SPOILERS: Sonic Generations Level List, Items, Badniks, Music and More Leaked

This news post contains spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, then click your back button now.

The Sonic Generations demo released June 23rd on Sonic’s 20th Birthday was hacked on that very day by various community members, including those at Sonic Retro. Found within the unusually very large file was the game’s entire level list, boss list, mission list, characters, badniks, items, some music files (though nothing past Green Hill Zone) and the presence of the Chaos Emeralds and super forms for both Sonic’s.


Green Hill (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Chemical Plant (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)
Sky Sanctuary (Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles)
Speed Highway (Sonic Adventure)
City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2)
Seaside Hill (Sonic Heroes)
Crisis City (SONIC The Hedgehog/Sonic 06)
Rooftop Run (Sonic Unleashed)
Planet Wisp (Sonic Colours)

Casino Night – DLC Only


Metal Sonic
Shadow The Hedgehog
Silver The Hedgehog
Death Egg
Perfect Chaos
Egg Dragoon
“Time Eater” – Said to be the final boss.

Amy Rose

The items revealed include the return of elemental shields from Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. The lightning shield, fire shield and bubble shield item boxes were both found in the demo assets, along with images of how they look in-game. The Spike Wisp and Rocket Wisp powers from Sonic Colours also make a comeback. As for the Chaos Emeralds, they too appear to be an item, which suggests Classic and Modern Sonic’s Super forms will be playable in the game’s various stages.

Update: Images removed at SEGA’s request.

Sources: Sonic Retro, Sonic Wrecks and various Sonic forums, including our very own SSMB.

What do you think of the level list? Did your favourite stage make it in? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Damn, put a time limit on a demo and those hackers get 2 workin’! Also, FIRSTIES!!!

        1. You fight Metal Sonic as a boss. Maybe it’ll take place at Stardust Speedway. To be honest, I’m hoping it’ll be the lost Sonic X-treme boss fight.

          1. nope seeing that Sky Sanctuary is listed there for it would be the Super Metal Sonic (some people would call him Super Silver Sonic as this version sort of plays like Silver Sonic from Sonic 2 with a few differences, I myself prefer to call him Super Metallix since I enjoy the name from the British Sonic Comics)

          2. Well it could be the boss from Heroes as well but I doubt it. I think they’re sticking to mainstream.

            You can’t just say that like you know for sure. Super Mecha Sonic fought Knuckles anyways. And the bosses don’t have to relate tot he stages. They’re presented seperately. There’s also the Death Egg Boss which could be from Sonic 3 & Knuckles or from Sonic 2. I’m going with Sonic 2 since it’s the only “zone” that was nothing BUT a boss.

        2. Yah it would have been nice if classic sonic’s gameplay was just like modern sonics gameplay

        3. No you didn’t. You wanted the Stardust Speedway BOSS, not the stage. lol

          I wanted Ice Cap. If they had that I wouldn’t care what other stages were there. But if they don’t have Ice Cap Zone it’s not gonna ruin the game. The game is an amazing concept. Ice Cap Zone would’ve been frosting to me (no pun intended) lol

          1. DuDe! I wanted Ice Cap too! I think it would be amazing to have Ice Cap, especially as Modern Sonic!

    1. What do you mean “is that it?”?

      Can’t you guys be greatful for what you have?

      That’s one stage per each mainstream game. If anything I’d merely be disappointed Sonic 3 didn’t get it’s own stage seperately.

      But come on! Sonic Unleashed only had 7 stages. 2 acts each, 1 for Sonic and the other for WhereHog. And it had additional acts for both Modern and WereHog as well as DLC acts.

      This game has 9 stages. 2 acts each, 1 for Modern and 1 for Classic. Plus 3 additional acts to each stages. And most likely DLC stages or acts. Already this game is bigger than Unleashed as well as Colors (if this game has an act for Modern, an act for Classic plus 3 extra acts, that’s 5 acts per stage. Just 4 acts per stage would be 36 acts, which matches Colors if you don’t consider Terminal Velocity which had 2 acts. And even then, Generations still has one act per stage left, which is 9 acts. 7 more than Colors.)

      I think it’s not that the game is small, just that we wanted to include more of our favorite levels. Well it’s not always that easy. But hey, we still got some cool levels in the game. =) I’m interested to see how Sky Sanctuary and Speed Highway will look in this new style! And how they can possibly remix their music, especially for Modern’s BOOST. XD (Especially since Speed Highway has that “At Dawn” section at the end. o3o)

      1. “Greatful for what you have”….

        Let me explain something to you and a good number of others:

        Sega is a company that wants to sell and make money. They are not a benevolent god that grants us Sonic games. People have to put down good money to enjoy these games. If someone is unhappy with the final product, it is not them being “ungreatful”. When I see something I don’t like, I voice it because there is a chance Sega will hear our feedback and make a better product, something that I would be willing to buy. It’s a win-win situation. What you people expect is for us to sit back, shut up, and buy whatever Sega brings to the table, whether or not it suits ones tastes.

        Here are my complaints with this list, not because I’m “ungreatful”, but because I would love to buy a Sonic game from Sega, thus funding them:

        -Lack of a Sonic 3 level.
        -Lack of a Sonic CD level.
        -Lack of elemental levels, (Icecap, Lava Reef, Aquatic Ruin, ect.)
        -A number of four city levels, that is three too many.
        -One act per classic and modern.
        -Modern stages, such as rooftop run and planet wisp, are unnecessary and could have been used for two more classic or dreamcast levels; levels that have not been seen this gen.

        1. Maybe we don’t have something from Sonic 3, because SEGA gave us the Bubble Shields. Maybe we don’t have anything from Sonic CD, is because SEGA gave us the Sonic CD jump-sound effect. Think before you speak. Also, SEGA does care about their fans. Yes SEGA wants to make money, but here’s the real question: What person DOESN’T wanna make money? Nobody! Everyone wants to make money, so quit making it seem like a bad thing. If SEGA didn’t care about us, then they wouldn’t even give a shit what we say. I honestly think SEGA shouldn’t listen to the fans on how to make a Sonic game, only on feedback. The original Sonic the Hedgehog Series were golden. Those were the days, because in those years, SEGA was only listening to themselves, no one else, and that’s what made a good Sonic game. However, years later, fans started telling SEGA how to do their job, when SEGA was doing just fine.

          I’m not gonna tell a whole novel, but point is, JUST TAKE WHAT YOU GET. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy the game…simple as thaat.

    2. GUYS GUYS Remember this is the Beta version of the demo before the game was fully finished. You never know whats been added since then.

  2. Level list is.. kinda a disappointment.. those stages are all good and I’m sure the game will be good.. but come ooon D:
    3 green levels
    5 city stages (chemical plant has buildings in the background soooo..)
    and sky sanctuary.
    what about cool water stages like hydrocity and aquatic ruin? D: no space stage? no casino stage (other than DLC)?

    1. If you’ll notice, they weren’t picked on terms of level theme, but were actually the polled favourite from each featured Sonic game – all the games in the main series up until Generations. The intent is to give everybody a chance to play their favourite level and at the same time give all the games equal screentime.

  3. Retro are behind! There’s a dude on Youtube who’s hacked Classic into the Modern stages and Modern into the Classic stages completely seamlessly!

        1. Yeah. The guy who hacked those gameplays was Polygon Jim from Sonic Retro. lol These hacks were released merely hours after the demo came out. lolz =P

    1. Yeah, as OmegaRS said and I stated at the start of the article, this was all done last week on the day the demo was released. We’re behind with the news. I’ve been having a break from the site and the other staff have been busy with Summer of Sonic stuff.

  4. I just wanted to put this out there. I think the picture of the “item box icons” is actually a picture of mission icons. Also leaked on Sonic Retro, there was a list of missions for each level for each character and they included:
    “Sonic Ghost” (Clock icon for time attack)
    Co-Op/Vs. [character] (For the character icons)
    Enemy Rings (Probably has something to do with motobug icon)
    High Speed (Speed shoe icon)
    Sk8board (Skateboard icon)
    Thunder/Aqua/Flame Barrier (Obvious)
    Orange Rocket and Pink Spikes.

    Maybe the Chaos Emerald icon is for like the final mission? I don’t know. It’s just a theory. I’m glad Blaze is becoming a main character now with her being my second favorite. Knuckles and her have been noticeably absent in the recent games

    Also, can’t wait for a 3DS list, which apparently is more for the handheld games of Sonic.

    1. Actually I think Blaze have more cameo like apperance. The most important side characters are probably Shadow and Silver because they are actual bosses.

      But they need to give them movesets so maybe this 3 (Shadow, Silver and Blaze) and of course Sonic will be playable in next game.

