New Sonic Generations Trailer Unveils New Stages and More


Gamescom 2011 has kicked off today and SEGA has released the above new trailer for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sonic Generations. As well as more footage of Chemical Plant Zone, we get the official unveiling of Rooftop Run from Sonic Unleashed and Seaside Hill from Sonic Heroes. More CGI footage is included in the video too, with quite the little surprise at the end (well, for those who didn’t look at the leaked stuff anyway).

Thanks to SSMB member VEDJ-F for the heads up and to Woun for the YouTube link!

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  1. *squeals* I’m so excited!! Rooftop Run is back, Seaside Hill is looks beautiful! Finally Chemical Plant Zone looks amazing along with both Modern and Classic Tails appearing near the end. I’m so hyped for this game. I knew Takashi wouldn’t let us down :3

    By the way, is that the Final Boss from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or the Egg Robo?

    1. Final boss from sonic 2, You can tell from the Jetpack design.. I’m guessing that’s what the Death Egg Boss is πŸ˜€ Hopefully Silver Sonic will be there πŸ˜€

    2. It’s the boss from Sonic 2. It has the spikes on its hands, and it’s eyes flashing red (I could only assume) is from when it locks on to you to attack. Unless of course there’s a new eggrobo, which would be entertaining.

  2. I was wary of seaside hill but looking at it from this footage it looks pretty damn nice!
    Staying true to the original but in HD Graphics πŸ˜€

    The CGI With both Sonics in rooftop run looks really nice, So does the two versions of Tails πŸ˜€
    Every time I watch a trailer I get more and more excited about this game xD
    It may have too many City Levels (Speed Highway, City Escape, Rooftop Run, Crisis City) But the other levels seem to make up for that quite a bit and looking how they’ve done these levels I’m pretty sure they’ll please us with Death Egg and Sky Sanctuary..

    Keep doing what your doing SEGA!

      1. Death Egg isn’t a stage in this game, more of a Boss arena. I’m predicting Sky Sanctuary to have a Modern Sonic riding and jumping off of clouds with pillars in the way as well. I seriously doubt Sky Sanctuary will be exactly how it was in Sonic 3&K like how Chemical Plant and GHZ is almost exactly like how they were in Sonic 1 and 2, which is absolutely not a bad thing.

        1. Ricky is already spoiled (just like majority of us) but there are some people that were absent durning spoiler storm. Example: C.J

  3. So looks like it’ll be the Sonic 2 Death Egg Zone. πŸ™‚ Rooftop Run and Seaside Hill look AMAZING! Rooftop Run doesn’t really feel different from the original, it looks like they just added balloons and axes to it. As for Seaside Hill, it reminds me of Adabat lol, and it has a more beachy and ruins feeling to it πŸ˜› Looks like Seaside Hill makes up for Emerald Coast πŸ˜€ and just look at those clouds!! Man, this just made my day! I wonder though if they’ll show gameplay of CPZ or Seaside Hill…

  4. AWSOME TRAILER!!! DO WANT!!! All right just 2 and half month left.

    In meantime lets do a quick recap! Stages we havent seen yet are: Sonic3&K stage, SA1 stage and 06 stage. SEGA is keeping best and most epic stages for last trailer. And why I have a feeling that SEGA will show 2 other Rivals and boss at TGS.

    1. MAAAAAAAAAAYN I can’t wait to see how Crisis City looks like using the Hedgehog Engine =O

      I hope Sonic Team doesn’t make a dick move and make Crisis City look bad on purpose >.>

      1. << That would be the first time I cried over a level ;_; Crisis City is my baby and I would hate for it to come out deformed xDD

  5. My thoughts…

    Seaside Hill looks HELLAMAZING!



    Classic Tails looks darker than Modern Tails, Classic fans will obviously like that πŸ˜›

    Death Egg Robo at the end scared the crap out of me, I seriously hope you get to fight him as Modern Sonic too…Egg Robo in HD battling in a 3D perspective o_O Holy crap!!

      1. I know that’s not Egg Robo from Sonic 3&K, why do you think I call him “Death” Egg Robo? He’s a robot, he’s the final boss in the Death Egg, and well he’s shaped like an egg. Just calling him Sonic 2 Final Boss is too simple and doesn’t fit.

  6. @ JetHawk95

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    Watching the trailer again, don’t know why but Seaside Hill looks like a mix of Jungle Joyride and also Emerald Coast.

