Sonic Colors Saw Highest Pre-sales Ever, 3 New Games for 2011

Sonic Colors Saw Highest Pre-sales Ever, 3 New Games for 2011

The quote below is from SEGA’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Alan Pritchard…

“[Colours] is our pure Sonic gaming experience. That’s had some high scores. It’s also the highest pre-selling pure Sonic title we’ve had ever. That’s a good indication. With the quality of the game, we’re confident of that. That’s our pure platforming Sonic.”

“We have some announcements in the early part of next year that will further support and add to this strategy. There will be two of three big Sonic announcements in the early part of next calendar year.”

Needless to say, we all hope Colors did rather well for itself. Hopefully SEGA will release some hard numbers on it eventually. Here’s hoping that these future games continue what was started this year with the likes of Colors and All Stars Racing. Any guesses on what these three titles may be?

In the same interview, Pritchard also mentioned that there will be four to five 3DS titles based one existing franchises released in the coming calender and financial year.

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  1. Well we know for a fact that Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II is underway.
    And we also know that a Sonic title for the 3DS is currently being produced.
    And the other not-pure Sonic title is the new Mario and Sonic game that was announced earlier.

    I have to say, this really disappointments me because unless the 3DS Sonic game is Sonic Anniversary, (which I highly doubt) there won’t be a new console Sonic game until 2012. And I really hope that another Sonic Storybook title isn’t going to be made unless it’s 100% control ready and not as irritating and short as Black Knight and Secret Rings.

  2. Should be:
    -Sonic 4 Ep II
    -Awesome 3D Sonic game
    -Unfortunately another Mario and Sonic

    Whatever happened to that Sonic 0 rumour, and Chronicles 2?

  3. Guess for two big sonic games announcments are..
    Sonic Adventure 3
    Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Ep 2

    3rd Sonic Game, most likely spin off or continuing the all star series

  4. I’m hoping for Sonic Adventure 3, but I think we all know that the success of Sonic Colors, and the failure of Sonic 2006, that gameplay style is dead. However, I’d love seeing something like the Colors/Unleashed gameplay go back to the 360 and PS3. The graphics in the Unleashed day stages, blew me away and I haven’t seen much of colors yet but I hear they’re pretty beautiful too.

  5. The games?

    – Sonic 4 Episode II
    – Mario And Sonic Wherever They Want
    – Sonic game by SUMO (Sports, cars, whatever)

  6. Definately Sonic 4 Episode 2 and also Sonic 3DS (Working Title) which leaves one more left not really sure….

    Sonic Chronicles 2? Another Sonic and Mario crossover? or perharps a different title something like um….. “Sonic’s Ultimate Adventure” or something :/

    ….Ahhhhh the Suspense is killing me D:

  7. My guesses? Sega’s next big attempt at “Sonic Adventure 3”, (another 3D or – Science forbid – 2D/3D hybrid effort) some god-awful new Mario & Sonic trash (completing the hateful hat-trick of sell-out shite that Sega puked out the first entry of way back in 2007) and Sonic 4 Episode 2 – the first and last of which we can only hope will be at least half-decent attempts to make Sonic’s name look slightly less stained and tainted from 2010’s various messes than what it does right now – it’s not like all can be forgiven as a result of the quality of some nigh-on-niche Nintendo-exclusive title; what Sonic Team really needs to achieve at this point is potent multi-platform success, and they’ll be in with at least a minor chance of staving off Nahtzee-Yahtzee and his merry little band of slating critics for a good long while, or at least until they grandly fuck the series up once more by rushing an eighth-gen debut title…

    SSMB Topic:

  8. “We’re guilty of bring too much Sonic to the market.” -SEGA VP of Sales, Alan Pritchard.

    “There will be two of three big Sonic announcements in the early part of next calendar year.” -SEGA VP of Sales, Alan Pritchard.

    Is this some sick joke?

  9. Three? I can think of 4 Sonic games that should make 2011.

    1. The next Mario and Sonic game

    2. Sonic Anniversary

    3. Sonic 3DS

    4. Sonic 4 Episode 2

    @Extaticus I don’t know where all the hostility is coming from. Sonic had a great year in 2010. Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing was brilliant. Sonic Colors was the best Sonic game is ages. Sonic 4? Well, it got good reviews by critics. Sonic Free Riders is really the only bomb and I don’t think people were expecting much from it. (That said, I actually found it pretty fun once you got used to the controls.)

    Also, Yahtzee is not a real critic. His stuff is just for entertainment purposes.

