SEGA Re-Releasing Master System & Game Gear Games?

SEGA Re-Releasing Master System & Game Gear Games?

UPDATE: It appears AtGames is a company that develops Plug & Play consoles with built-in games. The company has released a Mega Drive/Genesis system before and a portable Master System with 20 games in other countries, so this new listing is likely a new portable Master System for Australia. /UPDATE END

Original article below:

A new listing has appeared at the Australian OFLC website that indicates SEGA are planning to re-release many of their Master System and Game Gear games. A variety of titles were all rated together in the listing with a PG rating, but no details beyond that such as platform and developer are given. Among the games listed are four Sonic titles including Sonic Chaos, Sonic Drift 2, Sonic Spinball and an unnamed 4th game simply labelled “Sonic“.

The full list of games includes:
Alex Kidd in High Tech World
Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
Assault City
Astro Warrior
Aztec Adventure
Baku Baku Animal
Bomber Raid
Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
Dragon Crystal
Ecco: The Tides of Time
Fantasy Zone
Fantasy Zone II
Gain Ground
Global Defense
Golden Axe
Kung Fu Kid
Penguin Land
Putt and Putter
Snail Maze
Sonic Drift 2
Sonic Chaos
Sonic Spinball

Some of the Master System titles have already been released on the Wii Virtual Console, so if they’re coming to a downloadable platform it’s more possible that these games could either be coming to PC Download, the App Store, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network or even SEGA’s online Play SEGA service. On the other hand, since the titles have all been rated together, then they’re very likely to be released on a disc collection, much like SEGA’s various Mega Drive/Genesis collections on PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3 and recently on PC.

We’ll keep an eye out for any further info/media that may come to light and pass it on. Meanwhile, share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Australia OFLC

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  1. @Brad.

    When you can’t tell if TSS staff are trolling anymore you know that something has gone wrong somewhere.

  2. The games mentioned above is the exact same list as with the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate collection. So i’m not sure this is something new, maybe just a different way of distributing or something.

  3. First Sonic Gauntlet : Enter Lord Robotnik, Then Crash: Rising. Now these. Im not sure if i can beleive this!

  4. @Peter van Dam:
    These are Master System and Game Gear games, not Mega Drive/Genesis games. SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection only had Mega Drive games and unlockable SEGA Arcade games.

  5. As someone said in the comments of that Sonic 4 opinions thing: “Brad sucks ass” and he does to this very day.

  6. Pass. Nostalgia isn’t enough nowadays to be worth my time. Besides, I got emulators for that, anywho.

  7. @Ethan Kerr: I do not even think it is what Brad did to the guy you just typed to, but how he shows his own maturity, behavior and such and how he can act like a jerk, especially to Sega, or some modern fans, or what ever.

    Also, why not re-release Knuckles’ Chaotix?

  8. I enjoy these compilation games. They give newer generations of fans the chance to play the older titles if they don’t have the required console.

    Brad: If any new Sonic game is not like Sonic Fan Remix 2 or does not have PERFECT physics then it sucks. (Wrong. More like “if it’s not a well-made game, it sucks.” +5 Douche Points. -Brad)

    @Sonication: Agreed. Knuckles’ Chaotix re-release is needed.

  9. Maybe these could be released for the 360’s Game Room? Or maybe a compilation disc, though the Genesis compilation disc had far more games than this. Most interesting…

    Can’t wait to play some Alex Kidd and Fantasy Zone!

  10. It’s either a compilation or it’s something else. In any case, when will Dynamite Dux be on VC?

  11. Hmmm, I’ve already got all the 8-bit SEGA games I care about on SADX and Sonic Gems for GameCube (Gems is a must have because Tails’ Adventure is too dark on SADX). I agree with everyone rooting for a Knuckles’ Chaotix re-release. I’ve got the game sitting on my shelf, but haven’t played it for 14 years because the lowsy 32X never worked right then eventually died. We need Knuckles/ Chaotix on a reliable system. SEGASonic the Hedgehog too (the arcade with Mighty and Ray).

