Games Master Sonic 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Magazine Out Now

UK gaming magazine Games Master is celebrating Sonic’s 20th Birthday with a Sonic 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. This special magazine takes an in-depth look at Sonic’s history over the last 20 years and covers all areas of the franchise from games to merchandise. The Sonic Stadium’s own Dreadknux, T-Bird and Flyboy Fox are even featured. Fans of collectibles will also want to pick up the mag for the variety of free gifts included (pictured below).

SSMB member Hogfather purchased the magazine from WH Smith and explains in more detail about what you can expect from the magazine below:

The magazine contains.

Detailed information about every Sonic game for the last 20 years.

Early concept art including the now infamous madonna, Pyjama Eggman, Mr Needlemouse, Oswald the Unlucky Rabbit, Bart man, American Wolf and Dopey the fucking Bulldog!

There is even a section dedicated to all the power ups you can get in the game!

Sonic 1 beta screens!

Four pages dedicated to rare and obscure sonic merch/toot that was written by TSS’ own Svend Dreadknux Joscelyne and photographs by our very own Uncle Adam T-Bird Tuff and Flyboy Fox!

Scans of Mario & Sonic at London that I’ve not yet seen (mind you I’ve not been following it very much)

A huge feature on Sonic Generations (Just green hill but some epic screens)

Big interview with Iizuka.

A look at ALL the enemies of Sonic including Metal Knuckles, The Tails Doll! Battle Kukku Army and even Wendy Witchcraft!

Theres even a page looking at the urban legend regarding did Michael Jackson do the music for Sonic 3!

A look at a lot of badniks.

A look at the Sonic Hotel room!

This is by far one of the greatest Sonic publications I have ever seen…. But if doesn’t end there!

It comes with several free gifts. 4 pin badges! One of which is the Sonic 20th logo, the other is of Classic/Modern sonic from Generations. And theres a double sided poster.

Games Master’s Sonic 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition is in UK stores now and costs £7.99.

Big thanks to Hogfather at the SSMB for the heads up, description and pics!

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  1. holy moly! i wish this would be free for summer of sonic 2011 but turn out i was wrong lmao
    it iwill be in any shops, is that correct? then i must get one for my lil bro and his lil friend haaris XD

    1. Does no-one read my news posts anymore? :p
      “Games Master’s Sonic 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition is in UK stores now and costs £7.99.”

      Hogfather says he got it from WH Smith.

  2. Guys. I cannot recommend this magazine enough, the details and the content is outstanding, they really did push the boat out for this. Go and buy it… now… NOW YOU FOOLS!

    1. Ya! Wii U FTW!!!

      Just imagine what a Sonic game would be like on that s**t.

      SEGA could actually put U(seewhatididtherelolright) in Sonic’s shoes!

  3. Is there a way to get this in Germany? D:
    Srsly, I need those buttons!
    And really want to read it!

    1. Try checking at your local Boreders Bookstore. I happend to have found a copy of Game Masters once before, i just hope that they’ll have this copy there.

        1. ok my local Borders store still sells Game Masters, but this new issue isn’t here yet. I’ll check back in about a week or 2 to see if we get it in.

  4. This may have already been asked, but is there ANY means of getting a copy of this in the US? If anyone knows please let me know, as a hardcore fan I feel that I need this! Thanks.

  5. It is really cool. A few errors (such as listing Sonic Jam for Mega Drive on the poster), but there are loads of great features. There are a couple of zoomed-out map views of old mega drive zones, which are really cool to look at. And the old concept art is really cool – I haven’t seen a lot of it before.

  6. Went to a Barnes & Noble today here in NJ (USA) but they only had a June 2011 issue of Game Master, I didn’t see the Sonic one at all. Their issue did have a 3DS pouch as a gift among other items, so at least they carry the magazine. But if it’s a special issue maybe they won’t?

    Anyone have an issue number or the date of the issue? Maybe if it’s a “July issue” it’ll be delayed getting here?

  7. Thought Borders shut down.

    Still looking for a copy .. and no one’s made a thread on the trading forum yet 😛

    1. they only filed for Chapter 11. I think only a few stores were shut down. The local store I go to isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  8. Just finished reading through my copy I bought today, had some stuff I didn’t know in there, and it’s quite a good read. Lots of errors though, at one point they comment on Sonic Chronicles’ battle system, and the proceed to show you a screen-shot from The World Ends With You. Mistaking Chaos for a Chao in the villains section. Also from a graphic designers perspective there’s a few shoddy bits. And even starts using text language at one point.

  9. Yay!!! Me and Tyler are in it! Look at Page 112 photo#4 Ty is the cutest and Tails Doll is the scariest!

  10. Anyone know where to get this in the USA?

    I looked at Barnes & Noble and they have a Game Master magazine, but not this one.

    Any ideas? I wouldn’t mind ordering online, I just want one! 😀


  11. @Jason Berry

    I live in the US. Anyway, I been to that site you mention but it only take credit cards. Do you know of a place take money orders?

  12. Hi guys,
    Bought my copy this evening, was actually looking for a different magazine all together but I couldn’t resist it! Only flicked through it so far but it looks incredible. Gonna give my bother the heads ups now. Go buy it, even if your an older generation Sonic fan like me.

  13. I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME ASAP! I’m from Canada and I FOUND this exact magazine at my local bookstore and bought it! However, when I got home after being so hyped up, I finally discovered it was stolen goods! 5 of the gifts were stolen before I got my hands on this ( it was the final one on the rack and not sure if they’ll get more) I only have the magazine and poster. Can someone please tell me the Game Master website or support email? I want to see if I can still get the pins and stickers. PLEASE email me if you know! My email is PLEASE if you know something help out a fellow Sonic fan.

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