More Details of Jazwares 20th Anniversary Toy Range

More Details of Jazwares 20th Anniversary Toy Range

[UPDATE: Check out friends in Germany @ and their photos – credit goes to those guys for these photos and many more!]

Earlier this week we saw footage and images taken from the Nuremburg Toy Fair of the new Jazwares line available later on this year. Well, our friends over at SEGA Memories have managed to obtain snaps of many of the figures and toys to be released to coincide with the 20th anniversary. Some of these have been seen before, but some photos include some others that haven’t been seen before such as the Classic Tails with Badnik figure (see picture – it’s that annoying thing that grabs you in the Chemcial Plant!).

The images also include some “Battle Game” figurines, as well as images for the cover of Archie comics Issue 226, within the classic Sonic & Amy Rose figure set.

Protagonist & Badnik Set

Classic Sonic & Amy Comic Book Set

Jazwares Display at Nuremburg Toyfair (inc. “Battle Figures”)

Needless to say, I don’t think anyone is going to be short of new merchandise this year!

Cheers to Hogfather and SEGA Memories for the tip and the photos!

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  1. Why does the 1994 Knuckles toy have his character render from Heroes on the cover??

    That aside, I can’t wait to get all these!

  2. Well there goes my money for the year. >.> Will most likely only pick up the best couple of the set.

  3. Ok.. looks like 7 3 inch figures
    Modern fuzzy 10 inch + classic 10 inch
    Modern + classic 6 inch
    2 comic packs
    3 of those 3 figure packs
    and whatever those disc things are on the bottom right..
    Looking at about $230?

    *Opens his tin saving box and begins to count*

  4. I’ve been talking to Joe Amaro over at ToyNewsI, along with many others, and I have to say, it feels great to be a part of creating this figures!

  5. I’ve been talking to Joe Amaro over at Toy News International, along with many others, and I have to say, it feels great to be a part of creating these figures!

  6. With their merchandise Sega is really pleasing all the community. The city escape remix is such a nice touch and now action figures from every game imaginable. Holy crap. Well played sega, now do this with your games.

  7. Love the toys, but that new Archie cover troubles me… Are they going to wipe out the whole universe they built and start the story over with the first game? The whole “Genesis” would make sense then.

  8. So they have the classic Robotnik with two EggRobos, modern Eggman with two Egg Fighters, you know what they need now right?

    SatAM Robotnik with 2 SWATbots and aosth Robotnik with Scratch and Grounder and heck, why not the Sonic ’06 version of Eggman with 2 Egg gunners. Hey superchaos2585, tell Joe Amaro my idea. Oh, and how about the Secret Rings Eggman, you know, king Sharmalamadingdongwhatever and he can come with two Kri mon Djins or something.

  9. i Hope for a Mighty and Nack ^^ oh and ray.

    the Classic figures i cant wait. it would be epic if you sold these at summer of sonic.

  10. @ bmhedgehog : I think all the boxes are empty, they’ve placed a picture of the intended character into the box because they haven’t started making them yet

  11. Kinda wish they had prototypes of the new figures…ah well, it’s cool just knowing they’re coming, I suppose. : P

    Though, c’mon, Jazwares, redo those plushes. I wouldn’t mind a werehog plush, but I don’t want one that looks like a bizarre fetus. x.x

  12. bmhedgehog, they are empty because the figures are only white models, they are just showing what will be inside them.

  13. @Sonictoast

    Why not join the forums we go on and voice (er… type) your opinion to Mr. Amaro? I’m well aware of who you are, so I’m positive you’ll fit in with everyone!

    And about the SatAM Robotnik/AoStH Robotnik packs. As amazing as that would be, that can’t happen as of right now. Jazwares only has the license to do characters created by Sega of Japan. Freaky, realistic Eggman from ’06 is still possible, though.

  14. The ‘disc things’ on the bottom right are Sonic Disc Shooters, similar to those that were available with the McDonalds Happy Meal once. You put discs into the shooters and then can fire at small targets (also small discs that are put up vertically into a small base). In the Tomy Product Catalog there are two sets listed, a “Sonic vs. Shadow Disc Battle” set with Sonic and Shadow Shooters and a “Character Shooter & Disc Pack Assortment” set with Sonic-, Tails-, Knuckles- and Eggman-Shooters (check out my Spindash article with an online translator for details). 😉

    The collectible figure that is supposed to come inside that white-green octagonal box will be (according to Tomy) a ‘super-poser’ type plastic figure with fabric/plush cover. What we’ve seen on photos from UK’s Toy Fair (the grey prototype figure with joints) is probably that skeleton part without the plush. If I had been there a day earlier, I would probably have been able to photograph that too, but Tomy told me Jazwares already took it with them to bring it to another event.

    As of Archie, I’m not so worried about them maybe planning a restart. Whatever they do, the comic really sucked anyway since they went away from SatAM and try to merge all universes into one…

  15. like ive said before
    best year ever to be a sonic
    though….sonic 226….they goin back to the classic designs? thatd be a strange twist,
    knowing archie though theres gonna be some sort of plot twist

  16. Now anyone knows me, knows I am super excited about these new toys. but on the other hand, I feel a little exploited with how much jazwares is milking us Sonic fans. I mean, anyone who collects Jazwares figures already owns Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Shadow and Eggman. But now if we want the badniks we are going to have to buy them all again. I already have 3 regular Sonics, but they know I can’t live without Spina, so yes, I have to buy a fourth Sonic. I’m excited for Classic Sonic, but they already have it arranged so that we’ll have to buy two of him, one with Motobug and one with Classic Amy. It’s a marketing strategy, and we are the suckers.

  17. Heck collecting Pokemon, collection these Sonic toys will be way past awesome, and don’t forget collecting Sonic games, comics, DVD sets of the Sonic cartoons and that movie, and etc. are also way past awesomeness as well.

  18. Forgot to mention, knowing me I might start collecting classic and modern Sonic, then Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, etc.

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