Richard Jacques Attends Signing in Burbank. Possibly at Sonic Boom.


Music man of awesomeness Richard Jacques. Composer of well-known Sega games such as Sonic R, Sonic 3-D Blast, Headhunter and Jet Set Radio will be signing at “The Maestros of Video Games” event at Dark Delicacies Books & Collectables in Burbank, California on June 11th. Several other game composers such as Greg Edmonson, Mike Reagan and more will attend for an hour-long Q&A panel followed by a meet and greet signing.

With this news and Aaron Webber mentioning “special musical guests” for Sonic Boom, the chances of Jacques attending Sonic Boom seem pretty high. I’m getting my Jet Grind Radio and 3-D Blast covers ready to sign. Oh man! Can you feel the sunshine? Everybody jump around and get excited!



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      1. Bravo Mr. Richard. I did not know that great track was you. Do something like that again sometime.

    1. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a good track, it’s just that there isn’t more than one of them and it’s far from the best.

  1. Good stuff!
    I thought the TSS staff already knew who would be attending to Sonic Boom thou :O

    I can’t wait for the event

  2. Not to sound snooty but-

    Any idea when there’s going to be more actual info on what’s actually going to be there at Sonic Boom? It’s almost a week until the event and there hasn’t been any new confirmed details.

    I’m working on pulling money to get my plane tickets, but if there’s nothing else announced anytime before the event (and not at the last minute when it’s too late to plan- as relatively short notice as this is already), what’s the point of taking the chance to be there at all? (Especially if that’s all you’re going for if you’re not attending E3.) So far it only seems worth it for anyone willing to drive there (depending on how far that is).

    Yeah I’d like to go, but so far there doesn’t seem like much.

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