  12. Great! another collection of classic games that will be on the cheap racket. Now i’m not hating the idea it’s just getting old. They’re doing NOTHING new to keep it fresh. what will reviewers or fans say. “Gee Alex Kidd hasn’t aged well. it feels the same like it did 30 years ago. Actually now that you mention it none of these games are making me proud of re-buying. i already own them. they’re just making me do all that hard work all over again! with nothing cool for a reward.(Oh a 50 point achievement!)” but i still am going to get it for Knuckles Chaotix and some other classics i haven’t played for a while.

  13. Why nnot Tails Adventure?! It’s the one game I REALLY want to play, but I can’t find Sonic Gems Collection, and I can’t get enough emblems on SADX!

  14. @thewafflefactory:
    There isn’t a Master System/Game Gear collection on the Xbox or Xbox 360.

    You don’t need any emblems on SADX for Tails Sky Patrol or Tails Adventure. You get them in Mission Mode. Beat half of the missions for Tails Sky Patrol and beat all of them for Tails Adventure.

    “but i still am going to get it for Knuckles Chaotix and some other classics i haven’t played for a while.”
    Knuckles Chaotix isn’t among the games listed in this rating. The games listed here are Master System and Game Gear games, not 32X games.

  15. Not really that interested in the Sonic ones for the Master System as they are pretty mediocre. Even Sonic Chaos, argueably the best one can’t hold a candle to the Megadrive Sonics. The non-Sonic ones I haven’t played intrique me though.

  16. @Burning_Blaze:

    Brad: If a company being paid millions of pounds to create a quality game – a task that three unpaid programmers have recently managed entirely on their own within a shorter given time period – fails in producing any work similar in quality to games they have already produced and released years ago and should still have the knowledge to make, then it’s really hard to find that company worth my time.

    Except in slightly harsher language.

  17. @Umiyuri
    And who has the right to judge what’s good quality and what isn’t? Certainly not him. If people (a.k.a the pleasable fans) like it then it must have some good quality in it. If Brad wants to sit in a basement and play shoddy fan-games ignoring the games that the original company produces then that’s his problem. Not everything is not how it was in the 1990s. Sorry but get the hell over it.

    All I read here was a bunch of incorrect, sweeping generalizations. I receive the games from the SEGA in order to play them for review purposes. If Sonic Fan Remix is “shoddy,” then Sonic 4 is certified garbage. “Pleaseable” means that you’ll accept any shit that gets thrown at you, regardless of quality. I don’t have a basement; I have my own apartment. Congrats on being a douche, kid. -Brad

  18. But to hell with it. I don’t want to start an argument with anyone. I don’t disrespect him nor anyone else. I just don’t agree with him 75% of the time.

  19. Lol at the trolls feeling butthurt because of Brad’s remark on this article.

    The sonic franchise is broad. If you don’t like it that one part of the fanbase likes their favourite games to be kept reeking of quality and effort. Go enjoy your own games and shush.

    I wouldn’t want anyone to represent the classic fanbase like he did in the feedback session.

  20. I have 110+ original SMS games in cases with instructions… there’s nothing there I don’t alrea……. wait a sec… Ristar was on SMS/GG ?

  21. I meant: I wouldn’t want anyone else to take the part of representing the classic sonic fanbase like he did together with those other guys.

  22. Adding to what MetaRyan said above, why in the hell is SEGA re-releasing SMS games when a highly underrated and long time ignored title such as Sonic CD isn’t being re-released?? Seriously, I really think people would be more excited about Sonic CD than Alex Kidd or any other 8-bit game. It would be awesome to the people who have played it and enjoyed it and it would be a treat to the many people who havent had a chance to play it thanks to it being a rare Sonic game.

  23. @Burning blaze

    If it were you who’d be representing the franchise, we would have gotten shadow the hedgehog 2, sonic and the crazy fanboys instead of what we have now.

    Keep on being pleased by everything that’s thrown at you, enjoy the games, and let those who have higher standards do their own thing as well.

    This compilation thing has really gotten rediculous if you ask me. At first I thought it was SEGA testing the download services, but they just keep on throwing them out there.