    I do hope Sonic Generations put in Hydrocity from Sonic 3 or even Icecap. Another thing, since we know that both Tails will have some role in the game, do you think that they would bring in a boss similar in Marble Garden Zone Act 2 where you control Tails, I do hope they bring back, despite being a bit difficult, (unless using Super Sonic at the time) it will be fu. πŸ™‚

      1. As long as I know that Sega add those bits as easter eggs of other Sonic levels into the game, then I could care less about what a level is. πŸ˜€

        I mean just to see such history mix-up a bit, makes this game worth the purchase. πŸ˜€

        1. I wholeheartedly feel that the more refences the better. since emerald coast and adabat were obviusly referenced, eggmanland in chemical plant, and emerald hill in green hill, what about empire city and lava reef in crisis city? what about chun-nan in planet whisp? angel island and windy valley in sky sanctuary? RADICAL HIGHWAY IN SPEED HIGHWAY??!!!

          1. I think your guesses are very good. I was indeed expecting to see references to Radical Highway in Speed Highway, the same for Lava Reef in Crisis City. I actually think they’ll put lava in classic version of Crisis City, considering they said they would be adding somethind new to each level. And, of coure, I bet we’ll be seeing Angel Island in the background of Sky Sanctuary, have already said that here.

    1. I would definitely want to see the Marble Garden Boss remade into 3-d. I mean that would be awesome to see and play. πŸ˜€

  7. At first I was really disappointed with the choice of Seaside Hill. Though I still would rather see a casino-esque level, it looks really good!

    1. ikr, I was like wtf with the music then muted it and decided to play Mission Street and suddenly life seemed so much brighter. < < People might kill me for saying this but Classic Tails looks……so…..KAWAII

  8. Any other classic characters? Cuz just classic sonic and tails. really doesn’t make it seemed finished. btw having that robot at the end pretty much confirms robotnik. I wonder if classic eggman (robotnik) and modern eggman are going to get in an arguement on who has the better name that is if the classic can talk

    1. dident you play the demo ? if you play as classic sonic you will see classic eggman like in the orginal sonic games

      1. I would love to play the demo
        Hey DA How many times do I have to say this I DONT HAVE A FREAKIN XBOX 360 PS3 OR 3DS!

    2. Well with the Metal Sonic Battle, after you finish the race/fight, you just might be seeing Classic Amy. Don’t know to much about Classic Knuckles and the Chaotix. He could be in ‘said Sky ******’ or play as a boss fight in the 3DS version.

  9. I’m actually shocked. I was thinking they were just gonna copy and paste the same version of rooftop run from unleashed and place it in this game.

  10. THIS LOOKS AWESOME, on the other hand I’m glad they didn’t just recolor green hill for seaside hill. πŸ™‚

  11. The leaked/hacked assets and level list are from an early version of the demo and don’t represent the end result or decisions we made for the game? I’m sorry, but so far the hacked contents of the demo seem to be pretty darn accurate. Only thing I’m a bit dissapointed about so far with what they have shown us is that they chose the Death Egg Robo from Sonic 2. Only because it’s already been recently used in Sonic 4. The one from Sonic & Knuckles would have been much better.

    1. There’s been nothing to suggest that the Death Egg boss is exclusively from Sonic 2. It’s possible that we’ll see a blend of the S2 and S&K Death Egg bosses, similar to the Chemical Plant/Stardust Speedway mix.

      1. No it’s not. XD

        There is no mix of Chemical Plant and Startdust speedway. What are you talking about? 1’s a stage and the other’s a boss!

        On the Boss list, they have “Death Egg”. In Sonic 3 & Knuckles it’s a Stage with a boss at the end.
        In Sonic 2 it’s just a boss.

        In this trailer it’s the one from Sonic 2. How are they gonna blend it like Chemical Plant and Startdust Speedway? By making the S3&K come after the S2 one? o0

        You don’t mean blend them into 1 boss? Cuz there’s no chance of that happening. XD This is a remake not a remix. =3 The only thing remixed is graphics and gameplay. lol

  12. Demo files are proved true in 50% including bosses. Levels are 66% proved true. We can assume that Aaron was talking about misc stuff from Unleashed.

  13. Little details like the chopper sound of Classic Tails flying are what make me feel as though Sega really does love us.

    1. Ikr?? Tails did a “WHOOSH” sound, while Classic Tails did a helicopter/chopper sound πŸ˜› I hope Knux and Classic Knux will show up in CGI too! Both of them could be gliding in mid-air, lol. It would be hilarious if SEGA put Amy and Classic Amy chasing both Sonics, in CGI xD

  14. why did they use tenderoni as the theme song again? well i wonder if the will reference mario and sonic at the london 2012 olympic games in rooftop run

    1. Because Tenderoni not only has the right kind of beat to go with the trailer but it also showcases the sense of speed each and every 1 of these trailers have.