      Oh and dont worry I will bet 1000 rings that Blaze is a boss in 3DS version.

      1. If they were going for the ultimate nostalgia hit, We should be fighting Knuckles in the hidden palace zone.

    2. The skateboard icon and shoe icon are already seen on item boxes in gameplay at E3 and in the demo (well the demo didn’t have the skateboard)

      I do believe it’s possibly that these item boxes would help aid in these such missions tho. =)

      BUT, they also said these are things in the works and are considered rumor still due to the lack of proper confirmation as things may change by the time of the release.

  5. Sticking to the same selection of games, in my opinion, the level list should have been more like this:

    1 Marble Zone (lavaground)
    2 Oil Ocean Zone (oilbase)
    3 Hydrocity Zone (waterlabyrinth)
    4 Sky Deck (airship)
    5 Crazy Gadget (spacestation)
    6 Casino Park Zone (casino)
    7 Radical Train (train)
    8 Savannah Citadel (naturetemple)
    9 Starlight Carnival (space)

    1. I like it but..
      I prefer this

      1. Star Light Zone
      2. Chemical Plant Zone
      3. Hydrocity Zone
      4. Casinopolis
      5. Final Rush
      6. Frog Forest
      7.Kingdom Valley
      8. Dragon Road
      9. Planet Wisp

      and for others I wish were in
      Levitated Ruin
      Egg Rocket
      Techno Base
      Mirage Road
      Blizzard Peaks

  6. I think it should have gone like this

    Scrap Brain
    Speed Highway
    City Escape
    Power Plant
    Crisis City
    Empire City
    Tropical Resort

    Call it “Sonic Generations: World City Tour”

  7. My level choices would have been
    1. Stralight Zone
    2. Mystic Cave Zone
    3. Hidden Palace Zone
    4. Speed Highway
    5. Final Rush
    6. Frog Forest
    7. Kingdom Valley
    8. Holoska
    9. Aquatic Park

    But the levels they chose are ok. It is said that each level has 5 missions. So you have two characters, with 9 levels, with 5 missions each, so that is 90 levels! I wish they didn’t have stupid missions though, but acts like in Sonic Colors, not Sonic Unleashed.

  8. even though the level list is somewhat small, getting to see an HD version of Sky Sanctuary is gonna be TOTALLY worth it!

  9. So there’s 3 stages and 2 bosses for each of the 3 eras. I guess Sonic Heroes is considered to be part of the Dreamcast era.

  10. I see Tikal in floating ball form. And an Omochao card, and Cheese, and… a Knuckles medal? Reminds me of a weird Sonic related internet video that involved something like that.

  11. To be honest the only lvl I didn’t want to see again was Seaside Hill. We already got a taste of that in HD with SASASR. I was hoping for something like the Haunted Mansion zone (Don’t remember it’s name, haven’t played Heroes in so long XD) there could have been lot’s of room for diversity there.

  12. Why are we remaking levels from current generation games? Do we really need that? Aren’t they going to be exactly the same? It would have been much more interesting to do a few more classics.

    1. They wanted to give all twenty years equal focus. That includes the last three. And obviously they’re not just going to repeat the level designs. Not only do they have Classic’s levels to make out of these, but both Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colours had specific level gimmicks that won’t exist for this game, meaning the levels will play differently for Modern too.

      1. Yeah, I meant to say “look” rather than “be” exactly the same. But either way it seems a little silly and like a bit of a wasted opportunity to me.

    1. Apologies, but as I said in a comment further up, I’ve been having a break from the site and the other staff have been busy with Summer of Sonic stuff.

  13. I like the level list, except I would have chosen Sweet Mountain of Aquarium Park over Planet Wisp, and Power Plant over Seaside Hill.

    1. planet wisp was the best level out of the whole game. it only seemed right to have it included.

  14. I wish Kingdom Valley from Sonic 06, and Lost World from Sonic Adventure were present.

  15. Why the hell is silver a boss?…haha…watever..
    I like a lot of the stages, but I really think they needed another 1 or 2 levels. Either way, I’m 100% positive this game will be good, not story-wise, but gameplay wise. And let’s be honest, we haven’t seen a sonic game with a real story since SA2.

    1. I actually thought Unleashed had a great story (for The Main Games I liked it more than SA2) Just my opinion…

    2. Why you believe that Sonic Heroes, SHTH and STH06 had not so good stories? Maybe Shadow the Hedgehog is not a very good game, but it’s story was well-written and concludes Shadow Saga with excelence. Or maybe you like a more kids-oriented story than that? Sonic the Hedgehog have as well a excelent plot, that is very complex. Those games can lack gameplay, but definitely not lack in story and plot. Sonic stories definitely need something more “growed up”(not saying SA2 don’t have, because it have).

        1. Sonic Heroes’s story was simple and good, nothing amazing. Shadow the Hedgehog was ruined Shadow’s SA2 story. It just made me stop caring about him. Sonic 06’s story was Waaay too complex. Too many things happening.

    1. This boss fight have quite a potential. People hate Silver because of his boss fight and lack of speed. This game is great oppurnity to tell people that he can be great character.
      Just imagine running trough Crisis City or Soleana while jumping and avoiding obstacles and objects that Silver throw at you and maybe some other psychic attacks. Of course he will be flying at top speed to rival Sonic speed.

      1. I like Silver as a character. I see great potential in him. Its only because he debuted in a poor game (and his voice) that ppl dont like him. I like his gameplay because its so different to everyone else. Whats the point of having another fast hedgehog?

  16. Choices make sense, those are the levels most everyone thinks of first when they here those games mentioned. Unless you play the games a lot and have developed a personal favorite (like most of us!). They should be exciting.

    I’m assuming with the release being pretty close now that they’re not adding more levels into the game disc. However, I really hope they consider DLC options and opportunities for more levels. I think a nice level pack could be released every few months just to give us a tad more to play with! They could make a Classic Era Level Pack, Dreamcast Era Level Pack, and a Modern Era Level Pack that each have a few new levels and perhaps a couple bosses. I wouldn’t mind getting to fight the Egg Knight (or whatever he was called, from Heroes.)

  17. Realized something weird when looking at the icons.

    The round circle ones are: Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge, Espio, Charmy, Vector, and Blaze.

    However in the bottoms batch of symbols we see what (I’m assuming here, I don’t speak Japanese or read any, but I’m sort of matching stuff up with Sonic Channel) appears to be Classic and Modern Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Vector, Amy, Cream, Blaze (even though the icon is Rouge’s pink), Shadow (on the left), and the red one on the right I can’t figure out…

    Just wondering why Espio, Charmy, and Rouge don’t have character icons yet, and why Shadow has one but not the other bosses. Has Sonic Retro already discussed this stuff?

    1. The red one with hiragana on it? It says ‘Eggman’. Not sure why it’s in hiragana, but there.

      The yellow Sonic symbol also refers to Tails as ‘Tails (Generic)’ (Generic being the file name for Modern) suggesting there’ll be both Modern and Classic Tails present in the game.

      1. Cool, thanks for clarifying that, I was pretty interested in what that all said. Now I’m curious as to why there’s certain symbols for certain characters etc, probably just haven’t finished putting them all in yet I would think.

  18. @MrMetalloidMan

    It’s less that we’re lat with it as it is that we handle what we post very carefully. We have good relations with Sega and we don’t want to do anything to hurt that relation. This info was discussed in the staff forum for some time before being posted and unlike Sonic 4, this wasn’t video from a pirated copy, but data left on a demo given to the public.

  19. This game feels like it will be really short :T I got done with Sonic Colors in less than 2 days, I hope this game isn’t the same.

    Also, CHAO! God I hope they come back. Every game since SAB2 I’ve been hoping *crosses fingers*

  20. I figured Chemical Plant and Crisis City would be in there somewhere. They’re both great zones with awesome music. Good to see Speed Highway in there as well. But seriously, why Seaside Hill? BINGO Highway would have been so cool in HD.

    Personally, I wanna see Ice Cap Zone in there somewhere. Who else wants to see that snowboarding sequence in HD? And I agree with some of the other posters, I want Stardust Speedway in there somewhere.

    1. I have said once and i ll say it again. Ice Cap Zone and Star Light Zone for DLC. Its a must. Sonic Team you need to tighten up!