    The biggest mistake they make with these choices like t hese, especially in master system’s case. They stop the original games from staying classics.

    All other developers remake their games, and sell them for a price of 8/10 dollars each on download services. When did SEGA actually remake a game? This does kind of give the impression that SEGA lost it, they cannot copy what they allready made which only results in 2 explenations. At least for me.

    Or it’s pure laziness, or they lost the people that originally made those games. I am a Major SEGAfan but in the end we all have to put off those fanboygoggles and be realistic about things. Basically SEGA apart from a few good titles, is kind of losing me. The reason I loved them back than is kind of gone today

  24. @ Burning blaze

    I’m happy to see someone standing up for those who like what sega has to offer. You truly do understand how people should act in this fanchise, and not always pointing out the faws for a reason I”ll never know. I’m happy to see not everyone in the fan base is blind and, is as accepting as you.


    Do you hear yourself? It’s like you forgot to be a kid again. If the modern games came out the same time the older games did i bet you’d like them. And these “constant failures” (Minus Colors) SEGA keeps making is just a success waiting to happen. Maybe a second Shadow the hedgehog would be better then the first. you never know. I for one like both modern and classic sonics. there’s nothing wrong with the games it’s this fanbase that’s the problem. I liked every one of the other modern games despite there flaws. Why you guys hate on the games that SEGA has to offer (the one company that gave us sonic in the first place i may add). You didn’t like unleashed because of the werehog I get that. NOW your complaining about physics? Do kids even know what the physics are in a game? I mean really this is what i’m talking about. The fanbase is just looking for stuff to whine about.

  25. As for the colecter’s games I’d say go for it Sega! I mean the old fans are NEVER pleased. So this maybe a good thing.

  26. Forgot about being a kid again? I don’t know if you realise it, but “the kids” in us fell in love in the franchises because of how good they were in every way. How do you think SEGA got so many supporters in the first place? Just because of the characters? That wouldn’t make sense would it?

    Nope, I wouldn’t have been a SEGA fan if it werent for QUALITY, top notch games like sonic, streets of rage, golden axe, gunstar heroes, vectorman, ristar etcetera. And those are just the popular ones.

    I would have been a nintendo fan if it weren’t for the quality of SEGA that attracted in it’s place. So to answer your question, if this was the era I was born in, I wouldn’t have cared much about SEGA, just like how I don’t care about any random company.

  27. @jwiwo
    What you need to understand is that everyone wasn’t born in the same era as you. I got into Sonic the Hedgehog by watching the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog as a kid. I didn’t even know he was a video game character until I played Sonic Advance. Then I got Sonic Mega Collection for Christmas and learned about his past. That’s what compilations are for. They show people who never had those games how it was during that era. Mostly kids to be exact. People have different views and perspectives as I stated before. It has nothing to do with quality. Entertainment is entertainment.

  28. Ah okay, well that’s cool and all. But if you look at the sales today, it’s obvious that SEGA and it’s mascot have lost a lot of people throughout the years. People are losing interest in the franchise. You may be just one of the few people that got attracted to sonic the way you did. But many of this era associate sonic with crapiness. That was never the case in the 16 bit era. I mean like never. You go to now, watch the retrospectives and see how many people love sonic from that era. Even the people that hate sonic from today can say just from the video’s how great the franchise was back in the days.

    I personally loved sonic colors. You want to know why? Because it took a lot of the good elements of the classic sonic games. You can see the good results, resulting in pleasing the most “whiny” fans(or so they are called by fanboys for being picky) and getting general praise in the fanbase. You want to know why sonic colors ended up the way it did(with the classic elements and all)? It’s because of fans like brad and others that also express their critisism towards the franchise. Sonic colors may not be perfect, but hell it’s far from average, it’s a solid good game.

    It’s not just about accepting everything about the franchises and simply just enjoying them because “ZOMG it’s SONIC!!”. It’s also about wanting the best for the franchise so it can keep on existing and getting better.

