RUMOUR: Sonic Generations Coming to Nintendo 3DS?

We’ve just heard word from SSMB member Hero of Legend that his local GameStop store in Canada is listing a portable version of Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS. The game is currently scheduled to just be coming to Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 consoles.

Here’s Hero of Legend’s report:

So I went to my local GS in Canada, and I asked if the person working there could print out their system game schedule, as their websites suck now for new game findings (US and Canada sites).

So I looked in the 3DS section, and found this:

Release Date – Description – System – Price – SKU

12/31/11 – SONIC GENERATIONS – 3DS – 39.99 – 7031719

It’s not in the Wii or DS section sadly. But this makes sense given the 3DS’ PS360 shading capabilities.

A Sonic game was listed to be coming to Nintendo 3DS in a press document at last year’s E3 and recently it was revealed that Nintendo Power’s latest issue hints at the possibility of Sonic Generations coming to a Nintendo platform(s) in its next issue page. Fellow fansite Sonic Paradise also reported in March that the SEGA representative they spoke to in October told them that ‘Sonic Anniversary’ would be coming to Nintendo 3DS. If true, this would all tie together perfectly.

If we hear any more news regarding this, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Source: SSMB

Thanks to Hero of Legend for the heads up!

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  1. I want this! I just want a 3D Sonic Game on the 3DS and Sonic Generations would fit my need perfectly!
    Do it SEGA, do it now!

    1. Those may not be the final prices though. Almost every single one is $39.99. And in that 2009 leaked document, it said Sonic Anniversary was going to be $99.99! WTF XD

  2. Interesting and it’s released on New Year’s Eve! (Obvious sarcasm) What caught my eye was the 3DS game ‘Pet Zombies’ Really?

  3. for the classic gameplay its going to be awesome, but is the system really good to offer a decent modern sonic gameplay, i mean like with boost gauge and all that stuff? i dont own a 3ds, i dont really know what capacities the 3ds really has

    1. It’s on par with the PS2 era. And the PS2 could handle Sonic Unleashed. So I wouldn’t worry.

      To be honest, modern Sonic gameplay in 3D would be mind-blowing.

      1. Yeah, except the PS2 version of Unleashed was the same watered down version the Wii had (watered down compared to the other two anyway).
        I doubt the 3DS would be able to look as sweet as the 36O/PS3 versions.

      2. Whoa…The 3DS is more powerful than gamecube. Why do you think it was able to run Resident evil 5 for the 360 and not have any problems?

  4. Hang on 1 sec! It says Kid Icarus: Uprising is coming out on the same day as Zelda: Ocarina of Time?????
    Kid Icarus’ release hasn’t even been announced yet and to have it on the same day……
    I think that the sheet has a few things wrong…

    1. The dates are all place holder, not fact. As for new games being listed, like Sonic Generations 3DS, those could turn out to be true or false.

    1. Oh i forgot to mention i kinda feel like if they do this the xbox/ps3 should get colors. im not demanding but think it would be fair. this game better not have a mario reference in the 3ds version though.

  5. Let the speculation begin!!!
    There are 3 sonic games coming this year(correct me if I am wrong) and if SG is coming to 3DS then what is the 3rd sonic game?
    Even if we count M&S there is stil one place and if S4 episode 2 is in early development we shouldnt expect it till 1q of next year.

    1. Well, I suspect that Sonic 4 might come out this year, considering it’s not really a whole game on it’s own but a portion of a game, which is now already in existence. Meaning ep 2 will have new zones and possibly an upgraded physics engine but that’s it. It’d be much faster than ep 1. I doub’t they plan to take as long. It might be at the end of this year. Besides, SEGA said there’d be 3 announcements, not 3 games. And there were 3 announcements. And we assumed they were games because that’s what they announce, and there were three games. They also said it’d be in the first quarter of the year but I assume they were delayed is all. lol

  6. oh wow another sonic generations may stick to the consoles thought wait to see what the 3DS one is like first

    1. I like ur ideas! And I hope for DLC they will have more acts too! Or stages

  7. Seems odd that they wouldn’t reveal this. It’s not like the 3DS is a big secret or anything.

  8. I don’t have a 3DS, so this doesn’t really apply to me XD I just want the sequel to Sonic Chronicles. I’ve got the strangest urge to play the original again…

    1. Umm I think SEGA is done with DS games…I think they r going to start with 3DS now

  9. Now if only it was for NGP. The PS3 is the lead platform, plus the NGP is able to handle PS3-quality games. I don’t see a reason for there not to be an NGP version of this game!