  21. I saw the list quite a while ago……I’m sure other levels will be added soon….I’m sure if we had only these levels it would be quite short….But I’m glad all characters are appearing for once I cannot wait to see Team Chaotix again espcially Espio and Knuckles since 06 and Rivals 2 I’m glad to have everyone back even if they are not playable I’m glad they will be at least part of the supporting cast….Except Omega and Big as they don’t seem to be on the list :L

    I’m so happy that Egg Dragoon is returning that boss was epic When Sonic was in his Werehog form I wonder if this can top The Unleashed one though?…We will see :D…Metal Sonic as boss is cool too but I’m interesting in Shadow and Silver too as bosses (IT’S NO USE……TAKE THIS XD He probably won’t say that though….I keep forgetting that Flynn replaced Capella as Silver mann :/

    For other levels I would like to see Aquatic Ruin,Marble Zone, MHZ or FBZ, Sky Deck or Twinkle Park, White Jungle or maybe transform The Hunting and Mech Levels to a Sonic level Just a thought, Hang Castle, Jungle Joyride or Empire City, and if including Shadow then maybe….Circus Park or Mad Madrix, Kingdom Valley…and others…many many more among those levels…I just want them to transform and put as many levels as possible (from Classic Era to Dreamcast era to Modern Era) 😀 I’m keeping positive and hoping these won’t be all the levels 🙂

    1. @Truesonic
      Hi nice to hear from you again.
      About bosses-I am most excited for Shadow and Silver sincd they are bosses they will be most important side characters. And I think how new actors will perform while Silver new voice is better I am not sure about Shadow.
      Maybe they will finaly make game where characters other then sonic are important.

      1. @SA3 2011

        Good to hear from you too…Unfortunately our conversation was cut short at the SA-Blogs due to hacking but for now Other sites are avaliable which is great news

        I definitely agree with you on Shadow and Silver I’m just as excited as you are and I’m not sure on both actors cause I haven’t heard enough of them to be sure yet and yeah I’m glad almost everyone is appearing even if they are not playable it’s better than not being in the game at all right? I’m glad Knuckles, Team Chaotix and just everyone is back well everyone except a Big purple cat who likes to fish and a Homicidal Robot….

        I’m just hoping that more levels will appear I’m sure of it…No way can this be the final list

        But how will the Egg Dragoon work it was epic as Sonic in his Werehog Form…will this one top the Unleashed one or will Sonic be in his werehog form for this or will it be when like when Sonic was fighting the early design of the Egg Dragoon in the Unleashed Opening?

    1. first off its a demo and not the full game. Second I kinda figured it was only going to be Green Hill Zone, what caught me off guard was Modern Sonic wasn’t included in the demo. We have seen E3 vids of Generations with both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic and Classic/Modern versions of Green Hill. So where in hell do you get off saying “Sega lied to us”? Where is your proof?

          1. I think haloteen is trying to say that SEGA was going to put in 2 different levels from every main sonic game.

            SEGA never said that. Haloteen, your just worried that this game will be too short, but who CARES? Be happy Sonic is still alive! If SEGA never teamed up with Nintendo, SEGA would be dead by now. So for all of you that hate Mario, get out of here, because he practically saved Sonic’s life.

  22. If we are going to have Egg Dragoon, then that means the Werehog is coming back!! 🙂

    This list feels incomplete though. I mean, there are only 3 genesis levels :/ and 6 modern levels. Most of the Old School Sonic fans will be very dissapointed. I’m OK with the list, but I think SEGA could’ve done better. The missions seem cool and all, but I’m a BIT confused. So througout the missions, we will be fighting characters? Wtf. And co-op w/them too?

    What’s funny, was that when I was going through some leaked file pictures, I saw a menu screen that said “Switch character”….I wonder what that means…I wonder if SEGA was just joking about the whole “You can only play as Classic and Generic Sonic”, and that you could actually play as other characters….that would be so cool…

    All in all, this is going to be a great(not awsome) game 🙂

      1. If you go back to Retro, they said they spoke w/SEGA, and said that all of this leaked stuff are works in progress. And I saw pics of SEASIDE HILL AND ROOFTOP RUN. SEGA wouldn’t let those stages go to waste, if they are already in development with them.

        1. yea i know but are you sured this is all the levels we are having, 9 FUCKIN LEVELS, sega can do better than this, if they can make sonic unleashed long , they can make this game even longer

          1. Im pretty sure that leaked list doesnt have everything, but its really close to. And remember, each world will have SEVERAL ACTS.(im going to say 6 like Colors. 3 for Classic, and 3 for Generic.) So what’s 9×6? 54 levels. If its more than 6 acts, then its 54+.

    1. Daytime/Modern Sonic did fight the Egg Dragoon in space during Unleashed’s opening cutscene, you know.

          1. Still I think the boss suited Sonic in his Werehog form better XD But I’m not sure how this will work out….I’ve also been told below by Rickyrick that There was A Werehog icon spotted…O.o so that could mean…maybe for one boss….there’s a chance he may make a small return

  23. I’m curious to see how boss battles will differ between the 2 sonics. This should be pretty sweet actually.

      1. The leak says that there are 11 cutscenes for rival battles (metal, shadow,silver) lets say one intro one outro to battle still there are 5 cutscenes left. I think those are transitions beetwen modern and classic.

  24. The absence of the Biolizard/Final Hazard saddens me 🙁

    Pretty much everything else is great though 🙂



    1. When I was also looking through some leaked pics, I saw the Sonic Werehog icon. And I DO remember SEGA saying that one day, they would have plans to return the Werehog someday.. 🙂 So its gonna be Werehog vs. Egg Dragoon.

      1. Are you sure? That would be epic if the Werehog returned for that moment with all his abilities but What about the Opening of Unleashed when Sonic was in his normal form He fought an early design of the Egg Dragoon O.o

        1. Yes, I’m positive. The first row showed Modern Sonic’s Icon, then it showed.the Werehog’s icon, followed by other ones( I couldn’t remember the rest.sorry)

          It makes me wonder though how Sonic will get his powers back though…and if Chip will be with him.

          But believe me, I saw the Werehog icon, I would post it, but I can’t, since it is a QuickTime Player Picture, its impossible for me to show it to you.

          I mean, it is possible that the Werehog might be in it, due to the icon head, but then again SEGA could’ve chose to scrap that idea. Though I highly doubt they did, due to that conference. OH YEAH! Also, in that conference, I remember that SEGA said that they had plans to return the Werehog IN 2011! It makes sense now!

            O my GOD this would cause flamewar (if its real of course).
            I am not trolling I just see it. And I bet 1000 rings that retro fans will be so pissed off.

          2. @SA3 2011, like I said before, I think that Classic and Modern CAN’T BOTH play every Boss. It just wouldn’t make sense. Like, why would Classic Sonic need to fight Shadow or Silver? And why would Modern Sonic need to fight The Death Egg or Metal Sonic? It would only make sense if they each do their OWN bosses. I could be wrong in the end, but I really doubt both sonics can play every boss level.

          3. @Rickyrick
            Just imagine a Shadow Scene:
            -FAKER! Wait… NO YOU FAKER!
            Modern: ME?! NO HIM! (Points at classic)
            Classic: O_O
            But yeah then tell me for what we have got 11 rival cutscenes for just 3 rival bosses. Lets say that 6 of them are out (intro and Outro of battle) but what about rest? We have got 4 unused cutscenes probably they are transitions between sonics or better alternate finishes of battle for both sonics.

            Maybe every battle can be played by any sonic.

          4. @SA3 2011, Who said the cutscenes were ALL RIVAL BOSSES? Remember that all of this stuff was work in progress. For all we know , those could’ve been the STORY cutscenes, not Rival/boss cutscenes.

          5. @Rickyrick
            No ricky. Sorry to say but you are wrong. In leak there was listed that (I dont remember numbers so only rival cutscenes are true)
            -There is an ammount of zone cutscenes
            -Probably 9 CGI cutscenes
            -Some story cutscenes
            -Some bosses cutscenes
            -AND 9 RIVAL CUTSCENES!

            The cutscenes are clearly divided in the leak so I think I am right..

  26. They could have done without the Unleashed and Colours levels. They seem far too recent. A Sonic CD level and a Sonic Rush level would have been better I think.

