Summer of Sonic 2011: Sonic Team on Stage

The Summer of Sonic may have taken place three weeks ago now but that’s not the end of my coverage of the event. Quite a lot happened on the day after the Stadium’s exclusive interview with Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka. If by some small chance you missed it click here and drink it in. if you’re already familiar with that then I suppose you should read on. A lot happened on the Summer of Sonic stage but few things could live up to Naka-sand and Iizuka-san appearing on stage for a rather lengthy chat with one Mr Joscelyne. Well if didn’t feel very long listening to it on the show floor but let me tell you it felt a hell of a long longer writing this up for you all! But enough of my moaning, here is the first stage interview transcribed in full.

Svend Joscelyne: Can you briefly describe how you both got into the games industry and what it was that really got you excited about working with video games?

Yuji Naka: I joined the games industry when I was 18 years old and the reason I joined was probably the same as everybody else; I really liked games! At the time I used to go to game centres (arcades) a lot and I really wanted to create the games I saw in them. I happened to take an interview with SEGA and they accepted my interview. I’ve now been in the industry 27 years and I’ve really enjoyed my time.

Takashi Iizuka: From a young age as a child I really enjoyed drawing and I used to draw Manga and staple the pages together and create my own little Manga book. So I really enjoyed coming up with new stories and the whole process of creating a Manga. I actually moved away from this for a time and during University I thought to myself I want to be in a job where I’m creating something and a story. That’s why I joined the games industry.

SJ: So Takashi Iizuka, how would you say it’s different to create games between modern and classic Sonic titles given that you’ve been involved in level design in Sonic 3 & Knuckles and also that you’ve been in charge of the modern games.

TI: Classic Sonic was first on Megadrive and we saw Sonic 1,2 and 3 in the Classic Sonic style. With that you just used the d-pad and a single button so it was very accessible and simple to pick up and play and get a taste of what Sonic is all about. With modern Sonic it’s all about the high speed action and the level design is created in such a way to allow the smooth and speedy sensation you are intended to get from the modern style Sonic. I think this is really Unique to Sonic, it’s the only game in the world where you can get that sort of sensation of speed in platform action. I think this is something we’ve built upon for the past 20 years.

SJ: So for Mr Yuji Naka, you worked closely with a US development team for Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Given that Sonic was designed for a western audience what was your experience working with SEGA Technical Institute as opposed to a domestic development team?

YN: In Sonic 1 we were a purely Japanese development team so all the staff were Japanese. In Sonic 2 we saw a mix of this, so we had some foreign staff and some Japanese staff working together. The difference I experienced was the overseas staff had a very different way in using colour and level design. So in Sonic 2 I think you see some very unique levels and these are really good levels. They tended to be created by the overseas staff. At the moment I’m here speaking in Japanese and I’m really sorry that I’m not speaking to you in English but as you may notice my English is not native! So we had some communication issues working with the overseas staff. In Sonic 3 we saw the arrival of Iizuka-san and the return of an all Japanese development team. This was due to the issues I mentioned earlier regarding communication. If the opportunity arises and if we have the time we would really like to work with overseas staff again on a Sonic title.

SJ: It’s a good thing you mentioned Sonic The Hedgehog 3 because I was just about to get onto that. Iizuka-san you were the level designer for Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and lot of kids remember that game for one specific thing; the Carnival Nights Zone Barrel (Queue laughter from Iizuka-san and the crowd) where the only way to proceed through the level was to press up, down, up, down many times to proceed through the stage. Were you involved in that part of the level design process and do you look back on that now and think “How many kids lives did I ruin by implementing that barrel?”.

TI: The short answer is no, that wasn’t me (The crowd laughs and applauds)! The person responsible for that level is the lead level designer for Sonic 1, 2 and 3. His name is Yasuhara.

YN: I presume people found that level quite difficult to understand and I would actually be the person responsible for programming it. I am so sorry! Thank you (The crowd laughs and applauds again)!

SJ: This next question really goes to the both of you. What was the feeling within the Sonic Team that made you decide to dramatically change Sonic’s appearance back in 1998. Was there a feeling that Sonic was becoming unpopular? What was the feeling there?

YN: This change came about when the game moved on from 2D to 3D. At this time the intention was for Sonic to be a loved character for many years like Micky Mouse. Micky Mouse has been loved over the many years he’s been in existence and he’s been completely redesigned around five times. So when we regarded it like that we wanted to change Sonic to continue his appeal. I think being here after 20 years of Sonic being around makes me extremely happy that people have continued to love and support Sonic.

TI: Those are the reasons that Naka-san mentioned earlier but from a technical point of view classic Sonic’s design was created so that he’d be seen from the side in 2D. So when we created the game in 3D we had to have the camera angle from behind Sonic. If we carried along with the old design his arms and legs would have been very difficult to see because the old design was only created to be seen from the side in 2D. So that is a technical reason why we decided to change the design.

SJ: and for Naka-san, when Sonic The Hedgehog 1 was released for the SEGA Megadrive, SEGA Japan and SEGA America and even SEGA Europe had their own different back-story for the reason for Sonic The Hedgehogs existence. Do you know much about the western storyline that SEGA created and what do you think about it?

YN: To be honest I’m quite surprised to hear this. I didn’t know there was such a big gap in the storyline between the Japanese Sonic The Hedgehog and the Western Sonic The Hedgehog. Were they that different?

SJ: There was a whole storyline that SEGA created on the American side that involved how Sonic went from a brown hedgehog to a blue hedgehog and involved a scientist called Dr Ovi Kintobor transforming into what we know as Dr Robotnik using the power of the chaos emeralds to turn him into a negative character. I believe it was slightly different to the Japanese back-story.

YN: I’m very surprised to hear this story, where is this written?

(The crowd laughs)

SJ: SEGA of America and SEGA Europe wrote it back in 1991! It’s not in game, it’s within comics, marketing, press and PR materials.

(Svend addresses the crowd)

SJ: You guys have heard the back story, right?

(The crowd replies with a unified “Yeah!”)

SJ: It exists, I didn’t make it up.

YN: Aaaaah! Back in the early days we didn’t have the internet or e-mail so communicating globally was extremely difficult. we were having to communicate over the telephone and with faxes so it was really hard to control what was going on globally and to keep a unified direction. Looking back now hearing this after 20 years I can laugh about it and think it’s great that this has happened. I think if I’d heard about it at the time I would have been very angry!

