Details of Plot to Sonic Generations Emerge

We’ve seen a lot of footage coming out of Gamescom last week with regards to gameplay in Sonic Generations, but the storyline of the game has been kept realtively vague. However details have emerged from on some elements of the story early in the game – the exerpt is taken from the preview by Andy Daniel:

At the start of the game, everyone is attending a picnic in honour of Sonic’s 20th, when all of a sudden a mysterious dark force intrudes and sends everyone, including our spiky blue protagonist, back in time. Sonic is finding a way to get himself and everyone else back to the present time and along the way he bumps into many familiar faces including his younger (albeit chubbier) self! The two Sonics team up and work together to save their friends once again.

While confirming nothing, this may illude to the other characters that may appear in the game including the introduction of a possible new antagonist.

Funny, I thought Sonic spent his birthday down the pub with Dreadknux…


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  1. This makes you wonder how Shadow (as we all know he’s going to be in it, regardless if you’ve look at spoilers or not like I haven’t) got dragged back to. I can’t imagine him attending a picnic. Unless, of course, cake was brought. I’m sure he’s a sucker for cake.

    Unless it’s a lie. Then he just gets mad. Lol, what if he’s the cause behind the entire thing? …That’d be hilarious.

    …Are we going to have to rescue Big? I don’t think he’ll fit through the time holes…

    (Trying the HTML format. Probably doesn’t work. Somebody add a “preview comment” button!)

    1. Bahahaha, I don’t know why, but your comment about Big not fitting through time holes made me laugh. XD

    2. I bet the cake is huge and he jumps out and starts shooting everybody… wait you know that xbox avatar cake thing, that would be sad if that was the cake.

    3. Shadow baked the cake for Sonic because Amy only knows how to make apple pies and little fancy ice creams and stuff like that. So she begged Shadow to do it so she could pass it off as her gift. She said she’d pay, so he did it. And then he found out… the payment was the party. Oh. Well. Jeez.

      Alternatively, he’s babysitting Cream, because Vanilla is working (at some mystery job we never learn about).

      Either way, it’s not like he would absolutely refuse to come to the party no matter what. He’s kinda got a lot to owe to Sonic, even if he doesn’t want to directly come out and admit it. Yes, he’s a stubborn idiot, but even he can step down from his pedestal every now and then.

      1. @ SonicSilverSS – Thank you! It’s true though – Big is just too, well, big to fit through things!

        @ Unknown – Yeah, that would kind of be a slap to the face.

        @ UmiYuri – Lol, Shadow, a stubborn idiot? I would have never thought XD To be honest, I could imagine him babysitting Cream. At the very least, he seems to be somewhat decent with kids (AKA his patience level). I guess we also have to remember it’s his tenth anniversary too, so a little bit of the party could also be for Shadow.

        …I’d come for the cake, though. Just saying.

      1. Way to spoil it for me, although I had a strong hunch about it anyway.

        Just because of that doesn’t mean he didn’t get sucked through too, you know :/

  2. Wow HAAAAAAAAA Thats a goog one with the Big Time Hole joke but anyway the plot sounds amazingly cool.

  3. interesting as Grassy has said, it’d be interesting to see how certain characters fit into the picnic scenario. I’ve not read any spoilers either.
    Does this mean Sonic is officially 20 in the games now?

    1. it would be funny if he said
      “wait a sec im 20 i can finally drink alcohol”
      takes out a can of bark the polar BEER and drinks

  4. Wow HAAAAAAAAA Thats a good one with the Big Time Hole joke but anyway the plot sounds amazingly cool.

    1. When i read your comment, i thought of the infamous Nintendo RPG(also known as Earthbound) >.<

      I need to put down this controller and get out of the house….. Wait, what am i saying?