  27. I heard this story on so many sources and I think SEGA has removed the original post on Sonic Retro. At first I was disapointed that Stardust Speedway is not in the game, but I am hoping to see Classic Amy Rose in the game as a cameo since her name is in the icons. Before the demo started there was a message saying that everything in the demo doe not reflect to the final product, so there could be changes since the game comes out in about 6 months. So I am hoping that SEGA will make a public s

  28. I heard this story on so many sources and I think SEGA has removed the original post on Sonic Retro. At first I was disapointed that Stardust Speedway is not in the game, but I am hoping to see Classic Amy Rose in the game as a cameo since her name is in the icons. Before the demo started there was a message saying that everything in the demo doe not reflect to the final product, so there could be changes since the game comes out in about 6 months. So I am hoping that SEGA will make a public announcment about the recent hack since the information is already out. Maybe they will tell everyone that the information isn’t final, or they will add more content since the demo only had those levels listed. Thank you. (sorry, someone sent my post early)

  29. I’m happy to c Sega bring back all of the main cast but maybe there will be a sonic shuffle style multiplayer mode?

  30. I like Crisis City. For DLC they should put

    Lost world
    The Ark
    Starlight carnival
    Egg factory

      1. I don’t think Egg Factory would make it…I don’t think they are putting levels from Sonic Spin Off Games…maybe only Main

  31. Well, I gotta say they picked some very good bosses and some awesome stages. I’m so excited to see the updated Chemical Plant, Sky Sanctuary, Speed Highway, and Crisis City stages. I’m a bit surprised they’re adding stages from Unleashed and Colors since those were already done in the Modern Sonic style. They better change up the stages really good for Modern Sonic though.

    And seriously, Seaside Hill? It’s not a bad stage, but it’s already a bit similar to Green Hill. Why don’t they add Egg Fleet, Bullet Station, or Grand Metropolis? Those were way cooler. And where are the Sonic CD and Shadow the Hedgehog stages? Surely they aren’t gonna leave those out.

    1. If they plan to add more stages as DLC, and I certainly hope they do, I’d wanna see the following:
      Scrap Brain Zone from Sonic 1
      Oil Ocean Zone from Sonic 2
      Collision Chaos Zone and Stardust Speedway Zone from Sonic CD
      Angel Island Zone and Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3
      Mushroom Hill Zone and Flying Battery Zone from Sonic & Knuckles
      Windy Valley and Hot Shelter from Sonic Adventure
      Radical Highway, Metal Harbor, and Final Rush from Sonic Adventure 2
      Grand Metropolis, Bullet Station (Or Rail Canyon), and Egg Fleet from Sonic Heroes
      Radical Train and Aquatic Base from Sonic 06′
      Savannah Citadel and Dragon Road from Sonic Unleashed
      Sweet Mountain and Asteroid Coaster from Sonic Colors
      and maybe a Sonic Riders related mini game or a stage from Knuckles Chaotix.

  32. Why is Crisis City there? Don’t get me wrong, i’d enjoy it alot but technically It doesn’t exsist, if Iblis was destroyed in the past how can it destroy Soleanna and turn it into Crisis City unless its a different timeline in which case why are the blue blurs going that far into the future… hmmmmm??

    1. well since the game has to do with time travel, i think they travel back in time to the point where ibilis is not destroyed and they travel forward in time to crisis city o.o

  33. Very happy with what they included. Going to miss Mushroom Hill and Marble Garden, though. Also, doesn’t it seem odd to have Planet Wisp be the final level instead of following the Sonic tradition of having the final zone be a space base romp? Maybe there’s a final level we have yet to see that will be a mix of Scrap Brain, Launch Base, Death Egg, Final Egg, etc, especially given Sega’s trend since SA2 of having very complex, multi-part final stages? I seriously doubt Sega would’ve included that level list in the demo without knowing it’d be leaked, so I think they might still only teasing us.

  34. Mayble we’ll get some DLC Levels in the future.

    There’s ALOT of Sonic levels that deserve a HD makeover.

  35. I think it should have gone like this

    1 Scrap Brain
    2 Scrap Brain
    3 Scrap Brain
    4 Scrap Brain
    5 Scrap Brain
    6 Scrap Brain
    7 Scrap Brain
    8 Labyrinth
    9 Infinite Sonic 06 Bonus Level

  36. Green Hill Zone: This stage is the most iconic level in any Sonic game that’s even been created, and it’s been in a few other Sonic games as well. What better way to represent the first game than to have the first level from that game be the first level of this one?

    Chemical Plant Zone: While I don’t remember actually playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2, I find that Chemical Plant Zone had some great music and was fun to watch, Now I wish I had bought the game earlier. Besides, the factory/power plant theme helps to add variety to the game.

    Sky Sactuary Zone: If SEGA wanted variety, then they definitely helped add some of that here. The music is rather bland, but hopefully, the music for the level in Generations will be much better.

    Speed Highway: There’s a sort of espionage theme to the level that’ll hopefully make it stand out. HOPEFULLY. Not to mention the music could use a slight adjustment, but that’ll get taken care of…I hope…

    City Escape: There’s no doubt in my mind that this level is the most iconic 3D level in any Sonic game. THIS is THE city level, there’s no doubt about it, though it reminds me more of a suburb/neighborhood than a city level like Speed Highway. And to sweeten the deal, the music in the level kicks so much butt that it makes Knuckles look like a pansy by comparison.

    Seaside Hill: Emphasis on the beach and the ruins rather than on the anything else, such as the hills and the anything too Green Hill Zone-ish should help retain the level’s originality.

    Casino Night: This level was freaking awesome!! The music, the design, everything was perfect! Hopefully they make the Generations version perfect too, because this game could use a casino level for variety’s sake.

    Crisis City: A fiery post-apocalyptic city definitely makes the game a bit more interesting, but at this point, the use of cities for levels is starting to get rather old. At least the music is cool. Can’t say the same for the game the level came from, though.

    Rooftop Run: Don’t really have much to say about this level except that the city theme thankfully ends here. At least the architecture makes it feel less redundant compared to Speed Highway and City Escape. That, and the music is cool.

    Planet Wisp: Such a level like Planet Wisp, which was a key component in Sonic Colors had to have the best of everything, from level theme to level design, which makes it look like a sort of construction site. As a result, it retains it’s originality in the context of things in Generations.

    When you think about it, the levels all have a nice amount of originality to them, though it’s rather hard to notice on a first glance. Now onto the bosses.

    Metal Sonic: This guy was a shoo-in, no doubt about it. But which game would he represent? I do recall reading that he showed up in Sonic CD, so I hope you fight him in that “time”.

    Shadow the Hedgehog: Yet another shoo-in, but this time with a much more predictable location to fight him: The big space bridge at the end of both the Evil and Good storylines in SA2.

    Silver the Hedgehog: I admit that I wasn’t fully expecting him to show up, but his inclusion definitely piqued my interest. If the boss fight is anything like it was in Sonic Next Gen, then count me out. That was dull beyond all reason. They’ll probably tweak it, though.

    Death Egg: The actual Death Egg? COOL!!!

    Perfect Chaos: Perfect Chaos was a shoo-in for dead certain. He was a tough cookie to beat, so I believe the fight against him should be wicked, too.

    Egg Dragoon: This should be very interesting.

    Time Eater: Remix these songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9zZus_1_ag , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm04bXd84Mg , and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UgFSUmuPAA , and SEGA will make me very happy! Live and Learn is the most iconic final boss theme in the series, and the first Sonic the Hedgehog game’s title theme represents the classic games flawlessly, allowing the two characters to have more of a presence in the fight besides actually being there. The third song is the Extras Menu in Sonic Mega Collection, and the reason why I’d love to hear this in the game is that the music has a sort of mystical quality to it, one that could progressively lead into Live and Learn and the StH title theme, as if to say, “The time for nostalgia is over; Put it aside and fight the good fight, or there will be no further additions to a great legacy”.

    I have nothing to say regarding the icons, but I do have this to say. If this is all truly legit and not some ploy to get attention, then this game looks like it’s going to be a classic.

  37. 9 levels makes me feel that this game will be half compelted when released, there going to make us pay for the other levels which would kinda suck since we pay like £40 for the game then pay more to get extra levels to make it the completed version….. but still Demo rocked, Modern gameplay at summer of sonic was fun but i found a Glitch when i played it, i ended up falling though the floor lol but it sucks theres no Sonic CD and Sonic 3D levels DX and wheres ICE CAP??? thats like one of the most iconic sonic levels of all time, i just feel theres not enough Selection in levels, seaside hill is pretty much green hill in a way, but im fine with most choices they’ve picked i just wished there was more selection of levels like a lava one (Sonic 3D) and Snow (Sonic3 Ice cap) a metal/robotic type level etc. would’ve been cool to have Classic sonic in Sky deck.

  38. GUYS!!!
    Just want to point the obvious since some people here hopes for changes in list. DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP!
    Think about it the game will ge out in november (confirmed by SEGA blog).
    BEFORE BEGGINING of November it needs to be ready and even in half of october because of one week long QA process at SEGA.
    Why it needs to be ready? Because they need to burn it to Blu-Rays/DVDs and ship them across the globe one week before relase for retailers to be ready.
    So they got 3.75 month to finish levels ane test them then add missions do beta testing etc.