  10. Whatever happened to this sonic anniversary thing people! 20 years!

    My guess:

    Sonic 4 Ep II

    Sonic Anniversary

    Next Mario and Sonic

  11. @Brad
    Perhaps not. Maybe Sega’s found a way to make everyone happy now. 🙂

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m also glad someone else took time to practice and get used Sonic Free Riders’ controls. 2010 was a very good year for Sonic.

  12. I totally agree with TYoshi’s post:

    Sonic 4 Ep 2

    Sonic Anniversary and

    Sonic and Mario BUUUUT i have another guess. He said 2 or 3 games…where i’m getting at?

    Sonic 4 Ep 2(for me is this is confirmed already)

    Sonic anniversary( 20 years of Sonic…yeah i’m pretty sure this is confirmed as well..and we might know what it is. Best stages of all the games? in 3D/2D maybe??)

    and finally Sonic Colors HD…yep that’s what i think.

  13. M&S is a sell out – yes it did it sold out everywhere and helped the company to remain profitable at a time when people are folding left right and center.

    Heaven help SEGA actually SELL a game.

  14. GameStop said the Sonic title they had for pre-order (Genesis style with amazing graphics) got removed from the database.

    Huh.. maybe we’ll see Sonic Colors²

  15. Oh! As for guesses
    Episode 2
    *sigh* fans have demanded it… Sonic Adventure 3
    Tribute (Anniversary) title as mentioned by GameStop employee

  16. if Colors is selling this well, than Sega should port the game to PS3 and 360 like that Wentos guy said!

  17. They should totally make another Sonic racing game or even better another SEGA series game….Ah time will tell

    I agree with JTJ Sonic 4: Episode 2, Sonic 3DS(WT), Sonic 20th Anniversary special and yes possibly another Mario and Sonic crossover and………..arggh

    Suspense is still killing me D:

  18. I have a huge feeling Sonic Adventure 3 is coming.
    I really hope Sonic 4 ep 2 and SA3 are the 2 of the games coming out for Sonics 20th

    Well i think we can be sure that at least sonic 4 ep 2 will be released sometime next year.

  19. They should slow down on the Sonic releases. We’ve had Colours and that was a great game. They should step back and analysis how to make that better.

    And we don’t need another Sumo Digital game. Christ sake.

  20. Hmmm well
    I’d love for there to be a SONIC CHRONICLES 2 (I think a petition to get the game made should be created as bugs the shit outta me not knowin how thestory will continue).
    Maybe a SONIC RUSH 3?
    Obviously the Anniversary game is gonna be the big one. But I do hope it will be like a special edition with a JAZWARES statue with a awesome 100+ booklet of concept drawings/every character plus a dvd/bluray filled with interviews, a history of Sonic celeb interviews trailers etc. It MUST TOP THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY!

  21. I really don’t think it’s going to be Sonic adventure 3. number 1. Sega hasn’t gotten the “Adventure” Formula down yet. while The colors formula would be nice it wouldn’t feel like the way most expect. Number 2. Not a lot of people have Demanded 3. and last Sega would have announced or rumored it before next year plus the game would prob. take a few years to make(Seeing how they’ve been working on colors, sonic and sega, sonic 4 and free riders.).

  22. Oh for my guesses: 1. the sonic anniversary 2. another Mario and sonic crossover(sadly). and 3. Sonic 3ds. i would want sonic chronicles 2(Maybe on the 3ds), sonic and sega racing 2. oh i also forgot to mention episode 2 is a definite as well.

  23. Personally, still hoping for a Sonic Adventure 3. Let’s face it, no-one expected a Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and that one was announced a DECADE after the last installment. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed until the announcement has been made.

  24. @Sebastian_Sandberg
    Yeah but look at how that game is turning out. like no one expected. a lot of characters that fans wanted are not there. it’s business, don’t give in to the fans try something you think will sell. i just hope with adventure they listen to a little bit of what fans want and work with the title from there. or they’ll do what capcom did and ignore the fans plead for a 3rd installment and wait a decade before they show a trailer of it.

  25. I don’t think Chronicles 2 is that likely, guys. I know Bioware said they were working on it, but… when did anyone last hear anything about that?

    Probably talking about Episode 2, the 3DS and Anniversary. I don’t think the Mario and Sonic thing really counts as a big Sonic announcement…

  26. Lemme take a stab:
    -sonic 4 episode 2
    -an in development title for the 3ds?
    -An anniversary game of some awesome kind! Please sega,make it as EPIC as possible.

    Actually,I wouldn’t mind seeing a jet set radio game,I never played the first one,but it looked like it was quite entertaining from video play I’ve seen.

