Official SEGA PR: 20 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog

Official SEGA PR: 20 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog

After SEGA Japan’s New Year’s Day teaser/announcement, SEGA of America has today issued a similar press release regarding their plans to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog‘s 20th Anniversary with events around the world. The publisher says we can expect details about these events throughout the year. Check the full press release out for yourself below.

SEGA® Corporation is proud to announce their company mascot will celebrate his 20th anniversary on June 23, 2011.

From the first day of the release of Sonic The Hedgehog™ back in 1991 on the SEGA Genesis™ console, Sonic the Hedgehog quickly became a popular gaming icon due to his super fast speed and his cool, edgy character. In the twenty years that the video games have been available, Sonic the Hedgehog has notched up over 70 million units sold worldwide.

As well as videogames, SEGA’s iconic blue hedgehog has enjoyed huge success in areas such as comics, apparel and toys and even starred in his own animated series.

SEGA Corporation will be celebrating this special year in style with events around the world, details of which will be released throughout the 20th anniversary year of 2011.

For more information on SEGA, please visit :

About SEGA® Corporation:

SEGA® Corporation is a worldwide leader in interactive entertainment both inside and outside the home, encompassing consumer business, amusement machine sales and amusement center operations. The company develops, publishes and distributes interactive entertainment software products for a variety of hardware platforms including PC, wireless devices, and those manufactured by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. SEGA Corporation’s Web site is located at : .

About SEGA® of America, Inc.:

SEGA® of America, Inc. is the American arm of Tokyo, Japan-based SEGA® Corporation, a worldwide leader in interactive entertainment both inside and outside the home. The company develops, publishes, and distributes interactive entertainment software products for a variety of hardware platforms including PC, wireless devices, and those manufactured by Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. SEGA of America’s web site is located at

Sources: and SEGA of America Blog

What kind of events would you like to see for Sonic’s 20th Anniversary? Share your ideas in the comments.

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  1. Cool I’d very much like to see;

    1. a Demo session of the next Sonic projects this year.

    2. Maybe even another Sonic event more closer to home? Eg: UK it’s a bit of a stretch to go all the way to America for some of us who don’t already live there.

    3. Also slow and steady trickle of info so we don’t get bored to death for a new update
    OR too much at one point Eg: The Sonic 4 leaks

  2. Anything but Sonic Adventure 3.

    But either of the following would be grand.

    A PS3 exclusive title which has had at least 3 years of development time.

    New Sonic Underground series.

    A Sonic Underground game which uses the guitar hero controller.

    Lots and lots of new Sonic toot thats for sale in the UK.

  3. I can guarantee that none of these wishes will be fulfilled. Although it may sound disappointing, but just think about it, since when has any of these predictions came true. Everybody expects stuff like Adventure 3 and Heroes 2 and sequels to games you love, but being completely honest, it’s always gonna be something different. At the beginning of 2010, how many of you guys thought that Sonic 4 or Colo(u)rs would come out. Who would have predicted Secret Rings or Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games or Chronicles. All of Sonic’s games are unpredictable and for good reason, do you REALLY think that Sonic Colo(u)rs was gonna be an SA3 or something like that, no.

  4. Top 4 things I’d LOVE to see:

    1. A reboot of Sonic Underground without the music (or at least better sounding songs)

    2. Sonic Adventure 3

    3. Some kind of “SEGA vs CAPCOM” game (It would be neat IMO)

    4. The first annoucement of Sonic 4: Episode 2 (within the first half of this year)


    Sure does sound exciting I wonder when the titles will be revealed…hopefully in the next comming months the suspense is killing me I’m sure there will be plenty of suprises, shocks and twists which most of us will really be looking forward to :)…

  6. Gosh the 20th Anniversary will sure be a blast I hope 🙂

    but first Sonic 3DS and Sonic 4 Ep 2 on the way and then something for the 20th Anniversary….

    Plus there definately has to be Sonic Chronicles 2 and yes a movie could possibly work

    I mean “Night Of The Werehog” was short but epic and maybe the next one could be even more better and longer (even hopefully on the Big Screen lol.. 🙂

    Who knows? anything big could happen I think another Game for the SEGA Superstar Series would be good (Sorry I keep mentioning) but these are just ideas….

  7. To be honest, I would love it if they’ve made another CGI short film for Sonic’s 20th anniversary like they have done for Sonic Unleashed ‘Night of there Werehog”. Sega is really good with their CGI.

  8. I´d love to see a new Sonic animated series based on Sonic Unleashed and Colours. Or at least some speacial animation during the year.

  9. A brilliant CGI hour special (inc with eventual game) be nice to see every chracter in CGI form including cameo’s from the older ones, nights, ristar,bug! etc

  10. I hope the game had at least 3 years of development. I look forward to see what sega has in store for us.

  11. It would be nice to have some events in Canada. Specifically Toronto, since that’s where I live. :D. Would that be too much to ask for, SoA??? 🙁

  12. I’d like to see more human genes named after Sonic characters. Genetic experiments to make real Hedgehogs run fast and Yuji Naka elected as Governor of California with Mike Pollock and Ian Flynn as his top advisers.

    … nah, actually, I’d be happy with just a few more jazwares action figures.

  13. Luckily, there will be some big announcements pretty soon, in the next 3 months. And… THERE NEEDS TO BE AN EVENT IN SAN FRANCISCO!

  14. Man I definately wanna see a Sonic Adventure 3. It doesn’t HAVE to be this year, but I hope they make it. That’d be cool. ^^ They made Sonic 4. They can make Sonic Adventure 3. =) Sonic Heroes 2 is a bit far fetched tho. lol But hey, we can all dream. XD

    I would like to see Sonic in a movie. I doubt it’ll happen anytime soon though. Doesn’t mean they can’t make a CGI tv series of Sonic, or a new animated tv series of Sonic in general! (I mean, each show stands on it’s own seperate from the others, so it’d be interesting right? 😀 lol)

    @Dakota Jones

    Didn’t they already make that announcement? o.O I mean besides the fact they already revealed it was being made, didn’t they just release a “preview” of it in a magazine? I remember reading something recently about it saying “proper” physics and there being a big deal made out of the usage of the word just cuz people were wondering if it meant the physics would actually improve or not since Ep 1. =p

  15. Id actually love to see a finished sonic 06 style game. Make the game what Sonic 06 was supposed to be. Fun and icon-able… in a good way. However, I wudnt mind small portions of 2D stages, similar to Sonic COlors and Sonic Unleashed. If you combine elements from ALL 3 of those games and its worked on well, we’d have a great game!

  16. @amt
    I agree fully. Whenever I hear anyone talk about 06, it’s not about how awful the game was, it’s about how great it would have been, had SEGA been given the time they needed to produce it. Considering the time constraints I’m willing to overlook the flaws and just be happy that they even got that far (I’m not a huge complainer) but even so, I’ve harbored secret desires to see it finished since I first played it. But alas, ’tis merely a pipe dream…

  17. I’d also like to see a complete reboot of Sonic Underground. Without those lame gimmicky instruments with crappy music videos(or at least better songs without Samuel Vincent’s ABYSMAL singing) and be more faithful to the games. Seriously, this show has so much potential and has great original characters(especially Manic). After the way it ended so abruptly after the 40th episode and the plot being completely unresolved, this show absolutely NEEDS to be done justice. Please SEGA.