  5. Okay, since Generations will be released a few days before the UK release, I might just break my vow to not check out the spoilers once they hit Youtube, if only to see this scene in question. Thing is, will this be a generic birthday as in “Happy Birthday, Sonic” or will it be explicitly spelled out with “Happy 20th Birthday, Sonic!”? Sounds like the same sort of fourth wall-breaking humor I’ve come to expect from the writers with Sonic Colors under their belt, but we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

  6. I don’t see Shadow attending a picnic, I’ll bet that’s why he’s not one of the ones sucked through time. He will end up in the game in some other way. (Man trying to type something while avoiding spoilers is hard sometimes)

  7. Well if it’s sonic’s 20th birthday that’s pretty cool haha. Next game he’ll be drinking in pubs. πŸ˜‰
    But shadow will appear because he’s the SA2 boss in the game. Sonic will relive that part of the story, when they were enemies. Besides, In all technicality, we shouldn’t have shadow in a sonic game after SA2. So he shouldn’t be in the story before the time warp. Hope this overused idea doesn’t become cheesy, cause it could be very cool

    1. Bah. I think SEGA did a good job making Shadow reappear. It’s not like they were “Oh hai he’s alive :D”, they made you think it actually wasn’t Shadow. In fact, it seemed to be planned…(Oh SEGA, we see what you did there!)

      But…Ah hah! My speculation was correct…But does this mean no Final Hazard? (I hated that boss, but it was so…Thrilling to finally kill it!) It’d be nice to see ol’ Lizzie in full HD glory. (Yes, I named it Lizzie, and like to think it is a girl. It would explain why it is so dang crabby all the time XD )

  8. POSSIBLE new antagonist? Wasn’t it confirmed AGES ago that the antagonist IS someone we HAVE NOT seen before?

    1. Yep. Time Eater <_< I'm curious to hear his/her backstory. Dark Gaia had a reason for going on her period and destroying the Earth every 1000 years. Time Eater must have said, hey. Lets destroy time and space just for giggles. Although I still believe its Mephilis <_< Solaris was a gods, gods can only be bound and forced down, not destroyed and put out simply like a flame.

  9. Sonic turning 20? – What happened to the last 5 years πŸ˜› If that’s turn then I wonder if any of the other characters will look older.

    1. No not 20th birthday. 20th anniversary. It’s breaking the 4th wall as Sonic is 15 years old but celebrating being in video games for 20 years. =P

  10. for some reason the story just irks me, matter fact it is probably the only thing that irks me abou this game. i feel story wise it is so inconsistent with other games. ok i know that dont make sense but i am going to try to explain. i feel that if you go back in time and you change something thats it, you cannot go back to your present time and everything still be the same. if sonic going back to the past isnt he already alternting his own past( his encounters with others) plus draggin classic sonic around even makes things confusing if he tagging along then aint he changing the timeline even further. i dont know maybe i am thinking to hard on this and to go into to more detail i would think this througly. i f eel as though sega trying to makes this canon and non canon to previous games( which themselves have issues with being canon aswell) nitpicking certain stories and events, next thing you know they gonna say becasue of this sonic 4 happened.if they just said this is an anniverary game with no story and made just to celebrate i probably be less irk about it. ok i dont want to sound like i am complaning about the game so i end with that. november cant come any sooner XD lol

    1. We havent seen a real story since SA2. And we won’t again until we get SA3. All the stories have been half a’d
      since SA2 whether you want to admit it or not

      1. sadly thats kinda true. i dont know if its the writers of happy tree friends se how there writing the story, or is it sonic team but yea there causing some little confusing with their stories. oh well

    2. That whole time paradox is exactly what happened in ’06…so that’s why they ‘erased’ every thing that happened at the end of the game.

      1. yet if those leaked stages hold true, then 06 still being representd, how can that be if that time line been erased.

    3. See this game IS supposed to stand out tho. Think of it like a tv show when they have episodes that are called “Specials”. That’s what this game is. It’s a Special. You see the game breaks the 4th wall. The entire concept.

      Why does classic Sonic look different from Modern? Because that’s how he looked before being redesigned. But from Sonic’s point of view he was never designed nor redesigned, yet they’re clearly 2 seperate designs right in front of each other.

      Why is a 15 year old celebrating his 20th anniversary? Because he knows he’s had a running videogame series since 20 years ago.