(The crowd laughs and applauds)

SJ: I’m glad I brought it up now and not back then! So Iizuka-san, it’s the 20th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog but it’s also the 10th anniversary of Shadow The Hedgehog (Queue cheering from the crowd!). We have some fans here! Clearly when you directed Sonic Adventure 2 he was only intended for that one game but were you surprised as to how popular he’d become?

TI: The Shadow character idea was something that we all had in our minds in the dev team when we were creating the first Sonic Adventure. When creating that game we had the intention of creating a rival character for Sonic Adventure 2 and we didn’t really talk about it that much but we were all thinking about it. When we were working on Sonic Adventure 2 we all did a bit of brainstorming and we brought this to the table and prepared the storyline for the Dark side and the Hero side. As you know in the story Shadow was only meant to appear in that single title. But because of the reaction of the fans we decided to bring him back in Sonic Heroes and eventually you saw him in his own title.

(The crowd responds with a mix of cheers and boos)

SJ: Don’t boo Shadow, he deserves some love too! That’s why he’s so angry. In some ways, well actually in many ways, Sonic has inspired a generation of, shall we say copycat animal mascots; Bubsy the Bobcat, Crash Bandicoot, Aero the Acrobat. Have you guys ever played any of those games and what do you think of them?

(As the translator repeats the question in Japanese Yuji Naka looks confused and asks for the names of the characters a second time. The crowd is amused).

YN: Of the those games I’ve only actually played Crash Bandicoot. When I was creating Sonic 2, my boss was called Mark Cerny and this person moved on from the team half way into development. He’s actually the guy responsible for creating Crash Bandicoot. As he worked really closely with us he could see the flow of how we created Sonic and what Sonic was all about so you may draw some similarities between these games. For example as he saw us placing rings and really putting a lot of effort and creativity in placing them in their locations I heard from him that he was putting a lot of effort into placing apples all over his levels as well.

And with that both Naka-san and Iizuka-san would exit the stage to a round of applause. Come back later though for the second stage interview where they would both field questions submitted by the fans, with the added bonus of Jun Senoue joining them.

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  1. So the whole barrel thing was Naka-san’s fault? At least he can admit it ^^

    The good thing is, I’ve never actually gotten that far in Sonic 3 in the first place XD

  2. At the time the barrel thing was done I really doubt Yuji thought it would be that hard for people to figure out.
    He probably just thought it would be a fun little puzzle.

  3. Shame about the people the booing, however this is a pretty interesting Q&A. I’d loved to have been there.

  4. Pfft, we already knew Sonic was partially redesigned cuz of the 3D thing. I mean look at him in Sonic R and Sonic Jam. Not too good. lol

    Oh come on. The brown Sonic thing was Fleetway’s Sonic The Comic. >w> And that was a VERY unfitting story, at least for the games continuity.

    Here he says Shadow was meant for that one titme. But multiple times in the past he had revealled Shadow was planned to one day have his own title when being created anyways. The content of that title would later depend on how the gaming community was. I mean seriously, when he “died” I was like “looked like Chaos Control almost. It was a flash of light. He was in his Super form. Why would he just randomly die? He’s got a world to protect for Maria. This one doesn’t count since the Ark problem was his fault in the first place. >.> Dude’s not dead.” lol

    The barrel thing was hard? I mean there have been times I played through it and tried to jump, but considering I mostly played as default “Sonic and Tails”, I QUICKLY learned that Tails’ delayed mimmicking caused jumping to make it impossible. So I tried the only other thing I could think of and solved it. It’s not like I was dumb enough to keep trying something that obviously didn’t work. XD

    Soooo for possiblities we have:

    Someday working with SoA again


    And possible redesigns of Sonic in the future. =) (Note I said “possibilities” so don’t quote me on it. >.> lol)

  5. Well people forget its also 5th aniversary of Silver but it isnt that big as shadow 10th and sonic 20th so I think in 5 years we will hear even more about all 3 hedgehogs.

    I wish they would work with SoA again maybe they will need to work with them when they will need to make games for 4 platforms I mean
    3DS (next game probably in 2-3 years just like with Rushes)

    PSVita (SEGA said that besides Virtua Tennis 4 they have 4 more titles for this console 2 of them being brand new IPs while 2 of them being parts of SEGA most loved series anyone doubt one of those is Sonic? My gues is 2012 relase since 3DS will have its game this year)

    WiiU (Nitendo always will be different while I see some multiplatform games coming for WiiU and PS3 or X360 I fear that Nitendo will force SEGA to use they new controler feature what can cause two things: another storybook game or Sonic Colors 2 with more wisps. But I think ist Storybook Game)

    And dont forget another mainstream title for X360 and PS3. But I think we will see another mainstream Sonic Game as relase title for new consoles of Sony amd Microsoft annoucment sometime on E3 2012 or TGS 2012. I think its TGS tho.

    So yeah Sonic future have really lots of possibilities.

  6. Crash Bandicoot was created by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin, Mark Cerny only produced he didn’t create lol.
    Besides Andy gavin and Jason rubin went though alot of crap with universal for the game, even threatened to leave production if the name wasn’t kept as crash bandicoot since universal weren’t keen on that name, Universal also tried to say they made the game but naughty dog gave out leaflets with there name on it before people went into E3, also did you know Naughty dog hacked the PSone to use the full power of the system, hence why the crash games had the best graphics on the system and still look good today mostly crash 2 and 3., also last fun fact, Crash team racing was meant to be the 3rd crash game.

    Theres a nice Complete history of crash bandicoot on youtube, Crash PSone titles are classics.

  7. @ SA3 2011

    I didn’t forget about Silver’s 5th anniversary! 😉 I think it’s a shame that because he debuted in SONIC the Hedgehog (2006) lots of people don’t like him. I personally find him interesting and entertaining. Wouldn’t this also be the 5th anniversary of the Babylon Rogues? But they aren’t even in Sonic Generations, are they…?

    And I also foresee a new storybook game in the future for Wii U. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad…

  8. The fact they booed Shadow was epic win, the character and his game is horrible.

    Did you know the camera angle they used for Crash’s gameplay was code-named “Sonic’s Ass” by the co-creators?

    A Sonic /Crash crossover would be way past cool.

    1. They booed and yayed at the same time, actually. No ‘epic win’.

      Incidentally, if you’re blaming Shadow for bad plot, bad production, and bad voice-acting, don’t. There’s an entire team of programmers you can throw insults at, not a character who’s stuck with incompetent writers.

  9. I’m still surprised at the fact that just about everyone had trouble with the barrel. Then again, when I was little, the interet wasn’t a big thing yet, soo…

  10. i dont care what people think, I liked SA2 alot. Never really liked an0ther sonic game much after, but I really liked that game.