    Also, remember that Sonic prequel that was rumored several months ago? Make it.

  18. No offence, as much as I want it as well, SATAM season 3 won’t be made because of the the writer. 🙁

    Hmmmmmmmmmm… i wouldn’t ming an SA3 in my game collection but I couldn’t care less if it wasn’t made, a properly finished Sonic 06, a summer of sonic like show in Australia ( sonic can ride a Kangaroo 😀 ), a sequel to Knuckles Chaotix oh yes, i went there. well thats it for me, OH OH OH, how about a controller patch for Sonic free riders, I put my Kinect every place i could and it doesn’t pick up my jumps, turns and movements (Kick dash, item usage etc, etc) so i can’t play that game

  19. I’d like a new sonic anime animated by bones studio, without chris..and nothing like sonic x..
    Or an amazing SA3.
    I know both these aren’t going to happen. But I’d like those to.

  20. @Foxboy

    I meant as in the first “official” announcement on a video (like what they did with episode 1 back on Feb. 4th last year)

    I havent heard of it being previewed in a magazine though =/

  21. No offense to anyones ideas at all, but I have to voice my opinion…I think alot of people are thinking backwards as far as this anniversary and pushing the franchise forward goes. I want everyone to try and understand where I’m coming from, I love Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, really, I love both games to death, so much so that I can play through the parts that irritate the crap out of me (which make up 50/50 (SA) and two-thirds (SA2) of the games), which further lets me know that nostalgia is probably the only thing that pushes me to play them every once in a while.

    Let me then be, if you will the oddball of this bunch and say that Sonic Adventure 3 (though it sounds great on paper) would be a very dangerous idea. Why? Well for starters you guys are talking about going back to a format and gameplay style that we were playing for 8 years in a row, which after Sonic Heroes started to get stale. What you guys are talking about is not the same as Sonic 4, the classics had a 4 year life span, and people began to feel the game becoming repetitive with Sonic & Knuckles…so the game was switched to a new format, 3D. Then sixteen years passed and they decided to make Sonic 4.

    This would not be the same scenario as Adventure 3, because if you haven’t noticed, Sonic Team has tried to re-create the Adventure series over and over again and have failed everytime trying doing it, the last game to do this was Sonic Unleashed, and though the daytime portions of the game felt fresh, fun, and new, everything else was still Adventure-esqe, the Hub-Worlds, the story, ushering in a new character, adding a whole different genre of gaming to the mix (Werehog), (post Sonic 2) Sky Chase level, turning into Super Sonic at the end, Ancient Monster, Eggmanland, etc. Which is why the only two things on that game that were praised were the daytime stages and the production value, everything else was panned.

    This is also one of the reasons Sonic Colors is praised because not only did they bring the daytime stage style back, but everything else feels brand new!!! The story feels new, the Wisp power-up style doesn’t interrupt gameplay flow and feels new, heck even the voice actors are new, no more ancient monster, no trying to create Eggmanland, no emblems, no drastic change in gameplay style, all of that stuff was holding the franchise back and it’s definitely MIA in Sonic Colors…heck I work with kids k-5 at the YMCA and even they could notice the difference.

    So what am I ultimately saying, I’m saying that going “back” to a format that we just “I mean JUST” pulled ourselves out of in my opinion is not the way to go. Sonic Adventure 3 looks great and sounds great on paper or even in your mind but in reality I think it would be poorly executed by Sonic Team and would bring disappointment to everyone.

    P.S. I feel the same way about a Sonic Heroes 2, and Sonic 06′ remake, lets go forwards

  22. To the whole Sonic Stadium crew, sorry for the extremely long comment but I felt I had to get that out there.

  23. @FoxBoy and Dakota Jones:
    Sonic 4: Ep 2 hasn’t been announced yet and the ONM magazine “preview” isn’t really a preview at all, it’s just a tiny feature in which they speculate about what they’d like to see in the next episode. That’s why we haven’t put a news piece up, since it really isn’t news at all.

  24. @Jmack:

    I totally agree with you!
    One thing I’d like to add though, is that the Sonic games of the last 10 years (for the most part) have been too bogged down in creating sub-par anime-esque stories. It’s overshadowed Sonic as a character, an icon, and gameplay. I say ease up on all the gimmicks and concentrate on making a good game in which sonic is central.

    Oh, and no more Eggman teaming-up nonesense. Gah!

  25. Gamestop employee about pre-orders they USED to be taking – ” It plays like the Genesis games, just with better graphics “

  26. I see a lot of people are interested in a Sonic Underground remake…I have to say, I’d like to see one too. Perhaps also a film or something based on the Archie comics (it would be awesome). But I especially want to see Sonic Chronicles 2, on Xbox 360/PS3, with better graphics, voice acting and a much larger scope. That would be BRILLIANT.

  27. @Dakota Jones

    Ah I see. You mean like a teaser. =p


    Ohhh. Okay. I ddin’t know that. =)


    It can’t be that much of a step backwards if most people are wanting it. XD It’d be a step forward since they’d be getting closer to finally getting what the fans want. ^-^ So some people want a sequel to a past game. Big deal. It’s just cuz they actually liked that part of the franchise so much they’d wish to see it continue is all. Ya never know til ya try. Besides, most of these are far-fetched anyways whether it’s backwards or not. No one EXPECTS these to happen these are just what they’d like to happen. You can’t just say “Stop wanting those cuz you’re wrong.” XD

  28. @Jmack

    Idk if you noticed but a lot of games were switching to 3D around that time. XD

    And Sonic Colors was fresh?

    Sonic Unleashed: Chip
    Sonic Colors: Yacker

    Sonic Unleashed: Find all the temples of Gaia and put back a piece of the planet.
    Sonic Colors: Find all the generators and free a whole planet.

    Sonic Unleashed: Cartoonier than SA and SA2.
    Sonic Colors: Cartoonier than SA1 and SA2.

    Sonic Unleashed: Dark Gaia, relation to Chip aka “Light Gaia”.
    Sonic Colors: Egg Nega Wisp relation to Yacker (especially the DS version. XD) who’s a Wisp.

    Sonic Unleashed: Focus on Sonic, Tails and Eggman.
    Sonic Colors: Focus on Sonic, Tails and Eggman.

    Sonic Unleashed: Only Sonic playable. Tails gives unecessary assistance.
    Sonic Colors: Only Sonic playable. Tails gives unecessary assistance.

    Sonic Unleashed: Orbot. lol
    Sonic Colors: Orbot… AND NOW CUBOT. LOL

    Sonic Unleashed: Lighthearted theme song later turned orchestral for final boss.
    Sonic Colors: Another lighthearte theme song later turned orchestral for final boss.

    Sonic Unleashed: The day stage bosses are no other enemies except Eggman or HIS robots.
    Sonic Colors: The bosses are no other enemies except Eggman or HIS robots.

