3 Sonic Generations Themes Hitting EU PSN Today, E3 Trailer Now on PSN & XBL

In today’s ‘β€˜Heads-Up’ Game Store Update’, the EU PS Blog has revealed that three new Sonic Generations themes will be made available free of charge today on the EU PS Store for you to decorate your PS3’s XMB with. The themes are listed under the Dynamic Themes section, so they should be more than just background wallpapers.

Sonic Generations
* Sonic 20Th Anniversary (free)
* Sonic 20Th Anniversary Modern Theme (free)
* Sonic 20Th Anniversary Poster Theme (free)

The Sonic Generations E3 City Escape trailer is also now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace and US PS Store. EU PS3 users will be able to download it later today when the EU PS Store updates.

Sources: EU PS Blog, US PS Blog and the Xbox Live Marketplace

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  1. Aww, no Xbox? Lol its cool, I just want that theme that comes with the pre-order. πŸ™‚


    And to think Shadzter we were talking about that in the Pre-order thread! πŸ˜€

    Okay EU PSN updated!!! Time to get those themes and download the trailer!

    I hope the Special Edition of the SOnic Generations is true!!!

    1. I’m afraid that if there was a special edition, it would have been announced at the same time as the standard version. If it wasn’t, nobody would pre-order the special edition because they already ordered the regular one.

  3. Wow these themes are really interesting, Its got its own sounds, icons and multiple backgrounds which are something I’d expect from a premium theme. Also 4 Classic Sonic artwork I’ve never seen before O.O

  4. People in the US.

    Use an EU account to download the theme and instal it, then log into your normal US account. The theme should be there in your theme list…. at least I’m under the impression that you can do that.

  5. I got the themes, and they’re awesome. Only thing that disappoints me with all Sonic themes on the PS3 is the sound effects. They’re so annoying, especially when typing a message.

    And I had to download the trailer on the Xbox 360 since everytime I tried on the PS3 it kept saying corrupted data.

    1. really huh? i have only 2 themes though. I have the Ratchet and clank quest for booty and the crack in time theme. had to pay for the crack in time theme. its…not to bad.

  6. The three themes are essentially the same aside from the backgrounds – same icons and sounds. Not that I’m complaining obviously, they’re free! I like the “line Sonic” one best, or whatever it’s called. I believe two of the three have multiple changing backgrounds.

    1. Who cares? Its just a theme. The Pre-order pack that’s comes with a theme is probably going to be better than these ones anyway.

    1. Me niether, but when I looked at the site, they said it would be on by tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  7. The one with the anniversary banner is probably the one i like the most, but yea the sound effects get annoying if you stay mucking around in the menu too long >.<

    On an unrelated note, i am stoked because during the process of cleaning my room i have stumbled apon 2 of my Sega World Sydney swipe card things, and one of the gold tokens with Sonic's face on it. It's made me want to find the other cards tho. I found a Sonic one and a Sally one, does anyone else remember what was on the others? I am pretty sure there was a Tails one i had….

  8. the noises are annoying but love the theme ill have to put up with them there should of been an option of mute

    1. there is, go on “settings” then “sound settings” then turn “key tone” off
      hope this helps.

    1. go on search in the top right corner, then type in sonic and scroll down until you find it

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