GAME Offering Sonic Generations Pre-Order DLC Pack in the UK

GAME will be the exclusive carrier of the Sonic Generations Casino Night pre-order bonus DLC previously revealed by U.S. retailer GameStop. Emerald Coast founder Vger spotted the above display in his local GAME store today, which reads “Sonic Generations Exclusive Stage Pack when you pre-order and purchase”. The Casino Night Zone pinball mini-game image shown on GameStop’s website is also on display, so this will likely be the exact same package.

The full contents of the pack offered by GameStop includes:

* Casino Night’ Pinball Stage: Play through this all-new mini-game inspired by Casino Night’ from Sonic The Hedgehog 2′, and relive some of your favorite gaming memories in stunning HD.
* Super Sonic Costume: Give your avatar the ultimate make-over with the iconic super transformation’ character.
* Theme: Give your console the ultimate Sonic experience with a theme created exclusively for this pack.

Source: Emerald Coast

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  1. This is full of WIN right here. Im just hoping there’ll be a psecial edition of Sonic Generations. There cant NOT be!

  2. im sorry this is weak its just a mini pinball game a avatar and a theme the game is 50 pounds at game and 30 in hmv

    1. It’s £32.99 on GAME’s website and now it’s £39.99 on HMV’s website, as they raised the price back up £10 today.

  3. Dang it this leave me in a predicament. Part of me wants to throw down the money for this but on the other hand there could be a proper special edition on the way and besides all the content from this pre-order will more than likely be released on xbla sometime after the game gets released. Plenty of time to pre-order so I’ll give it a month before release and then if nothing comes up I’ll put my order in

  4. I’ve had it with pre order bonus rubbish, I’m waiting for the reviews to come in first.

  5. I can’t find it in their online store yet =/ but hey ho, so long as the UK has a pre-order bonus, i’m happy!

    1. I noticed that too. I’m sure they’ll add it on there eventually. Would rather order the game on their website at £32.99 than pay the inevitable £39.99 instore price.

  6. I went into GAME and asked to pre-order Sonic Generations on Xbox 360 and apparently it isn’t listed, only on PS3 and 3DS. So I pre-ordered the PS3 version and when wanting to pre-oder the 3DS version they apparently ran out of pre-order spaces. So i went to another up the road and they don’t have the Xbox 360 and ran out of 3DS too.

    Am I missing something here or is GAME (One of the biggest game shops in the UK) messing around with me. All I want is Sonic Generations on Xbox 360 and 3DS and apparently there isn’t any !

    1. That’s very weird. I don’t think they’d have a complete idea of how much stock they’re going to have in at launch this early on. I’d try again at a later date.

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