      1. plus that seems to be asking a little to much in my opinion. they’re already making it for the xbox and ps3 and maybe the 3ds. i really think they want to keep the consoles limited . i really don’t think they just want to make another version this far in development.

    1. Check your facts. Sales-wise, PS3 is in dead last. is your friend.

      1. Firstly chaoguy you dont understand what lead platform means. When developer makes a game he first develop it on one console and port it to others. This first console is lead platform. And we have seen only gameplays from PS3 so its lead platform.

        No it hasnt that much power but its very close. They are good at porting if they do it right NGP version would be closest to orginal version.

        I dont see a reason why NGP users wont get this game and 3DS will its just unfair

        1. well look at t it tis way. each company has it’s own version if this rumor is true. adding the ngp version would result in people bitching and complaining for a wii version. then the teaser saying xbox and ps3 really woudn’t have made that much sense :p

        2. on the other hand in about a year after the ngp is released . we will have played the crap out of this game and 1. not really care for another version if we already have the ps3 or xbox version or 2. it will probably go on the psn for ngp users to download. i don’t think it’s worth the time and money to ship the game.

        3. One more thing i don’t mean to be well mean but the whole unfair thing company’s could care less about. look at other sonic games or even other company’s games. many hav a few consoles the game is on and it still sells well even though say the psp didn’t get it. it also has to do with how well a system is doing in sales. because the psp didn’t do that well in sales for most of it’s life i’m guessing most 3rd party developers are going to wait to see how the ngp does in the first month or so. also since the ngp comes out in a year i’m sure most people here have a 360,ps3 or even 3ds. if we’ve been playing on something like the ps3 version there really wouldn’t be a reason to buy another ps3 version. even if your playing it on xbox people probably won’t get a version that plays almost identicle. now why i think the ds version is a good idea is because it probably will play quite differently IF the rumor is true.

      2. “Check your facts.”


        Lol. I mean, yeah, you’re right, PS3 is last (although not by as large of a margin as you might think, it’s ahead of the 360 in Japan and Europe which are two markets you shouldn’t overlook), but vgchartz makes up a lot of their numbers.

    2. Two things, the NGP won’t be out for a year or two, second, PS3 may be the most POWERFUL console, but is is heck not the lead. I think it’s been Xbox 360, then Wii at the top.

          1. NGP is next PSP but with whole new quality like DA and 3DS.

            I think that piracy destroyed PSP I hope NGP wont end like that. If the rumor is true I may think of 3DS but rumor about 3DS dedicated game other than SG because I dont want the same game on 2 platforms.
            And one more thing. I think that NGP has a big potential for sonic games in tje future.
            Just imagine game with adventure gameplay (I dont think that unleashed gameplay fit handelds) with lots of characters and explorations but it needs to be platform dedicated game. I and lots of fans dont want direct ports from HD its nonsense.
            So in that way we will have:
            -HD consoles(include cafe) have games with unleashed formula.
            -3DS have classic formula (2D?)
            -NGP have adventure formula.
            Everyone’s happy.
            What do you think.

          2. @Sa2 2011
            While i think it’s a good idea in reality it isn’t. i mean look to get the full experience you’d have to buy a 3ds ngp and next gen console to play every sonic game. it really wouldn’t make everyone happy if you only get caterd to one formula. the 2d and adventure and the modern gameplay would have to all play on all consoles. i’m not bashing your idea but just explaining why it will never happen in real life to me.

    3. If the NGP did PS3 games it would burn a hole into your lap, lol.
      Sony even said the NGP sits between the PS2 and PS3

  10. Eh, if this is true, then at least this can cushion my greed for a PS3, even with all the negativity I’m hearing about it. Maybe I oughta just buy a 3DS first, then a PS3. I mean, if people keep persuading me to buy an XBox 360, just because it’s more secure, then I’m gonna just get credit for all the PS3 stuff I bought, and just get an Xbox 360, and a Blu-Ray Player with WiFi in my room. There, problem solved. And I say it’s DUCK Season, and I DON’T CARE IF THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS IT!

    1. Just get what you want. I wouldn’t recommend either one at the moment though… MS screwed me over, and Sony has this whole security fiasco going on.

