emeralds) , but since SEGA say there’s no special stages in the levels and that you collect the emeralds in the story, I doubt it.

    2. I almost feel like he will again be super sonic though, just the description of the game “being sent back in time to re-live blahdy blahdy blah..” if he’s sent back to fight perfect chaos again, would’nt that time just give him the tools he had the first time around? :/ Just a thought.

  8. For the PC Battle, i hope Sonic will go on top of buildings too! I dont want him to JUST boost on water. Besides his weak point will be on his head, so either Sonic will be boosting CRAZY fast(with the power of the Chaos Emeralds that he has “so far” collected.) or he will also go on top of bulidings, leading Sonic to his brain. Oh man, i cannot wait to hear Open Your Heart again! 😀

    Fianlly the game is now 100% complete! Im guessing all there is to do now is fix glitches and object removal/placement.

    ….And now that the PS3/360 versions are basically done, SonicTeam can help finsh Generations 3DS even faster!

    1. You don’t want it to be like the original fight? Aha.

      But seeing what they’re doing with just the levels themselves, and how they’ve improved boss battles (in my opinion) since Adventure 1, I’m assuming that there will be multiple levels in which you have to attack Perfect Chaos (Water level, mid-level, high level, head?). Either way, boosting on water would still look sexy in HD.

      1. Why the hell would you want it to be like the original fight? With todays graphics and engines, Sonic Team could easily make some dash across buildings and hit perfect chaos while pulling off hardcore tricks and hoping onto the next. D: I can’t hold back the drool *-*

        1. It’s a game where he re-lives his past right? When he fights Perfect Chaos he was Super Sonic right? Why would he not be this time around? Who says he can’t go Super twice in one game?

          He had all the emeralds when it happened then, so if he visits that point in time he would have them all again yes?

          Tho i must admit, trying to beat him as normal Sonic would be interesting. But it wouldn’t give the nostalgic feel of the original fight.

          1. Yes and no. He did have all the Emeralds last time BUT he had help collecting them with his friends but the plot says his friends were sucked ups so hes trying to save them AND the timeline w/e. So that means his friends wont be there and he’ll have to do it the old fashion way.
            The problem with the game is its focusing on Sonic, just Sonic (Classic, and Modern) so Super Sonic probably wont make it until the end, besides I would enjoy a normal PC battle. City stages are what turn me on when playing Sonic games xD

  9. I wonder if they’ll remix open your heart for Perfect Chaos (they did say they were remixing tunes for every level), or if they’ll just use the normal one. I don’t mind too much, coz Open your heart is an awesome song as it is.

    1. Since PC is Modern, Open Your Heart will most likely just get updated music. Then again, look at the Big Arm Boss For SG3DS. It was Classic Sonic in a Classic Stage, but instead of getting updated music, it got a remix, but then again, that WAS the 3ds version. So the music for the boss battles could go either way.

  10. Giant Serpent = Perfect Chaos, but does Time Eater = Mephiles? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

      1. The Evil Lord Eggman tricked Sonic and sent him to an explosive doom in outer space, can Sonic charge up Chaos Control in time? Find out next time on, Chaos Emerald Z!!!
        I should write a fanfic 😛 jk..

  11. Who thinks it’s gonna be Mephiles and who thinks it’s gonna be someone/something else entirely?

    1. honestly I hope they forever ditch any going’s on with Sonic 2006… Sooo, here’s to someone/something else entirely.

  12. I don’t think the story spoilers are really that spoilerish, we already know the mysterious force is altering sonics timeline.

  13. I’m not sure (basing it off of this) if SG is coming to PC. Cuz one would think they would have it announced by the time ESRB rates it. 🙁

    1. You do know that SG PC is up for Pre-order, right? Like ive been saying before, the reason it hasnt been announced yet, is because it probably still isnt done yet, unlike the 360/ps3 versions which are done.

      1. They have canceled PC releases of games before, the Sonic ’06 original posters had PC on them and that never happened. And just cause it’s on pre-order doesn’t mean it’s officially coming. Sometimes retailers make pre-orders for suspected products, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a good example, everyone knows it will happen eventually, but no official word on it exists at all and it’s got a pre-order available. What was the last main series Sonic game that wasn’t a spin-off game to feature on PC? Sonic Heroes? That was quite awhile ago.