  27. How about a balanced Sonic Fighting Game that incorporates elements from Power Stone, and Street Fighter VI?

  28. 1. Mario and Sonic go to summer camp

    2. Sonic 4 episode 2: Adventures in summer camp

    3. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars camping trip… in the summer

  29. Geez I wish they’d make a Sonic Adventure 3 but I have a feeling they won’t, or if they do it won’t be anytime soon. But it’d be amazing if they did.

    And I’m tired of people telling me this useless information that “Just because it’s called Sonic Adventure 3 doesn’t automatically make it good.”. I KNOW THAT! We ALL know that. When people say they want a “Sonic Adventure 3” they don’t mean just release a game CALLED SA3. It’s like with Sonic 4. We want a game worthy of that title when wearing that title! We want an official SA3 that’s actually a fitting and suitable game for the Adventure series.

    But yeah I don’t think it’ll be SA3. Could be.. but I doubt it. Though they have plenty of reasons to want to actually make it themselves and if they need time to make sure they do it right let it be. (Just don’t take another 10 years x.x)

    As for Sonic Anniversary, right now that’s the only game I care about, which is kinda sad cuz it doesn’t feel that special to me. It’s just, specifically, an anniversary special. It’ll be cool, but not as cool as a good, new, REAL game. XP But I guess it’ll still be cool though. Makes me wish there were 2 games coming out for the anniversary though.

  30. @YoshiAngemon
    The Mario anniversary thing sucked. As long as Sonic Anniversary is in 3d, it will probably be better.

  31. I hope Sega aren’t milking sonic again due to colours is success…. why cant they just release 1 sonic game a year? or at least just 2 that way thous games will come out with better quality.

    just think sonic 4 episode 2 and sonic anniversary game, that would be great, having 3 is milking, free riders flopped being considered the worst kinect game by alot of gamers its even got 49 on metacritic.. so Sega take note just make 2 sonic games a year that way you’ll have two hits every year, when its 3 there always that weak one that ruins the series, alot of people still think Sonics dead thanks to free riders and even say the games are still a joke.

    also we just need sonic games featuring sonic , tails and Robotnik sorted.

  32. i think there should be a sonic adventure for 3ds and an aniversary game and an 3ds version of a sonic game (still that last one should be sonic 4 ep2

  33. Wouldn’t mind seeing that rumored HD port of Sonic Colors making the list. Would be better than Sonic 4: Episode II, I’d wager.

  34. Mu guesses are

    Sonic Adventure 3 (Sonic Anniversary)

    Sonic 4: Episode 2

    a adventure themed /party themed(Mario Party 9?) Mario & Sonic game

  35. People are kinda forgetting how diverse the Sonic series has become. We got, like, six Sonic titles this year. Wouldn’t you agree that at least the two Colors games and Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing kicked ass?

    In any case, here’s what I’d predict.

    1. Sonic and SEGA AllStars 3

    2. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2

    3. Sonic 3DS

    We may not necessarily get a big game this year, at least imo.

  36. Aaah I hope Its Sonic Chronicles 2…please please….and thank god its not A Sonic Adventure 3…that would just the ruin the series to be honest IMO

  37. @nuckles87: how do you mean no big game? You mean…, no kick-ass 20th anniversary game? That’d be a big shame!

  38. Hopefully there will be an SA3, but I will give Sega a chance to deliver what they have in store before making sudden judgements. A 3DS title and Sonic 4 is more than likely for that list too.

  39. @Eric
    Like the review said it’s not as good as Sonic Unleashed, the graphics are great and the blur effect when you boost is awesome.

  40. Well, they only say that three will be announced early on this year, not that only three will come out this year.

    But I think Sonic 4: Ep II and the 3DS title are very likely for this first batch of announcements.

    I’m hoping for a console announcement, but I don’t think that will come till later on in the year.

  41. I want a game that adds Tails and Knuckles in a meaningful way (ie S3&K). None of this robot riding or emerald hunting crap. If there were another game like Sonic Colors, it’d be gnarly to have them back in their classic formats.

    I’m sure the next Sonic 4 episode will at least add Tails. (Not Knuckles; I get the feeling they’ll save him for Episode 3.) My main hope for the Sonic 4 episodes is that they’ll be able to link into one huge game like S3&K. Four parts with 4 3-act zones each would be godly as one game, and actually eclipse S3&K in terms of sheer hugeness.

  42. Boy I’d love if Kunckles appeared in a main a playable character alongside Sonic and Tails…maybe a new twist in games full of mixed elements combined….

    This year has been fairly okay (but not exciting)…hopefully next year will be much better
    I say they should do another Game for the SEGA SS series to follow from ASR maybe…SEGA Fighters? SEGA Space Channel Dance Off Duel , SEGA Monster Rampage or something different Sonic Wii Party or Sonic DS Party?