    1. I like it too! And (flameshield up) I really like Sonic 06 I dont care what you will say haters I play 06 sometimes even now.

      1. Well duh since you’re fucking obsessed with Silver we know you love that Crappy Game(and don’t you dare play the Opinion Card on this one you know it got so many bad reviews and that it was chosen as Worst Game of the Decade.If you use the Opinion Card you basically have nothing to back up your claim and there’s a reason why we hate it and that is because it’s a Broken Mess of a Game)!

        1. Leave SA3 2011 alone. It is indeed his opinion, and no amount of counter opinions will ever change that. So please go somewhere else with your negative comments.

        2. @DAMN
          I actually have arguments for this.
          First this game had zetta potential if you would read all hidden stuff from game code on retro you would know that every hedgehog was meant to go super in his stages. Every character was meant to have episode. Even plot has been changed because Metal Sonic was meant to have his episode. This game failed because of its director that left in half of development- Yui Naka

          Second. I like Silver he is my favourite character but as you can see from my other post I like Tails,Knuckles,Shadow,Blaze and Sonic himself too! Besides I didnt began to like Silver because of this game. I began to like him because of first Rivals game so your point is invalid.

          Third. Can a man play crappy game enjoy it and dont get flamed. I just love to run through Crisis City or Kingdom Valley from time to time. Listen to amazing soundtrack of game or battle Solaris in this most epic battle of the series (my opinion).

          This game has glitches but if you ignore them you will do just fine.

          For further I like playing Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Heroes and both Adventures. I like Adventures better than any other Sonic game but maybe this will change with Generations. Tho I will always say that we need slower formula.

          1. Yeah it had Potential but it still had a Shitty Story,Realistic Envirioment(which don’t suit Sonic at all),Shitty Characters(Special Mention for Elise),Bad Character Models,Tons of Glitches,Bad Soundtrack etc. Also i will not Ignore the Glitches like an Idiot would do.For Adventures i liked SA1 way more then SA2 and i thought that SA1 was the closest to the Genesis Gameplay in 3D also it’s not a slow formula it just has gameplay Unlike Unleashed! Most Epic Moment in the Series would be either Sonic racing Metal Sonic in Stardust Speedway or the Final Boss in S3&K and then Super/Hyper Sonic Chasing him throughout Space probably the latter one.These 2 are surely way more epic bosses then fighting a Generic Copy-cat Beast!

          2. @DAMN
            I promised that I wont respond to your posts anymore but I justr cant stand some things: Bad soundtrack- what are you talking about that soundtrack is the best part of the game it fused somehow electro techno and rock themes and gave some orchestra (listen to solaris phase 2 and say its bad soundtrack again)

            Character models- those were great for its time too. I mean It was beggining of HD era first 6 monts of X360 and relase of PS3 and SEGA did Great for this time just compare those models with Shadow The Hedgehog game models wchich are only 1 year older.

            I would agree on Elise and Hub Worlds that semed to real but stages were great ideas (Thats why SPOILER I want to see redesigned Crisis City in Generations SPOILER END) About glitches on my first playtrough I havent found ANY I reapeat ANY glitches. If you dont look for them you wont find them. But yeah pchysics and controls are somehow medicore.

          3. @SA3 To me the Sonic ’06 Soundtrack(except for Wave Ocean i kinda like that tune :P) Sounds Awful it just sounds so Underwhelming to Me.Also you can freaking trigger glitches like almost everywhere in ’06 for Example the Walls have Glitchy Scripted Events in them you can literally stand on some Loop Ceilings in Wave Ocean like as if you had Magnetic Shoes or some shit,you can jump to Space with one of the Power-ups too it’s so awful.Crisis City to me is meh it was one of the better levels but its still realistic and actually borrows from Religion things like The Doomsday the City is shattering and Magma is coming out and it just looks Bland and Unoriginal!

  11. Iizuka? The Level Designer for Sonic 3? Come on you can’t be that Naive we’re talking about the guy who thought Boosters were important for Pacing *rolleyes*! It was obviously the Genius Hirokazu Yasuhara and im sure whatever Iizuka fucked up Yasuhara had to alter it and lastly i don’t know why they didn’t use him in SA1 and SA2 the levels would be way better if Yasuhara was the Lead Game Designer of those games.Out of the three the most i respect is Yasuhara he had the Balls to stand up to Sega and say “I want to make good games not Mediocre Games with a Sonic Character in it”(In response to Traveler’s Tales Sonic 3D Blast)!

    1. Do you want to throw all those insults at Iizuka instead of us, dear? I mean, it might actually help you get heard.

      1. @Umiyuri Eh…What are you talking about? Anyways the author of this has to actually be Pretty Naive to think Iizuka actually contributed something to Sonic 3&K im pretty sure it was Yasuhara who did all the Dirty Job and had to probably Alter EVERY Stupid Design Choices made by Iizuka.I mean come on we’re talking about the guy who thought Boosters helped Pacing in 2D Sonic Games.We’re talking about the guy who contradicts himself ALL THE TIME and here’s 2 examples:
        1.In 2010 Interview with Nintendo Power he said that Sonic 4 will feature Classic Gameplay.Fast Forward to 2011 in another Nintendo Power Interview he says that “They Never intended to put Classic Gameplay in Sonic 4”
        2.He himself said in the Sonic Adventure DX Interview that they put the Homing Attack in 3D because it’s harder to attack them in 3D and that the Fun in the Genesis Titles was to jump from Enemy to Enemy then Fast Forward to 2009-10 he says that Homing Attack is a Great Idea for 2D and decides to make so many Obligatory HA Bubbles Chains in order to progress over Bottomless Pits!

  12. @SA3 2011 Oh Boohoo who cares about celebrating the Anniversary of that shit character many people here are forgetting that it is Dr.Robotnik’s 20th Anniversary too!

    1. Its your opinion and I respect it but calling character shitty is so fanboistic and haterish. I mean I can dislike character but I never said he/she is shitty.
      There are no good and bad characters just those that have potential and those who havent. In my opinion all sonic characters have some or lots of potential (including Silver and Doctor)

      1. He’s a Bad Character PERIOD! He’s a Fucking Sonic Re-Color just like Shadow was i’d rather see Fang in a new Game then Silver.The Old Characters had so much potential and were so MUCH more Original but Iizuka came and he re-designed all the characters to look like Manga Rejects and made some other New Manga Rejects himself!

        1. I thought re-colors were exactly the same character with a different color not a few or in slivers case many changes. You can’t call them re-colors just because those two are also hedgehogs.