      How can Sonic go to a stage from Sonic 06 if that game never happened? He’s not actually going to HIS past. He’s going to the franchise’s past in Sonic game history.

      No paradox or anything like that will occur because the game doesn’t travel through time exactly, it travels through Sonic History. =p lol

      1. see i would accept this if sega would state this, but they wont , like i said make it non canon yet canon at the same time. it us as the fans to determine this which can at times irk the heck out of me lol. atleast they made sure that seceret rings and black knight are not part of the main story and a seperate series(storybook stories)

  11. lol its just like mario birthday when the game called super mario bros. Wii and mario had a birthday cake until bowser crashed the party and kidnappen princess peach XD. Now its sonic turn.

  12. Reminds me of the first Pac-Man World game. If Sonic’s actually 20 though that’s a big jump in time. According to Black Knight he’s 15 years old.

      1. and in doing so, mario is making sonic cooler than hes ever been. imagine the tears on marios face when he realizes he made sonics best game in years possible!!

  13. So how is it that the characters in the Sonic World are aware that they are in a Video gaming series that has lasted 20 years?


    I can imagine how scared Knuckles will sound when he is sucked in xD

  15. Sonic’s 20th birthday…? No. NO. Excuse me if I sound like a troll, but I don’t WANT to see Sonic as an adult! He’s 15! Supposed to be a teenager with attitude! I seriously hope that element to the story isn’t true. I mean, I understand that the series is 20, but the character in canon himself? NO! D:

    1. He’s 20 dude, live with it. Mario’s 30, and he’s still the same aawsome adventuring pluber he was back then ! πŸ™‚

    1. Not sure, at least not until that first cut scene hits youtube. Once his friends say Happy 20th Birthday its 100% cannon.

    1. Yeah but they made sonics voice in sonic generations higher pitched than in colours and free riders. he sounds more like drummond now. i think this rumoured story is fake because if he aged that much he would look a bit different and his voice would be deeper NOT higher

  16. I’ve assumed sonic was around 18 after SA2. In SA he was 15, and after that game we were never given another age. As long as he doesn’t hit 30 I won’t care about his age.

    1. We were told he was 15 in Heroes, Shadow, Battle, Rush and Black Knight, IIRC. Also in his Sonic Channel profile. So it’s been pretty consistent up to now.

  17. That’s pretty cool! Although I imagined a picnic scene with Sonic and Amy, but this makes much more sense! xD

    I can see it now, in CGI, everyone sitting down eating sandwhiches/chili dogs….and then out of nowhere, Knuckles gets sucked in first, and screams for his life, then Sonic and the rest don’t care, and continue to eat! xD jkjk. Well, I at least hope the first cutscene uses CGI, because Colors didn’t :/ I really hope they do!! D:

    1. I could just imagine Amy at the picnic, trying to scoot up to Sonic to be as close as she can and just kiss him on the cheek or profess her love for him :3
      I’ve been reading too many fanfics recently :/

    2. Colors first cutscene didn’t use CGI? I must be confusing the opening.
      <_< I kinda agree with Yatzee though, Sonic Colors was nice by just going into gameplay but SEGA pulled the wool over the eyes and say here ya go, cut scene bullcrap away. Cut scenes are nice, just don't make this after every single mission is preformed.

      1. that would be cool
        as for Colors the first cuscene was half in CG
        The Flashback in it was CG the bit before it wasn’t

  18. LOL WAIT!



    1. Also, a 5 year old plumber who went through castle by castle, just to find out his Princess was in another castle! xD

  19. I’m pretty sure it’s a breaking the 4th wall moment.

    Wasn’t there something similar in a Bugs Bunny game for NES? I remember a party for his 50th birthday or something. Obviously, that character isn’t 50 years old (in the real world, yes, but not the character). I’m positive that Sonic is still 15.