      If it does come out on 3DS, I won’t be getting that version.

  11. I’m sorry, but this doesn’t make any sense at all. How can a handheld be able to process a console game without it lagging or freezing to death? I mean, I’ve heard people saying that the 3DS is very powerful, supposedly even more than the Wii? But I think that’s full of crap. If it were more powerful than the Nintendo Wii, it’d be the price of a 160 GB PS3 Slim: exceeding the $250.00. I suggest that if you are going to purchase the 3DS, purchase it for the games that were DESIGNED FOR IT. Like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Kid Icarus: Uprising, or Starfox 64. I’m 97% certain that you will be disappointed by SG’s portable version.

    1. Sonic Colors on DS was a pretty good game, bro. The Sonic Rush games are good too. Sonic has a pretty good portable track record. There’s a lot of potential for this game on handheld too. If it’s pure side-scrolling they’d have more opportunity to put even more classic-Sonic-inspired content into the game. I’m fairly excited for this.

      1. Hah, way to point it out for me, dude.

        So what you’re saying is that it’s possible that the 3DS version will be worse because it’s nowhere near as powerful as the PS3? Way to defend the 3DS, dude. No offense.

        1. That’s funny that you say it’ll be worse when Sonic Games on handhelds have been usually better than console games. Also, the 3DS is really powerful. Capcom tested Resident Evil 5 360 on it and they said it ran well with hardly any hiccups. The 3DS even has lighting effects and shaders the wii would never be able to do. And also, 3D would help a ton with platforming. Even the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for the 3DS has gotten higher scores because the 3D helps big time with the gameplay and platforming. And the graphics are worse than the 360 and ps3 but somehow look better than the wii. Sonic Generations would be good on the 3DS and even though it won’t be HD and probably won’t run on the hedgehog engine it doesn’t really need to. Look at Colors. It looks AMAZING and it’s on the wii. Add 3d effect and the features the 3DS has the wii could never do and you’ve got yourself an awesome game.

          Cause the shaders and effects on the 3DS are on par with 360 and PS3 which is why some games look like low tier 360 games

      1. isent it funny that thanks to dimps sonic 4 was a failure (imo) and thanks to dimps the wii and ps2 sonic unleashed had bad grapics and too long levels i swear to god if they put dimps in it there is no way ima buying

  12. If there is a 3DS version of this game, I will be happy and shut up. There may be no reason not to have it on a Nintendo console so, this will be ok with me. That is all.

  13. Game stop is a great store and all, but I have seen them make errors on certain stuff, like at mine in Iowa, where they said that Kirby’s epic yarn was for DS. So this may just be an error

  14. This is off topic, but do any of you guys have Super Smash Bros. Brawl? If so, can can I have ur friend codes? Mine is 5112-9667-0602
    And I can Texture Hack too! I have Regular Sonic, Metal Sonic, Chaos Sonic, Super Sonic, and Shadow ๐Ÿ™‚ and many more textures!

    1. Since PSN is down I really havent played online in awhile lol

      My Friend code is: 3180-9403-9936
      My name is Gamer…. Yeah XD
      WARNING: Spin dashing off the stage may apply a lot!

    1. well its better then nothing and besides i heared that the 3ds has better grapics then the wii (correct me if im wrong) and well wii cant handel HD games as well as the ps3 and xbox360 so i think sega wants to try out if the 3ds gets better ratings than colours on the wii and well i think its fair THAT JUST FOR ONCE we ps3 owners get our own sonic game look at what the damn wii got sonic and the black knight colours winter olympics summer olypics secret rings and what did we get NOTHING so you guys should stop whining we dident get a HD port of colours for the ps3 and i dont see that much people complaining about it but ofcourse because JUST classic sonic comes along its the end of the world for every wii owner that dosent have a ps3/xbox360 and xbox360 was lucky to have its own game :sonic free riders i dont rember any game that isent only for the damn wii and ds

      1. I’ve only played a few games on my 3DS so far, but all have showed signs of being superior to the Wii both graphically, even with the 3D off. Even these early titles are -really- pretty. Plus, cartridge games have very little load time, so games run fast.

        The battery life is really it’s biggest downfall. It’s pathetic by comparison to the DS.