    Long story short: There is no time for changes they are probably working 18 hours per day.

    1. I’m not gonna get my hopes up too much but still I’m excited and I’ll stay positive for this game 🙂

      1. I am positive too! And I cant wait till November to play it. Just dont get hopes up for changes in level list maybe DLC but not game.

    2. Let’s put this into context here. It was just after they’d finished Unleashed that they thought of the idea for Generations. Pretty much the whole game is done by now. They’re not going to be able to model a whole level in such a short space of time. If anything, fine tuning and maybe some more object placement (Red rings, etc.) will be taking place now.

  39. SSMB, SEGA Mexico confirmed 2 new Sonic titles on the way. Sonic and SEGA, and another Storybook Game lol.

    1. Oh Please not a storybook game DX there making the franchise seem like a running joke, copy and paste sonic characters in a book, if u ask me thats a super lazy way to make a game, besides the fact the sequel black knight was hated so much for being 100% none sonic, in short it had nothing Sonic related, i just wish Sega would just make 1 sonic game a year so each year we have a polished amazing game, because when loads are in works theres always a bad dud (last year Free riders)

      1. i was soo mad that free riders is only for the kinect , what were sega thinking, i dont have an xbox! I got a ps3 and a wii to help me complete all sonic games

    2. More story book games?…I dread to think what there going to do with it this time,I hope they’ve learned from there past mistakes at least…(facepalms)Sonic and Sega could be anything…what haven’t they touched yet?

  40. Why 9 fuckin levels?I know sega can do better than this! If you can make sonic unleashed long, you can make this game even longer. I still think there will be more levels

  41. :/ Everyone keeps complaining and saying “these levels need to be in” and mention non recognizable zones to those who love sonic across all 3 generations. Every level listed is absolutely fine with me. I recognize every single zone mention, and that’s what the game is to do.


    I only hope that they have “classic sonic” story and “modern sonic story” kind of like other games, so I don’t have to alternate between character play styles lol

    1. I just hoped for a abit more Selection in levels, no Snow level feels missing lol but still Ice cap should have at least been in there, this could be a fake list and could have 20 levels in total so lets see in the future ^^ Sega have said you alternate between both Classic and Modern so i don’t think they would have there own storys.

      1. I’m fine with the levels too but I just don’t think this is enough….like I said hopefully more levels should appear soon I’m happy with the Boss list and characters too just hoping more levels appear As much as possible

      1. OH GOD! I almost forgot about this awful voice. I HATE AMY NOW I mean this voice is SOOO annoying.

    1. I dout Sonic and Amy will ever get together like Yuji Naka said that, “There will be no chance, Amy will continue to pursue Sonic all the time, but Sonic will not ever like her because I cannot picture the image of Sonic that he is married and has his children! Also, I feel it is a more Amy’s style to always chase Sonic.”

      1. @SK72 – YUJI NAKA DOESN’T WORK FOR SEGA ANYMORE! 😉 So maybe SonAmy could happen, or at least a date or whatever, idk.

        Btw sorry if I sounded rude on my first sentence, I meant that in a good way 🙂 he left in 2009…so whatever Yuji said about Sonic+Amy, is HISTORY. SEGA makes the decisions now.

        1. You can agree to go on a date with Amy at the end of Unleashed, remember? Then in the credits Amy has a go at Sonic for trying to avoid the date and for making up the whole ‘story’ that he was sucked into the book.

          1. Chemical Plant, Sky Sanctuary, and Planet Wisp are delightful, but Speed Highway? What’s so memorable about that level that it was worth being remade? I just don’t get that one at all! Did that level really leave that much impact on the creators? I better see some Lost World or Windy Valley DLC!

            But, Perfect Chaos as a boss = very yes!

  42. I wanted a level from Sonic CD and maybe a level from Sonic R… 🙁 But I think this list is still pretty comprehensive and covers most of the best games. 🙂

  43. Technically, we are getting 18 levels, because we’ll be playing two different versions of each level respectively. I am very Happy Sky Sanctuary is in, I was never a fan of Chemical Plant I preferred Mystic Cave. Can’t argue with Speed Highway and City Escape. Seaside hill is questionable choice for me, Sonic Heroes has many strong level designs, like Hang Castle and Power Plant, but I can live with it. Crisis City, love it. I don’t see the need to add a Sonic Colours level though, same with Unleashed. Overall, not fussed with this list, SEGA won’t impress everyone with this list after all…

    1. im hope your right, Theres no fuckin way there could be 9 different levels, but if it was like 13 i would except it, but 18 is enough! If they can make sonic unleashed long, they can make this game even longer

      1. Well, don’t forget, there are two playable characters each with their own version of each stage, So we have the Classic Versions of the stages and the Modern Versions, so we are getting 18 levels, it’s just every 2 levels are the same layout but different play style. Nothing to moan about really, that’s gotta be a lot of hard work on SEGA’s part.

  44. Here’s my 24 stages:
    1.Green Hill Zone
    2.Star Light Zone
    3.Chermical Plant Zone
    4.Casino Night Zone
    5.Tidal Tempest Zone
    6.Stardust Speedway Zone
    7.Angel Island Zone
    8.Ice Cap Zone
    9.Mushroom Hill Zone
    10.Sky Sanctuary Zone
    11.Emerald Coast
    12.Speed Highway
    13.City Escape
    14.Metal Harbor
    15.Seaside Hill
    16.Egg Fleet
    18.Black Comet
    19.Crisis City
    20.Kingdom Valley
    21.Rooftop Run
    23.Planet Wisp
    24.Starlight Carnival

  45. There were a few things that weren’t mentioned in this article. For starters, there WILL be missions in the game. Modern and Classic Sonic have 5 missions each per level. The missions are somewhat similar to the storybook series’, but a bit more interesting. Some missions are “Co-op missions” where you work together with another character such as Tails and there are “VS Missions” where you go up against another character (yes, you even have to go against Cream in some missions). Completing levels and missions will restore color to the respective area map, unlocking extra content (I don’t know what it is, though) and will reward you with “boss keys” upon completion, similar to the 360/PS3 version of Unleashed. Though I’m not sure if this applies to the Rival Bosses. Instead of having a boss at the end of each level, you have 1 rival boss and 1 major boss per ERA. Completing missions and collecting boss keys don’t seem to be required to progress to the next level in 1 era, though I’m not sure if they are required to progress to the next era. They probably are. There was also a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive emulator found in the demo, suggesting that you could unlock the original Sonic games and maybe a few others.

  46. Oh Seaside Hill just go away already.
    As if being in Heroes, Tennis and all stars racing wasn’t enough >=(

    1. I would really like if Hang Castle or Egg Fleet made the cut….hopefully there is still time

      1. Hang castle would have been amazing! Considering it’s such a unique zone rather than “generic green happy first stage”.

        I’d say that power plant stage (I forget what its called) would rock too, but we do already have a fair few city style stages.

  47. For me the list is ok, but it have a terrible mistake.
    Sonic Generations should be a Retro game and Sonic Colors is a too new game to be there.
    I know it’ a good game but Sonic 3 should have more stages on the game, like Ice Cap, Hidrocity or Lava Reef.

    1. Sonic Generations was never supposed to be exclusively a retro game, sorry. It’s supposed to represent the whole of Sonic’s history, including recent.

  48. The only thing I dont get is why did they add Egg Dragoon? that boss battle was annoying as hell. Not only that, but that would make 2 bosses from Sonic Adventure 1, whatever happened to Biohazard?

  49. I can’t wait till this game comes out. Also I can’t wait to see crisis city with better graphics and no glitches like from Sonic the hedgehog 06.

  50. Haha, I love how all the character’s who appeared in the DS version of Colors is there…except Big the Cat. XD Poor Big, doesn’t get any Generation love. : P

    I mean fans just want a Modern Big fishing level, right? -.-

  51. I hope the boss list isn’t final. I was never a fan of the hedgehog-on-hedgehog battles, they just seem boring compared to fighting giant robots. I think we could lose the Shadow and Silver fights to something, idunno, BIGGER. But the others would be pretty cool to see, especially Metal Sonic and Perfect Chaos.

    1. YA RIGHT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Shadow&Silver are the shit. Not to mention One of Sonic’s biggest Rival is Shadow. Sucks you don’t like him, but everyone else does.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I like Shadow. Just not as much as fighting Robotnik’s machines. Shadow is still a cool character.

        1. Strange that you dont like hedgehog on hedgehog battles and you are excited for metal sonic battle.
          Hedgehog on hedgehog battles are my favourite.