    There is no reason to get irritated by fans that have high standards because they grew up in an era where they didn’t have to even be worried for a new installment to become better than it’s predecessor. If you have no problems in enjoying games that aren’t so good, you’re free to like them. Nobody is stopping you. But you should let the people pointing SEGA to the right direction (as you can see the results from sonic colors, and to an extent in s4e1 existance) at least try to not be an anoyance.

    It would be nicer if SEGA just tried to show that they still have what it takes to make all those games. An alex kidd sequal anyone?(OH YES BABY)

    Ristar sequal anyone?(Oh yes baby)

    But don’t blame anyone for thinking they do not have what it takes when they keep on rereleasing the games in their old state and failing to make sequals better everytime.

  29. I think most of it has to do with the simple fact that MOST of us were kids back in the “good ol’ Genesis days.” We’ve become more cynical as we’ve grown up, and that’s how we seem to view each new game that comes out. Most of us are acting like angry old folks, wishing for Sonic to be like how he was when we were kids, but the simple fact is he isn’t and likely never will be. I also agree with the fact that there hasn’t really been a “Sonic cycle.” Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Colors I personally think were fairly good games in their own right. The only game I wasn’t a huge fan of was Shadow the Hedeghog and that game didn’t even star Sonic himself. Although I thought Sonic the Hedgehog 06 (other than its ridiculous name) had a lot of problems (glitches, etc). I thought it would’ve been a lot better had SEGA been given more time to develop it. As for the storybook series I think they’re okay, but are kind of deviating too far from the original formula. I know most people make the argument that if people don’t continually criticize the games and point out their flaws that SEGA will continue to crank out “bad” games, but has that really helped? Basically it just continues to put SEGA on the defense, like an emotionally abused child who never hears anything positive from their parents. The simple fact is that SEGA continues to make new Sonic games whether that is your prerogative or not. If you enjoy the classic 2D games and hate everything else, quit coming to sites like this to bash games that other people enjoy. There is a difference between giving a clear and concise review of a game and just being a douche bag because you can be.

  30. “Has that really helped?”

    Sonic colors is the answer to that. Also “the existance” of s4e1 too. I mean it’s not a top quality game, but it’s existance shows where they are aiming at.

    So it does help alot that fans are expressing their critisism.

    It is a hard time for SEGA with the recession and everything, but seriously they need to treat their software with a lot more care than they are doing now. So SEGA decides to make an alex kidd sequal, let it be made by proffesionals and not by some cheap company like they did with golden axe: beast rider.

    S4e1 is still the biggest offenders.

    All they do is rerelease or treat sequals bad. I kind of wonder if there are still people at sega that don’t just think about their monthly paycheck.

  31. Ugh…again? Don’t get me wrong it would be great for the new generation (young sonic fans) who never got to play Old School sonic back in the 90s…I’ll admit I wasn’t born while the old 2D games were released I was around 4-5 (during 1993-4) but I’ve played both Mega and Gems collection and it was really fun back then (2004/5) but My sister did have the old consles…

    Its just the idea keeps getting repeptive :/ and why is everyone mad at Brad??? Its just his opinion…we should respect each other’s opinions no matter how bias it sounds (unless doing it on purpose) but…..everyone has a say!

  32. Some of these games should never be re-released ever again. The horror was bad enough the first time. This is just a shameless cash in on people who don’t know any better to stay away from a bunch of these games.

    I’m looking at you Sonic Spinball!!!!

    Not Ristar though, that’s a good one.

  33. It’s not that we don’t respect Brad’s opinion. The way I see it, is that he comes across as he thinks his way is the better way, and when someone disagree’s he goes and gets mad at them. Honestly, he can like whatever he does, doesn’t harm me any, but when he goes about calling people, ‘douches’ for having a different opinion on games, then yeah, that’s just idoitic. Sorry, dude.

  34. I know they port these games quite a bit,but I never bothered buying the ports. I might do it though just as a collector thing if they remake the system. Never played echo the dolphin when I was little.

  35. I know they port these games port quite a bit,but I never bothered buying the ports. I might do it though just as a collector thing if they remake the system. Never played echo the dolphin when I was little.

