The Spindash Celebrates Its 50th Episode

Hey folks! I wanted to let you in on a lesser known Sonic Podcast The Spindash “Your source for all things blue, rapid and spikey” as it has just celebrated it’s 50th episode with a 2 hour long show. This small podcast has been running for about 2 years now and is hosted by GX Echidna, Evil Dr. Reef and Saber Pilot with myself as the occasional guest. In this episode, we discuss the Chemical Plant Zone, current Sonic news, a look back at issue #50 of the Archie Sonic comic and some other silly stuff. So, if you got an MP3 player and/or 2 hours to kill, check ’em out!


BTW, also check out their 48th episode which is a hour long interview with the great, wonderful………me! Also, I’ll be getting pics and info of the upcoming contest as soon as my witless brother gives me my memory card back for my camera.


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