Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics: New Gamescom Trailer


From the Gamescom event in Germany comes the latest Mario and Sonic London 2012 trailer. The trailer hosts some new footage showing events not yet shown such as synchronized swimming, cycling, dream hurdles and dream gymnastics. Now, I have to wonder if Blaze’s “fear of heights” thing from Sonic Rush Adventure was a huge lie as she seems to have no problem spinning around on poles thousands of feet in the air. Then again, she has no problem running up walls hundreds of feet in the air in that same game. 😉

Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics will be available on Wii in November and 3DS February 2012.

UPDATE: Seems I was wrong. If you frame by frame the video, you can see the terror on Blaze’s face. XD

Blaze's fear

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  1. @Tails – LOL I feel sorry for him falling from a koopa shell
    @Shadow- NOO! He should of had a motorcycle! >:D

    And is that Grand Metropolis? SWEET. I wanted that level for Generations, but I can still play a new version of it! Seriously I was on the fence about buying this, but now, for sure I’m buying this 🙂

  2. I dont see why everyone is always tripping on the M&S series. Its fun a shit theres no reason for anyone to not like it.

  3. Vector’s arms are still coloured wrong. I hope they will fix it for the official artwork.
    Otherwise, awesome trailer, but now it’s time for some gameplay. Although, it most likely won’t be that different from the gameplay recorded in the mall.
    Lol at Amy opening her mouth before resurfacing at 1:23…That big smile should difinitely be filled with more water. xD

  4. My fav part has to be were the sexy chicks (Peach, Daisy, Blaze and Amy) are doing the swimming.

    1. …Your calling a cat sexy? xD and is it just me, or is Blaze a persian cat, because she wears a red jewel on her forehead?

      1. Some chars. Are related to other cultures look:
        -Blaze:Persia: Persian culture is heavily conected to cult of fire. Other evidence is her design like you said: Red Jewel and many other factors.

        -Silver: There are 2 options
        Silver is somehow conected to Atlantis culture. His color is Cyan and those rings on his hands is another evidence. Other factor is that Atlantis/Greek culture looked into future more than any other.

        Sonic is typical evidence of US culture


    1. yea, who knew he was good at volleyball.


      Me: Yo Silver, you smacked dat ball pretty hard!

      Silver: Thanks, i wonder what else i’m good at smakin besides beach balls.

      Blaze: ?! o_O

  5. If you pause the video at the right time at the part where Blaze is swinging Sonic on the pole, look at her facial expression – she looks scared! She seems to have retained her fear of heights. XD

      1. Sonic already has the water fear covered…

        Although now it seems more of a distaste for it than an actual fear. I’m sure he freaks if he hears the drowning music though (I still freak, that’s for sure O0′ ). I still wonder how they get him to do the swimming…

        Maybe we don’t see the chili dog vendor on the other side of the pool?

  6. Im sorry but something about metal Sonic playing tennis is undeniably awkward looking.
    Same goes for shadow riding a bike.
    It just doesn’t look right to me. HAHAHA.

  7. Was that Grand Metropolis? Cool! Why couldn’t that have been in Generations, though?

  8. the first game had those bright colorful models, the 2nd game had somewhat unpoloshed character models, but this 3rd one has visuals which surpass even the first game!! I mean go watch some of the demo gameplay of the wii version, the graphics almost look ps3/360 calibur, no lie!!

  9. seeing grand metropolis zone makes me wanna play heroes now, one second I will be right be, lol I hope they add that stage in generations, but it will not feel the same without knuckles and tails following you lol

  10. The opening of the Mario and Sonic games just keep on getting better and better. Amy is so adorable with that smile of hers ^.^


    This will be wonderful when it’s released ^-^

  12. All right. Shadow on a bike…It made me laugh. HARD. I don’t know why…It’s so absurd, I guess, seeing him pedaling. On a motorcycle, he looked awesome. On a dinky bike? Not so much.

    Ha ha, Blaze. At least Silver looks cute waving. I do like how in the opening scene, Bowser is looking not at the crowd but at his son – just a cute little detail right there.

    Also…Weegee got his own special scene. Riding a horse without anyone else. There’s your second of fame, Weegee. Now get back in your brother’s shadow XD

  13. You know for blaze being able to make or control fire or whatever she does involving fire surprising it didn’t make any steam in that pool from the water evaporating. And then peach and daisy’s skin starts to peel because it would get so hot. Then again it would take awhile to heat up and olympic sized pool

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