Summer of Sonic 2011’s Intended Venue Confirmed

Summer of Sonic 2011’s Intended Venue Confirmed

The intentional venue for the Summer of Sonic 2011 convention has been revealed – and it’s right on your doorstep! The Camden Centre is situated right opposite Kings Cross St. Pancras Station in Central London, and is just a short walk from Euston station too, making it the most accessible SoS location to date!

According to the announcement on the Summer of Sonic website, the Camden Centre can house 900 raving Sonic fans (without any additional equipment clogging up the space), but any concerns of a cramped experience against all those tables will be relieved to hear that there’s a sizeable foyer and secondary hall that will also be used to hold stalls and other things.

“In terms of what it could offer us as a space, and after visiting the very friendly management there, the SoS team feels that Camden Centre is the perfect place to hold Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th Anniversary,” reads the post by… well, me. More updates – including a closer peek at the venue – are to come at a more regular pace now that the intentional location has been decided. Stay tuned to TSS for the latest.

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        1. That means more people will want to go than there are tickets for…

          Either that or I’ll end up getting auctioned off as Segas slave for the day…

          Most likely both will happen.

        2. Every year we have hosted the Summer of Sonic, we have booked a venue that holds double the capacity of the total attendee numbers of the year before. So for 2009, we booked a place that could hold at least 600 because 300 turned up the year before, and in 2010 we got a place that could fit 1000 because nearly 500 turned up in 2009.

          It is no longer financially viable for us to keep doubling capacity. SEGA is very kindly sponsoring the venue this year, and it is costing a lot of money as it is! So unless you would like to pay £12 for entry (because let’s face it, you’d get a lot more bang for your buck than say, at MCM Expo) or help pay for a £20,000 space for 3000 people (which would not be filled), it’s safe to assume that we have hit a ceiling here and that fact should be highly appreciated.


  1. I really thought I would go this year, until I realized I had comflicting schedules (Damn college!!)

  2. I wonder SEGA would show three new Sonic games for this Summer of Sonic ’11?
    Mario & Sonic Party
    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II
    and Sonic Anniversay?

  3. Simply amazing. Both you and AAUK have seriously outdone yourself with this. I personally wouldn’t of minded paying for a ticket so the fact it’s looking free again is grand. Take donations?

    Can’t wait to see layout plans.

  4. Aww man, if I didn’t have birthday during that day (and I wouldn’t live in Finland), I’d so like to go there |D And that place sure sounds like a good place to have this convention 😀

  5. This should be easy to find as i had no problem finding the venue last year so i’ll see you there ^^

  6. Sorry if this has already been mentioned or if it’s the wrong place but just so I know, is the Camden Centre the actual confirmed venue or is it still just the intended one? It’s just that I was thinking of booking train tickets while the prices are decent.

    Also I know there is a facebook page where you can register interest but is there any news of actually being able to get your actual ticket for the event?

    Again, sorry if this has all been said. I’ve never been to a SoS before and I’m quite exited about going this year.

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