    That’s just to list a few. Not that they’re bad. Just listing why it’s not all that different from Unleashed and I guess a little of how Unleashed is hardly anything like the Adventure series minus the hub words, final monster vs Super Sonic and homing attack. I don’t really consider Sky Chase Adventure-exclusive since it’s only been in one game before Adventure and only one since Adventure.

  29. I would like to see adventure 3, but i would like to see it like this…Anyone else agree with me?

    It plays much like sonic colors but tails and knuckles are also playable, and just like in the classics they play through the levels much like sonic, but there are alternate paths they can take, and they move a bit slower.

    This would be super fun, and it would be hard to go wrong with this formula.

  30. @FoxBoy

    I never told anyone to not want the game I just want everyone to know that it’s a dangerous idea “right now”. Trust me if Sonic Team made Adventure 3 I would be very interested to see how they would pull it off, but…not right now, not this moment in time it’s too risky to Sonic’s reputation. And just because everyone is asking for it doesn’t mean it’s a step forward, everyone was asking for Sonic 4 and it wasn’t a step forward for the series, but rather a love letter to fans of the Genesis Era because they hadn’t played a 2D game on a major console in 16 years! That’s a long gap. But anyway you all can ask for it, who am I to say “NO don’t ask for what you want” but if Sonic Team actually takes that into consideration don’t expect that there won’t be disappointment.

  31. All comments here sound so delusional, it makes me want to cry.

    Im just gonna say I’ll be happy with anything as long as is not just another sad copilation game.

  32. @Emily

    Lol I know everything was going to 3D at that time but that was the “New fresh idea” then. They jumped from 2D to 3D while keeping the same formula that made the classics fun.

    Colors was fresh…

    Chip was the “New” one hit wonder character, annoying, pointless.
    Colors brought a whole species in peril and a spokesperson for that species, Yacker, that’s a good reason to bring someone new in, not just slapping a new character on, and plus he wasn’t annoying at all because he didn’t talk!

    The Temples of Gaia and the Generators…uh I can kinda give you that one, good argument.

    Dark Gaia and Light Gaia “Chip”, and Yacker and Nega Wisps is not a good comparison.

    Unleashed and Colors being cartoonier isn’t valid either that’s the mood of the game, so was Sonic Heroes.

    Focus on Sonic, Tails and Eggman? They’re main characters of the series, and besides Chip got way more screen time than Tails did. So it was really Sonic, Chip and, Eggman.

    Um Sonic only playable and Tails assistance, I can agree with you to some degree…Tails was REALLY pointless in Sonic Unleashed, at least he was the navigator on Colors, and he actually played and important roll too the story.

    Lol Orbot and Cubot

    Light hearted song at the end…well like I said that’s the mood of the game.

  33. Sonic Adventure 3 << WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! Stop whining about it.

    What I want:
    More Sonic in the UK,

    HD 2D and 3D Sonic game in 1, similar Colours and day-time Unleashed using the Hedgehog Engine (A sorta of Retro theme would be cool) Classic Sonic model for instaace (but the option to have both),

    A 2-hour GOOD documentary of the History of Sonic 😛

    We know we're Sonic 4:Episode 2! 😀 The first one was great! Screw retro-whores!

    SEGA to refuse an interview for IGN and Gamespot lol jk

    I would like a sequel to All-Stars Racing with more varied tracks.

    A good 2011 for Sonic!!

  34. Surely the time is right for an official 20th anniversary boxset of music. OK, there was some songs on the 10th anniversary disc, but there is still no official boxset of Mega Drive music. Sega did some pretty nice Outrun and Afterburner anniversary boxsets, so something along the lines of that would be neat. That and a nice big anniversary book would be neat – sorta like an encyclopedia.

  35. Also imo you can’t just make a Sonic game based on the Hedgehog Engine physics and slap Sonic Adventure 3 on the title, those weren’t Sonic Adventures physics, that would be just like someone saying make Sonic 4 but make it play exactly like Sonic Rush…umm…no!

  36. I just hope with the world wide events they come back to NYC. When they came to Bryant Park, I had MAAAAD FUN!

    Sonic Adventure 3: Stop mentioning and complainin’, we aren’t going to get it. Kinda glad we aren’t. I just wanna see sonic 4/2 along with other new projects. >:)

  37. To be Honest Sonic Free Riders was one of the best sonic games for Last year it had small flaws but really the best 3D Sonic Game yet 😀 And fact – It was the only good Sonic game released in 2010

    With Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing comming 2nd (Ha No chance of it being first it was not that great really terrible designs and lots of glitches)

    Much Better Than Crappy Colours and Fringy 4 Episode 1 no to mention Crammy Collection on the DS!

    Yacker can disappear for good and Chip left two years ago so it’s a start glad they only appeared in the one offs

  38. already new rumors comin up, but with a source? A collaboration of the best levels from sonic games in 3d hd from sonic 1 to sonic adventure 2. Indeed i am skeptical, but just somethin i found.

    would be cool i think, as long as they switch it up a bit, but i doubt seeing any storyline come of it. Ps3, psp, wii, ds.

  39. @ thewafflefactory.

    That doesn’t seem believable. That seems like another rumor. I’m not buying it…because SEGA confirms 3 games I doubt that’s one of them.

  40. @Kacey

    I see your back again…

    Wow Just Wow I know it’s your own opinion and everyone is entitled to their own Beliefs….But I have to disagree with you :\

    And man blurting out those comments out of the blue ….a bit out of order but you’ve done much worst in the past

    I’ll admit I agree with you on the Wii Version of Colours but I have to Say I think it was Free Riders that BLOWED last year

    With the difficult controls, I got a bit reckless and tired while playing this at my friends I really wish it had a controller option I just didn’t enjoy it there were a couple of things that ruined it for me well most things Not to mention The Terrible Voice Acting, Two Player and Sonic Swimming? that Just Ain’t Right for me :/ I’m just glad I didn’t buy wouldn’t want to waste money on that I feel sorry for my friend though…

    Even though I didn’t like the Wii Version of Colours I’d rather play that than Free Riders Heck even Zero Gravity was way better in my opinion but the only good things for me were The Levels and Music definately loved the music ^^

    And I rather enjoyed All Stars Racing it was much fun than both this and Mario Kart

    I haven’t played SOnic 4 Ep 1 Don’t have the money to download it

    And the Classic Collection wasn’t that bad despite a few glitches…

    But 2010 was okay really

    I enjoyed All Stars Racing, Colours DS Version and Classic Collection but 2010 is over now…

    Here’s to hoping this year will be even Better and Brighter 😀

  41. i hope its something new and out of the blue, we dont need a sequel or anything, i like some new stories, jut bring in some characters we havent seen in a while like shadow and knuckles

  42. @C.J

    You don’t get do you?….Doubt ANY OF YOU WILL EITHER :@

    Colours for both versions sucked, SOnic 4 was the actual game that Blew A rip off donwloading it >_> and seriously you think Sonic And Sega All-Stars Racing was a great game…I don’t think so not even close It may have beaten Mario Kart but certainly NOT FREE RIDERS!!!!!