  15. I’ll just stick with the Home Console Version if that’s OK with everybody!

  16. Star Fox 64 3DS is going to be 45 bucks?! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..

    Oh. Um, cool. ^^

    Generation on 3DS is fridging epic, but SEGA’s already confirmed Xbox and PS3. This sounds like Sonic 4 on iPhone, but they had already shown a mystery console, this is different.

    1. As you can see, the whole title doesn’t fit. They shortened the other titles that didn’t fit as well. Not fail <3

  17. While GameStop certainly is preparing for the arrival of a 3DS Sonic game, the name โ€œSonic Generationsโ€ might be an error on their part. They might have used the name โ€œSonic Generationsโ€ as a filler, since it’s currently the only known official title of a particular Sonic 20th anniversary game.
    Note: Interestingly, they putted its release date as December 31st, 2011. A sign that they don’t know the exact release date of it.

    SEGA of Japan already list a 3DS Sonic game in their lineup of upcoming games, but the title is still โ€œSonicโ€ and even then it’s still under review.
    Note: Even the Japanese version of Sonic Generations still have its title under review, even its CERO rating is still under a review. These are signs that Sonic Generations might not be Japanese in origin, but was ported to the Japanese side.

    Anyway. The 3DS Sonic game most likely is a remake of a Wii Sonic game. The Wii Sonic game is most likely the Sonic game that was secretly developed in Japan.

  18. I really hope this is true. 3ds is an amazing bit of kit and playing a sonic game in 3d, possibly whilst sat on the loo would make for a very happy (if not slightly odd) day.

  19. okay im getting sick of people complaining about that there is no wii version for generations JUST SHUT f*CK up guys you got colours black knight olympics x3 secret rings and ofcourse ps3/xbox360 owners want a HD port of colours but still we dont get it BECAUSE the wii owners get everyting and the xbox360 gety somwhat only war games and ps3 somwhat only quiz games just let sega make one game for only the ps3 and xbox360 god >.< xbox360 has a own game and ps3 not so correct me if im wrong in the last few years was there any sonic game that only came out for the ps3 i think not and ofcourse we got 06 we that dosent matter to the wii owners because that game sucks right well if classic sonic wasent in this you guys dident want it so let US HAVE A DAMN GOOD SONIC GAME FOR ONCE god you guys got colours and sega wants to try if the 3ds is better then the wii so all you guys wanting a wii version it isent coming and let us enjoy it half of us buyed a wii just for colours so why cant you guys just buy a ps3 go save for one god just stop whining you guys always find somting to complain about a sonic game ~damnhedge

    1. Personally I think we did have one good game and that is our version of Sonic Unleashed I dnt care what people said I liked The Werehog but Obviously others will have different opinions but…..It’s about time we’ve had another exclusive and they seem to be getting the London Olympics so once again that’s another game to them ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. I agree with you C.J. Unleashed was a good game, I still play it too! I don’t care if SEGA chose the Werehog over Knuckles, I still think the hedgehog is cool, and I would love for it to come back anyday ๐Ÿ˜› just as long as I don’t have to play any of his levels XD I admit i the only thing I liked about the Werehog levels, was that they were challenging. What I disliked was that the Werehog levels were no fun compared to Sonic’s levels.

        1. I,’ve also heard rumours about SEGA releasing a new console in the years ahead. That would be so cool if it was gonna be a Dreamcast 2! Then we would get our SA3…..if this console thing is true, then I hope when that HD Nintendo console comes out in late 2012, SEGA would give Generations to that console, as their last Sonic game. I think SEGA is ready to come into the HD console business ๐Ÿ˜€ but no matter how hard SEGA will try in a Sonic game, he will just never seem to be No.1 ๐Ÿ™ I hate to admit it, but I see Sonic as #2, and Mario as #1. Since Nintendo has never screwed up on a game for Mario, is the reason why he’s #1. SEGA has screwed up so many times, and now he is getting himself back to the top. Even back then, when Super Mario bros. Came out, and Sonic the Hedgehog came out, Super mario bros. Was STILL more popular. I love Sonic WAY MORE than I ever will Mario, but I just see that blue blur as #2 :’)

      2. yesh the ps3/xbox360 unleashed version was pretty good i only had one tiny little problem ..the night nyc stage i just cant pass it (i tried doing it now for three years) but yes its about time we get a exclusive game

  20. After seeing screenshots for the 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, I can honestly say that this IS possible to happen, if Sega pulls their cards right. ๐Ÿ˜€

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