#60 5 YEARS OF SONIC SHOW! Intro Look back

#60 5 YEARS OF SONIC SHOW! Intro Look back

It was back in 2006 that The Sonic Show started, and throughout the next few months we will be looking back at what The Sonic Show has been up to.

To start it off, we take a look back at every intro sequence along the years of the show.

2006 started with a basic sequence edited by myself, to the tune of the Sonic & Knuckles theme.

2007 brought in a revamped version, using the Remix Project version of the tune and art drawn by Unny Gorey.

2008 saw a whole new era with art drawn by Professor J and music composed by Huepow.

2009 Finally brought us up to date with a new sequence animated by the very talented Legend 20x with music originally composed for the show too by Hunter Bridges

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