    Sonic Classic Collection was as Crummy as Advance 2 so what it’s still a bad collection too many glitches more like ya gotta stop defending those crap games and Zero Gravity? Well i’ll admit that was fun but Free Riders owns every game with Unleashed and BK following (Here’s a quote what I’m saying to you)

    Sounds like the only one getting beatean around here is you… – Sonic

    And besides Free Riders DOES NOT SUCK They were only two problems……

    1 was teh Voice Acting (I can livve with Vector, Wave and Storm though Storm sounds a bit weird but still)…

    Same Difference – Wave

    The only Huge problem was Vector replacing BIG I mean what DA Hell Has he left Teaam Chaoxitix or something PSHCCCSSH I HOPE NOT BUT STILL IT’S WEIRD AND UNFAIR THAT HE TOOK BIG’S PLACE!!!!!!

    Try Argue with that :PP

  43. You guys have the strangest opinions….

    This one says Sonic 4 and Colors is whack since she must be into the mediocrity like SFR and the other one says he didn’t like colors….strange world we live in. 😀 But its all opinions….

  44. Before I leave, I just wanna say this. And this is to Kacey for her long ridiculous comment:

    “Free Riders owns every game with Unleashed and BK following”

    Sonic Colors Mario Galaxy 2 destroys Free Riders, Sonic Unleashed and BK in every way possible…smh @ you. Had a feeling you were into the mediocrity titles. XD

  45. @Kacey

    Okay…Um first the quotes from Chronicles and FR…..:/ I don’t get it but Moving on…..

    I still strongly Disagree with you and you can’t just say those things out of the blue…It may be your opinion but not everyone thinks that way try list as your opinion and enough with the rudeness actually think of others before you post or say anything You may be hurting their feelings

    I agree on the V/A but really it’s not as important as the gameplay but LOL You seriously Think Vector replacing Big is the real problem…Come on this is not as serious as other points O_o And your being silly Of course not He hasn’t left The Chaotix Jeez you need to calm down and chill a bit -_-‘

    Big was All Stars Racing I don’t see what was the problem of him not being in FR at least he’s been in one racing game………and also You’d Rather Play as an Obese Cat than A Bad Ass Crocodile…? XD

  46. Yeah, your opinon is coming off pretty strong. You don’t have to like the other Sonic games, but saying that Free Riders is the best Sonic game while bashing Colors, Sonic 4 and Sonic All Star Racing which in my opinoon are better and acting like Free Riders don’t have any problems at all, it’s like you’re just begging for people to argue with you.

  47. @ToddyWoddy

    Well I actually preferred The DS Version of Colours to be honest really But I didn’t hate the Wii Version I just liked the DS More

    Seems Kacey doesn’t approve of my Opinion and others for that matter…

  48. @ C.J I respect that you like the DS version. Some people like the DS version better and others like the Wii version better. When I read that girl’s opinion that made me “lol” because not only was she rude but she likes crap instead of quality. I WOULD buy the DS version but it came out for wii too and I bought the wii version instead. If Sonic colors was DS exclusive I might have gotten it.

  49. @NM Flamez

    “sonic adventure 3 will never happen”

    everyone said that about Sonic 4, but it still happend =D lol

  50. “everyone said that about Sonic 4, but it still happend =D lol”

    Yeah, and the retro fanbase is complaining about it cause it’s not the Sonic 4 that they’ve wanted.

    The same thing could happen with this Sonic Adventure 3. Sega could make a any type of Sonic game and slap SA3 on the title cause they know it will sell cause of the name alone.

  51. Oh and at @SonicSALES
    “20 years yet 5 of them really any good.”

    I disagree unless you’re one of those retro people who’ve stopped liking Sonic after the Genesis and they can’t seem to enjoy any Sonic games cause it’s not 100% like the classic games. 😀

  52. @sonfan1984

    True it may not be like how a lot of people would of imagined it, but it was still a pretty successful game non-the-less. It really could of turned out ALOT worse. It could of turned out the way it was supposed to be released on its july 2010 date.

  53. Yeah, but to be honest if I have to choose between SA3 or Sonic 4: Episode 2 then I’ll pick SA3 unless Sega make Sonic 4 more original and not recycled the same levels and bosses from the older titles. I’m just tired of playing remakes or rehashes of the old games.

  54. Why don’t you shut up cause last time I’ve checked I wasn’t even talking to you.

    You’re coming off as really desperate now cause people decides to ignore you so you’re trolling and doing whatever for attention. I don’t see why Brad or the mods don’t suspend you already.

  55. @Sonfan1984

    Maybe your just clumsy and Jealous because I have all the facts and truths 😉 While your a poop-nose 🙂

  56. lol, why should I be jealous of you? You’re nobody to be jealous of and your ‘facts’ is random bs.

  57. @Kacey:
    I’ve reported you to the admins.
    @Everyone else:
    Ignore Kacey’s attempts to get a rise out of you.

  58. Well, other than the obvious (more new and improved games, and such), I’d like to see a new American Sonic animated show – most likely adapting some of the comic storylines, but establishing a new continuity. I mean, it’s been 7-6 years since Sonic X, and 11 since the last Western-based Sonic cartoon… I say it’d be the perfect time for a new one.
    But that’s not gonna happen, for two major reasons:
    1. Sonic’s a licensing wreck. First, Sega of Japan keeps calling all the shots, and they would never allow a concept like this (ironic, since Sonic isn’t all that popular there), then, there’s the whole Ken Penders fiasco (of course, if he loses, it becomes moot), and THEN, I’m pretty sure whoever’s left of the SatAM crew would be pretty steamed if they weren’t part of the project – which is a strong possibility.
    2. 2011 already started, if they were planning to make something this year, they would’ve already made it public.

    But oh well. Wishful thinking on my part.

  59. @Emily

    Why.. uhh.. are there more than one of the same comment with both our names on it? o.o


    Yeah that could be fun. =) Tails would be an interesting choice for that as long as he’s not TOO slow. Tails and Knuckles are said to be pretty fast too just not like Sonic/Shadow. =P (If they ever include Shadow again since he’s the only one who fits besides Tails and Knuckles, he probably wouldn’t have a “Shadow Boost” like Sonic does. lol)


    If not now, then when? We don’t know how well they’ve been doing behind the scenes at SEGA. .-. What if they make Sonic Adventure 3 and they don’t mess it up? Is it still not a step forward? What is a step forward? Straying from the formula people want more anyways? o.O Just saying, most of these are far-fetched anyways so no one’s ACTUALLY expecting it to happen. So why say anything about it? =P

    @NM Flamez

    Yeah, like those things WILL happen. XD lol

  60. @Kacey & sonicfan1984

    Ladies relax! o3o No need for all this “SHUT UP” nonesense! =D


    Hey at least if they made SA3 we would know. It COULD be bad, but it COULD be good. Ya never know til you try. ^^ Besides, I don’t think they’d do that to SA3 or else they would’ve done it by now. They had 2 chances already (Sonic 06 and Sonic Unleashed) and yet they didn’t. =) I don’t really think SEGA is all “evil greedy people” that people make them out to be just because they’re not doing so great. ^^;

    @Kacey & C.J.

