[UPDATE] Rumour: Sonic Anniversary Coming to Nintendo 3DS

[UPDATE] Rumour: Sonic Anniversary Coming to Nintendo 3DS

UPDATE: Official Nintendo Magazine UK has contacted SEGA about the game, to which they replied “No comment”.
Link (Thanks to Doctor MK for the heads up!)

You may remember fellow Sonic fansite Sonic Paradise reported back in October that a SEGA representative informed them that a title tentatively called ‘Sonic Anniversary‘ is in the works for Wii, DS, PSP and PS3, with an Xbox 360 version to be confirmed. The title was said to be a compilation of levels from across Sonic’s library of past games in a mix of 2D and 3D and adapted to todays generation of consoles.

Sonic Paradise’s latest podcast has revealed that a Nintendo 3DS version of the game is also in the works, a detail they say was lost in the initial reports. If this information is true, then this could mean that the Sonic 3DS game in development could be a version of this game, rather than its own exclusive game for the format.

Take this rumour with a pinch of salt for now until we hear some official details regarding future games from SEGA.

Source: Sonic Paradise (via Sonic Zone)

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  1. Yes, this is true, that repreentant told us that the game would come out for 3DS. also, told us that the game could be out in PSP, but due to recent announcment of NGP ( PSP2), we have speculated that the PSP who he mentioned, was NGP instead of regular classic PSP.

    That is all said by us in the podcast.

  2. @Ashley the dragon: Thanks for the comment 🙂 That would be awesome if they’re bringing it to the NGP, too.

  3. If the anniversary Sonic is the 3DS game, we can technically scratch the original 3DS Sonic title out of the three possible Sonic titles to come out this year.

  4. Wow.. guess I have to take a second look into getting a 3DS early on.. or import a 3DSi.. or wait for the 3DSiXL..

  5. @Shadzter

    You know remember when you put up an article about a “rumoured ” Sonic Anniversary(leaked Sony docment 2009) game said to have classic stages from Sonic 1 to Sonic Adventure 2? Is what I just said relavent to this news that you put up? Or is SEGA just talking about some random Sonic Anniversary game that will come out soon? Im REALLY confused..

  6. @The_Soul_Gauge
    I doubt Sonic’s big anniversary game will only be on the 3DS…that just wont make sense. I hope the 3DS sonic game will have Rush/Colors 2D gameplay haha.

  7. Announce the Anniversary game already! What’s taking them so long? I’m dying here!

  8. 1. @Shadzter yes it’s coming to 3ds.
    2. @Jix Hedgehog there won’t be a 3dsi or 3dsixl.Nintendo confirmed it.
    3. @Rickyrick NOOOOO, I WANT A 3D GAME.

  9. Wow, after reading the title I thought this was a report that Sonic Anniversary was only to be released on the 3DS. Glad I read futher and see it’s a possible extra platform lol.

    But I fear it’s to quiet for a great sonic game to be released THIS year. Normally we would have heared alot more about an upcomming game before they release it. But I have my fingers crossed for Sonic Colors on 360 and Sonic Adventure 3… and Sonic 4 EP2.

  10. There’ll be an original Sonic on 3DS for sure. I mean the Rush and Advance games before it were great enough to justify a another game series on 3DS… 😛

  11. @Ashley the dragon: By the way… It was a very good podcast! I also agree with your opinions about how SEGA behavior himself about the rumors.

  12. I seriously hope it’s not a 3DS exclusive, partly because I can’t afford one =/ and i’d prefer a game as big as this on a home console.

  13. How about.. next time you guys bring a recorder or anything to proove that a SEGA representative says so?
    It’s so difficult to believe those words even if you said them letter by letter.

    It all looks more like the SEGA Spanish manager was telling a joke or something (or maybe he didn’t know a shit about it?)
    Anyways, as this is a rumor, we can speculate anything.
    Why would SEGA told other offices about that stuff when they aren’t even close to the release stage?
    Makes no sense to me when the SEGA of Spain office is only in charge of some distribution and management stuff.

    And sure, workers have such a professionality to keep secrets Lol, no wonder why Sonic 4 was leaked so quickly.

    Well, we better get the games they said, otherwise any word coming from SEGA of Spain could be taken as “Kiddy fool rumors” from now on.

  14. Oh really? but wait a minuted they might be scratching out the original idea…What if one could be just as good as the other….I mean yeah I like how The 20th Anniversary game will be multiplaformed like Sonic Unleashed but with more consles so it would give everyone a fair chance to choose their favourite consle/type to play on yeah that’s more positive

    But..but it would seem a shame to scrap one idea away….Instead maybe they could possibly release a 3DS Pack…with both the original idea and 20th anniversary version from the 3DS It would be worth a shot but then again this idea could be better but I dunno…I mean I know it’s not as important or anything but wouldn’t it seem a shame not knowing if it could be good knowing if it was either interesting rather that not knowing at all Like e.g the version might not be what we expected it to be or if you wanted to extend your gaming a bit more….I guess we will have to wait and see it Could be Rush/Adventure/Colors based for this version

    Or it could be The very first Sonic game on DS which was scrapped out way earlier before They made Rush…It was called Sonic DS I think It could be similar to that but Guess we will have to wait though I agree with EspioofChaotix the wait is really killing me too

    I’m also disappointed that there’s no PSP/PSP Go version and of course There could be an NGP version too but that’s still in works and it might be released really later this year and the 20th Anniversary game will have proberly have been released a while by then 🙁 But if there is hope the version of this…the gameplay would proberly be based on Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2 I liked them both especially 2 but it could be in 3D (possibly with a mix of 2D) and more thrilling….Which could work but I really doubt there will be a PSP/NGP Verison :/

  15. “No comment”?
    That’s usually another way of saying “it’s true but we are not ready to show a announcement trailer yet”
    Generally if something is false or not accurate they out and out say that it is not true and go on record as saying as such.

  16. @Orphen We didn’t knew that we were to talk to a sega representative, neither that he was going to tell us such a big leak. That why we didn’t have any recorder or anything to prove it. It’s also strange to me that Sega of Spaing might know that this soon, but…why should he lie to us? And, if it were a lie, Why sega hasn’t said that it was? they keep saying “no comments”, and we already know what Sega means with that, always. This is legit.

    @Darksonic Thaks! I’m glad you liked it! We are making a new chapther every friday, in case you want to hear us again.

  17. As a Nintendo and Sonic fan, this is exciting. Hopefully they can do great things with the 3d effect

  18. You know, Sonic Advanced is to Gameboy (Sonic Advane 1, 2, and 3.) as Sonic Rush is to DS (Rush, Rush Adventure, Colors DS.) We will most likely get a new 3 part 3DS series

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