          1. Well I like the Metal Sonic battle cuz it’s a classic moment. I was never a fan of the hedgehog battles in the Adventure games. But I’m beeing to cynical :P. If the demo is anything to judge by, I’m sure the boss fights are going to be fun.

      2. I don’t think I can call Shadow his rival, especially his biggest rival, until Shadow himself competes against Sonic one-on-one. I haven’t see him do that except one time in Shadow The Hedgehog in the level Space Gadgent, and even then Sonic suggested it AND Shadow seemed to not care, especially when giving us the choice to ignore it and do a different objective. lol

        In SA2, Shadow minded his own business, then Sonic comes up and compares Shadow to himself, seeing the similarities, and with his ego believes Shadow is actually trying to be like him, which insults Shadow. Most of that game is Sonic picking a fight with Shadow unless he gets in the way, then Shadow goes to take him down.

        In Heroes, he doesn’t even know Sonic. The 2 teams just fight for no reason like all the teams did in Heroes rather than joining forces…. idiots. lol

        And I’d make other examples but there’s no other big game where they interact. Sonic 06 sure didn’t show a rivalry. Maybe a one-sided rivalry. Sonic says “don’t be late” and Shadow brushes it off by saying “Same to you” which sounds like he doesn’t take Sonic’s challenges seriously.

        Actually, I think Knuckles looked similar to Sonic when first introduced. He’s even always had the same running pose as Sonic and the same body build. He’s a similar animal. He’s also red, which often oppose blue for some reason. Tho he seems more like Shadow, an enemy turned friend. Not a full on rival.

        Metal Sonic is a rival/nemesis. Metal doesn’t intend to be “better” than Sonic, he intends on considering himself the real Sonic.

        I’d say Sonic’s biggest rival, as far as rivalry goes, at this time, as actually Jet the Hawk, another character who’s a different species with a similar design to Sonic. I say this because Jet’s ONLY relationship with Sonic is nothing but pure rivalry brought on by Jet and intrigued by Sonic, making it the only real full on rivalry from both sides as well as being the biggest rivalry. (Jet is pretty competitive lol)

        1. It seems most other animal-rivals are introduced to become allies later on. I doubt that will happen to Jet, though, he’s too much of a jerk. But we haven’t seen Metal Sonic in a while, and I’m excited to see what he brings to the table.

    2. Actually they should leave in Shadow and Silver as bosses. It’s interesting to fight another character. Plus it’ll show them in action. It also means eventually the hackers will put them in stages. lol

      But more importantly, I’m interested in seeing how Classic OR Modern Sonic would fight them. In Modern’s current gameplay I’ve never seen him fight another character.

      I also want to see how they handle Silver’s psychokinesis this time.

      But most importantly, it gives diversity to the boss list. It’s not just characters, or rivals, or machines, or monsters. It’s mixed. =) Something for EVERYONE.

    3. I’m glad that they in but I get your point. It is more thrilled fighting something 10x your size. I hope Knuckles is an enemy in some way aswell.

  52. I cant believe everyones worried about levels hello we have dvanced technology to add levels though DLC so dont see it in the game maybe itll come out later

  53. Perfect idea: Sonic Generations as a kind of a LittleBig Planet thing. Everyone can play every level ever in either style they like best and also customize them and post the stages. More or less like the ill-fated Mega Man Universe than LBP. P.S. Dyin 2 c Crisis City.

  54. So let mr get this straight…..you fight Shadow….and Silver….BUT NOT KNUCKLES!



    1. I see you dont like hedgehogs. RETRO FAN ALERT!
      All right first
      -Knuckles never was Sonic rival bith times he fought him was because of EGGMAN. Second.
      -Explain how would this battle look Knuckles isnt fast and dont have special powers so this would be cheap battle. Third
      -There are 3 rivals from 3 eras. Metal-classic, Shadow-Dreamcast and Silver-Modern. To place knuckles somewhere you will need to replace Metal because you fought Knuckles in classic era. This would cause so much rage in retro fanbase. Fourth and last point.
      -There is a mission “vs. Knuckles” in Modern Green Hill so you can still have this battle.

      Why no Ice Cap? Because this game is made to celebrate all 3 eras of Sonic equaly. THATS WHY THERE ARE 3 LEVELS FROM EACH ERA AND 2 BOSSES FROM EACH ERA (one rival and one boss) Another level will destroy this balance nuff said.

  55. Great list of levels. I’m only disappointed about Seaside Hill, and to some extent, Crisis City.

    There are so many other great levels from Sonic Heroes, we did not need another first level, especially one so like Green Hill.

    And I was hoping for Kingdom Valley, since that level is so beautiful and ‘Ruin-ey’, but Crisis City was a close second.

    1. I love the addition of Crisis City. Great setting, and I’m looking forward to playing through it with controls that aren’t completely broken xD.
      But I would agree with Seaside Hill. If anything, that was the one Heroes stage they shouldn’t have picked since it’s so similar to Green Hill. I personally would have chosen the Egg Fleet.

  56. I’m surprised they’re even acknowledging Sonic 06’s existance still, but hey, maybe they’ll make CC interesting this time round.

  57. hmm crisis city with the hedgehog engine …now that will be interesting
    personally i think they have too many city levels and are missing ice cap and lava reef C’MON SEGA XD

    1. That will be,that game drove me nuts!Hopefully it will play better for me and others with this engine.

  58. Looks like the leaked list early on was right..

    I’m glad we get chemical plant but we got speed highway instead of radical..pity..I love the colour scheme there..I was hoping for starlight carnival..it’s best for the HD aim they were going for..wish there were a couple more stages tho’

  59. If Sonic Heroes is in this junk and Metal Sonic is a boss, I seriously hope Metal Overlord is in this biatch

    The Level List is awesome the only thing I didn’t guess was Speed Highway but that’s awesome too!

    Super Sonic and Super Classic Sonic VS Time Eater will be a epic fight I just know it


  60. I love all the levels on the list, but I’m just dissapointed that it’s a short amount of levels. I hope they’ll do some DLC Levels for the game once its out.

    Also why are people asking for bosses and levels like radical highway, westopolis, biolizard, etc.? Those were Shadows Levels/Bosses, not Sonics. lol

  61. If had to chose an alternate level list it’d include Sonic 3 as it’s own title for an even 10 stages each and it would be…

    Sonic 1 – Green Hill Zone
    Sonic 2 – Casino Night Zone
    Sonic 3 – Ice Cap Zone
    Sonic & Knuckles – Lava Reef Zone
    Sonic Adventure – Twinkle Park
    Sonic Adventure 2 – City Escape
    Sonic Heroes – Final Fortress
    Sonic 06 – Kingdom Valley
    Sonic Unleashed – Shamar
    Sonic Colors – Aquarium Park

    Hmm, actually I multiple alternate lists so it’s tough. I chose what I did also to balance out all the themes favorable to what games ppl might like them best from. x.x

    1. Do you think they should add a Shadow level too? for e.g The Ark levels or…Circus Park or even Sky Troops?

        1. Lol XD Thanks for reminding me about that how could I forgot about that level…lol and Vector is appearing in this game, if this level was to appear THAT WOULD SO OWN XD

  62. very dissapointing, im sorry it’s just dissapointing the amount of city levels
    i’m still looking forward to the game though
    Green Hill- Duh (Green level No.1)
    Chemical Plant- It deserves to comeback
    (What no Sonic CD >:O RAGE)
    Sky Sanctuary- I would of prefered Death Egg or Lava Reef, but it’s still cool (why is S3 and SK considered as one game SEGA, is this laziness???)
    Speed Highway- I like the level and the atmosphere, but Lost World and Twinkle Park would provide more variety (City level No.1)
    City Escape- Duh (Again) (City level No.2)
    Seaside Hill- Not needed unless it acts more like a water level (Green level No.2)
    Crisis City- It has enormous potential, but judging by the list…NO! Kingdom Valley any day (City Level No.3)
    Rooftop Run- Already comfirmed by the end of the City Escape trailer, I don’t mind Spagonia being here (City Level No.4)
    Planet Wisp- I love the theme and the music, but they need more variety like Starlight Carnival (Green level No.3)

    Now here’s my list…
    Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Quartz Quadrant, Ice Cap, Death Egg, Lost World, City Escape, Hang Castle, Kingdom Valley, Shamar or Adabat, Starlight Carnival

    1. Technically they are 1 game. S&K is a direct continuation of S3. They are the only classic games to share the same exact sprites, but from the sound of it you never played S3+K (one game, not two). P.S. I goofed on my iPhone earlier and posted a comment as BlooDoof. It’s a little hard to type on these things.

