SEGA France Reveals Sonic’s Youthful Secret

SEGA France Reveals Sonic’s Youthful Secret

French Sonic fansite Eversonic received a parcel from SEGA France yesterday revealing the company’s secret to keep Sonic looking young and hip in the years ahead …anti-aging cream. Yes, just 20 years old and already on the cosmetics. In all seriousness though, it’s a pretty funny piece of Anniversary merchandise. The cream inside the tub is even blue. Nice one, SEGA France.

Check out more pics of the item at Eversonic.

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  1. @Speedway66:
    I doubt it will be. It appears to be one of those gifts to press and fansites that publishers send out every now and again.

  2. Side Effects: may cause hallucinations such as seeing fat, egg shaped people, believing u can run ridiculously fast, and having the uncotrollable urge to run into pitfalls

  3. Anpther side effect is running away from females who wear pink and reading storybooks to get inside of them and have an ADVENTURE

  4. If it’s anti-aging cream that helps you be hip and cool and fast despite your idiotic fanbase and shitty comic and television series, then I NEED THAT. NOW.

  5. @Will Pitts

    Lol possibly that could happen


    Me too but I sort of get the gist of it uh…at least?

    So what else Happens when you put the cream on

    Aside from Running faster than the speed of sound, running away from females who wear pink, having the uncotrollable urge to run into pitfalls, seeing fat, egg shaped people and reading storybooks which later suck you inside for an adventure

    What happens next? do you have a hunch for grabbing golden rings, wishing for a moutain of Handkercheifs, Seeing swords talk, Have an eye sight for Emeralds, Transform into different kinds of types, talk to animals, interact with special beings,interact with animals and aliens such as Chaos and Wisps…or Have the secret but Tempting and tense urge to Eat a load of Chilli Dogs?

    Why Do I suddenly have a Craving for Chilli Dogs now? O_o

    Next thing ya know we will have an Egg Spray :/ or A Large Hammer for squashing Hedgehogs or even a Knuckle Sandwich and Yes I know I’m going too far about this…

  6. Hmm…

    This still doesn’t explain why Sonic is only a centimetre or two taller than A TWELVE-YEAR-OLD GIRL. Now THAT is true youthfulness!

  7. That would be an interesting collection item,I wouldn’t use it,just meerly keep it as a conversation piece. It reminds me of that episode of futurama with the superhero creame…

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