    When comments like that are made is there even a reason to actually respond seriously? o_O This discussion thing is old. If you’re just giving your opinions then there’s nothing to discuss. This is a comments page. Let us all just comment our opinions. =)

  61. “@Kacey & sonicfan1984

    Ladies relax! o3o No need for all this “SHUT UP” nonesense! =D”

    Well she’s the one who is going around telling people to shut up when I’m not even speaking to her. -.-
    She’s isn’t worth talking to anyway, lol.

  62. @sonicfan1984

    Exactly. Don’t respond or worry about it. =p (Though I think she was responding to when you said something about her opinions coming off strong or something idk. idk if you were talking about someone else tho either but oh well. ^^; )

  63. No, she just wanted to be insanely rude to people cause she posted alot more comments after that before they got deleted. We found it pointless to try and talk to her and started ignoring her instead.

  64. @FoxBoy

    Idk! Sorry! >.<


    Yeah but you said they switched to 3D cuz it was repetitive when everyone was going to 3D AND Sonic kept "the same formula that made the classics fun." anyways.

    Colors was fresh? Still? After all the things I just listed? XD (Not to mention Colors is like a mix of Sonic classics, Sonic Adventure and Sonic Unleashed. Not to mention the SatAM Sonic personality. The level-ups were the only thing Fresh. lol)

    Yacker was pretty much the same thing as Chip. They didn't need to single out a Wisp to talk to. They didn't need to talk to them at all. Even before Sonic started shutting down generators (on his own) he foiled Eggman after the first boss. XD

    Perhaps you don't this but DS version spoiler* the Egg Nega Wisp is the "Mother Wisp", Mother of all Wisps and creator of Planet Wisp who was controlled by Eggman to fight Sonic.

    Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 were NOT as cartoony. I was showing how Unleashed and Colors were more alike than Adventure Series to Unleashed.

    I say "Sonic, Tails and Eggman" because there was no Knuckles or other main characters that played the important role they usually do. Amy was in Unleashed uselessly, more so than usual. And I don't say "Sonic, Chip and Eggman" because Chip isn't part of the main cast I'm referring to. He's Unleashed-exclusive.

    As I stated above, Tails' role was as useless to Colors as to Unleashed. I mean, I liked his comeback to Sonic at the end about all he did to help out… but to be honest, none of the stuff he did was really needed. He sort've just gave EXTRAS that could be used but didn't need. All he did was tell us there were 5 generators we were already shutting down. lol (Sonic even finds out about the Wisp transformation chamber on his own. XD)

    And I meant a lighthearted THEME SONG that was used for the final BOSS but turned orchestral. I was just saying it's similarity to Unleashed. Sonic 06 did it too but it's theme wasn't lighthearted.

  65. Thank you Shadzter! Kacey was starting to sound kinda troll-worthy.


    Yeah! I read a comment from someone named Ax on another article and he got freakin suspended! How come someone like Kacey doesn’t get suspended for doing far worse? Even then Shadzter handled it a lot better. And I lol’d at some of her comments to you. XD

  66. Yeah, why did Ax get suspended for no good reason anyway when he/she didn’t do anything wrong?

  67. 20 years, fantastic. I think 2010 was a great turning point for the hedgehog.

    Better Voice Acting: Thank you, I can finally tolerate these characters speaking.

    A truly great 3D Sonic Game: Ah, Sonic Colors. I will sooo jump on to a sequel.

    An okay, but not great return to the classics: Sonic 4, you had your flaws, but you’re was still a step in the right direction. I’ll wait for episode 2 and 3 to see how all this plays out.

    Fantastic Sonic Team, you’re really making sonic fun again . . . . now you just need to stop making crap fests like Sonic Free Riders . . . . sigh.

  68. To be honest, CJ started this debacle when he/she griped at the Kacey person’s opinions on Sonic Free Riders and Colors.

  69. Onto the Actual topic though..

    How about a new Animated series based on the archie comics? and I don’t mean SATAM.

  70. @Anybody who think that the new VAs were the sole reason 99% could stand the characters in Colours:

    They also replaced the voice director with somebody who could actually do their job.

  71. @Emily:
    “How come someone like Kacey doesn’t get suspended for doing far worse?”
    She has been suspended 🙂 As for Ax, that’s the first I’ve heard about it. His/her comments were kind of long and would go off-topic a bit, but I guess he/she must have done something else wrong which me and you guys didn’t see that was worthy of a suspension :-/

    Anyway, I’ll keep a closer eye on the comments in future in case we get more trolling like with Kacey’s comments yesterday. I don’t have admin powers like suspending, but I can delete comments made in my particular articles. In future, I advise people to not respond to these people, because as I said earlier, they’re just trying to get a rise out of you. Don’t feed the trolls 🙂

  72. @FoxBoy

    I hope I’m not offending you, because those aren’t my intentions, I’m just merely stating how I feel if they were to make a Sonic Adventure 3. What I’m also saying is that they have a working formula, they’ve started something with Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors, and alot of people want that type of gameplay style. Actually ever since people have played Sonic Unleashed all I’ve been hearing is people wanting more of that style than any other one. We’ve had so many years playing the Adventure type of gameplay and I (personally) along with others would not like to see them backtracking. For example, if people could detect that the classics were becoming a bit repetitive by Sonic & Knuckles (Not saying that the game is in any way bad at all!!!) imagine if at that time they kept making Sonic 4, Sonic 5, Sonic 6, Sonic 7, Sonic 8…it would get stale! We would want something, anything NEW! The MegaMan series fell into that same trap.

    And also as a side note, don’t think that Sonic Adventure 3 “WON’T” happen, if you get enough people behind an idea and you go hard at a company with your idea…it could happen. Don’t get me wrong, as I said I would love to see Sonic Adventure 3, I would love to see how Sonic Team could deliver that title, but not right now, at the very least next year or so, we’ve only had two Unleashed styled games and I and others would love to see more of that.

  73. This doesn’t really pertain to Sonic, but I can definitely see despite whatever SEGA plans for Sonic this does not bode well for the Puyo Project, promising three games and a “celebration in style”.

    Unless one of the Sonic games happens to be a Puyo Puyo crossover or a completely Sonic based Puyo game altogether. (Which would kind of suck since SEGA and Compile tried so fucking hard to make something original out of it).

