Graphic Novels and Large B&W Books Come to Archie’s Sonic


TSSZ news got word from an article in Publishers’ Weekly that a new “phone book” size comic will be coming out called Sonic Legacy. The first 512 page black and white Sonic book chronicling his first two years at Archie comics. These large B&W volumes are similar to Marvel’s “Essentials” series. Due to using black and white newsprint, these large volumes can come out at cheaper prices.

Meanwhile, Sonic Universe titles will be given the graphic novel treatment. Starting with the four-part Shadow saga. There will be extras included in the graphic novels to encourage fans to buy the hard copies instead of digital download. This is great news as these books will be available in standard book stores and not just comic shops. Ian Flynn has stated “And now, some two years after the fact, you know the reason why SU has always have a 4-issue arc format. We’ve been tailor-making this series for GN production from the start.”

Also, the Archives series of digests continue with the Knuckles Archives. Which will feature several of the first issues of Knuckles 32 issue chronicles.

Publishers Weekly Article can be found here.

Sonic Legacy Volume one is due to hit bookshelves in December.

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  1. Wow that sonic animation is one of the best ones i’ve seen in awile.Looks like a cross between modern and classic.Hell im about to go draw my own version of modern an classic mixed.

    1. (Animation?)

      Eh. To be honest the spines look pretty horrid the way they’ve tried to do them at the forehead, but this might just be me and my love for making them all 3D and heavy-looking – as well as the fact that they don’t centre).

    1. Yes, but notice that the irises are slimmer, thus they are more subtle. Looks much better this way.

      Anyway, I’m digging Sonic’s design. I noticed they are using the scary ugly Robotnik, that’s kind of disappointing. I’ll probably pick this up. Phonebook sized Sonic fun sounds great.

  2. I really want to get these comic books! XD I used to be just a Sonic gamer before but when I started reading the Sonic Universe comics at my local mall aboout a year ago, I got hooked lol. I really can’t wait to read some of the older novels.

  3. It’s a cool idea (and I’ll probably buy them all because I’m a sucker), but having got the Archives already, I don’t see why I’d want a black and white version now. To be honest, it’s a bit of a shame to rob the series of colour… hold on a minute… SONIC GENERATIONS CROSSOVER?!?!?!?!

    That was a joke, by the way. As for Sonic Universe, I have the series so far, but it would be cool to have them in GN form, I suppose. The four-issue arcs make it very suiting.

    Knuckles Archives, no complaints. Count me in 🙂

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