  36. @ Jwiwo

    Oh I know about that but do YOU know that some kids hardly even know what physics are? If they like it then why not show it to them. You can’t expect SEGA to keep doing the same thing they have done for years. Now have you read the rest of my comment? You talk about your “Kid”. Where is this kid? Because if the “Kid” was present you wouldn’t be talking about the flaws of the games that SEGA has out. Remember Sonic is for children. Is it a problem if they don’t see the old games, but simply like a blue hedgehog running around? You would know you where a kid once and you played it as a kid didn’t you? Do Kids HAVE to like sonic games the way you or Brad do? I’m not trying to get you to like the new games but it’s hard to tell if you support the company that brought you Sonic in the first place, when you say that there games suck. but maybe it’s just there way of getting better. Who knows?

    I liked sonic colors, but it didn’t seem alot of fun because of all the “fixes” SEGA did to it I though Games like sonic 2006 had some good parts to it very good i do like it, but the only thing i hate is the loading, and the story was decent. not perfect but decent. as for the others they where excepting as well. I though unleashed would have at least been good, but no, people hated the werehog. Did any one even play the game to the end? and now SEGA was nice enough to give us sonic 4 and what happened? People whined about the physics?…. COME ON!!!! this proves that people like Brad are just looking for things to whine about the games. Some people are willing to like the new games. It seems like their being more grown up about it then most people are. Has SEGA changed, or have the fans grown? In a way a little bit of both. One thing i know for sure SEGA has changed through out the years. and accepting change is apart of being mature. I’m willing to accept it. Are you? It seems like many people are just saying if SEGA isn’t the same it was 10 years ago then the games suck.But I’m just going by what I’ve seen. Do older fans really hate the one company that brought them such joy long ago? It’s hard to say anymore.


    I think people are hating on Brad because of what he says about modern fans and SEGA. I respect that you are saying he has his own opinion but i think it’s what he’s been saying to people that’s the problem.

  37. @General Blue
    It’s like I friend of mine once said about today’s cartoons: “Cartoons haven’t gotten worse. You just grew older.” I believe that saying goes for Sonic and any other game series that was made in the late 90s/80s.

  38. Simple response to you general blue

    What’s with all the “kid” talk. Listen dude, I would have not been here if sonic wasn’t so good back in the 90’s. In other words, the kid in me (4 year old) had some good taste at an early age. I believe the succes sega had back then compared to now speaks for itself. Kids are not mentally stupid. Kids enjoy what they like. Even if they can’t put their fingers on what that might be(like physics blabla etcetera). The fact is that the whole of the quality is what I liked about sonic.

    How is that hard to understand? Why couldn’t you figure this out yourself? Come on, you guys are better than this.

    All you have to think is about how succesful sega was back than, and how succesful he is now. There is your answer.

    I don’t’know about you guys, but even as a kid I “only” liked good games. If you can’t recognize that than that explains your standards now, since they haven’t changed, just like mine haven’t changed too ;).

  39. @ Jwiwo

    What’s with the kid stuff? First off I was just responding to your other comment. and second kids seem to me more excepting then you and Brad are. Sonic IS successful in some parts it’s the fans who have changed not Sonic. as far as I’m concerned he’s still a blue hedgehog who runs and that’s good enough for me. I fully understand whats going on. Under all that whiny madness it’s hard to see the inner fan in you. I say “Kid” because it’s like you said Kids are more excepting and like what they see. But is it the same of other fans? it’s doesn’t look like it. I see nothing but complaints hardly any props, and to the one company that gave us Sonic in the first place. Oh I understand and this just proves my point even more. Older fans fail to see success when it’s right in front of them. And your right, my standers haven’t changed because people like Burrning_baze here enjoy what SEGA has to offer an see the success in a game. This whole fanbase is Jacked. Recognize that!

    So i say again Do older fans really hate SEGA that much?

    @ Burning_blaze

    Yup! I couldn’t agree more. It seems the two problems are not unrelated.