  20. Rofl thats kind of a messed up detail like Everybody is at sonics birthday and omg they get sucked into the past and everyone probably has a Acid Trip soo yea you could call it 4th wall breaking

  21. I want Sonic to be a teenage, not an adult. But I saw this coming. It’s not Sonic’s 20th birthday, the review just said so because it seemed that they were just having a picnic for a reason, otherwise throughout the game there is no reason given. Probabaly just for some fun. In the game, there is no time mentioned. Classic Sonic will not have an age either. This is what I think.

    I was afraid that Sonic would be 20 eversince Sonic Generations was announced. But hopefully, he won’t have the age given. He’s supposed to be a cool teenage not an adult. Or perhaps he will only be 20 in this game, or I could be wrong.

      1. Yea wtf guys? 15 year olds are annoying **holes in real life. I’d rather him be like 17 or 18. When you grow up, kids get more annoying lol.

  22. A picnic… Tails and Amy will be there for sure. I could also imagine Knuckles there. Blaze is a stretch, but I don’t think we’ll see Shadow.

    Inexplicably, Chip is there shirking his millennial sleep and throwing the fate of future Earth into crisis.

    1. Everyone is wondering if Shadow will be there but heres the real person you should be looking for: Silver
      <___< Always playing with time, he needs to stay in his time or something will go amise like ohhhh I don't know. An interdemensional creature called the Time Eater getting loose <O< SILVER….

  23. Of course Shadow is going to be in. I expect at the very least two minutes of angsting with piano music that Maria couldn’t be there in the picnic in the whole +-5 min cutscene.>_>

    1. Wow, forget what I said about Eggmanland and Aquarium Park having a baby. It looks like some of Dragon Roads genes got mixed into it as well xD

  24. If the game does specifically state that Sonic is 20, I will choose to ignore it. That’s the magic of denial.

    They’re already messing with continuity by calling Classic Sonic his younger self, since Classic Sonic was always referred to as being 15-16 back then. That’s not a big deal, but if they’re going to start aging the characters? Yeah, there’s a reason cartoons don’t do that.

    I expect it’ll probably just be a generic birthday party rather than a specific 20th one. We’ll know that’s what it’s supposed to be, the characters don’t have to acknowledge a number. Then everybody’s happy.

    1. He’s 20. Live with it. Cmon, SEGA will never make Sonic change, no matter how old he gets, so be happy man! πŸ™‚ Look at Mario, he’s still the same, and he’s 30.

      1. No, Mario doesn’t have an age. The Mario SERIES is 30.

        Having cartoon characters get older is rarely a good idea. Look at Simpsons. If they aged, Bart would be 31 now. Would it still be going if that were the case? Very unlikely.

          1. Idc man…As long as he doesn’t go over 20 i don’t really care. In fact it’s kinda nice having a character be around your age. πŸ˜‰

          2. Um, okay, calm down please. I didn’t realise I was dealing with a maniac. If you need Sonic to be 20 to sleep at night, then I won’t stand in your way.

            *backs away slowly*

      1. No it didn’t… it said “Approximate age: 18 (but it’s kind of hard to tell)”. But that was changed to 15-16 for Sonic 3.

    2. I agree with you there. It’s sad that some people talk to you like your a troll, no he/she’s not. He’s giving his/her’s opinion and fully states to choose to ignore it if that’s the case. It’s not like he’s saying “THIS GAME WILL SUCK NOW BECAUSE NOT EVEN SEGA KNOWS ABOUT THEIR MAIN FRANCHISE’S CHARACTER! TIME TO TROLL THE SEGA FORUMS TO TELL THEM HOW MUCH THEY FAIL! (Note that caps lock doesn’t always need to apply to see through trolls xD).

    3. i dont think they are makin sonic 20. cartoon characters never age unless its like a movie or something.

  25. If Sonic’s 20, then maybe Amy will state that he’s finally old enough to MARRY her! Maybe it would just celebrate Sonic’s 20th Mainstream Adventure.

