OC Remix: ‘The Sound of Speed’ Now Available For Download

djpretzel is reporting over at OC ReMix that their latest fan remix album ‘The Sound of Speed’ is now complete and available for download now. The album was remixed by OA and Scaredsim and is the sites’ 25th arrangement album.

Here’s what dj pretzel had to say about the album:

Right then – on to the ReMix!! This namesake collab between OA and Scaredsim rocks ‘Green Hill Zone’ out with upbeat rock/pop arrangement featuring crunchy guitars, polished production, some really cool, syncopated drum work, and a generally positive & anthemic vibe. Simon’s lead guitar meshes perfectly with Andrew’s arrangement & …pretty much everything else. The melody stays pretty conservative, but the accompaniment has some really smart, interesting components & details. Starting at 1’16”, the backing drum track really gets cheeky, in a good way, and in general this is an arrangement you can mindlessly toe tap and rock out to, but which ALSO warrants concentration & focus to appreciate the craftsmanship.

Director halc says:

“Ah, the infamous Green Hill Zone. OA was the first person I invited to the project back in July of 2009. I was quite into his wonderful Animal Crossing remix ‘Letting Go’ at the time, and figured Green Hill would be a perfect match for his style. Incidentally (and to my delight), he had some interest in said song. Scaredsim jumped in to lay down the guitars, which meshed wonderfully with OA’s arrangement. This is the “definitive” Green Hill remix, IMO, and I’m very proud to share my beloved album title with it. :P”

You can download the album or a preview of it over at OC ReMix or from the album’s website now.

Thanks to Velotix Lexovetikan at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Don’t get too excited, folks. This album is a dud. There’s maybe, like, 3 good tracks, but this whole album put me to sleep.

  2. I haven’t listened to it yet (I’m at work), but the full-sized 500+ MB torrent downloaded in about ten minutes. I don’t think I’d call that “hella slow”.

    Maybe I got more seeders?

  3. I´m a bit shocked right now, I couldn´t get into any of the tracks. Unlike their previous efforts where there’s always been a few tracks that catched my interest, this one has none so far. Maybe I should give it another listen later on, but so far this doesn´t do it for me! 🙁
    I guess my music tastes are just a bit to different in this case, I´m not saying the music is bad, it just doesn´t work for me personally. =/
    just my 2 cents.

  4. Meh, the first chunk was… well, meh; a couple good tracks in there. But the second half, starting with “Under Construction” (and DrumUltima’s vibes solo!), was significantly more awesome.

  5. OK, I listened to it now.

    These tracks are very well made. They aren’t really pulse-pounding or exciting, but have a really nice, relaxing theme to most of them. This is probably the reason for the “OMG Snoozefest!” sentiment above, but that doesn’t do the album any justice. After a hard day’s work, I really enjoyed the semi-relaxed theme of the album, and I let it give me a good time.

    I listened to both the FLAC and MP3 versions several times. I don’t have a sound card that can really take advantage of FLAC’s lossless quality, but they did sound marginally better than the MP3 versions.

    Of all the tracks, “Hogtied” — the Boss remix — was definitely my favorite, followed by “Under Construction”, “Caos”, and “Shifting Islands”.

    Sadly, the weakest track in the album IMHO was “Final Progression” — the Final Zone remix. Despite being four and a half minutes long, only 1:40 to 3:20 was even recognizable, and while that middle chunk was great, the rest of it hampered the quality of the entire track.

    This was a good album that does Sonic 1 justice, and I got hit by a ton of nostalgia listening to it. No, it’s not Project Chaos, but I don’t feel it needed to be.


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