  40. @jwiwo

    Now I mean you no Disrespect, but it’s hard to see if this is a Sonic fanbase or just a SEGA complaint department. Because that’s all I’m seeing. and it’s what I’ve been seeing for the past 10 years. the 90’s are over but they aren’t over for you, at least in your memories. So Sonic’s a little different in the games. I still see the blue hedgehog running around, and past all the things that could have been better. That’s what people like me and burning blaze see. Can’t you see that? Isn’t that what you saw years ago. A runing hedgehog that you liked isn’t that what being a “Sonic” fan is all about?

  41. Wow. lol Reading the comments all I’m seeing is “Things were better in my times. Back in my day things were a lot better than these young whipper snappers!” Ahhhh, same old story. =)

    Truth is, I liked Sonic as a kid. It was aimed at me when I was a kid. Now I’m not a kid but they’re still aimed at kids. It’s turned into what attracts kids. That style is different than what my generation is used to and they can’t handle it. Truth is, Sonic was my favorite everthing when I was little but I will admit it was not “top notch”. It was just cool for it’s time.

    And quite honestly I don’t think SEGA will ever please the “oldschool fans”. You’re expecting them to act like they’re stuck in the 90’s because a specific outdated portion of fans are. They can’t do that. It’s time to move on. Bring something new to the plate. New AND good hopefully.

    Everyone’s said it before. Nothing will ever please the Sonic fans. So why are people complaining like we expecting them to do the impossible? lol Even if SEGA “gets it right”, it will still be wrong.

    However, people are forgetting there aren’t 2 crowds. There are THREE! Oldskoolers, newskoolers and NeutralSkoolers (people who grew up with Sonic but also like the new games and people who are new to Sonic and like the new games as well as old games) The NeutralSkoolers are hardly even noticed as existing. XD Poor them, us, banana, we, I, me, you, they, world. lol

  42. Sonic has just one more thing to say…

    “Well, I don’t show off, don’t criticize,
    I’m just livin’ by my own feelings.
    And I won’t give in, won’t compromise,
    Cause I only have a steadfast heart of gold!

    I don’t know why, I can’t leave though it might be tough,
    But I ain’t out of control, just livin’ by my word!
    Don’t ask me why, I don’t need a reason.
    I got my way. My own way!

    It doesn’t matter now what happens. I will never give up the fight!
    Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight,
    It doesn’t matter who is wrong and who is right!

    Well, I don’t look back I don’t need to,
    Time won’t wait and I got so much to do!

    Where do I stop now, it’s all a blur, it’s so unclear.
    Well, I don’t know but I can’t be wrong!”

    Sonic Says! ;D

  43. And about cartoons, they really haven’t gotten worse. All these stupid cartoons are no worse than the freakin Looney Toons which is the worst of them all just about. Almost not even funny and the sense of humor is dark and inappropriate at times. But it’s classic!

    And as much as I like Sonic SatAM, I, personally, think Avatar: The Last Airbender is better. It’s just way more in depth of story, character developement, mood, emotion, growth, moral and animation even. Granted the movie isn’t so great but the show is definately no Street Sharks. Even anime, Full Metal Alchemist is probably less brain-frying than Pokemon. lol

  44. avatar is great indeed. I’ll give ya that. It’s basically how I hate all the comercial stuff on tv that look like cheap flash made cartoons which I dislike so much.

    Also spongebob is pretty awesome as well

    At the 2 guys who replied to my previous comment. Cry me a river. We have been doing our thing since long and it seems that it’s finally resulting. If it were a few years ago than i’d get angry by guys like you. Now I don’t care much because I know SEGA finally knows to who they should listen to keep the franchise alive.
    Sonic is dying, sales are being reduced with each and every installment. They are desperate for people to put them back on the right track again. As i’ve said in previous post. Worship the franchise as you like, but don’t get in the way of our mission to get the franchise back up to quality again 8)

    Haters gonna hate

  45. @ Jwiwo

    Ok, I’m not worshiping the franchise, FYI. and if your doing what you can to “keep the franchise alive” then you would understand that as long as there fans Sonic will never die. What Mission? to send SEGA all these complaints? This entire “Fan” base is a joke. Get that through your skull. Yeah Heaters gonna hate and it takes one to know one. Let me tell you something, SEGA listening to a fan base that’s so jacked if anything with hasten this so called “Sonic is dying” your preaching us to. It almost sounds like your telling us to back off so you can continue telling SEGA how YOU want a Sonic game to be, and if the game isn’t done YOUR way then it’s killing sonic.