  26. I dont like the Whole New villain thing, When will Sega Learn that Robotnik is the villain and all we need is him, its going to be cheesy seeing robotnik being some good guy turning up at a Picnic that aint right, besides this kinda sounds more Mario then Sonic, its like a Plot from a Mario Party except its a Platformer. its like Mario and co are sent in time and each Board map is a different time zone, Would have been cool if the Plot was Sonic like with Robotnik wanting to change his past so trys to change the Past but things go wrong causing Sonic into the Past etc. @ Sock fox Agreed Sonic was said to be aged 16 in the classic era as seen on Sonic Jam, but heroes onwards changed his age to 15. I think making sonic and friends age will kinda ruin the franchise i don’t think it would be fun Running around as a 30 year old hedgehog who has kids. i know this is to celebrate 20 years of the franchise but they could have a more epic better plot but im guessing there isn’t going to be much plot like Colours.

    1. come on man eggman is still the main evil villain in sonic games and series. In the modern sonic games like sonic adventure DX and up till generation, they are trying to make 2 sonics turn into super sonic which sound alittle cool to me.i was alittle disappointed with colors. Not hating, the storyline which is the game was alittle short and the gameplay was short but challenging. Im hope this game is worth of $6O bucks instead of having a game that is short.

  27. Pople really bitch that he is 20? GUYS look at posibilities!

    Shadow will play piano wearing party hat.
    Omega will say “Iniciate Party mode”
    Rouge will give Sonic a jewell
    Silver will say that he can reveal ONE thing about future as a gift and then Amy rages saying “You see Sonic you WILL MARY ME! Right Silver?”

    I keep thinking of other funny situations.

    1. Oh and I am not couples fan (I hate people who supports couples without reason like SilverxTikal. You get the thing some people ate crazy) but I reslly want Silver and Blaze met and say at once “Do I know you?”.
      I hope for nods to fanbase like this.

      And of course Omega will do Robo dance.

      1. Sonic: I’m not gonna be marrying Amy in the future right? ……………….RIGHT?

        Silver: IT’S NO USE! I CAN’T SEE IT *pretending like he doesn’t know*

  28. What do you mean there hasn’t been a real story since sa2? What about Heroes, Shadow, Sonic 06 and Unleashed? I’m sure there are more too….
    On topic, since this is a birthday game, I didn’t expect this to be canon anyway. These events bring up a lot of potentially funny situations.

    1. Thinking that the Shadow game and ’06 never happened keeps me sane! You hush your mouth πŸ˜›

      1. Yea…dude…I’ve been a fan of sonic since the first game. I don’t enjoy watching my fav series get destroyed, which was what I did for years after SA2, while my friends poked at me that Sonic was complete crap now. And he’s finally coming back. I just can’t bring myself to accept all the “eh” Sonic games after SA2.

  29. And this is where the SOS and Sonic Boom voice clips actually come in!

    I thought they were going to be used for something like a boss fight. In actuality, they’re going to be used for when Sonic blows out the candles on his birthday cake!

    Sonic’s birthday guests are over one-thousand of his fans!

  30. I dunno, but whenever they say “mysterious dark force,” I think Mephiles. *shudder* …hopefully that’s not the case.

    …then again, maybe the dark force is Nintendo.

  31. Of couse this game will be cannon! Sonic goes back into the past, so that makes this game non-cannon? -_- SOME PEOPLE. All Sonic has to do is go back into the future, but he’ll still remember his adventures with Classic Sonic, and what not πŸ™‚

  32. Has anyone ever though that maybe their just celebrating Sonic’s 20th adventure or something?
    He’s still going to be 15.
    Plus I doubt there gonna have everyone at the picnic. There will probably be more then one time wholes and they’ll be in different places no doubt.

  33. Sonic: Thanks for the cake guys, but how comes it says 20
    Tails: The store ran out of 1’s and 6’s

  34. I would love to see SEGA admit Sonic is 20 now. I’d settle for 17! To me, when you re-design a character, you age them a year or so, depending on how much you change them. But, sadly, SEGA’s not brave enough to age Sonic… look at how much the fan base argues! People have issues with his eye color, of course they’d pitch a fit about his age!!
    According to the Japanese version of “Sonic the Hedgehog”, Sonic was 10 in that game. Sonic was officially 15 in “Sonic Adventure”. His age hasn’t been mentioned since to my knowledge. I’d love for the characters to age.
    Sonic: 20, Amy: 17, Tails: 13 …and so on.