        Not saying it won’t happen, if anything Generations has a much bigger chance to be on PC too being a celebration game. Just saying there’s a chance it may not happen at all too based on their less than stellar PC record.

        1. Actually, Sonic 06 DID have a PC release, but it was only in Australia, and it’s extremely hard to find.

          1. I would like to see proof of such a release, I live in the Australia/New Zealand region and I did not see a release in our stores or trust me I would have it lol, I even have Billy Hatcher on PC 😛

          2. That’s because it was horrible and Sega recalled it to try and fix Sonics image. And I’m not even joking or flaming, that’s why it’s hard to find. It even got taken off the xbox marketplace.

  14. I have a theory… Chaos is a key of how Time Eater get’s part of his power… And Iblis is another key to his power…

    1. That’s actually a nice theory but highly wrong, the Time Eater is an interdimensional being trying to destroy Time and Space, Chaos and Iblis….well they just hate the world for sealing them >_> But ST might be watching and use that idea in the future. Maybe they’ll add a Grass/Earth type to complete the trio xD

          1. And in addition to that joke, they already have made a Grass/Earth type. Another word for Earth is also “Gaia”. Can you think of anyone? XDD

          2. Gaia the firece knight( something like that) the Yu-gi-oh card that Yugi used in the show and the real life card.

  15. Mephiles, pfft, hell no. Maybe Dr Eggman finally got his hands on all the time stones. What with all the Sonic CD love at the moment. I’m kinda getting sick of all the non-Eggman monsters of the week, and they really don’t need to bring back the 6th Hedgehog looking character again, already too many as it is. Eggman should be the main threat, not some out of control monster he found, again. First few times it was an interesting concept, now I’d just like to see Eggman and his machines take the spotlight, ya know, be evil and menacing again. And not end up helping them in the end.

      1. So Eggman can build all manner of robots and mechs. Encase an entire planet in his robots, and chain it to another planet. Build huge battleship armies and a Death Star with his face on it, and even mess round with dimensions or time depending what games you look at. But he can’t build a giant machine that could potentially eat or change time and call it the Time Eater?

        Speaking of Eggman, how rich is this guy to be able to keep making all this stuff? After all these years that thought just crossed my mind lol.

        1. I theorize that maybe he gained a lot of money as a scientist, stole some resources etc when he first attempted to turn on the world to gain respect out of fear. He used many methods but Sonic stopped him. So he discovered the Chaos Emeralds and started learning to enlsave little animals as his army against the islanders and Sonic wouldn’t be able to stop them cuz they were his friends. But obviously Sonic found a way past that.

          You’ll notice Eggman builds a lot of factories to help mass produce things. Machines making machines. He designs the main tool that will ultimately follow a chain of commands until they do all the work for him. He also, ironically, recycles. But only because he needs to for his own reasons. The lack of money and resources is one of the excuses/reasons for Sonic 4’s enemies tho if that means anything.

      2. Eggman’s always behind it. Even when there’s another enemy Eggman is behind it at least. He was behind it in SA1, SA2, (the majority of the game leading to the final conflict), Sonic 06 (However he and Mephiels were both individually working on their own schemes seperately), Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors. =p Even all of the Sonic Riders games.

        The only games where he wasn’t behind a majore plot was Sonic Heroes cuz he was locked up, and Shadow The Hedgehog because he was helping fight Black Doom.

    1. hahaha, yes I had the same thought yesterday. With his comment on Sonic Generations being a closing chapter in sonic gaming and a new one to begin under his leadership

    Doesn’t anyone remember that one of the items for Classic Sonic (in the moniter screen) was the 7 Chaos Emeralds? As soon as i knew Perfect Chaos was a boss, I figured that item would appear in the PC boss fight. Anyone else think of that?

  17. Final Chaos (Or just plain Chaos) is a definite possibility for a boss (Final? Probably not). Im mean, this is a game where sonic goes to the past 😉

  18. Not much details but I’m still excited and I can’t wait for this game to come out 🙂 Only two Months to go….

  19. “It appears the mysterious enemy force that sends Sonic back in time is actually trying to alter Sonic’s universe’s timeline”. Why does that scream Mario to me? xD

        1. hahahahahahaha,no seriously that joke got old by the late 90s. Can’t we just let the mario and sonic rivalry die. I mean sure it was shocking to see Sonic in Brawl and even more shocking that they were in the same sporting game the first time. But by now its the norm so get over it.