    If you care so much about SEGA then you along with everyone else should support SEGA. Tell me how are your complaints supporting SEGA? Are sales Really going down? If so why do you think that? Please enlighten me. Or is it that since the game gets bad reviews the sales go down. Tell me, what do you think is causing the so called Death of our hedgehog. Us? People who “Worship” the franchise? I’m not saying were the solution either, but SOME form of props is better then hate which is all i’m seeing form this “fan”base. This “Worship” is what you may call acceptance.

    Your absolutely right. It looks Like SEGA will never please old fans.

  46. What’s the problem anyway. We all like the same franchise only some are trying to get things better. Shouldn’t you just be happy and benefit from it?

    Don’t worry, be happy!

  47. You think that people like you made the franchise better? HA! What a laugh! SEGA was only answering the constant whines from the non excepting fans. What old fans fail to understand is that SEGA was just doing their job, making games for people to enjoy, and they try to make it a big deal. Fans will never be completely satisfied. There will never be a perfect Sonic game. What you clam to be doing is pointless, but maybe it’s a good thing. Because SEGA looked at there “Mistakes” and tried to ix them. And as much as the fans whine about the changes, what about the sales? Are they really going down? I’m not the one worried your the one who brought up the who Sonic is Dying.

    Anyway Yes we all like the franchise and we both want the same thing. What I’m not getting is how is accepting modern sonic going to be the death of Sonic. It’s funny I sometimes think that if old fans keep whining then SEGA might give up. But what are we accomplishing by pointing fingers while other fanbases are at there tables with popcorn watching us argue amongst ourselves? All I fail to understand is why modern of neutral fans are ruining the franchise.

  48. I AM happy with or without the so called benefits. Because I’m s a sonic fan. Ok? but arguing won’t make the games better, neither will whining at SEGA about how they can’t make a good game anymore.

  49. @Kacey

    Hey hey! You can’t just go around popping CAPS in peoples’ asses! And you started off without CAPS LOCK on anyways so you CAN’T make an excuse.

    Besides, “CAPS LOCK” is a button and can be turned on and off. I think if we accidentally press it instead of Shift we’d catch the “mistake” before finishing or POSTING. XD lol

    Even if I disagree with C.J., you can’t call him “wrong”. It’s an opinion.

    And Brad might annoy you or be unfair to you, but he’s got more authority than you here. It’s sort’ve a “My house, my rules” kinda thing.

    By the way, did you call C.J. a “STUEPID” sonic fan? Smooth move. XD lol Just calm down dude. =P It’s JUST the internet. lol

  50. You know, I love how oldschool fans, look at the new games, and pick out the smallest little details, and it makes them hate the game, or dislike it. Say Sonic 4, ok the physics arn’t like classic, but I got through the game without, ‘standing ou look for them,n a hill’. You only notices things like that if you really look for them. Otherwise, they arn’t a big deal. That’s probally why I like Sonic 06, because I look past the glitches, and just have fun with a game. Isn’t the point of a game to have fun with it? You can have fun with just about any game…well, not E.T., you just need to look past the stuff that you’re not used to. Oldschool fans need to stop complaining, and just play the games. Who cares if it isn’t in 2D?

    People ‘killing’ Sonic off…yeah okay. Like I said, if people would accept the new Sonic, instead of living in the past, then he won’t ‘die’.

    Just to clarify, I don’t care if you like the old games more, that doesn’t harm me one bit. But when you go about saying your way is the best way, then yeah…that’s just idiotic.

  51. Yeah, you guys are tards. We’re done here.

    Some of you guys need to go get educated on the industry before you start making stupid rants.

    For the record, I never said my way was the “best way.” Never said that. Please, tell me where I said that. I get rid of the stupid, uneducated rantings because they’re stupid, uneducated rantings. Go figure out how the world works and get back to me.

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