  63. That’s 18 levels, not including bosses. Honestly, I really don’t have a problem with that…

    1. agreed. 18 levels minimum, they’re could be multiple acts. i don’t know if sega has said anything on multiple acts for each sonic so if they have disregard this o.o

  64. Would have liked to have seen: crazy gadget,holoska,dragon road,aquarium park,marble garden,twinkle park(loved that stage),red canyon,angel island, and I’m sure there’s a few others I cant think of at the moment.Glad to see Sky Sanctuary,loved the music for it.

  65. Green Hill Chemical Plant Sky Sanctuary – Genesis, Speed Highway City Escape Seaside Hill – Dreamcast, Crisis City Rooftop Run Planet Wisp – Modern – Epic

  66. Would’ve been cool to see Lava Reef, but Sky Sanctuary is probably my #2 choice. Now that I think about it, Sky Sanctuary actually has more potential.

  67. First off, I’m grateful for this upcoming game and 20 years with this gaming icon legend. I think that the list so far is cool but, I have a few issues/questions with it. One; Where’s the legitimate elemental stages at like Hydrocity (I LOVE THIS ZONE. IT WAS AND STILL IS THE BEST CLASSIC UNDERWATER THEME PARK (zone 2) I’VE PLAYED. IT’LL WORK WONDERS FOR THE 360 AND PS3 VERSIONS. PLUS, MODERN SONIC CAN SWIM NOW. PLEASE, SEGA, BRING BACK THIS ZONE FOR THE HOME CONSOLES), Lava Reef (I LOVE THIS ZONE TOO), Red Mountain, etc? Why have the elemental shields (which I’m glad to hear that they being brought back) if there not going to be used to there full potential? Two; Chemical Plant (which I enjoyed a lot) seems like it would be better for the 3DS to me (It really does). Plus, it never felt like a water level to me (If your fast and good, you’ll never touch the water) before anyone tells me it is. Three; I’m surprised that there’s no SONIC CD stages yet (which is consider one of, if not, the best classic Sonic games. Plus, I want super peel-out). Four; If the elemental shields are back, where’s insta-shield? Five; is Sega avoiding the Spin-offs all together which I would understand storywise but, the “Rush” and “Advance” series would be cool to see get renewed as well. Same, goes for the Game Gear titles. Is Sonic CD a main series game (I think it is)? Six; In terms of actual character appearances, are we going to see old character that we haven’t seen in a long while appear and/or interact with the story/game like Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel? Also, would there be an modern updated look for these characters? Seven; is the entire Death Egg going to be a boss (that would be awesome to me)? Eight; Are Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and the Chaotix going to run into each other like Modern and Classic Sonic did. Nine; Is the Master Emerald going to play a role in this? Ten; Are any other wisp powers going to be available like LAZER (I’m surprised to see Rocket beat that)? Well, Since the game is still being worked on, these questions are nothing that time and DLC can’t solve. I look forward to this game and more updates. Happy 20th Anniversary, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG.

  68. Come on SEGA! More retro levels needed!!! No Sonic CD levels leaked.. A Metal Sonic fight on Stardust Speedway won’t do!! Also how about some Sonic Xtreme lost levels brought back to life.. Damn be creative the way SEGA was.. Don’t get me wrong Sonic Generations ROCKS but the levels choice concept should be more hardcore!

    1. I’m ok with that level and the others…I would have loved to see Kingdom Valley though…

  69. if i would choose the levels for this game i would choose!

    green hill: jungel level

    chemical plan: factory level

    hydrocity: water level

    lava reef: lava level

    radiant emerald: emerald level

    tvinkel park: amusement park level

    city escape: city level

    radical train: train level

    hang castel: ghost level

    chun-nu: china stage

    sweet muntain: food level yummy 😛

    techno base: techno level

    and sega carnival: a level with diffrent sega game gimicks

  70. jeeze. poor sega, they just can’t keep anything under wraps. 🙁 i feel sorry for them.

    1. Do you seriously think this was an accident? Internet’s been there for a while now… People hack… I really doubt they hadn’t thought of this before. I even wonder if they didn’t do this just to see the feedback.

  71. Both happy and dissapointed. I got around half the right.

    Serious Seaside Hill, thats basically Green Hill Zone. I heard it was genna be Casino Park!. Would have like that . Too many City and Green-Hill like levels.

    I like the bosses though. Even though Knuckles isn’t a boss; I hope he’s an enemy just like it Sonic 3.

    Here’s my list:

    Sonic 1: Green Hill Zone
    Sonic 2: Chemical Plant Zone
    Sonic 3: Hydrocity Zone
    Sonic and Knuckles: No too fussed
    Sonic Adventure: Red Mountain orLost World
    Sonic Adventure 2: City Escape
    Sonic Heroes: Rail Canyon or Egg Fleet
    Shadow the Hedgehog: Any Space Level
    Sonic 06: Crisis City
    Sonic Unleashed: Dragon Road
    Sonic Colours: Planet Wisp (or Space Level)

  72. It would be funny if there put in DELIBERATE glitches in Crisis City as a reference to 06. Nothing game-breaking but just a reference. Maybe have Sonic wonder what it would be be like kissing a human…and then says “YUCK!” Someone probably has a better idea but Im just getting my point across.

  73. YES!!!! classic and modern super sonic confirmed!!!! also I heard the red rings are back but they are now called gold rigs0_0 also Rooftop run is my favourite stage in sonic unleashed, speed highway is my favourite stage in Sonic Adventure and I almost screamed when I saw planet wisp:D THANK YOU SEGA!! also I haven’t played the other games but I an defiantly getting the game!!!

  74. I have to say a few things in favor of Sky Sanctuary and Seaside Hill.

    Sky Sanctuary is probably going to be the most beautiful stage in the entire game. Besides, it’s pretty likely, I think, that we see tha Angel Island in the background at some point, just like we did back in Sonic & Knuckles. So, in that sense, it’s VERY representative for the whole S3&K game.

    For Seaside Hill, I guess first stage of each game receives more attention than the rest. It’s possible to realize that Seaside Hill is carefully crafted, the most polished level of Sonic Heroes. I also thought it would be repetitive to have 2 hill zones. But from what I’ve seen, they’re putting more emphasys on the ruins (Ocean Palace). You know, that puts the stage closer to others like Jungle Joyride and Marble Garden than Green Hill. So there is variety.

  75. Sonic 1’s stage cannot not be Green Hill. It’s iconic. Even people who remember nothing else about Sonic remember the palm trees and swinging ball boss.
    I don’t mind that level list, but I would swap out maybe Crisis City for Icecap or Hydrocity.

        1. This gut makes no sense? What about this guy though?

          He’s using a double negative. He’s basically saying Sonic 1’s stage couldn’t have been anything other than Green Hill Zone. It HAD to be Green Hill Zone. Make sense now?

  76. I’m still hoping my level list goes through, 5 levels per era and 2 bosses per era(or 3 if you like things spicy :3)

    Here’s how it goes….

    Sonic 1: Green Hill Zone (Duh)
    Sonic 2: Chemical Plant (Duh)
    Sonic 3: Hydrocity Zone (OMFG DUH!)
    Sonic & Knuckles: Lava Reef (Isn’t it obvious?)
    Sonic CD: Stardust Speedway (Best level in the game :D)
    Dremcast/Teenage Era
    Sonic Adventure: Sky Deck/Lost World
    Sonic Adventure: Ice Cap
    Sonic Adventure 2: City Escape
    Sonic Adventure 2: Green Forest (We need some Jungle goodness)
    Sonic Heroes: Seaside Hill/Egg Fleet/Final Fortress/BINGO Highway/Hang Castle (Anyone would do honestly but I’m mostly feeling anything but Seaside Hill)
    Modern Era
    Sonic 06: Crisis City/Kingdom Valley (Any would do, I love the flamez and destruction Crisis City brings and I love and hate the waterfal part of Kingdom Valley)
    Sonic & The Secret Rings: Sand Oasis (Fuck it, this stage was off the motherfucking chain!)
    Sonic Unleashed: Rooftop Run (Favorite stage in the game :D)
    Sonic & The Black Knight: Camelot Castle/Knight’s Passage (The only actual playable stages in the game )
    Sonic Colors: Planet Wisp/Starlight Carnival (Either one would be badass in HD, nuff’ said)

    That’s my list, give me your thoughts 😛

      1. Nah, I never really liked Emerald Coast to begin with and even if Idid choose it over Lost World/Sky Deck I’d just be adding on to the “first stage in the game” cycle.

          1. Lol I know but I want to have a variety in stages not them all being pretty much the same

          2. That’s what I think too. Instead of fans/SEGA choosing the best stages, they should’ve looked twice, and saw that they only had Green and City levels. I mean, where’s the Ghosts? Where’s the snow? Where’s that Tropical feeling? Where’s the Lights/dark/carnival? Where’s the Sand? Etc. Even the most boring stages from Sonic, could turn out to be SO much fun in Generations.

