Sonic Generations Avatar Items Now on XBL Marketplace

Is your Xbox Live Avatar feeling a bit left out of the Sonic 20th Anniversary celebrations? Well, today SEGA has released 2 Sonic Generations Avatar items on the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace to help your Avatar join in the festivities. The first item is a 20th Anniversary Cake prop, and the second is a 20th Anniversary party hat. The cake will set you back 400 MSP, while the hat costs 160 MSP. Both items are available for a limited time only, so don’t hang about if you want to grab them.

Source: Xbox Live Marketplace (via Xbox Avatar Gear)

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    1. Because Wii are the weaklings ;_;
      Thank god I have a 360 as well <_< But I'm still not getting that dinky little hat at that price. Maybe the WiiU will get its chance in the future ^w^

  1. I like the Green Hill cake but shouldn’t they put a hazard sign by it.

    Doesn’t Sega know Green Hill Zone is flooded with deadly robots, huge caves, massive water areas, and for some odd reason golden ring nuggets scattered across the place? I’m not trying to sound mean but I dont wanna go to heaven, someone asks me “So, how’d you die?” and I will have to answer with ” I choked on a blue hedgehog running around a cake trying to grab golden rings”

  2. I’ve got points to spare.

    A Green Hill cake would be amazing to make, I’d probably never eat it. 😀

    1. It’s funny. I had decided to make my next birthday cake a GHZ cake. It’s gonna be a footrace with Modern and Classic Sonic neck and neck, Shadow close behind, and Tails trailing. Gonna have Moto Bug in dead last, with some other Badniks watching/shooting projectiles.

      Yep. Those Jazwares toys sure make good cake decorations. 🙂

  3. I like sonic. But I like not wasting money more. I promised myself that I’d never buy an avatar item no matter what.

  4. I’m just gonna come out and say it….they look like crap. These stupid-looking avatar add-ons should be free, and Sega should be ashamed for trying to profit from them. They look just awful.

    1. Yeah….SEGA should have also made that mini-game free, instead of making it locked, and that you need a key 🙁 I mean, im glad its a pre-order ONLY, and not something you buy, but it still should’ve been free in the first place…

      I, for one, am GLAD that Nintendo said they are not going use stat boosts, or keys, for the Wii U! 😀 Nintendo said they are aware of “low-quality DLC”, and said that they are going to give us quality DLC! Nintendo, you rock! At least they arent like Capcom.

      1. Capcom does nothing but cancel Megaman games and milk from Resident Evil and Street Fighter

  5. All the best Avatar items I’ve had came with a game. I’ve currently got my avatar dressed as Boba Fett being pestered by a Crackdown Helicopter.

    Going through the Xbox avatar library is a bit like reading the TV Tropes web site, it’s just.. one.. more page.. then I’m fini.. no maybe one more page.

  6. Hey, guess what Microsoft?

    I don’t have Xbox Live on my Xbox 360 “slim”! How’s that? Besides, I have the DLC for pre-ordering Sonic Generations that I’ll get. I’ll be able to dress my avatar up AS Sonic. BAM!

    …Wish there was a Shadow costume XD

  7. I bought them, the cake is pretty cool, you blow the candle out and confetti and balloons with sonic on them drop down, as for the hat, i just got it for the sake of having it, i have 3500+ points, and i’m not planing to use em til November.

  8. Everything is fine but too expensive and totaly not worth it.

    Why this game cant be already here. I want MAH Sonic Generations. Just less than 3 months left till Novemeber 😀

    1. Well, if you want sonic generations being rush and finish early just like sonic the hedgehog 06 , then its best to wait and let them make an awsome game

      1. You completly missed my point actually 🙂
        I mean I am really hyped for game but I dont want for them to rush it. Besides November relase is confirmed and game is in development for 3 years (2x times more than 06) so I doubt it will be rushed.

        1. @Hunter – Your making it sound like its August 28, when you said leass than 3 months. We still have approximately 3 months left.

          Oh, and by the way, its probably better to not be TOO excited for the game. I’m not telling you what to do, I’m just saying something here. The reason if your TOO excited, and the game doesn’t have what you expected, then you’ll be let down. 🙁
          For this game, I like to think low for this game, but NOT in a negative way. When someone thinks low, and doesn’t expect much from the game, they think it’ll be another adequate game. Then, when the game comes out, you play it, and your like, WOW!!! 😀 Because the game had more than what you expected. 🙂 Do you see what I mean?

        2. @Hunter- actually, the game is being rushed. Few months ago, I was looking on Youtube, on some SG interviews, and the representative said “We are rushing really hard to get this game done.”
          Not literally rushing, but their rushing. 😉 Do you understand what I mean by this?

          1. Wait?? so all this time they were slacking off a bit to finished the game? If thats the case they need to get closer of finishing it if they are going to release it in Nov.1st . they got like 2 months to finish now.

          2. @haloteen100
            They came up with the idea when unleashed came out but they decided to wait and make it for the 20th cuz it just seemed right which I agree. It’d be weird having SG come out for the 18th or 19th than 20th. I have a hard time believing Sonic colors can beat this. That is if I can play if they make it for pc

          3. Oh, the game is done. Levels and story. Id say by now, SEGA is making minor changes to placing objects, and also getting rid of some serious glitches.

  9. That stuff would be cool if it was free or just costed 50 points but just for a virtual cake and a hat for that much that’s just banditry

  10. Okay going back to the SG for PC. If SEGA is worried about piracy why don’t they make it where if you want it for PC make a special order online cuz it’s less likely a person that does make illegal copies will bother ordering online. Plus they have those FBI anti-piracy things with 4 years in prison or 250,000 dollar fine ( not that much people pay attention cuz people still do it). But still if people are wanting and are offering money (not like they have a choice if they want it) why not for pc

    1. I have an idea, instead of pushing it towards the PC you could ohhhhh I don’t know actually go out and buy a game system so you can experience the Generations (hurr) instead of hoping they will put it out on the PC.