    But yeah, having not played any of the Sonic games released last year, I can’t say I have a solid opinion from anything besides first impressions (And judging from your peoples’ opinions, one might become afraid to start playing or continue to play any of them :/) . But what I’m really looking to get out of this is another Puyo game, because even though it’s had it’s own share of cash ins, I’d much rather see SEGA being busy making their other franchises great instead of digging Sonic’s grave…well…at least to “all his loving fans” 😛

  74. Sonic free riders won “worst 360 game” at the screwattack sagy awards, and nearly everyone i know in person who’s tryed out that game says its completely awful and unplayable, hating everything in the game apart from graphics.

    sonic colours is a good game, there’s a few flaws such as repeated level designs etc, awful storyline that felt messy, i didnt even know yacker went missing lol nor did they focus on that as a element within the plot.
    they had alot of ideas to add emotions to the storyline but i guess they wanted to scrap plot for gameplay which is fair enough ^^ tbh i prefer sonic games without storylines, there more enjoyable to play because you’ve got no silly VA to worry about and u can focus on what sonic does best, Platforming/speeding.

    like Mario ditches VA and storylines for gameplay (Galaxy 2), sonic should do the same.

    sonic 4 was pretty good, some flaws but still a great game.

    sonic and sega allstars racing was a great racing game, controls were smooth, graphics lovely, its the best PS3 racer, which is a shame because modnation had the rights to be great.

    now for 2011 for sonic.

    Don’t Milk sonic to death, don’t over hype him, Segas finally getting the pubic back interested with the latest games, even if still the public are hating the new VA and im serious, fanbase is mixed so far but pubic average gamers are hating sonics new VAs saying there more kiddish along with most still hating the new games, such as a friend of mine he slagged off colours because of the kiddish themes and kiddish VA etc.
    He did enjoy sonic 4 though.

    if you ask me sega need to remove that “Kids only” on sonic and make sonic like Mario “for everyone”

    games i would like to see this year:

    Sonic 4 episode 2

    thats about it lol.

    but seriously no more kiddish games, we need to go back to sonic adventure where its pretty much perfect balance, its not too kiddish nor is it too mature.

    Because Sega seem to forget there are fans of the series that are in there 20s, 30s etc.and the kiddish themes there doing is what is putting gamers/public off, its funny how the public loved sonic from 1991 to 2004, that’s where sonic lost his light, so sega think back to then and look back on what made the public love the blue hedgehog. I know for one thing the childish voice acting/storylines wasn’t there.

  75. @Emily

    You misunderstood me, I said people were saying that the classics were beginning to get repetitive with Sonic & Knuckles, and the jump to 3D (while retaining what makes Sonic, Sonic) felt new, agreed?

    Ok let me make this as clear as I can because sometimes I can come off as bringing my message unclear…you have to keep certain elements to something so it can be identified as to what it is. For example, you can’t throw Sonic into The Mushroom Kingdom, give him Mario physics, put a red hat on his head and still call it a brand new Sonic game…it’s not. What does Sonic do? Well…run, jump, roll, collect rings, and defeat enemies at high speeds, in a pinball-like fashion (with the exception of spin-offs). When Sonic Adventure came out, he still ran, jumped, rolled, collected rings, and defeated enemies in a pinball-like fashion…but what was NEW was that he was doing it for the first time on a full 3D plane, Hub-worlds, chao, new design, rock music lol, two new characters, and with new characters came new gameplay mechanics…which were fine at the time, not to mention Super Sonic. Then came Sonic Adventure 2, same gameplay styles as the first adventure, FASTER, two new characters, you could play a villains, added features to chao, more rock music, minus Hub-worlds, minus fishing, MORE depth, deeper story of EPIC PROPORTIONS!, get Chaos Emeralds before Eggman, Super Sonic and Super Shadow, direct sequel right? cool

    Sonic Heroes – same gameplay style as Adventure, EVEN FASTER, new team gameplay mechanics, more characters, two new characters, even more rock music, lighter mood, light story, Omochao, special stages, Eggman can’t control Metal Sonic, Collect Emeralds before Eggman, Super Sonic, etc.

    Sonic Adventure DX

    Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

    Shadow the Hedgehog – same gameplay style as Adventure, new gameplay mechanics – (OPTIONAL) guns (unnecessary), cars, bikes (both unnecessary) [side note: Shadow driving cars, is like Superman flying airplanes…why?]. Darker mood, darker story, cursing (unnecessary), new voice actors, new character, again more rock music, amigos, G.U.N. is back, Collect Emeralds, Super Shadow, etc.

    Sonic the Hedgehog (06′) – same gameplay style as Adventure, new gameplay mechanics (speed run sections, cars again, telekenisis, amigos), too serious mood, too serious story…the theme was “what if Sonic was real?” which is a bad theme because it invites too much reality in a fantasy game. Two new characters, Hub-worlds are back, rock music, die when touching water, world is endangered again by something Eggman can’t control, kiss (unnecessary), collect Emeralds before Eggman, Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver, etc.

    isn’t this getting old by now?

    Sonic Unleashed – This was a turning point because the gameplay style of the daytime stages had shifted from the Adventure formula as did the music…but the rest of the game didn’t though…lol here it goes…new gameplay mechanics (Werehog and level up system), Hub-worlds, new character, die when touching water, minor rock, more orchestrated music, light mood, light story, Sky Chase level (like on Adventure), collect Emeralds, Eggman can’t control another monster what a suprise! Super Sonic, etc.

    Sonic Colors (Wii) a.k.a. the full departure away from the Adventure series – let’s see umm, same Unleashed (daytime) style gameplay, new (OPTIONAL) Wisp “Power Up’s”, new characters, new voice actors, minor rock, more orchestrated/jazzy upbeat music, light mood, light story (MINIMAL), water doesn’t kill you, no Hub-worlds, no Eggman uncontrollable monster plot, no Super Sonic ending, no get the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman plot (though Super Sonic and the Chaos Emeralds are still in the game, they’re not a major plot device, which is a HUGE difference.), no new “FORCED-ON-PLAYER” game shifting gameplay mechanics and you can, for the first time play as Super Sonic through normal levels…Yeah it is FRESH…a FRESH escape from the tired Adventure series arc.

    I agree that Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors have alot similarities of course they do, but Sonic Unleashed was still being held back by trying to have Sonic Adventure tendencies. Sonic Colors has very very very minimal to no Sonic Adventure tendencies, and I’m glad that it doesn’t because I was tired of Sonic Team beating dead horses…

  76. @Shadzter
    “She has been suspended As for Ax, that’s the first I’ve heard about it. His/her comments were kind of long and would go off-topic a bit, but I guess he/she must have done something else wrong which me and you guys didn’t see that was worthy of a suspension :-/”

    He/she wasn’t spamming, trolling, or acting up. Ax was just giving long detailed opinions. Brad probably doesn’t like what Ax is saying cause all he had said was ‘Wow, long wall of text. You’re suspended.’ I didn’t know that people on here can get suspended for posting long test cause I see it here all the time and they don’t get suspened. I’m just speaking out for Ax cause he didn’t even know that Brad suspended him and I think Brad should treat everynody fairly on here.

  77. @SSK72:
    “Don’t Milk sonic to death, don’t over hype him, Segas finally getting the pubic back interested with the latest games, even if still the public are hating the new VA and im serious, fanbase is mixed so far but pubic average gamers are hating sonics new VAs saying there more kiddish along with most still hating the new games, such as a friend of mine he slagged off colours because of the kiddish themes and kiddish VA etc.”