        2. Tell me what potential did they had, most of them didnt even had personality they were just there to fill some space like bean, bark & ray, other than the comics version they didnt had personality.

        3. How the fuck is Silver a bad character? Idiots like you only cal him bad because the only game you’ve played him in is fucking Sonic 06. Stop acting like such a child on the internet. Oh and I saw your comment about how the old characters have potential, let me fix that: Mighty is fucking Sonic but wait there’s a difference – He’s a armadillo :O So original. Ray is Tals, but oh shit wait, there’s a huuuuuge difference – He’s a Squirrel omg! Bark, do I even have to say it? He’s a white Knuckles, that’s seriously original -_-
          The only old characters I can see coming back is Fang and Bean because they aren’t copies of characters from before.

          1. @Nazumaki90
            And thats the point. Thank You 🙂 Tho I dont think Bean would fit to modern characters if so they would need to give him a big redesign and Fang can return but not as playable more like new EGGMANs partner or something. He may be rival for Knuckles and Rouge in terms of treasure hunting.

          2. @Nuzamaki You Sir are an Idiot! Silver is Clearly a Sonic Re-Color.Mighty looks pretty different from Sonic and Ray looks Nothing like Tails!

        4. You my stupid friend, need to go to Sonic Wiki for some studying. Mighty’s design is not different from Sonic at all besides the fact that he has the armadillo head thing. That’s it. His shoes are almost exactly like Sonic’s and if your gonna call Silver a re-color you might as well call Mighty one too because he IS! Ray IS TAILS BUT HE RAY ONLY HAS 1 TAIL!! Your calling me an idiot, go check up on the designs of some of these characters dumbshit.

          1. @Nazumaki90
            Let it go. He must be blind if he thinks that Silver is recolor and even more blind if he thinks Mighty isnt.

          2. That is the Archie Design -__-‘! This is his official artwork
            And he looks a little bit more like a monkey and kind of stupid looking then Tails thus he doesnt look like Tails cuz Tails is more sweet looking and cute!
            Also how the hell does this look like Sonic! He has a Longer Nose different Shape,has a different expression from Sonic,he is a different Animal and has no Buckles in his shoes though the only time Mighty looked like Sonic would be in Knuckles Chaotix when he was just a Pallete Swap to Sonic since there was limations back then!

          3. @SA3 You really must go see a Doctor to check your Eyes cuz Silver is clearly a Recolor of Sonic also even if Mighty looks like Sonic(I PERSONALLY DONT SEE IT) it was because Mighty was considered by Sega to be a mascot before Sonic hence the Similarities(Which everybody seems to see but i really dont they look radically different to me)!

          4. @DAMN
            Alex kidd want to have a word with you.

            Shadzter please I know you are here somewhere. Help us!

          5. @SA3 What about Alex Kidd? We weren’t even discussing about Alex Kidd what the hell are you talking about!

      2. but damn has a point silver is a recolor with a weed plant as a head shadow is just a goddamn recolor look fang had a lot of orginality just like bark

        1. I don’t usually like contributing to an argument, especially one based on opinions. But i have to say my opinion is in damnhedge and DAMN’s favor. Sega could have used existing characters to cover what they “created” with the new characters. There was no need for some of the new ones, or after using them for their purpose they could have left them where the story ended.

          Shadow served his purpose in Sonic Adventure 2, and did so very well, but bringing him back after his “death” just ruined the whole game for me. His whole “sacrifice” and all the sentiment that went along with it went out the window. And lets face it, Sonic has a doppleganger rival, his names Metal Sonic. That robot replica, made by the evil doctor that turns everything into robots, it makes sense. Not some colour palette swap, angst, alien created? makes no sense with what they have done with him black hedgehog. He should have stayed dead in my opinion.

          Rouge? The treasure hunting bat, that puts herself out for hire like a mercenary. They already had Nack, the bounty hunter, that loves gems and treasure, and Nack uses guns, yet another reason Shadow didn’t need them and they had a character already that could cover those traits. But in her defense, at least Rouge was original design wise.

          Silver, he had some unique qualities, the mental powers and such. But his design, and another hedgehog….really? As if three other hedgehogs and a robot one weren’t enough by the time ’06 came out. That and his staring game was not received well by the majority of people. Also he has not had that much extra character development outside that game, beyond being thrown in a lot of the spin off games in the series. And yet again, at the conclusion of that game, with everything being resolved, his purpose was done, he could go back to his own time (just like Trunks) and live out his life.

          Bean may not be a good candidate for a return unless they do what they did in the Archie comics and give him a history with the Babylon Rogues. Since the whole bird motif is overdone now. Bark was original as far as design, but they had Mighty who was around before him who also had super strength, and a closer history with Sonic (SegaSonic Arcade). Then again he is rather close design wise to Sonic. Ray has not been in any other game outside the arcade one, so he probably wouldn’t make a good returning character, even tho he is a different animal, he did look similar to Sonic and we have Tails the flying fox now.

          Nack is by far the most developed out of the lost characters, and had traits that they re-used for other characters, when they could have brought him back. He was in FOUR previous games which is more than Charmy, Vector and Espio were and yet they got brought back. He would make an awesome antagonist in a new game, and personally i would love to see him make a return.

          I’m still kinda burnt that Sega has not used Sonic Generations to help make some of the lost characters make an appearance, and not just in posters. If they are “lost” and you are having trouble re-inserting them into the story you have going. What easier and better time than “finding” them during your time travel adventures when you are reliving the past and some time eater is bringing worlds and time and memories together!!

        2. You do know that design is not only look of the character? I repsect your opinion but Bark is in personality and abilities a clone of Knuckles while Fang has a gun… You like Fang with Gun but you dont like Shadow with Gun that is prrety fanboistic and haiterish.
          Second thing is that Fang as character is really useless now. He showed up in like 1 game (triple trouble) and he is praised to heavens. Nowdays he will be just a mere clone of Rouge the Bat (in terms of treasure hunting, being a theft or bounty hunter).

          Sonic, Shadow and Silver are nearly recolors for a reason you know. The series major writer (not those crappy happy tree frends I want to like them but I just cant stand jokes in colors we will see how they will perform for Generations) said that their design and some similarities (example: Chaos Control ability and ability to go Super) are intentional! And that they have some connection but this will be explained in games after Generations!

          Other thing is that Sonic, Shadow and Silver are completly different in terms of personality and some abilities. Sonic is a cool guy who only sometimes get things serious, Shadow is a closed character, calm but powerfull trust only closest friends while Silver is somehow naive and sometimes get things too serious, he is very powerfull tho just like Shadow and Sonic.