      1. I have an idea, instead of yackin’ at me, you could ohhhh shut up. I would gladly get an xbox, but I don’t see $250 standin’ around plus how much the game is do you? Plus I could use that money elsewhere if I had it. Cuz if you ask me I think those games are ,well, not the best. Cuz alot of those games on the xbox are like the war games which i’m not a big fan of. Then I’d end up only buying racing games cuz all the other ones look stupid and I could just as easily get em on wii pc or ds. Also when you get more and more consoles you want to get more and more games which means more and more money. AND I DON’T GET AN ALLOWANCE!!! plus don’t say get a job.. I ain’t old enough to get a fricken job!!!! Except mowing lawns which I’m not the best at. Good enough to mow my own not the neighbors. Plus they would probably wanna mow their yards themselves. But right now it’s too fricken hot and it hasn’t rained in forever so guess what their grass isn’t growing. Plus the city is wanting people to cut back on water. So don’t say just get the fricken console at me!!!

        1. You’re never to old to get a job and this day and age, negotiating the pay is the problem. Also, how can I shut up if its typing a message…te-heh. You kinda lost me after the mowing the lawns, I wasn’t aware we were still living in the 1990’s…

          1. Your a DA. ppl still mow their lawns. It’s a pain in the butt getting a job considering it might be taken, one time thing with pay that doesn’t make it worth while, too young, and how do you expect going there when you can’t drive.
            and instead of shut up how about back off. Plus don’t say just get it for your B-day or X-mas. I don’t think they would go for paying that much. I got my dsi for X-mas but that was $30 off.

          2. @ Unknown
            Oh trust me, I know where you’re getting at with the birthday and christmas thing, I was hoping for a 3DS but based on its sales, I just decided to save up and plan on getting it somewhere around 2012, saving pays off no matter how long it takes :U

  11. How many of you have played sonic 4 trying to get the last chaos emerald and then hit the red things or ran outa time and you keep trying to get it by playing a level over and over again trying to get it but kept failing. I did that abot 4-6 times today before I just started playing other levels same thing for yesterday and all the other times I’ve played. AND YOU CAN’T GET IT! *ahem* and you also can’t go to the thing where you can go back and play the special stages but you can’t play that last because you haven’t beaten it. I was hoping the thing that happened to me when I was trying to beat sonic riders zero gravity. Couldn’t Freaking beat it playing it over and over again until you wake up the next day and then you get it the first try

      1. @Unknown. Do a new game. Do the HARDEST levels first, and do the special stages on them. So that way, you can get the last 3 chaos emeralds on the easiest hub world, a.k.a Splash Hill Zone 🙂

        1. Rickyrick
          I have no problem with the plain acts it’s the last dang special stage that’s a pain in the butt

          1. I know what you mean…that last special stage took me some time! Go on Youtube, and look up Sonic 4 special stage 7 walkthrough, and it’ll show you how its like and how to be careful 🙂 Try to be chill too, because most of the crazy, too-determined people, end up losing and get SO pissed off.

    1. ugh the last emerald was HARD I RAGED QUIT SO MANYTIMES but somhow i got it its pretty simple actully get to the hardest parts first then go to easy ones and i foyu know you are going to hit GOAL press restart

      1. and then thinking that your gonna get outa the goal area thing you hit a fricken circle spring thing then you don’t get enough time to do so. just think if shadow was playing it he would go: where’s that d*mn last chaos emerald

  12. If you sign up with XBOX’s rewards program you can get free bonus points for taking short surveys or doing other simple tasks. I’ve been buying avatar items with my free MS points, that way I don’t spend a penny on a virtual item.

    1. Are you serious?? Is there a website or something to the Reward Program, or what do you do??

  13. ALRIGHT I’M BACK and I’m feeling MORE REFRESHED AND BETTER now so I can enjoy the Summer again….So what have I missed…..?

    Man I would kill to eat a green Hill Zone Cake 😀 but I think they could of done better with these avatars and it shouldn’t be too be too much to buy…should be free for people have Xbox Live..afterall it is the 20th Anniversary so why not celebrate in style 😉 I’m really excited for this game – SO FAR SO GOOD I’VE AVOIDED SPOILERS but that was all due to being ill but I’m back on the comp so I need to be extra careful now….

    1. Dang You were sick that whole time!? you left before SEGA got hacked and the blogs were shut down. However they’re gettin em fixed… the forums are up

      1. Yeah I was really sick for like a long time I remember chatting to you and SA3 2011 our conversation was cut short due to me leaving but no worries I’m back now and better than ever and I’m happy to see you again here aswell 😀 I heard about the blogs I was really shocked but it’s good to know that they’re gettting fixed and hurrah for the forums getting fixed…I never looked at the list of the Generations levels because I didnt wanna spoil it for myself and neither did Rickyrick or SA3 2011 😉

        So I’m keeping my promise to them…it’s hard |I know but I’m trying and I really need to avoid spoilers It’s luck I haven’t seen any so far 😀

        1. Hi C.J just to tell you I use this nick now. Its me SA3 2011. Some people got wrong idea so i use nick I use almost everywhere.

          1. Oh alright I think both your nicks are cool anyway 🙂 but I understand no problem….I’m feeling much better now so I’ll be on here more just like old times 🙂

  14. what’s the point of the two items in the avatar marketplace when sega can just put them with the game when people pre-order it and although the cake is cool, the hat looks weird.

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