    Wow and the older VA and stories wasn’t kiddy? I like the new voices in Colors and found them to be a huge improvement over 4Kids especially since Colors is one of their first games. I mean, now I can actually tolerate listening to Tails now instead cringing and using the mute button everytime he speaks and I dislike mostly all of Tails VA’s.

  78. Oh yeah, and Sonic Colors doesn’t even have much of a story anyway (it basically like the older games where you’re going around saving small animals) so how is Colors considered a kiddy storyline when basically thats what he did in the old games. Also if the cutscenes bothers you then theres a skip button.

  79. @Shadzter

    Yeah I actually read that long wall of text before it was removed with Brad’s harsh comment in it’s place and it wasn’t necessary at all. It was no worse than the stuff that’s been acceptable on this article so far (not including Kacey). It’s not just Ax though. I’ve seen Brad be mean to others before and sometimes he goes to far. I never really commented much til now because I always felt that even if I didn’t do anything wrong Brad would punish me if he didn’t like me. XP

    Anyhoo more on topic…


    (Let’s try to keep this short so we don’t get suspended too >.>)

    I was with you til you got to Sonic Heroes and called it the same gameplay style. o.o Sonic Colors is closer to the Adventure series gameplay style than Sonic Heroes was. o_O As far as I’m concerned, the Sonic Adventure style ended with Sonic Adventure. The rest of the games after may have had something in common but it was executed differently and was mostly likely only there as a Sonic thing, not an “Adventure series” thing. (Heroes also only introduced one new character unless you’re counting Chocola. XP) Also SA2:B came before SA:DX which came before Heroes. o.o

    And I see that Shadow The Hedgehog has the same basic gameplay as Sonic Adventure but I wouldn’t really say it’s “the same as Sonic Adventure” since it’s really how it’s always been since his creation merely with the addition of the Homing Attack which was on it’s way regardless. Otherwise, the physics felt more like Sonic Heroes. XD (also, the weapons are because fans asked for it and some found it fun, but they were optional so who cares? In vehicles you didn’t take direct damage so whatever. *Shrugs*)

    On Sonic 06 isn’t it odd they say “What if Sonic were real?” yet the game was less realistic than the classics or Adventure series? o.O I mean at least Chaos is a mutated Chao and Biolizard is artificial like Shadow. lol (Also they didn’t try to collect all the emeralds til the end)

    No… it’s not getting old. Especially when they did it half-assed ever since Sonic Heroes anyways. .-.

    Wait die when touching water? I thought it was die when you go out of bounds. Since they didn’t make any underwater sections, underwater WAS out of bounds. How else would be be able to RUN ON the water if it killed him? And what are you talking about? In Unleashed the whole world was freakin split apart. (And no, Sky Chaose NOT like Sonic Adventure. Sky Chase like Sonic 2 and Sonic Adventure. It’s not like it happend in SA2 or any game between it and Unleashed. It’s not like Sky Chase can never be used again. >.>) And what do you mean “collect emeralds”? When did he collect the emeralds in Sonic Unleashed?

    You’re listing new voice actors as a difference? x_X You know there were 4kids VA’s from Shadow The Hedgehog to Black Knight right? And again, I’ve listed so many similarities between Colors and Unleashed that there’s no way Unleashed is a lot like the Adventure series and Colors isn’t. Not to mentioned the Adventure series both allow 6 playable characters and none of the games afterwards do. And your description of Colors after everything else makes Colors sound like a bad thing. D: But… I liked Colors. >.<

  80. I fail at shortening… x__x

    But seriously, Sonic Colors’ gameplay is pretty much exactly the same as the Day gameplay in Unleashed. So how is it REALLY different? How is Heroes more like Sonic Adventure than Colors? Heroes had a lack of story compared to the Adventure series and even to a hollow plot like Colors and Unleashed. Sonic Heroes’ final boss was Metal Sonic. Sonic Colors marks the second time the franchise introduces and confirms to us the existence of aliens, the first being Shadow The Hedgehog. Sonic Colors ALSO adds extra gameplay mechanics to the character optionally like Shadow The Hedgehog. Only the main character is playable like Shadow The Hedgehog. The 2P mode are just clones of the main character like Shadow The He…. geez I didn’t know so many of these were similar to Shadow The Hedgehog. XD Anyways, Sonic still runs, still has the ring-dash in Hover Mode, still has the spin-dash in Spike Mode, still has the homing attack. The only real difference from the Adventure series is they’re not as available as we’d PREFER and the physics are a little stiff compared to the Adventure series which I have to say I prefer despite being about a decade old.

    It’s hard for me to agree that what was bringing the franchise down was being LIKE the Adventure series when everyone’s been saying it’s been going down for NOT being like the Adventure series. Even if, doesn’t that mean the series was going down because they ran out of ideas and tried to copy what they did in the Adventure series to succeed but failed at it and thus releasing a successful SA3 would be the attempt that was different from the rest and was actually “fresh”? All they’d have to do is add Sonic boost and 2.5D sections and you’ve basically added the only “fresh” thing in the franchise you’ve brough up since the music was already good and the classics and Adventure series stories are still a step up from Colors’ and the games before it. 😀

  81. I said it before and I’ll say it again: I want SEGA to come to NYC like they did with their Colors party in November. If they are going to do world wide events. Come on back to the big apple guys. ^______^

  82. @Emily
    haha, maybe Yacker is to Sonic what Doom’s Eye is to Shadow. Naw, but really, you’re right about that comparison. I never really noticed it before, but they have a lot in common.

  83. @Emily

    I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. You bring up some good points, but I still believe the series was declining because “New” guys were trying to pick up after Yuji Naka’s work, but studied the wrong spot “both Sonic Adventures” and as a result were fumbling nearly everytime. They came up with a solid formula with Unleashed, and I think they should keep playing around with that.

    As I said before, imo you can’t use the Hedgehog engine and just slap Sonic Adventure 3 on the title, they didn’t use those physics on that series, that’s like Sonic 4 playing exactly like Sonic Rush.

  84. @Jmack

    It’s not that I’m offended. Just I recall the article saying “Share your ideas in the comments.” not “Share your ideas in the comments and then discuss how yours and others’ ideas may or may not work.”. WHO CARES? If someone wants SA3, leave it at that. There’s no reason to even say anything about it.
    Besides, someone already stated they COULD do it badly they COULD do it good, but you can’t be afraid to take a chance.