    Chronicles 2? If so then better , Sonic 3DS ought to be exciting I wonder what they will name the title

    Sonic 4…? I’m gonna have to wait until they put all episodes on disc (I mean IF)

    Sonic’s new advneture huh? Tough one…Maybe travelling in the future or going back in the past, exploring different planets? , A possible return from the chao? Sonic trapped in his mind (somehow and you play as him to find out why he can’t wake up?) – Lol that was random sorry…these are just ideas 😛

    I’ll be looking forward to 2011….But really don’t want Christmas to end :/

  43. You know what, I always thought Knuckles deserved his own game! WAYY more than Shadow ever did! But given SEGA’s new strategy it ain’t gonna happen.

    I know I said I’m not expecting Chronicles 2, doesn’t mean to say I wouldn’t love that. Also, Heroes 2 or Adventure 3 =D

  44. Sonic 3DS ought to be something sick, i mean if its something like Advance or Rush then of course its gonna be a awesome 9/10 or 10/10

    As for the 3 Sonic games coming next year, I would probably think that Sonic Adventure 3 will be coming in 2011, i mean remember that interview with one of Sega’s producers saying Adventure 3 has been getting some hardcore thinking? and Alan did say that the next 3 Sonic games in 2011 will be BIG so who knows Chaos, MEtal Sonic and all those other guys might have a epic adventure coming towards them

  45. Here are the games I want:
    -Sonic and SEGA Racing on Wii, PS3 and Xbox Kinect
    -Sonic Heroes 2 on Wii, PS3 and Xbox [not kinect]
    -Sonic Colours Xbox & PS3
    I’m getting the 3DS the day of launch and will definately get whichever sonic game releases [i will have to consider chronicles]

  46. Here is my choice

    Choice A:
    Sonic Shuffle (Content Download for XBOX Live Arcade and PlayStation Network)
    Sonic Adventure 2 BATTLE (Content Download for XBOX Live Arcade and PlayStation Network) (Dreamcast/Gamecube Version)
    Sonic the Hedgehog CD HD Remix (Content Download for XBOX Live Arcade and PlayStation Network)

    Choice B:
    Sonic 4 Episode 2
    Nights Intro Dream/Christmas Nights Intro Dream with Sonic the Hedgehog intro Dream (Content Download for XBOX Live Arcade and PlayStation Network)
    Space Channel 5 Complete Edition (part 1 & part 2) (Content Download for XBOX Live Arcade and PlayStation Network)
    Pokemon X Sonic (Crossover) I know it weird but Sega had join with Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo so why to a crossover version^.^

    Choice C:
    Remake of Sonic Advance 1, 2 & 3 for 3DS
    Sonic Chronicles 2 (this time fix the bug/glitches)
    Sonic 3DS (working title)

    and Choice D:
    Knuckles Chaotix (Content Download for XBOX Live Arcade and PlayStation Network)
    Chao Chao Rocket (^^;)
    Sonic Adventure 3/Sonic The Hedgehog 2 HD Remix/Chao World


  47. @ Danic
    ….no…dear god….NO. I mean there really isn’t much of a story for sonic in there >o> Sonic Hood [Robin Hood] sounds like something they can work with more. That or something with cowboys, pirates, or ninjas [lol ninjas and cowboys : D The warriors way] Although based off of some of the fans reaction to past sonic games, I don’t think they’re gonna do a story book sonic game for a while. =w= Personally, I liked sonic and the secret rings and SBK. P: I love how the disc look the same, and the final battle realms looked the same [SSR Final battle Realm was black while SBK was a reddish violet color] If the continue with the storybook, I do suggest Robin Hood because of the speed and stealth element Robin Hood offered. x:

  48. @iiLunar_Sonic

    Well there isn’t really much for Sonic on the Wii except for the fact that it’s Nintendo. XD (It’s kinda ironic really o.o) I guess the Wii’s ability to use Gamecube controller gives Sonic a Wii chance tho. Hmm.

    I really hate exclusive games! Why can’t they all be more like Sonic 4 in the way it appears on multiple platforms with hardly a difference? =D

    And some of these ideas you guys are spitting out are making me wonder why you all thought the Sonic games were “bad” in the first place. XD At least we know where SEGA got those ideas now. >.>

  49. Sonic Rush 3-DS

    Mario and sonic game

    Sonic 4 episode 2 and episode 3

    sonic anniversary

    and maybe sonic adventure 3, if they do the long awaited sonic adventure 3 please get the original cast back for that one game so the trilogy can feel perfect, having the new cast finish the adventure series wouldn’t feel right.