  15. I prefer the final boss of the Death Egg Sonic & Knuckles. Anyone know what world will have the game? Podiran be: Sonic 2 Oil Ocean, Hidrocity Sonic 3 Ice Cap, Lava Reef Sonic & Knuckels Sandopolis, Diamond Dust Panic Puppet (I love the song of both second acts) Sonic 3D !!!!!!! !

  16. SO AWESOME. All these stages look awesome. Rooftop run had me worried because we already went through it with Modern Sonic and through a bunch of acts and challenges of it on S.Unleashed. I just didn’t want it to be too rehash. However, seeing the new footage and seeing how well Green Hill Zone came out, I feel that there is nothing to worry about. Seaside Hill looks like a freakin blast to play through. Chemical Plant seems great too. The only real complaint I have of this trailer is the Giant EggRobo boss from Sonic 2. Please, say the rumor/leaked info of Death Egg Boss isn’t just him and Silver Sonic boss fight. I have nothing really against this fight but we already went through this again in Sonic 4 ep1 not long ago (Silver Sonic was replaced with boss rush) and with upgrades. I was hoping for the S3&K Giant EggRobo boss while running through all of Death Egg and with Upgrades. They could also add Mecha Sonic into the fray to make it like a S3&K version of the S2 Death Egg fights. However, I’ll still enjoy it anyways but, I would rather prefer the S3&K way. Also the Modern and Classic Tails appearance was pretty sweet. Here’s hoping for a Modern and Classic Knuckles team up soon.

    1. I wasn’t expecting to see Sonic 2’s Death Egg for that very reason. But since it happened, I have a feeling it’s gonna be completely different from the boss fight in Sonic 4. Maybe they’ll make Modern Sonic fight it. There are 4 modern bosses and only 2 classic. I don’t think each Sonic will face only its own bosses, that would be unfair. Maybe we’ll fight Death Egg boss in 3D? I think the spikes on its arms have been redesigned like that because we’re gonna see it pointing toward us and not from a side perspective.

  17. I spit out all the logic as to why it could only be from Sonic 2 and not Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and no one believed me! Well in the faces of all you who doubted mah logic! D; lol

    Is this trailer not amazing or what!!? XD Every stage looks… well BETTER than the original. 0.0 (to me) XD

  18. wow seaside hill looks so beautiful and many ways.

    i cant wait to see the other stages on how they look like πŸ˜€

  19. I remember playing Seaside hill in Heroes thinking “What a boring level.”

    Seeing the trailer now with that in mind. I think it’s redeeming it’s self.

  20. Just throwing this out there, the next person to complain about modern sonic’s eyes being green gets euthanized.

  21. If that last scene with Death Egg Robo was Fang turning around grinning with a Chaos Emerald it would have been better πŸ˜›

    1. not really. He was in one game, and it was a handheld. Not really much of a threat. We already got 3 hedgehog fights.

      1. Three games dude, four if you count his cameo in Tails Adventure. He’s been in more games than Mighty and people want him back. Plus he’s a bad guy, the series could use another recurring one, Eggman could even hire him since he’s a mercenary. It’s more justified than the other lost characters, even more than the Chaotix who had only actually been in one game. Just sayin πŸ™‚

        1. forgot about the others, but he’s only been the main baddie in Triple Trouble I’m pretty sure. I just don’t find him very intimidating.

          1. He’s got a gun and he’s a sniper, how much more intimidating do you want for a general audience un-mature rated game? Yes I know it was a cork gun in Fighters, but originally it was supposed to be a real gun, there was even a scene removed from Triple Trouble where he shot Sonic. Sega’s American and European branches didn’t want the gun and violence associated with the Sonic brand, so changes were made, including his name.

            But Shadows got guns now so I’m sure Fang would be allowed them too. Even makes for a good rival type thing between them. Or between him and Rouge with the gem hunter thing. Plus his character design is very unique, and I personally liked his accident prone character flaw. That and his air bike being kinda like Eggmans Egg-o-matic with all the addons he makes for it. He’s an interesting character.

          2. If sega could make more of a scripted type boss battle for fang then by all means I wouldn’t mind that. But I would prefer it only be with classic sonic, and yea def a real gun, considering by SA2 they started using em.