    And what are you talking about? We’ve only had 2 Adventure-type games. They were called Sonic ADVENTURE and Sonic ADVENTURE 2. XD I don’t really consider using dumbed down and slightly different formula as repeating the same formula. And I don’t consider doing a better-than-dumb but still only slightly different formula as really all that big of a deal. As far as I can see, it’s still the same formula. I actually see Colors as CLOSER to the core formulas that made Sonic work in the past games. (Besides, I’m sure a lot of fans don’t want to have to race against time through a level, wait for Sonic to stop running on his own or hardly ever play the 3D sections at ALL. Those were some of the major flaws in the Unleashed/Colors gameplay many MANY people have noted that SA3 could improve on.) Personally, since a new Sonic game is a new Sonic game whether it’s a sequel or not. And to me, SA3 would merely mean a GOOD, artistic story for a change and the chance to play at LEAST 2 -5 other entertaining characters finally. To me, those 2 things are UPS, not DOWNS. But I will wait for them to improve on Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow and Eggman. ^^

    If the only problem is it shouldn’t happen now, then how do you determine when it should? =/ But I finally see your reason. Your reason is merely because there’s only been 2 Unleashed-styled gameplay games. However, Unleashed was Project Titles SA3 as SA3 is still in their mind because they haven’t found something worthy of SA3 yet. Sonic Colors is NOT fresh and they say so themselves that Colors is created from the results of the past games, hence it’s similarities to so many games throughout the franchise making it the exact opposite of fresh. It was good, but not new except the voice actors. (They even brought back orbot and added Cubot giving Eggman his typical 2 goons.) I think Colors is trash compared to what we may get in the future. 😀

  85. @Jmack

    No, I agree that the decline is due to them TRYING to be like the Adventure series and failing. What I was talking about was them someday making a game that WASN’T a failed attempt, worthy of the title “SA3”. They can still make other games, I just want them to go out with a bang! 😀 Besides, a lot of those games that failed were AFTER the Adventure series because they strayed AWAY from the formula. They’re all a very different style and much more cartoony. I see Unleashed and Colors more of an improvement of the formular started since Sonic Heroes rather than ending a formula that was continued from the Adventure series. I don’t think a single game went without intrudicing a character except the less popluar ones like Sonic Labyrinth, Sonic Drift and Sonic 3D Blast. lol

    Sonic Adventure was Iizuka Takashi. 🙂

  86. @Jmack

    Oh yeah, and I forgot. Don’t think just because they make an SA3 automatically means the new gameplay is out of the question. They can use the new gameplay to HELP MAKE SA3 great! ^^

  87. @Jmack

    And wait… why can’t you slap the Hedgehog engine on again? o.O I mean, Sonic Colors was on the freakin Wii and still manage to mimmick the Sonic Unleashed’s 360/PS3 physics. XD SA3 can either use the hedgehog engine with SA/SA2 physics or they can make new physics that work similar to the good qualities of the physics from multple other games such as the Hedgehog Engline, targeting homing attack, running and mere jumping. Sonic 4 doesn’t have Sonic Unleashed’s physics either. It still has the homing attack AND it’s target system. I don’t see how being titled “SA3” automatically strips it from that privelage. XD

  88. Here’s what I’d Love to see here:
    1. GOOD Sonic movie, Satam Please!
    2. New Sonic TV series, Similar to Satam or Sonic X without Chris thanks.
    3. Ps3 Exclusive, We got SFR for 360, SATSR, SATBK, and Sonic Colors for wii, Ps3 needs some love!
    4. Sequel to Sonic Chronicles
    5. Sonic USA tour, like appearing in the top cities in America, one in every state!
    6. Mario and Sonic platformer with epic storyline… no more olympics please!
    7. A Sonic Soundtrack CD Album with an Exclusive new song on it!

  89. @Emily

    It was Takashi!!! Wow I never knew that…I just looked it up…lol…don’t know how I overlooked that

  90. @Jmack

    I know! XD We’ve only been hearing about the guy in the more recent years so finding out he’s behind Adventure is a real shocker to most, and it makes it kinda hard for me to place a real judgement on him. DX It’s like he’s awesome and sucks at the same time but is full of effort while being careless HE’S JUST TOO CONFUSING! RAWR! lol 😀

  91. Assuming they would one day make a Sonic Adventure 3 wouldn’t it make sense for it to chronically take place after Sonic Adventure 2? Like how Sonic 4 actually takes place right after Sonic 3 and Knuckles. But Sonic Heroes takes place right after SA2 so when could a SA3 actually happen story-wise?

  92. @SonikkuHedgehog

    Actually no well Lets just say I compared her opinion to mine which ended up with her blurting things out and this ain’t the first time she has done this before….Sorry if people found the comments hasty disrespecting everyone and then when she mentioned random and stupid things like getting JB To voice Sonic I completley lost it 😐 and just ignored her

    But lets not talk about this it’s over now Thank You Shadzter….

  93. @C.J.

    Yeah, but for future references, it’s like I was saying to Jmack, it doesn’t matter if you disagree with their opinion or not. The opinion itself was harmless and you irritated the calm and brought out the spammer in her. Let’s just not worry about discussing our opinions because that alone is pointless. 🙂

  94. @FoxBoy

    Yes your right and I understand I apologise again….though She’s done this before except it was more drastic…

  95. Maybe the new games have been poor as SEGA’s going to do what Coke cola did! Hopefully they’ve make a really s**t few games then bring Sonic Classic! 😀

  96. @SonicOverlordUK

    I disagree but respect your opinion I enjoyed Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing that was a fun game

    and despite the average reviews I enjoyed most of the Sonic games throughout 2005-6(Riders,Rush and Shadow), 7-10 (All Games)
    I think having both 3D and 2D Games is fair for all fans…because half love 2D and the other half like 3D so iIthink it’s a huge step into making things fairer as they didn’t make things fair in the past

    Maybe for the 20th Anniversary the game could be played in both versions same story except small differences…

    I still have yet to play Colours (Both Versions I’m getting this weekend) and Sonic 4

    I’m hoping in the future after all episodes are released maybe they can all be stored all eps into a disc…

    Now that prices have gone up I don’t think it would be good to download plus I don’t have PSN or Xbox Live or WiiWare either….

  97. “@SonicOverlordUK
    Maybe the new games have been poor as SEGA’s going to do what Coke cola did! Hopefully they’ve make a really s**t few games then bring Sonic Classic!”

    I don’t understand what Sega got to do with Coke Cola…
    And 2010 is a really good year for Sonic, like the best year he had for a long time. The only poor game he had last year was Sonic Free Riders (judging on reviews and people opinions of it). Sonic Colors for the Wii and DS is fun, Sonic 4 has very mixed opinions and Sega Sonic All Stars Racing turned out really good.

  98. @SonicOverlordUK

    I agree with Sonfan1984 and Truesonic it’s got nothing to do with Coke Cola (Where did you get this from?) and 2010 was a fair year for Sonic more positive and merrier

    I also didn’t mind the past Sonic games despite their negative and average feedback

    But 2010 was a good year for Sonic except for a few changes and twists…So for me it was okay and good mixed

    Sonfan1984 has pretty much explained the main points

    2 Games were positive, 1 was negative and 1 was mixed….That’s a good sign or start right?

    here’s to hoping 2011 will be better!

  99. Truesonic, sonfan1984 and C.J I respect all of your opinions and I thank you all for your feedback. Yes we’ve all got our own opinions but unfortunatley I just don’t feel the games as quite as good as they could have been.

    Yes, colours was an amazing game and it has many good things in it like the 2D vs 3D sections and I adored the cutscenes where they joked around.
    But then S&SASR was unfortunatley not a good game for me.

    And I agree with C.J, bring on 2011 and the 20th B-day party!

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