Watch the Sonic Show’s Summer of Sonic 2010 Retrospective

Watch the Sonic Show’s Summer of Sonic 2010 Retrospective

Loads of you are dying to know details about Summer of Sonic 2011 and are inundating our inboxes with questions – I can assure you we will be bringing you details on this year’s event as soon as we can! So while you patiently wait, you can watch the retrospective episode of last year’s Summer of Sonic courtasy of the Sonic Show, right here on TSS (its nice an interactive too!) Enjoy!


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Adam Tuff

With a decade under his belt, Adam is one of The Sonic Stadium's most seasoned writers, with interests in the music and merchandise of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Adam is the co-organiser for the Summer of Sonic convention.


  1. T-Bird, I’d really like to make a request for next year’s gig.

    Pretty much me and my brother were absolutely freaking out all day at the prospect of finally seeing Crush 40 perform live. It was an actual dream for me and I never thought it would really happen. So there we were, after all those delays and a whole eternity of waiting, Jun and Johnny get on stage and start shredding the walls down. Me and my brother are stuck at the very back, but we’re jumping, dancing, singing and shouting and loving every minute of the gig, however…

    Nearly everyone in the crowd are standing dead still with their cameras and phones in the air. And I mean actual statues. Not singing, dancing, jumping… most of them not even smiling! Just standing there watching through a screen. It really ruined the mood and I can’t think how C40 themselves must have felt with such a dead crowd, especially with all the energy they were putting in to their performance.

    Take a look at the unedited footage there and you’ll see what I mean. The core of the crowd is just… dead. There were plenty of cameras set up recording all the action so I don’t really see the need for everyone to take their own out. I think it would be nice if there was some sort of policy restricting camera use during the live show. I just want everyone to have a great time partying and I want my favourite band to know how much we all love them!

    I hope you can take this into consideration. Thanks!

    [That’s a good point Shem – we didn’t mind people taking photos, but loadsa people filmed it, and it obscured views of people trying to enjoy the gig. This year we’ll make it clear that it’s being filmed and photographed so people know…but I don’t think it will stop people from taking photos, and nor do we really want to stop people talking photos of a memorable day! – T]

  2. wait so was there was a fully recorded version of the concert somewhere. Like a full one not done on a camera phone?

  3. @Shem
    Agreed, few people, with myself included, were actually rocking out along with Crush 40. Feel kinda bad for them because it must have been a big deal for them to finally have a concert outside of Japan.
    Hopefully this year they’ll have a better crowd! Oh, and they got a concert in Tokyo in… April, is it?
    Hope someone records that baby! 😀

  4. I didn’t really notice that to be honest, but I was at the front near the stage, and we were all jumping around and having a fantastic time!

  5. @dragonfire144

    Yes…. but… would be the answer. I got about 95% of it from my vantage point up in the staff area…. however, the audio is atrocious, theres no way I could upload it in its current format, so I would need to borrow someone elses audio in order to upload it.

  6. Regarding the crowd, as I said on YouTube:

    1. It’s a British crowd

    2. There were parents and kids up in the front row. A mosh pit would have hurt them.

    3. You can’t really stop people recording stuff on their phones. And from their point of view, they may never see Crush 40 live again so why wouldn’t you want to keep a memento?

    I also don’t think they were lifeless. Did you see the front singing along and punching the air the whole time? 🙂 It’s very difficult to go as crazy as you did when you’re packed tighter than a tin of spam! 😉

    I’m glad you managed to enjoy the gig at the very least. 🙂

  7. Ah – this brings back wonderful memories. Full props to all who contributed for the last 3 years. I’ve already booked an entire week off work in preperation for SoS ’11!

  8. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Why wasn’t I told there were Shadow plushies?! Why!? Guess it serves me right for spending all my time round the art table. Speaking of which, I think Nigel Dobbyn should of got mention in the vid considering he is a pure awesome art man. Really good look back on the event all the same.

  9. I have never been to an SoS and I never really believed that I would in the future. Not that I wouldn’t like to go. It just feels like something I’d never be able to do. I never know when they are, how to get into them, and if they’re even in an area I can even make it to. :/ But it’s nice to watch. lol

    Btw, in the intro on number 7 I noticed the loading was part of the video so I just waited, wondering why they made it so long… when suddenly they used Sonic 06 to represent number 6 and I was like “DAAAYUM I get it! LOL” hehe.

    Also, does T-Bird have an obsession with Nack/Fang? We need someone to voice Fang for the few bits he appears in Sonic United. xD Going for a bit of an Austrailian accent (of course! XD)

    [Obsessed? What gave you that idea? – T]

  10. YAY! I’m in the credits, I’m famous! *crickets chirp*

    Great video guys! Roareye should get a presenting job on TV, since he’s awesome and a lot better at it than the people we suffer on TV today.

  11. @T-Bird

    It wasn’t me! It said so in the video! He said that the Fang plushes were probably a donation from T-Bird as he has a rather unhealthy obsession with that character. XD lol

  12. Hm, I was right at the front and everyone around me was jumping up and down, punching the air, singing along, it was a great atmosphere. And it was totally epic, I really hope they are back again next year cause they are awesome guys.

  13. cool-ish ^w^ now i wish there may more deaf awarness :C i went in there last year XD i been sell lop for free however that was really huge hit so i decied to do it again this year X3 and yesh that mean i also coming >3 ho ho ho! ^w^ btw the sonic lop wont be free, sorry people XD

    i wonder one thing.. why someone making new website summer of sonic 2011 for? i kept come back and see if it open or not :C please at least use the old website, stupid! lol if you want to see more sonic lop, go to deviantart! my username is sheezy93 :3

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