#63 Slingerland’s Corner: FAN CHARACTERS!

#63 Slingerland’s Corner: FAN CHARACTERS!

As part of our 5 year anniversary, we take a look back at the original Slingerland’s Corner. In this episode he tackles a big subject, Sonic fan characters. In fact he tackles one particular one, Evil The Hedgehog.

Slingerlands Corner may be a thing of the past, but you can now ask the ‘Answer Man’ you  Sonic questions! He answers a few of them through the site, but the best ones get answered in his upcoming video episodes! If you want to ask the Answer Man something, go to formspring.me/thesonicshow.

Also Click below to download the awesome Evil the Hedgehog video game!

This game was originally made in the Really Amateur Games Expo in either 2008 or 2009. Which I found lurking on my pc, if anyone knows who made it please comment as Id love to credit them, even though its a pile of crap (intentionally!)

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