          1. c_c Actually, I find Mario vs Sonic jokes funny. Everyone knows they’re buddy buddy but its not good to take a joke seriously. Just laugh or meh and keep on scrolling down to the next comment bro.

  20. “Perfect Chaos”? When I read “giant serpent” and “defeating it by crashing into its weak spots” I immediately thought of the Biolizard/Final Hazard.

  21. I dont know they said the demo wasnt 100% so who knows we could have a few more levels and bosses (hopefully :D) added between that build and the final.

  22. ok ok, there’s something I need to know. How exactly is Perfect Chaos a “big serpent?”

    He’s a freaking torsoless leviathan with tentacles and the mouth of an oversized crocodile.

    The only enemy I recall resembling a serpent with several weak spots is the Egg VIPER. Now doesn’t that make more sense?

      1. How do you know egg viper isn’t in the game ? It could be for all you know. Seems far more likely to be that than Perfect chaos, as I remember, egg viper looked like a snake, and you had to hit pressure points !

        1. I know because I saw the leaks. The entire level and Boss list was leaked. Without spoiling too much, I’ll say this: Perfect Chaos is a boss in the game; Egg Viper isn’t. There are only 7 bosses in Generations HD; 2 per era (1 Rival, 1 Major Boss), and the Final Boss.

    1. you guys must have not know that perfect chaos is not the final boss, he doesnt send sonic back in time, plus Sega say its a new foe that we have never seen idi0ts. Also perfect chaos is not a serpent he just a liquid crocodile creature. FACTOID! do you know that serpernts are a huge green water snake.I bet $100 dollar gran that perferct chaos is not the final boss. perfect chaos is already is a boss in this game but not the final boss idiots.

      1. No one said PC was the final boss u dumb fuck. You seriously need to stay off the crack haloteen and stop making urself look like shit on the internet

        1. dude once again i thought it was the final final boss of the game . i read it carefully and i think he could be the final.

  23. “A friend of mine was at San Diego Comic Con and she had some talk with SEGA employees while there. Among other things, they gave reasons for Sonic ’06′s botched, too early release and told her that regarding the Time Eater, she’d be “pleasantly surprised…” (An important note here might be that she’s a big Mephiles fan which she told them, too… Hmmmmm…)”

    This is a quote from sonic retro!
    Mephiles is back baby!…even though he was erased from history:/

    1. As much as I’m sure your just trying to bait people with that, Sega themselves in an interview said the the Time Eater was going to be an entirely new foe. So no, it won’t be Mephiles. Not saying thst he might nit make a cameo or something, but he isnt the final boss. If the “friend of a friend” story is at all true in any way, they were probably alluding to there being a level from ’06 in the game. As for me, I’d believe Sega themselves over a “friend” that asked questions at a trade show.

    2. I rally hope Mephiles makes some kind of appearance he is one of top fav characters. He can have something to do with the black hole. He played with time to.

  24. Yah Iam thinking the same thing there talking about the Time Eater but it did sound similar to Perfect Chaos.
    I can’t Wait to how battle is going to be like it’s going to a epic battle seeing station square in water again.

  25. I hope Mephiles is in the game.


    Hey, I just got this of sega forums that got it from sonic retro. It’s not bait and it’s not my idea 🙁

    1. Sorry dude, wasn’t meant to sound harsh, but there have been instances of people trying to start debates with stuff like that. Fact is Sega said it was a new foe, so it won’t be him. I do hope he makes an appearance if just to please his fans. I don’t like him myself but who am I to deny other fans of the newer fan fic type stories their favourite characters 🙂

      1. So what if, and just throwing it out there, Eggman’s the cause for Mephilis’s return, and Mephilis unleashes this so-called time-eater. Then it’s like, everybody wins ‘n stuff. Except for these three characters… ’cause evil never wins, especially if you’re Eggman.

  26. Everyone keep in mind that the ESRB are a bunch of 5 year-olds. Anyone read their description of littleBigPlanet 2? “Players can alter certain objects in the game by adding burp or flatulence sounds” I doubt they’ve even played any of the games that they rate. I doubt that they’ve even seen the trailers for the games that they rate. I doubt that they even truly know what a video game is, considering how oblivious they are to this stuff. It’s perfectly understandable that they would mistake a tentacled water monster for a serpent.