          So yeah they are not recolors and if you see character only from his looks… Well to bad for you.

          1. @SA3 No you Imbecile.Design means “Looks”! That other stuff is Character Development.And Modern Sonic has just been ugggh most of the time,Shadow is an Emo Faggot(except SA2) and using him anymore would be redundant same with Silver who is an Idiot! Also who is more interesting Nack/Fang who lived in a Special Zone or some stupid Bat Whore(Rouge)! They even started neglecting Knuckles(one of my favorite characters) for Emo Faggots like Shadow and Idiots like Silver or Blaze! And one more thing the Happy Tree Friends Writers is the best thing to happen to Sonic in years,yeah they did write some crappy jokes but it was their first time in a Sonic Game and they already made a better and not too over-dramatic story then SA1-ongoing had! I mean who would you wanna save those cute little aliens(Wisps) that are like Flickies or some stupid crybaby Princess(Elise)!

          2. @DAMN
            I like talking with all kinds of Sonic fans as long as we respect each other. While talking with you… Meh. This will be my last message so dont expect more from me.

            If you think that classic characters are better because they are classic you are retro fanboy. About writers I hate them but I hate 06 plot too. The best plot was in both Adventures IMO. If you think that someone is a “true Sonic fan” if he has the same opinion as you than you are hater and fanboy.
            And have you read that their similarities have been done on purporse? God in interview he said that even their names start with the same letter for a reason that will be explained in later games.

            And just to end it I was a retro fan myself because I am with Sonic since 1991 but later I realized how Fanboyistick you are that you hate people for having different opinion and insulting me wont help here.

            There are no “True Sonic Fans” just fans that dont hate each other and those who do. And you want to have Fang and Bark in Sonic game? So tell us how will they play? With Guns? Please…

            So yeah farewell. I never thought I would say this but you really belong to Sonic Retro forum guys.

          3. @sa3 BWHAHAHAHA rlly ? they ARE recolors look SHADOW is just SUPER sonic with the same ability’s chaos control super speed and chaos spear if you played sa2 (you must have cause your name is sa3 ) you would have seen that shadow has the same style as the super sonic some of us know and love SILVER is just a faggy charcter who wasent even inportant in 06 and who cares if its his 5th anniversary i dont care at all if he was real id probably be somking him right and if silver somhow gets the weed of his head he looks a lot like sonic so dont go fanboyish i mean FANG was here before shadow shadow is just a recolor of sonic and a rip-off of fang . and bark who is way cooler then knux right about because sinc 06 he is a dumbshit and btw wouldent storm be a rip-off of knux ?

          4. @SA3 You don’t make any Fucking Sense do you.I like the Forgotten Characters better cuz they’re better designed and i really hate the new Anime Style Sonic has uggggh! Also Adventure’s tried to hard to be Serious Business now SA1 pulled it off to an Extent and i even liked Chaos but then in SA2 they still tried to pull off the Same Shit(God Monster) i mean why couldn’t we fight Robotnik in a Giant Mech like we did in Sonic 2 or 3&K that’d be fucking awesome in 3D.Also the lip syncing and the execution hurt SA1’s Story so much.Now if they introduce a New Character(which i hope they don’t cuz Sega are crap at making new characters nowadays) and if he is Good i will admit it but if he’s bad don’t come crying to me!

          5. Jumping on someone and labeling them a hater or a fan boy is not away to earn kudos when trying to seriously discuss opinions. I am a Sonic series fan, same as you, and everyone else on here I would assume.

            Shadow in SA2 didn’t have guns, he didn’t need guns, and he certainly didn’t need his own game complete with a ‘what is this, I don’t even’ storyline. Nack was designed right from the get go with a gun, he already had a vehicle from the very first game, his air bike. He was a bounty hunter, gem stealer with a cocky attitude. He was these things BEFORE Shadow and Rouge. That was my point. I agree he would have a hard time fitting in now, but if Sega had used what they already had, he wouldn’t need to fit in.

            He was in FOUR games, not one, and he was supposed to be a boss in that canceled Sonic X-Treme game.
            And yes I realize they had a plan for the whole Sonic & Shadow thing, but let’s face it, they don’t look like they are continuing down that story path anymore, and I don’t really think ’06 fitted into it as it was constantly being said to be a whole new start with a ‘what if Sonic was real approach’. So it’s debatable if Silver fitted into that whole arc. Them deciding to remove the story or seriousness seems to be doing nothing but good for the franchise as a whole, it’s rating and appeal and the general view of the Sonic franchise has started to increase, why would they want to ruin that by doing what the overall mass audience doesn’t want and put back the convoluted story’s and masses of characters etc. As much as we like to think so, his gameplay apart from in his spin-off game or with ’06 with the shooting and vehicles is exactally like Sonic. Like I said earlier, at least Silver has the mental powers to set him apart. And Sonic already has an evil robotic clone in Metal Sonic.

            Sonic fans are not the only people they have to cater to, if the franchise gets a bad name, the general public will avoid it. Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations are a great step in the right direction.

            I was referring to design as in use of animal and similarity to Sonic. I realize a character is more than looks, but like I said, 5 hedgehogs including Metal Sonic is too much, it just seems lazy. Throwing a different personality and colour on the same character with slight tweaks to the outside image does not a unique new character make.

            Don’t get me wrong, I love the Sonic Universe and everything in it, I’ve collected all sorts of memorabilia over the years, I’ve been a fan since the very beginning, and I’ve brought every game, good or bad. But I don’t let that cloud my personal opinion or judgement on the series. They could have used some aspects of the series, like it’s characters a lot better, and that is one of the few things people complain about the most. The saturation of characters in the series as a whole. Some characters should have been left out of the ‘main’ games after their part was played.

            By all means, bring them back for spin-offs like the racing and sports games etc, but once they are dead, or their quest is complete like Shadow and Silver, bringing them back when you have characters that play the same and even have the same rivalry or goals as main stays in the franchise, why do you need them anymore when their story arc is done?

            A clone is a character that is visually and aesthetically similar to another. Shadow and Silver are clones of Sonic visually under all the coloring and tweaks, ignoring their personalities etc. Shadow is even more of a clone based on his gameplay, he does all the things Sonic does, he doesn’t have a defining gameplay feature like Silvers mental powers, Tails flight, Knuckles climbing etc. Nack isn’t a clone because he is unique visually and was original and was created first, until they created new characters using his attributes that made him unique. Throwing guns on Shadow to make him more ‘bad’ and giving him vehicles (does the main Sonic franchise need vehicle sections when their characters can do what they do) was a blatant way to try and distinguish a character and say ‘look he’s different, he can do this’. I never said Nack should be playable, but since he is a character that was designed with guns in mind, being a gem theif, a mercenary for hire that Eggman could use. He would make a great antagonist or sub boss in the series. I don’t think guns belong in the series at all unless being fired from an Eggman mech or a bad guy that was originally intended to be a sniper!!