    Its like getting new actors for the while cast in toy story 3 and they all sound different etc.

    would’nt be the same.

    AND SONIC STADIUM tell sega to keep one of the surprises for next years Summer of sonic so the fans have something amazing to hear at the event , like a summer of sonic exclusive.

  50. @SK72

    They can’t come back their time has past now…and sadly for other fans so has 4Kids Cast….the new cast will be staying whether we like it or not….I’ll admit I don’t like the end voices either (Except vector) but I feel we should give them time to improve and work a lot and hopefully they could be better

    Remember The Original Cast and 4Kids Cast weren’t exactly good in their early performances (Most were dull, not strong and sqeuaky) most games/shows like Sonic Adventure, Sonic X, and Sonic Shuffle but their performances improved from games like (Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes (The Lines were cheesy though), Sonic Unleashed, Sonic And The BK and Rivals 2

    So if we give the new cast time I’m sure they will be as good as the other 2 or even better though I’m not really sure about Adventure 3 :L It would be interesting though If so then add something different (The treasure hunting and Shooting games were boring to be Honest :/ )

    Though I’m sure 2011 will be full of suprises 😀

  51. Oh almost forgot and Toy Story voice cast never changed …No one left, they were still the same voices in all 3 flims except For Slinky Dog (His old voice actor died but this new one was a friend of his who sounded so similar….)

  52. @ Ax
    Oh You!
    XD Some of these ideas are good when you think about how the game would turn out >o> Then you’re right when people say the games are bad, weren’t they you ideas in the first place -raises eyebrow- Did ya see I did thar….pssh, personally I’ve learned how to adapt to the games =w= Except for sonic heroes D; I found that so difficult for ma tiny brain…I do hop for a sequel >w> Just not next year, like 2-5years in the future if we can keep a stable balance o; After Sonic Colors, they might finally be doing it right.

  53. :D!!!

    -Sonic 4 Episode 2 (download game)

    -Sonic & Mario for Wii (party game)

    -Sonic 3Ds (epic like rush saga)

    -Sonic Heroes 2 for Wii / Xbox360 / PlayStation 3 (anniversary game with Unleashed/Colors Style of gameplay and incredible cutscenes, epic soundtrack, cool teams and look of Genesis places )

    -Sonic Colors for Xbox360 / PlayStation 3 (port game)


  54. Sonic Anniversary, Sonic 3DS and Sonic 4 Ep 2.

    I’m sure there’ll be more, like the rumored Mario and Sonic game, SA2 on PSN and XBLA, Colours for 360 and PS3, and hell, maybe even another Wii exclusive…

  55. I want:

    Sonic Adventure 3 (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)
    Sonic Heroes 2 ( same as above)
    Sonic 1, 2, and 3 in a 3D like thing/ Like a sonic adventure for sonic 123 (same as above or 3DS)
    Sonic 4 Ep. 2 (this will happen)
    Finnaly a sonic shuffle 2 (Wii)

  56. I want:

    Sonic Adventure 3 (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)
    Sonic Heroes 2 ( same as above)
    Sonic 1, 2, and 3 in a 3D like thing/ Like a sonic adventure for sonic 123 (same as above or 3DS)
    Sonic 4 Ep. 2 (this will happen)
    Finnaly a sonic shuffle 2 (Wii)
    Or Add Tails and Knux in the next ssb

  57. Yes I really doubt there will be a port of Sonic Colors to the 360/PS3, seeing as how unleashed sold like shit on them despite how good or bad it was. 360 owners will just pick up the shitty FPS next to it, while some PS3 owners might give it a look see.

    I REALLY don’t think they’re ready for a Sonic Adventure 3. I’d say maybe put Knuckles in the next game and build up REALLY SLOWLY from there and keep the pals to a minimum

    Yeah Sonic 4 Ep.2 is comin out.

    Hmm, Sonic Heroes 2 sounds half likely half unlikely. They kind of hinted at it, but I’d really like to see how they’d execute it with the type of game play that has been garnering fan praise all this time, the 3d/2d style.

    As much as I’d like to see more Sonic titles for the 360/PS3, I’m just worried they won’t do well because the demographics who own them.

    “Finnaly a sonic shuffle 2 (Wii)
    Or Add Tails and Knux in the next ssb”
    2.Yeah, next, ok

  58. I HORRIBLY doubt that Sonic 3DS will turn out any good. Maybe it will be some generic 3D-Remember the interview where someone from SEGA (I forgot who) said that they were good with console launches and referred back to the abysmal PS3, Wii and Kinect Sonic launch titles? Well that really got my confidence up about 3DS…

    Still, in the spirit of a true Sonic fan, I’m not giving up!

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