Sonic Relief 2011 Fundraiser Begins

Sonic Relief 2011 Fundraiser Begins

Doctor MK, the man behind the successful Sonic Relief fundraiser has kicked off this years event at the SSMB today with the below details of what’s happening and how you can get involved. Take it away, Doctor MK! (Rhyme unintended :p)

Sonic Relief is back at last for its third and final year of fundraising antics! Following the success of the previous two campaigns, Sonic Relief 2011 aims to be bigger and better than ever so as to make it a swansong to remember. Our target for this year is £500+ as it would mean over the three years of Sonic Relief we will have raised over £1,000 for charity – quite the achievement to bow out on! That’s not to say we don’t want to reach for the stars though… let’s give the Sonic Marathon a run for its money if we can, and regain our crown as the most successful Sonic fundraiser!

Entry Submissions
Show off your creative talents in aid of a good cause! Simply create your own piece of humorous Sonic fan art/music/video/etc (the possibilities are endless!) and every one we receive will go towards raising money.

You can either post your entries in this designated topic on SSMB or alternatively e-mail your entries to – the best entries will be in with a chance of winning some goodies! (prizes yet to be revealed)

The theme for entries this year returns to “something funny”, but we’d love to see some entries that incorporate our new Blue Noses to help promote the campaign. So once you’ve made your masterpiece and entered, share it with the world and help to spread the Sonic Relief love across the interweb!

A different kind of entry we will also accept this year comes under the heading of ‘Sonic Relief DIY’, for which we want to see you going out into the big wide world and doing your own spot of Sonic fundraising! Have a sponsored day in blue, participate in a fun run dressed as our favourite ‘hog, make a calendar with your friends, literally anything you can think of – and then pass the proceeds onto us! Simples! Details (preferably with some photographic evidence) of your efforts should be posted in this here topic and the money raised donated via our JustGiving page.


Donations are not compulsory alongside entries this year, however they are obviously encouraged if you have money to give.

Want to do your bit to help but don’t necessarily fancy having to make an entry, or want to accompany your entry with a donation? Then we’ve got you covered! Simply head on over to and you can pledge as much as you want to our cause – and all the money goes straight to the charity! You’ll need a credit/debit card to use JustGiving, but it’s simple and safe!


Sonic Relief is branching out into all-new horizons with the Blue Noses, our most ambitious and exciting feature to date! We want each and every one of you to don one of our Blue Noses on your avatars, signatures, profile pictures, etc to help spread the word about our campaign and hopefully provide some laughs in the process!

The process is simple, as demonstrated here by Sonic the Hedgehog himself:

You can get your hands on a Blue Nose in a variety of sizes to suit every purpose here:

XS (20×20)

Small (30×30)

Medium (50×50)

Large (100×100)

XL (150×150)

Feel free to resize the Noses to suit your images as necessary, or if you need us to slap a Blue Nose onto your avatar for you then just let us know!

We’d love to see some of your entries incorporating the Blue Noses and don’t forget to post any of your Blue Nose images here in this topic – perhaps we could make a collage out of them all at the end of the campaign!

There’s plenty more to be excited about during the course of Sonic Relief 2011, with many creative projects already underway!

Sonic: The Age of Steam, the steampunk Sonic fan-fiction being written by yours truly, kicked off earlier this year and you can look forward to reading the rest of the story in the coming weeks! We’ve had some great steampunk badnik designs too, amongst other support – this is truly turning into a real community project! You can read the story and check out all the artwork so far at the official blog. We’d love to see your The Age of Steam inspired entries, also!

RadioSEGA DJ Gavvie is also returning to help out with Songs For Sonic 2, which follows in the vein of the original album from last year, but this time featuring originally mixed tracks exclusively for Sonic Relief 2011! The album will be available to download soon.

Sonic Relief and RadioSEGA are also planning to team up at some point during the campaign for Blue Nose Day, a radio-thon of musical and fundaising fusion! Stay tuned for futher details.

These and many other individual projects are going on right now as well, such as Glenn Scully’s The Shadow of a GUN fan-fic, so please show your support to each and every one of them and pledge accordingly!

Let’s make this the Sonic fundraiser to end all Sonic fundraisers!

Sonic Relief Facebook Group
@SonicReliefUK Twitter
Sonic Relief DeviantArt Group

For more information about Comic Relief, head over to the official website.

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  1. Excellent 😀 This is a great idea this Event seems big and exciting plus I like the Blue Noses Also very generous and helpful to other Charities

    I might participate….hopefully we will all reach for the stars….The possibilities are never ending 🙂

  2. Oh I have Idea’s for this very funny idea’s..hehehe I’m so using that blue nose -gets to work-

  3. I do love working with Sonic Relief! Hope to have this years cartoon up and running in a few weeks!

  4. lol this kinda cute X3 i loves to help XD oh by the way anyone noticed about being deaf sonic fan? (i’ve borned deaf and still deaf since but im damn proud of it!) i was thinking of making deaf club for artist who want to practice to draw sonic and different type cartoon :3 does that sound good idea to you?

    please make deaf sonic fan person dream’s come true C: i wish you should do for deaf as well! it kinda sad to see deaf being left (that’s not fair on them isnt it?) please rely me if you can to :3

  5. Is there any other rules for the contest. Cus I have an idea, but the joke is pretty dirty, it a adult joke. So can I do it, or do you have any sort of limit for that kind of thing?

  6. @Osnic: As long as it’s not downright obscene, I don’t see a problem with it. Any contribution is a worthwhile contribution!

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