            All just opinion open to discussion tho, I’m not trying to upset, just get intelligent fan discussion on a fan forum, pretty sure that’s what message boards are for 🙂

          1. People like you make me ashamed to be a fan of this series.

            Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Liking characters who came along after the “classic” period doesn’t stop somebody from being a “real” fan. A “real” fan is somebody who likes the series, whether it’s the classics or the contemporary stuff. A “real” fan should respect the opinions of other fans. EVERY character is somebody’s favourite, and EVERY character is somebody’s least favourite. It’s how the world works, grow up and learn to accept it.

          2. @Sock fox
            I tried as you can see in posts up there. We better just ignore him like Rickyrick said. But yeah some fans just cant accept someone have different opinion than someone else.

          3. @DAMN

            Shadow was never emo except in one uncanon ending in his game….Most people refer to him as Emo mainly because they don’t even know the word actually means.

          4. I can’t believe this guy said called himself and damnhedge “Real Fans” it’s a disgrace.

          5. Its first time we fight a troll here on sonic stadium. Guys just ignore him he isnt worth our time we just need to wait for Shadzter to visit this place and help us.

          6. @Truesonic Shadow was an Emo Faggot and he was Emo or Emo Wannabe can’t really tell but using him again was nonetheless redundant he served his purpose in SA2 why does he need to come back just Die Already!

          7. @SA3 You’re really new here aren’t you XD! Since i’ve seen Flamewars here before Alot!

          8. @Nuzamaki That’s cuz WE Are Real Fans.We don’t run off at the Store getting the Latest Sonic Game(even if the game is crap) just because Sonic is in the Cover like you do.We’re fans you(and Truesonic and to some extent SA3 2011) are Fanboys!

          9. This is really getting out of hand D: no we have two of them….I’m with Nuzamaki90 and SA3 on this…But they will continue this possibly for the fun of it….we shall just have to be patient >:/

          10. @DAMN

            Oh yeah moaning, disrespecting others, hating on SEGA and thinking you speak for everyone that’s a real fan alright :/

            What is your problem…?

          11. @ALL
            Now this is getting f****** ridiculus. I am outta here. Truesonic Nazumaki and rest I think you should do the same hopefully Shadzter will look here in the morning. So see ya guys!

          12. @Truesonic That’s cause Sonic Team deserves the Hate for all those shitty games they made in the Past.However they’re improving but they(SEGA) Still have to Fire Iizuka and also Dimps(hire Sumo Digital instead of Dimps they’re better)! Sega as a company however is a mere shadow of what it once was and they only make Sonic Games and sometimes stupid shit like Super Monkey Ball.Where is my Shenmue 3,My New Jet Set Radio,My new Ristar,My New Vectorman,My New Comix Zone they need to take a break of Sonic for once and make some other games goddamit they have so many series and they never make good use of them!

          13. @DAMN

            Not they don’t you can’t expect them to make a perfect game….They have actually worked hard recently and the past late years…They don’t deserve this at all why….. those games weren’t perfect I’ll admit but like I mentioned they were liked by other fans, most sold well Colors All Stars Racing etc and there are fans who liked some of those games like I said before they tried things in the past some didn’t work and some did good and they are moving on and learning from that bringing back the best qualities and transforming it a bit…into something different not the same thing…Generations seems to be looking really good IMO

            @SA3 2011

            Your right this is jsut getting annoying now but i’m staying put till these guys are off…Iknow I should do the same but I’m not gonna let them continue It’s not fair on others…I can’t believe this…

          14. @Truesonic
            Those guys are trolls just leave them and they will eat each other in meanwhile I am going to make myself some popcorn if I have to watch this. But if you stay I will try to help you but I am tired of this. I am going to sleep in 2 or 3 hours so dont expect much from me.

          15. @Truesonic GROW THE FUCK UP KID! It’s called Criticism.And SEGA Deserve all the slack they get just like Activision or Capcom do.And The Majority who played ’06 absolutely hated it and in 2009 it was chosen as Worst game of the Decade.Open your Eyes and Face the Facts that game is Bad even if you like it the Majority don’t! And what’s wrong with wanting a Really Great Sonic Game? I should naturally expect that from Seg-…..Oh wait i can’t because they made shit in the Past and the same Employees are still there.Sonic Generations seems Good but really Short(Blame 360’s Disk Storage Capacity) and Bad Level Selection(Blame Iizuka’s Obsession with City Levels) which will hurt it in the Long Run.Quality wise though seems to be in an Acceptable Level.

          16. @SA3 2011

            LOL good idea xD….better sit tight for this things could get ugly……I’m just gonna slowly try to break them somehow and if I don’t succeed then I’ll just have to deal with this until something is sorted out

          17. @Damn

            Your not fans dude, your trolls and Retro loving faggots. You even know you are but you try not to believe it by making fun of others. That’s the problem with people like you, when you see Sonic on the cover of something the first thing you do is compare it to something about Classic Sonic. Your a Retro Fanboy!! When I see a game that has Sonic in it I check for reviews, I see if it’s good or not before wasting my money on it that’s why I didn’t buy Sonic 06, that’s why I didn’t buy Sonic & The Black Knight, that is why I didn’t buy Sonic Free Riders, because I researched to see if they were good or not and it turns out they weren’t good. You are a “Retro Fanboy” just get it into your head. Also why are you still coming here? On the first day you said this site was boring and not as interesting as Sonic Retro but you insist on coming back here just to get owned by actual Sonic The Hedgehog fans. Your a loser, your a low life, your a troll, and your something most people in the gaming industry hate: A Fanboy.

          18. Remember that Shadzter will probably look here in the morning UK time so yeah we have time.
            *Sit on a chair with popcorn watching two and half man and doctor house on tv and checking comments from time to time*

          19. @Nazumaki UMAD BRO :P! Also im a Retro Fan i admit this i like Classic Sonic better but im not Nicochi(cuz you make me sound like him).If i was a Classic Fanboy i wouldnt of have Enjoyed SA1,SA2,Sonic Advance Series and Colors Wii so STFU Please!

