BlueTube: PSN Down? Go Outside and Grab Some Rings!


The recent hack attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network may have been no joke, but Channel 4’s news team still saw fit to throw in a bit of light-hearted spin on the crisis – by turning to Sonic the Hedgehog, of course.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 is available to download on the PlayStation Network, and was used as the primary example of playing games on the PS3. Bit of a strange choice really, but we’re certainly not complaining – especially as the report goes a bit ‘Brass Eye’ at the 3:00 mark.

Benjamin Cohen concludes his report by stating that the PSN downtime is allowing gamers to go outside and grab some sunshine, before cheesily running across the screen in a park collecting rings. It’s… well… it’s rubbish really, but it’s also awesome because it’s so rubbish. Keep shining, Channel 4.

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  1. that poor man cant download movies for his family to watch! now what will they do? oh wait go hire some u lazy people

  2. hahaha missed that one, but quite light hearted fun never the less.
    Also I like how he said “breathing life into long forgotten characters”…where has he been for the past 15 or so years? D=

  3. Were they showing the 360 version of Sonic 4 while talking about PS3?
    Sonic looks extra shiny like in the 360 version. :/

  4. *facepalm* Wow…. Well, I don’t owna PS3 or PSP so… sucks to be you! ^^

    I love how they called it Sonic The Hedgehog and didn’t add a 4 to it. that could really piss of some people….

  5. Long forgotten?!?
    WTF Channel 4?! Okay, first up they entitled the game as ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, no ‘4’ or ‘Episode: 1’. Whoever did the research for this news update should be slapped! Come on, everyone who just watched this broadcast was just fed false info.

    1. They were referring to the character, as long-lost and forgotten. They never mentioned anything to do with the game’s title.

  6. lol long forgotten, that part is slightly true, because think, the series from 2005 to 2009 wasn’t sonic the hedgehog it was instead a copy and paste sonic characters in random titles to make them sell. they even lacked the sonic soul, sonic style music the 4kids cast where way off the characters etc etc.

    Just be happy sonics finally getting noticed again, even gadget show when they did mario vs sonic, said what has sonic done recently its like most people agree that sonic was pretty much dead after sonic adventure, because what you forget is nearly most people (public etc) quit on sonic when he went downhill. even i quit on sonic but thanks to colours and 4 ive been back into the series.

    the end part tbh seems un-professonal but its funny Lol.

  7. Can everyone stop hating on the ps3 because the psn is down! dammit! stupid xbox360fanboys i dont know why you guys are hating the ps3, xbox360 systems dont last long but ps3 systems last long and have better games.

  8. Well, I own a PSP, and I plan on getting a PS3 in two weeks. By that time, the PSN oughta be back up. I do wish that Square Enix would release the next Dissidia Duodecim Costume and Music pack, though. Of course, it’s a good thing I got the things I wanted before the downtime. Plus, I never use credit. I buy PSN Cash cards. It’s the safest alternative to using a credit card.

  9. Am I the only person who wants to slap someone if they use the term “computer games” instead of video games? Also, since when was Sonic long forgoten?

    1. You probably are the only person. That is what they are called in the UK. ‘Video Games’ is an (shudder) American term. Much like your lack of ‘u’ in ‘colours’ (shudders some more).

      1. I suppose you guys call game consoles “computers,” huh? 😛 *shudders even more*

        And yeah, dropping the ‘u’ from the word ‘colours’ was dumb, but why is there an ‘o’ in the word? That wasn’t our idea…

  10. Um…Wow I don’t get…wha….




    I’m a PS3 Owner But THANK GOD I didn’t have PSN 😀

    I do feel sorry for the other Owners though and I hope this gets fixed soon Uh 🙁

    That Aside…..Channel 4…Man they’ve crossed A LINE HERE D: DAMNN!

  11. I mean, yeah it’s cheesy. But I always like some Sonic humor thrown into stuff like this. 🙂


  12. I been out of power for two weeks, because of a bad storm, well last friday we got the power back and cable Saturday, and phone Monday, so the PSN outage isn’t bothering me that much just the rest of that big tree that in the front yard that destroyed the mailbox and front gate, and etc.

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