    I’m actually hoping Shadow won’t be in this game… His behavior in “Sonic Free Riders” was NOT Shadow, and I could rant for days about Amy’s actions (and that horrible voice). If this is what they’re going to do with Shadow and Amy… then as much as I adore them I’d prefer them not be in it. πŸ™

    1. I just want sonic to be atleast 16, idc after that. When u get older, young’uns become more annoying lol

    2. You’ve been misled, I’m afraid…

      Originally Sega said Sonic was 18, Sonic 3 said he was 15-16, Sonic Jam said he was 16… and then his age wasn’t mentioned again until Heroes, which said he was 15. Ever since then whenever his age has been mentioned (in Rush, Battle, Shadow, Riders, Black Knight, Sonic X and Sonic Channel) it’s always been 15.

        1. Personally I don’t think they should have ever told us his age. But since they’ve said he was 15 consistantly for the past ten years, I’d prefer they stick to that. I think the posts above prove that all the jumping around in the old days only served to confuse everybody.

          1. Aw man… There goes my time-line… That means it’s worse then I thought.
            If Sonic’s always been 15-16, SEGA’s really screwed up this time. πŸ™

            I don’t know if not saying ages is the answer… but it’s sure better then this.

  35. Also at the picnic<

    Tails: So Sonic how do you get your chili dogs to be so go…
    *Colossal portal appears*
    Everyone: O.O
    Sonic: What the!?
    *Everyone gets sucked in*
    Knuckles: HELP! WE"RE BEING SUCKED IN!!!

  36. I know this is really off topic but.

    IF they ever add Carnival Night Zone as a DLC in SG, I seriously hope they add the “Barrel of Hell”. I wanna see how many people post vidoes of themselves trying to pass the barrel – Generations style xP

    1. Oh no… I haven’t gotten to the barrel of doom cuz I can’t get past the first fckin boss there!!!! DAAAAAH!

  37. If Sonic’s 20, that means Eggman is going to be taking pills to breathe, and he’ll be wearing a ton of crap to keep his spine from twisting in the other direction

  38. They should say he’s now 16, and on the birthday cake they should put 20, then Sonic’s like why does it say 20, then Tails says cuz all the other candles ran out!!! πŸ˜€ LOoooooooL

  39. Idk, every time I think about this “mysterious new threat” I keep thinking about some parallel universe/dimension thats an evil version of Sonic’s universe or something. xD

    Also, I honestly think that after the story mode is complete, the ending CGI (or whatever they use) is gonna have sonic saying something along the lines of ‘this was the best birthday ever’. lol

  40. well i have to agree with what “Sonic geek” says….just to keep the sanity in the fans, maybe they are celebrating the 20 adventure they had so far IMO, and do i have a strange feeling that Time eater is just gonna be a random last boss like biolizard and the mother wisp were….just seems like out of no where that a time rift would appears at that specific spot where sonic is celebrating his 20th adventure.

  41. “Mysterious dark force” Please be Mephiles! Sorry, but even if the game he was from turned out bad, Mephiles was in fact a good villain. Now about Sonic’s age; to me Sonic’s age does not matter, Sonic will always be Sonic. It’s not like age will mess with him.

  42. I honestly think they are celebrating sonics 15th birthday (again) afterall if it takes place 5 years after colours how can they all look the same and how come sonic has a higher voice? also the characters would be more mature and not relatable enough for the teens playing the game. i recon its his birthday but i dont think hes ageing

  43. But wait Sonic’s always been 15 in the games….All The Characters never age He is 20 in reality but not in the games We celebrate the years since he was released and revealed to the world but now he’s 20 in this game? WHAT? I’m confused so does this mean the others aged too…I don’t think so I’m just not sure….

  44. Folks this same story claims doctor robotnik gets consumed by time eater creating a superbeast but robotnik ends up dying. THEY WOULD NEVER KILL DOCTOR ROBOTNIK. This story is in the manga but mangas are often different to the final game

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