          20. @DAMN

            Calm down I’m not the kid you seem to act like the kid more LOL…Let’s be a bit fair…It wasn’t entirely SEGA’s fault as they were also rushed by Sony and Microsoft and I liked what they a few things they offered and yes they could of focused and worked a lot on this but I don’t think they had the choice…I’d really like to see a Finished evrsion of 06 but that can never happen now I still wonder if I made the right choice selling my copy…06 turned out to be mediocore and okay but unfortunately it didn’t turn out as well as we expected it to be

            I still don’t care about reviewers I’ve only liked…..I think games like Unleashed, Adventure (GC), BK etc deserved more but again it’d their problem not mine…..

            How do you know Generations will be short from what we know it could be longer despite the number of levels this could feature more than Colors did or even possibly Unleashed or other past games…you need to grow up…and you still can’t expect Perfect games to me made…A good and fun or enjoyable game you can hope for that It can’t involve everything in your wishlist…

          21. @Damn

            Do you see yourself bro? You keep coming here it’s like you enjoy jacking off to Sonic fans calling you out. Your just proving to anyone who comes on this site that you are a loser. I’m done talking to you, your an idiot and you will stay an idiot for the rest of your life. You have shown to me that you are nothing more than a epitome of a retard.

          22. @DAMN
            Not bad level selection for me I love city stages.

            You know what I hear? Its silence so Is it over I hope so.

          23. @iiLunar_Sonic
            So true… But this troll fight wasnt only here. Search other topic to know how it began yesterday. But yeah I think Shadzter will see this tomorrow and solve this problem.
            For now I am going to sleep *yawns* see ya guys hopefully there wont be another troll starting flamewar here tomorow.

          24. @DAMN

            I bet you don’t even know what the word means…He was never emo apart from that one uncanon ending…:/

    1. Yeah she wants to get in some of the action to so you’d “Better behave yourselves” 🙂

  13. i never did understand why sonic was brown but anyways THATS WHY I LIKE CRASH SO MUCH he’s epic xD i mean it but isent the old spyro kinda like the 2D with the platforming and such :/ ( sorry for the spyro fanboys if i said somting wrong i like spyro too XD) but i like the idea of the man behind crash working with sega but i think they went a little overboared with the whole titans series i mean the orginal were great like crash 2 warped (LOVED THAT GAME never finished it xD) and crash racing was cool too but then the titans came and i dont really like the whole crash makeover thing and the rest but the same with rayman (glad they are going back to the orginal rayman xD ) dident really like the whole bunny’s idea (but it was fun hearing BWAAAAAAA every 5 seconds )

  14. @Nazumaki,SA3 and Truesonic I Can describe you three with just one Word:FAIL!
    Now Goodbye Fanboys!

          1. @Truesonic
            Just let it go. This is complete offtop but I played Dark Gaia today and still when I see Super Sonic there I say WOW this Engine is a monster. I really want to see improvment in Generations.
            But you know for next game I want to see Shadow and Silver in their Super forms in this Engine. THAT WOULD BE EPIC dont you think?

          2. @SA3 2011

            I have…Just I guess it wasn’t an S rank after all XD but moving on of course

            I always thought we’d have Super Shadow and Silver along with Sonic in the Rivals games but clearly not… but yeah I would like to think that Perhaps we could have the trio in their Super forms again except I’m not sure how it would all go but I would still want that too and maybe a bit more challenging like Dark gaia but a bit more of action too…Solaris was too easy for me XD

            It would be epic I would like it just as much as you would and yeah it would be so cool in the Unleashed/Generations engine…

            I’m gonna play Shadow and Heroes on friday as my Summer holiday starts there of course it has for some people but I’m not ready yet which means I’m still celebrating both the 20th and realease of Generations

            I’m thinking of maybe recording them if I have the chance but probably not….Adventure DX is almost done and I shall be playing SA2B and others soon

          3. @Truesonic
            Hey there is always first Sonic Vita title.(I knoe there hasnt been any rumors besides that SEGA statement about 4 vita titles but someone is doubting?).
            I mean features of Vita are great for other playables. Imagine quickly pointing on screen where Shadows chaos spears should shoot or using back touch pannel to manipulate objects around Silver using them as cover from enemies for example.

            MAN I am so getting Vita on relase date because when 3DS is like DS+ the Vita have loads of different features.

            Maybe Rivals 3? If so I hope they will make it in full 3D with loads of battles and exciting races and of course Super Trio fight.

      1. You totally used debug mode! There’s no way to S-Rank a forum! I call for a clear of the high scores! 😀

  15. Yahahaha, I forgot it was Shadow’s birthday too, in a way! (Seriously, when is his birthday exactly? Sonic is…Uh…June 23, right? *Not very good with dates*) But yes, I knew Shadow would come back…They intended to kill him, but they never expected him to become the second most popular character. Nice having someone who isn’t focused on money and does what he wants when he wants…Even if it involves smashing stuff to get it.

    If you think about it though, Sonic isn’t the best hero – things always wind up destroyed XD

    Never played Crash Bandicoot. Played Spyro though. Wonder who inspired the lil’ purple dragon?

    1. Shadow will only be brought back only in this game we dunno if he will star in Future Games(although i hope not it would just be redundant) and whether you like it or not Sonic is the Main Hero and also Hyper Sonic>Any from of Shadow.We probably are gonna see Solo Sonic Games for a Long Time we’d be lucky if Tails would be playable and blame this on the Unleashed Formula!

      1. I just cant resist. Hyper Sonic is crappy recolor of Super Sonic and wait there is more majority of fans and even consider him as non-canon.

        1. Fans can’t just randomly decide something from a mainstream game is non-cannon, Sonic 3 had the Chaos Emeralds, so it had Super Sonic. If you locked on Sonic & Knuckles to make it the full game as it was originally intended you returned the Chaos Emeralds to the Hidden Palace and the Master Emerald and they became the Super Emeralds, thus granting you extra power on collection of all 7 empowered emeralds. It was an extra bonus for those that played the full game through, we didn’t have lore and extra story and the retconning and all the stuff that followed post Adventure series. Those were simple times back then, people didn’t question things in Sonic games in that way. It was a reward for getting all 14 emeralds. I remember thinking going Hyper and actually letting Tails go Super were awesome rewards back then. How would you feel if you got all 14 and got nothing, they had to throw you something you hadn’t seen for collecting them all.

          Like it or not Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, and both combined are part of the main series, making them cannon, meaning Hyper is a cannon form that Sonic had obtained in the past. Yes that form just flashed the colours of the emeralds and had one extra move, but it was just that, a powered up form of Super Sonic. Not a new character, not a seperate entity.