    1. At this point I’m just miffed that the plonkers at the ESRB have seen more of the game than we the fans have! Lol

  27. …I’m just gonna go along with Whatever they want to say until the game’s released. I’ve been sold on it since June… lolz

    I’d like to see some kind of Mephiles Cameo or appearance or something, Since i’ve never played ’06.

  28. Wouldn’t it be such a tease if the game ended on a cliffhanger, or they put a teaser of the next big game for the home consoles at the end of this game, like they did with Sonic 4 : Episode 1? I understand that they did that due to it being episodic and all, but the thought popped into my head today that in the demo info wasn’t there a cinematic list where the games cinematic movies roughly go? I could be mistaken but one of them was after the credits wasn’t it?

    Epilogue for the game, or teaser/cliffhanger for the next game? OoOooo

      1. Yea and wasnt the Chronicles one a big tease. I’d love to see a continuation one day if only to see what they had planned. It was nice to see Eggman all nasty evil and taking over again.

  29. @tenkotails

    Thanks 🙂 I totally understand how people can try to start stuff like that. So, some kind of new foe eh? Interesting…

    1. Dude we aren’t trying to put him off Sonic games. I recently replayed the game, and it is still the buggiest, clunkiest, most rushed, retarded story (apart from maybe Shadow and his alien DNA) Sonic game ever. In my opinion, can’t forget to say that or I will end up starting a war. They even admitted Silver wasn’t even supposed to be a Sonic character and was being developed as a character for a totally seperate game. And Sega themselves have recalled the game. It was just a mess, could have been so much better.

  30. Why are so many people saying the Egg Viper? Sure he was a big ass annoying serpent but it’s not him.

    Some of u cant get it in your heads that this serrpent boss is Perfect Chaos

  31. @Nuzamaki90

    To be fair Perfect Chaos only had ONE weak spot and that was the brain. I do believe it can be the Final Hazard (Which I kind of doubt) or the Egg Viper because of it saying “crashing into its weak points” meaning they would have more then one.

  32. Well by giant serpent I thought they meant Time Eater could take the form of a giant snake or something which would be interesting. But then they said crashing into it’s weak points. Like… the red swelling areas on Final Hazard in SA2!?

    Well that boss isn’t actually on the list of bosses in the demo BUT that list was just a list and that doesn’t mean a new boss could’ve been added to the list or replaced something ont he list. But if it were then yay Live And Learn. XD (How would they do THAT boss without Super Sonic tho?)

    idk WHAT they’re doing but they sure are confusion and mysterious with this particular game aren’t they? How amazing. lol

  33. It’s obviously Mephiles guys… geez… >.> /sarcasm

    *nah I dunno but I’m not taking sides here. Could be Perfect Chaos, could be someone else. Just wait. Geez*

  34. Wait! They say ,,collect power-ups” it means powers-up like speeds shoes, ring boxes or true powerups like in Adventure Series?

  35. “Sonic the Hedgehog as he attempts to stop a mysterious force from altering his universe’s timeline.”

    Which Sonic the Hedgehog? There are 2 of them.

    As for the final boss. Mephiles, Hatsune miku, or Kawatta Ekoro (from Puyo Puyo!! 20th anniversary). Take your pick, since all of them got the same color theme (cyan) anyway.

    Or… , it’s all just a videogame that Eggman made as a birthday present for Sonic.

    As for getting a game rated. It’s more of a making deal instead of just getting the game reviewed. So it’s likely that ESRB’s words are actually SEGA’s words. Speaking of which, what about the 3DS version? Even the CERO rating for it is still under examination.

  36. *cough*Final Hazard*cough*

    Wait how is that possible Final Hazard wasn’t on the leaked stage list images and, as far as I know, there isn’t a Super Sonic Boss Rush mode. Which would be awesome.

    1. Oh right, Perfect Chaos. Except you didn’t “crash into its weak points,” you just ran into its base and then punched his brain.

      1. That is officially my favorite description of the Perfect chaos battle. XD
        I’m gonna start saying that to threaten people
        “ah munna run into you and punch your brain”

  37. So I think the whole Classic Sonic has no voice thing is dumb. We all need to DEMAND that Jaleel White does the voice of classic, because how epic would that be? Totally bring back some memories.

    1. sonic fans would rejoice and celebrate this game as Sonic’s Holy Grail if we had Mario as a enemy and Jaleel White voicing Classic Sonic

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