  22. I would love to see BOTH SONICS take on some of the games bosses together instead of alone. πŸ™

  23. Seaside Hill – sagsdfsafas THE RETURN OF THAT TROLLING WHEEL ;_; Poor Classic Sonic, he’s gonna know true pain. ._. Did Time Eater combine Seaside Hill with Jungle Joyride xD And finally KILLER WHALES πŸ˜€ Wonder if it will be chasing Sonic as always, omnomnomnomnom.
    Rooftop Run – asdfsdgsaf The barrels want revenge. But what scares me the most are the missions ;_; Rooftop Run missions = High in the sky and me hesitating. And those balloons *-* Gorgeous and I LOVE the return of the Egg Fighters. Best Eggman robots next to the Egg Pawns. Also DAT DRIFT~
    Chemical Plant – What can I say that hasn’t already been said. WAY PASS COOL. Dat EggRobo.

  24. I think it’d be really cool, if for the Chaos boss battle, instead of just perfect chaos, they have a few boss battles with all the forms sonic faced, on the locations he faced them. πŸ˜‰ Obv sega is doing a good job, so I’m not gonna complain that they need this, but I think chaos is my favorite baddie, so it would totally make my day facing all his forms in generations.

    1. I’m hoping they have a Rival Trailer *-* Still wondering what to expect from Silver and Shadow. Simple race or HD EPIC BATTLE THAT MAKES YOU DROOL A RIVER OF HAPPINESS <> Also hoping that Blaze and Knuckles are bosses for the 3DS version.

      1. The game is extremely epic right now from what we’re seeing. Everything is as crazy as sega can make it. So it’s very possible we’ll be seeing some awesome new gameplay for the boss battles. I just don’t want to spoil much, I feel like there’s a lot of awesome we aren’t seeing

      2. Now THAT would be a nice surprise for gamers of the Nintendo 3DS to have Knuckles and Blaze as Bosses. πŸ˜€

        1. ikr, not sure if I should be happy or glad. I enjoyed fighting Blaze in Sonic Rush with if they put that battle on the console >< Beautiful but I have a feeling Sonic Rush and SR: Adventure battles and levels will be on the 3DS along with Captain Whiskers and Johnny. ;_; My last hope is that the battle against said final villain will be a super battle through every final battle ending with him (wants to see Burning Blaze in HD xDD)

  25. “All right!”
    Roger makes Modern Sonic sound Classic.
    Sonic Team has a fixation crushing Sonic just cos’ he’s tiny don’t they.
    And the Balloon to celebrate Sonic were well-implemented..more than just a gimmick.
    Drifting in a ball? Smoooooooth~
    They really seem to have a fetish for that boss..they need to move on to better and greater things like ICECAP zone!

    1. Not sure about the voice yet, but Sonic’s lines in Colours were just terrible, I really hope they don’t make him a hedgehog with bad puns again…

      1. As long as they don’t re-hire those writers from Happy Tree Friends, I see no need for worry..

  26. My god it keeps getting better and better! And as for that Egg Robot I think its a sign that the next stage they’re gonna show us is Sky Sanctuary

  27. Am I the only one who thinks that Rooftop Run has some nods to S3&K? I mean Flying Battery like ship and ballons (If I remember right there was a ballon multiplayer stage in S3&K)

    1. Balloon Park. I loved that stage in 2 player vs in S3&K. If not just for the music and the balloons themselves. The design of the stage was funky though.

  28. Forget it, I’m throwing away my preconceptions – this game looks awesome! Even what I thought was the weakest level choice, Seaside Hill, looks special and amazing. I’m psyched for this game! Completely!

  29. Just realised that with the new look that Seaside Hill has, and how people were worried that it would be Green Hill with water – they look like they’re going for an Emerald Hill/Aquatic Ruin style. So it’s a lot less similar than expected.

  30. Sweeet. Odd to not hear Jason for Unleashed, though XD “Ha! Whoo!” Lolz.


    Now, I have a question. I’m trying to avoid spoilers, so don’t tell me the stage…But, is there any stages from “Shadow the Hedgehog” in this? Yes or no – don’t tell me which if there is. (Yes, I didn’t look at the leaked info. Sue me XD) Remember, a simple yes or no! No stage names, please.

      1. Dang. SEGA, you can’t forget about him! Sure, it was a separate game (probably why. You didn’t play as Sonic himself)…But it still fits in. It is Shadow’s tenth anniversary, after all. Give him a little credit SEGA ^^’ (Yes, I enjoyed the game immensely. I was hoping for maybe Lethal Highway or the Black Comet level…)

        Who knows. It might not have been the entire list :/ SEGA has a knack for giving us only part of the whole truth XD

  31. IΒ΄ve just taken a look at the new Seaside Hill-Screenshots. I canΒ΄t believe it turned out that well, there couldnΒ΄t have been a beeter choice xP

    Btw. for those missing some Hydrocity – click MattzΒ΄ link above ; )

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