Unreleased Xbox Game “Sonic Extreme” Discovered

ASSEMbler Games forum member ProtonX has discovered an unreleased game called Sonic Extreme via an Xbox development kit. The game sees Sonic try his hand at skateboarding, with gameplay much like the Tony Hawk skating games, tricks and all.

A few videos of the title in action have been released, which show Sonic skating around a stage that looks a lot like Seaside Hill in Sonic Heroes. Many fans are already speculating as to whether this could have been an early concept demo of what would eventually become Sonic Riders, which like Sonic Heroes before it, was also released on Xbox. The third gameplay video gives us a look at the game’s split-screen multiplayer mode, which features Shadow as a playable character.

Take a look at the videos and share your thoughts on the game in the comments.

If any more information and media are released, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Source: ASSEMbler Games (via TSSZ News)

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  1. It’s possibly the original idea for Sonic Riders, at one point there was rumours of a game called “Sonic R Extreme” then a few months later Sonic Riders was confirmed.

    But please, do not bug this guy with a thousand questions or beg him to dump it, it’s his discovery and his choice.

  2. Sonic Extreme = Simpsons Skateboarding ???
    Also Sonic Riders was defiantly the better choice by SEGA, than than THIS game that makes 06 look emm… more playable by comparison ?

  3. Wow – what a find!! Good point on the Extreme name…Sonic an Extreme/Xtreme truly doesn’t mix. I have to admit the game looked fairly dire so perhaps it was good it got canned? Also – interesting ‘Escape From The City’ was played when Sonic or Shadow couldn’t even escape from the skate park!

  4. This actually looks like a pretty interesting diversion. Not enough to make a game (I mean, it -is- obviously just a demo level showing off the basic concept and controls) and still a few physics bugs, but it honestly doesn’t look as bad as everybody else seems to be saying. At the very least, I’d like to mess around with it for a few minutes.

  5. Humn~.. Sonic looks to be rather slow here. Almost as slow as Labyrinth. I’m not too sure how they could make a full Sonic game of this, though it would make a very cute mini-game. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I really do wish they would make a new Sonic R, but with almost Adventure/Colors game play.. Sonic R is still one of my most loved Sonic games, despite Tails Doll being as scary as a Creeper.

  6. …Wow. Tony Hawk + Sonic = Does not want. Sonic Riders [Zero Gravity] was fun though, if a bit short.

    I can only imagine the fit the Sonic community would have thrown should this game have gone gold though ^^’

    1. idk. Consider the way Shadow runs, and the fact he was introduced along with the grinding ability, I think he might actually be the skater boarder type. XD

      1. Well technically he’s more of the roller-blading type. Most of his speed comes from his jet shoes, and the way he runs looks like figure skating. Riders actually went and made his jet shoes his EX Gear instead of a board.

        Sonic, meanwhile, seems to have a lot of fun with boards and skis, probably because it’s a lot easier to do tricks and show off (though by Sonic Rush, he’s learned to do that on his own). There may also be something fun about training your balance at high speeds. We all know the Wii Balance Board would be so much more awesome if it were strapped to a snowboard, after all.

        So why the car in ASR? Well, it’s a lot easier hitting people complaining about Sonic needing a vehicle with a full-sized sports car than it is with a board.

        (Yes, I swear all of this is canon. Despite glaring plotholes they always manage a few consistencies.)

  7. but if this was supose to be “sonic riders”orginal concept …then why is ryan drummond his voice?

  8. Well, judging by what people were speculating over at Sonic Retro, this game was probably just something Sonic Team made when they were kicking around ideas. After all, during the time period the build for this game was probably made skateboarding games were huge (Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 & 3, anyone?). Perhaps this was just something they made to test the idea of Sonic riding a skateboard and seeing how it could play out.

    But that’s just my 2 cents. It still looks entertaining enough to play though, at least to me. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Not so bad, actually… it kinda makes me interested in the idea of a “Sonic & Sega All-Stars Skateboarding”, I think it could be fun.

  10. Its an o.k idea. I’d take a crack at it. Also, why is registration down on this website? I would like an account.

  11. @Damn: The concept looks like it was produced during 2003-2004/5 considering the original Voice Actors were still present back then, around when Sonic Heroes was around since the polygons of Sonic are pretty much close to Sonic Heroes without that obnoxious sheen.

  12. @D-Pad
    I agree with the idea of a โ€œSonic & Sega All-Stars Skateboarding”. There was a Disney version of Tony Hawk made a while ago, so yeah a Sega one wouldn’t be too bad.

    1. Indeed, the more I think about it, the more attractive the idea becomes for me. Such a game could feature characters like Eddie “Skate” Hunter from Streets of Rage, Wonder Boy in his original incarnation, Picky from Fighting Vipers… not to mention staples like Beat.

      1. I can also definitely imagine characters from Top Skater and Ollie King within the game. It’d be so perfect!

  13. hmm this look good ^^ however the tricks were not so good :C they should make REAL life tricks so it’ll make it more epicer than this one

  14. Long ago, I had an idea for a Sonic skateboarding game called “Sonic Skate Park”.

    Feels good, man.

  15. Wow….It looks interesting though also pretty sloppy and slow there

    I think both Riders were a better choice than this I’m not sure if this would be the one…maybe if they worked on it more and it could of worked a little better but I think it was best to leave this out

    It would be better if this was featured in a Minigame, Multiplayer or Party Mode like Early 3D Sonic Games provided and Secret Rings’ Party Mode too

    I saw a few more videos It looks okay I guess…I noticed that they used Ryan Drummond for not only Sonic but Shadow too XD I can’t really tell if this was supposed to be the orginal Riders Concept….Ryan’s voiced is used in this and the graphics look actually good as well as the character models O.o I’m unsure…

    Not bad I guess but I think it was the right chocie to leave this out :L

  16. I do like the first Riders game, but this looks terribly bland and boring… and slow. Terribly slow. But, I think it would be more interesting if it were a Sega All-Stars style game, too. I miss the crew from Jet Grind Radio.

    Heck, just make another one of -those- games, Sega!

  17. Looks like a homebrew fakey thing. No way Sega would use songs previously used in other sonic games without ramping the,, and if they did, it would be for something specific. This is a homegbre game for the Xbox. DO NOT THINK THIS IS REAL.

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