            This is where DLC comes in. The only thing I’m wondering, is that if SEGA is just going to make additional acts to the Zones we already have, Or if SEGA is going to make other Zones (Which I really do hope for!)

  77. So Sega will have a site remove the pictures, but not the level list itself? I wonder if they wanted us to find that information after all…

      1. At this point, Theirs no point for Sega to request to remove the level list since almost everyone who comes here and Sonic Retro knows about it. I know for sure that the game will have DLC, besides Casino Night Zone pinball. I really hope they do release more Zones as DLC. The Levels on the current list is great but I do feel somethings are missing like a snow level (Ice Cap), haunted level (Hang Castle), amusement park level (Carnival Night) and medieval level (Kingdom Valley).

  78. The stages I like to see in the Dreamcast era is emerald coast, radical city, & pyramid cave. The modern era I like to see is Tropical Resort, Ocean Palace,Windy Valley , Ice Cap & Sweet Mountain. And for the Genesis era I wold like to see is Angel Island, Ice Cap, & Hidden Palace

  79. Im sorry but we need more stages and bosses. i Still really think that this list is incoomplete and the only thing i hate on sonic games is stupid fuckin missions.missions is a waste of time , make more stages and bosses, at least put 2 more stages and 2 more bosses in the game.

    1. Give it up. Its too late to change stages. More stages will probably come in DLC, so for now, just wait…

      1. DlC? you mean we have to pay for stages , if so thats dumb, i rather pay for missions. If you think about it if we pay for more stages then why is it a story , i called that wasteing time.

        1. Well, DLC is more of an afterthought in games. Levels that have either nothing to do with the story or have their own story. You know what else is a waste of time? Commenting on the internet. Sure, we all enjoy it, but it’s still a waste of time.

          1. Nauseous Penguin, I agree with you. Sometimes commenting is a waste of time. The reason I comment a lot is because I either have nothing else to do, and because I can’t go out and do stuff due to my foot.

  80. Take what you get guys. At this point, It’s too late to add anymore levels into the main game, But their mostly all memorable stages to begin with and they each have more than 2 acts. But remember their is still the possibility of DLC zones. So be happy…

      1. And I do hope too for a Chao Garden, though it is unlikely. I just hope there is at least some sort of gameplay that has to do w/Chaos’ 🙂

        1. Chao Garden is apart of Sonic’s history

          A chao was found in the demo files

          Hint hint

          1. Yes, that picture of a blue chao with a yellow box next to it….I wonder what that was about..?

            Of course SEGA is going to have Chaos in the game, but we don’t know as what. They could be in the story-mode, or they could just end up being in a poster/cameo .

            I just really wanna train some chaos! 🙂

            I guess since Cream is going to be in the game, then that means we will be seeing Cheese too 😛

        2. It is unlikely for the Chao Gardens to be there but i have hopes too, I’ve been wanting them back since Sonic 06. and about Unleashed’s DLC packs? That’s my point, Every HD Sonic game Sonic 06, Unleashed and All Stars Racing have DLC. So I have no doubts that Generations will have some too”, besides Casino Night Zone Pinball”. The question is whether it’ll be just new acts for the existing zones, Brand new zones or both?

      2. Those DLC packs were the levels that were in the Japanese PS3 version but were cut from all other versions because… I guess Sega of Japan thought they were “too hard for people outside of Japan” like Nintendo thought about Super Mario Bros 2 or something. Either that, or they just wanted more money. But if it was the difficulty that influenced that decision, who are they to say what’s too challenging for us? I just got the Rooftop Run pack the other day and I’ve gotten S rankings on 4 of the levels and A’s on the other 2. Sure, it took a couple tries, but it’s not like they’re the hardest levels ever made. In fact, they were the best levels in the game! In the game’s hub worlds, you can even see the deceivingly pointless the places where the DLC levels were in the Japanese version.

  81. Lol, this website isn’t safe XD my phone keeps saying there are problems with this website’s certificate lol.

  82. Wouldn’t make more sense if it was organized like:

    Classic era:
    Green Hill Zone (STH)
    Chemical Plant Zone (STH2)
    A Sonic CD zone
    Sky Santuary (STH3&K)

    Speed Highway (SA)
    City Escape (SA2)
    Seaside Hill (SH)
    A Shadow The Hedgehog stage

    Crisis City (STH’06)
    Rooftop Run (SU)
    Planet Wisp (SC)
    An original Sonic Generations Final Stage

    I personally hate the idea of overused cities though as City Escape and Crisis City could work, the others could’ve been something else

  83. I hope Silve wont corner you while shouting “ITS NO USE!” and firing psycho beams at you.

  84. So that makes 9 different Zones, each having two acts apparently, which makes 18 Levels.
    Then there´s also the possibility of having 18 Modern and 18 Classic Acts resulting in 36 Levels altogether.
    Doesn´t sound that bad, but I´m sure there´ll be only 18 Levels.

    As many people already said, there´s too much repitition. I would never have thought that they´re gonna put only one Level from each Sonic Game into Generations. I´ve thought they wouldn´t care about that and simply mix all great and especially iconc Stages into the game – I´m a bit disappointed, but that´s surely my own fault as my expectations were too high.

    I would have liked to see the following list of levels (no wish-list actually but what could have been realisticaly):

    Sonic 1: Green Hill
    Sonic 2: Chemical Plant, Casino Night
    Sonic 3: Angel Island, Hydrocity, Ice Cap
    Sonic & Knuckles: Lava Reef, Sky Sanctuary, Death Egg
    Sonic CD: Stardust Speedway
    Sonic Adventure: Lost World, Sky Deck, Ice Cap (Alternatively to Sonic 3)
    Sonic Adventure 2: City Escape, Pyramid Cave, Final Rush
    Sonic Heroes: Rail Canyon, Hanging Castle, Egg Fleet (Alternatively to Sky Deck)
    Sonic 06: Kingdom Valley, Crisis City
    Sonic Unleashed: Never played, don´t care
    Sonic Colours: same here

    Alltogehter around 20 Levels without necessarily having two acts.
    Let´s hope SEGA wanted us to find out about that list only to surprise us at the end =3

  85. idk it just doesnt make sense to only have one level from each major title, you would think that they’d put in 2-3. But we’ll see what happens it may be true or it may not be true, besides that this game looks like its gonna be pretty badass =)

  86. On tssz I thought I saw Tikal I mean won’t she be in it of cuz chaos.
    I think each title game should have 2 stages to make more since like after finishing speed highway you to lost world were chaos was I guest born or lived

  87. What about the other classic sonic characters r they going 2 be in the game? And what about modern Dr.Eggman & Classic Dr.Robotnik will they be in the game

      1. Robotnik wasn’t only confirmed for3DS..don’t you remember in the SG demo, it shows robotnik at the end in a sign? Even if SEGA doesn’t confirm him for awhile, we will already know he is.

        1. I think classic Robotnik will be there just for Death EGG boss battle and why he is on sign? Well sign is iconic and if they would use modern EGGMAN for it fanbase would rage.
          3DS version on other hand focuses on classic formula of 7 zones (confirmed) each with boss and special stage for each Sonic. But I wouldnt expect all bosses to be EGGMAN creations since Time Eater is main Antagonist. I would expect more EGGMAN bosses in 3DS tho.

          1. I thought the 7 zones was a rumour. Tssz wrote about it and said that someone from E3 said it, but didnt know if it really is true or not. I expected the 3ds to have more stages lol because its easier to make them than on consoles, but oh well, im happy!

  88. I wish I could see Techno Base on the main console versions, if there’s something that’s been missing since the genesis/saturn days, it’s been a flashy stage. It’d be cool to see something like Techno Base or Radiant Emerald!

  89. i honestley think that they should travel all the way back to when he was firt being created.
    rabit form name: speedy the bunny
    mr. hedgehog
    and: modona!
    note, that these are betas of sonic.
    madona, is his disgaurded gf: time eater boss should:
    mesh all zones from sonic’s past.
    switch through modern,classic,and mr.h, (plus speedy) and time eater will follow the char’s and destroy mesh zone.
    yeah yeah, get over human/hedgehog relationships.

  90. in jackinfite 1 of his video got copyright but there was classic and modern sonic!!!! CANT U BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE PLAYABLE

  91. Radical Highway from Sonic Adventure 2 what a paradox! That is a shadow mission. Why not anything else like Metal Harbor or City Escape from the console version? Definately not Final Rush.

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