          I apologize in advance if your just trying to upset Damn, and not being serious, but if you are just trying to wind him up, your really acting no better than him :/

          1. Actually no. In my opinion its just like you said they gave 7 extra special stages with Sonic and Knuckles add on to Sonic 3. I always thought of him as an extras and combined with fact that you could get to Doomsday without even entering hidden palace (excluding battle with knuckles before sky sanctuary) nearly confirms this. Second there was a discussion on SEGA forums about cannonity of characters and games. Official SEGA employee posted list of cannon games and characters. I wasnt suprised when I didnt see Hyper Sonic on it but I was suprised when I didnt see Bark and Ray (I think they werent there if I remember corectly only cannon before Adventure character was Fang).

            It was just an extra thibg added to sonic 3 with sonic and knuckles and should be considerated as an extra.

        2. @SA3 Also Hyper Sonic is Canon cuz you dont get the “Best Ending” when you are as Super Sonic you can only get the “Good Ending”!

          1. Yea, I mean if you go by the logic that if you don’t need to unlock it to finish the game then it isn’t cannon then Super Sonic wasn’t cannon until Sonic Adventure, which is not true. And employees say all sorts of things, doesn’t mean they are true, Hyper seems to have been forgotten, except by the fans, much like Bark and Ray and Bean. Unless it was the staff member in charge of the franchise, I wouldn’t put too much stock in their lists etc. Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles were meant to be one game, so even tho they seem like extras like we discussed, for those that played the full game, it could also be that if they were one game Hyper would have still been in it.

            I guess we won’t know for sure unless Hyper shows up again, or if someone higher up like series management or something can confirm or deny that forms place in the series. Someone should ask at one of the Generations Q&A’s!!!!

      2. @DAMN
        Guys if you havent read SPOILERS DONT READ THIS POST!
        Yes we dont know if Shadow will return but you know They are making models of every modern character in hedgehog engine wait I have this link Its from oficcial Sonic page it was published sometime around 15th July. Strangely renders arent new but those characters will be in Generations. Almost ALL (excluding Big and Omega whose havent been found in any mission so cutscenes for them) of them will have NEW MOVESET for being in gameplay (co-op, vs. and boss missions for Shadow, Silver and Metal) If they are giving them movesets and brand new models why wouldnt they use it in next mainstream game or new PSVita title (almost confirmed) while I think PSVta will have its Sonic game in 2012 and I think it will have other playables next Mainstream game MUST have MOAR playables.

        1. @DAMN
          I calmed down and you know I am nice kind of guy. I hate making enemies for myself you just should respect others opinions. This way there will be no flamewars here. I mean how it started. I like Silver and Shadow you dont like them but thats opinion why cant you respect my opinion by saying that my favourites are recolors and shitty characters. I mean I was angry but you could say “I dont like him personally because…” (stating opinion) instead of saying “He is shitty character and recolor” (wchich is stating a fact that can be argued).

          So yeah I hope you understand and will respect other fans opinion more and that we can have normal non-flamewar discussions here. I wont argue with you anymore because this will lead to nowhere. I hope you understand.

          1. @SA3 hey sorry for earlier ^^; i was kinda mad at my parents and i just needed to do somting so sorry man ^^;

          2. @damnhedge
            No probs. I hope that we can discuss other things later just not in that kind of way.

          1. I think you know about spoilers, bosses and missions? If so then let me explain. Charcter can have a model but model can be used just as stage cameo. This is different in this game characters will be in gameplay they will go after Sonic or they will race/figt him(for bosses here Metal, Shadow and Silver) if they are in gameplay developers must create the way he moves the way he affect the enviroment and just exist in game thats what I mean.

          2. I don’t think this is the last game Shadow will be in. Many fans love Shadow, and would hate SEGA for getting rid of him( and I know some too). Even if Iizuka said “He was only meant to appear in that game” a lot of fans still wanted Shadow, so they put him back in the series. Yes that totally ruined SA2’s ending, but if we already brought back Shadow, why not keep bringing him, and make more fans happy?? I mean, who else is going to be Sonic’s rival for the rest of his life? Metal Sonic? Hell no. Don’t get me wrong, I love Metal Sonic, and hyped thaat he’s gonna be in Ep.2, but its just that he’s kinda getting “old” for me. I really think SEGA needs to come up with another rival. Not a bad one, but a cool one, that would just like to test Sonic’s skills every now and then. So ya as I said before, there’s just no way SEGA would ever let Shadow out of the series again. And what would happen when SA3 comes, and Shadow’s not in it? That would piss off a sh!t load of people.

          3. and I’m glad Sonic has other Rivals too It’s a mixture of different chaarters It’s good 😀

            and I’m sure Shadow will appear in future games too 🙂

            I wonder….If Johnny will make a return (from Rush Adventure)….

          4. @Rickyrick
            Acording to rankings and polls The most popular characters of the series are (no particular order) Sonic, Doctor, Tails Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Metal, Amy and last but not least Blaze (Its not my opinion and the ranking contained only characters from modern games. And If I remember corectly Blaze was last in the ranking but 3 hedgehogs+ metal were pretty high.

            And yeah I just cant imagine Sonic Adventure 3 without Shadow or Silver.

          1. @DAMN
            I know Big is in there because he is part of moderh cast I dont know what is your problem.
            Second thing I know there wont be any other playables than both Sonics I am talking about the next game.
            Besides characters will be in gameoplay you wont play as them but they will follow you and help you so they will have running animation, attack animation etc. Thats what I meant.

      3. No offense, “DAMN”, but you cannot be the one to tell SEGA whether a character or not is going to reappear. Shadow is NOT going to disappear for the sole fact he has been in many games and is a fan favorite (and also a fan hated) character. It would simply be silly to go through all that and pull the plug, and would be a bad gaming tactic.

        I never said Sonic was the main hero or not. I could care less, to be honest. It’s nice that he’s solo in a game for once, but really…I love variety. Furthermore, what does your post have to do with any of mine? You simply smashed Shadow, pointed out Hyper Sonic is better than Shadow (where did this come from? I said nothing about Super forms…).

        How is Unleashed to blame for this, anyway? This game has been coming for a long time…They’ve been planning it for the 20th anniversary, probably for the last three or four years, before Unleashed was even out.

        Please don’t state facts that you don’t have any proof for. I realize people will hate certain games, but using that without any facts and without even talking about the post you are “replying” to is just…Well, stupid.

          1. *Large aplouse from stage*
            So true!

            Go to this Fang statue thing I think we should just leave this hated topic and go on there is a fine discusion going on there.

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