Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing/Sonic Unleashed PS3 2 Pack Released

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing/Sonic Unleashed PS3 2 Pack Released

A combo pack of games has been quietly released in the U.S. over a week ago on November 19th at popular video game retailers GameStop and EBGames. Released by COKeM International Ltd, the pack contains 2010’s well received kart racer Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and 2008’s not so well received (half of the game at least) Sonic Unleashed. This duo retails at the discount price of $34.99, saving you $5 on the RRP they both sell for separately, and could be a great gift idea for PS3 owning Sonic fans this Christmas.

Grab it now at GameStop and EB Games.

Source: PS3Stuff

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  2. Sonic and Sega racing.. so much potential and Sega don’t want to do anything with it. It really is one of the better racing games out there

  3. I own both games too 😀 They are the best Sonic games In my opinion

    despite the reviews and harsh opinions Unleashed was SEGA’s 3rd best seller the first year with 2.45 million copies….it had great music and stages…also the last main game to feature the 4Kids Cast and for the handheld main series was Sonic Rivals 2

    Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing was a great game… much fun on all consles 🙂 loved the stages and missions but Xbox and PS3 were better overall and This was much better than SEGA Super Stars and SEGA Superstar Tennis so many memories ^_^

  4. I own the 360 version of All-Stars Racing because of Banjo & Kazooie. I already have the PS3 version of Unleashed and I can use the controls better on that version better than the 360 for some reason.

  5. This is perfect I need to try the Unleashed PS3 version…I have the Xbox version which is the same but better and All Stars Racing I need too …..So glad they did this XD

    Sonic Unleashed was one of the best 3D Games ever 😀 and…. All Stars Racing was an excellent racing game 🙂

    …Well I know what I’m getting this Christmas 😉

  6. I mean I saw clips of All Stars Racing and everybody was saying it was brilliant

    So I must try it out to see if its any good 😀

  7. @58slugdrones

    Hey Drones! I didn’t realize you read tss also, groovy.

    Combo packs are cool. So I guess Unleashed isn’t being taken off the shelves then? I have both games on Wii. I don’t know if it the same with the PS3 version of unleashed, but on Wii I loved the werehog levels. I enjoyed swinging around the controls to beat up all the monsters.

  8. @Brocky_Christ
    I guess they care about the people who still want to buy those games. Plus All Stars Racing is in no way average. It was the first great Sonic game of 2010.

  9. Hm, I recall a news update that many Sonic games – including Unleashed were being pulled from the shelves. Glad to see that didn’t actually happen; I think Unleashed is a great game.

  10. I already have both games for different systems….pretty nice idea for sega to place ’em in a bundle

  11. Aw man! If I didn’t already get Unleashed for Christmas two years ago I would definitely get this. I think I’ll just wait for All Stars Racing’s price to go down though, I really wish there was more DLC for that game… I would’ve gotten it MUCH sooner if that would’ve happened…

    I don’t remember the update saying the average games where being removed from store shelves, I remember it being XBOX LIVE. Anyone got a link to the story so we can read it over to make sure?

  12. @Shadzter

    OMG seriously???? they are doing this…..:O I never heard the news I was really busy in October I can’t believe this its wrong its not fair ….don’t listen to the reviewers they were actually some fans who liked a few of the games….This is bad really really bad 😐 Not all games were bad….don’t hide from your mistakes SEGA listen to your fans I mean i can’t believe it

    They should all stay no matter how bad reviews they got….don’t try and please the reviwers >:(

    Oh Crap I NEED TO GET SONIC CLASSIC COLLECTION BEFORE ITS TOO LATE D: But will the same thing happen for “Shadow The Hedgehog” and Sonic Riders??? (The first one)

  13. @Truesonic:
    Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Riders were discontinued ages ago, since most of the platforms they were released on were also discontinued. You can only still get new copies of the PC versions of these older games, like Sonic Riders and Sonic Heroes. If Shadow the Hedgehog was released for PC, that might still be around too.

  14. @Shadzter

    I was hoping to get them on Gaemcube so I could play it on Wii but your right …. its proberly too late now :/ DEAD LATE!

    But I must GET Classic Collection before its too late D: I still can’t believe this is happening!

  15. You can still pick them up pre-owned online and in some stores that sell pre-owned last generation games. Sonic Classic Collection is still on sale at the moment and is still in the UK Top 40 chart after all of these months of being on sale. With the game selling that well, I think SEGA would be daft to take it off the shelves.

  16. @Shadzter

    Okay I’m gonna try and get it in stores before December thanks Shadzter….and Yes Its strange the are removing Classic Collection off I mean I know I haven’t played it but I heard it got positive reviews..but I’m more upset about Mario And Sonic At The Winter Olympic Games and Unleashed….despite Unleashed reviews it still sold well, I thought it was a great game and MASATWOG Got a lot of posotive reviews :S It was a fun game..but Nitendo won’t allow though will they?

    Glad All Stars Racing is at least safe I was so worried :O But I will try and get Classic Collection I think I’m the only one who never got to complete and finish Sonic The Hedgehog , 2, 3 and Knuckles 😐

  17. @Truesonic:
    The list of games Brad posted from NeoGAF was speculation, since those games are the ones with the lower Metacritic averages. The list of games to be removed from shelves is ultimately up to SEGA. If a game is selling well despite its low Metacritc average, then SEGA might decide to leave it on the shelf.

  18. SEGA worked soooo hard on unleashed..(xbox/ps3) and to see it get taken off from shelves, is an offense..on the games that had the most thought put into it! Should still be around

  19. @Shadzter

    Well thats really disappointing 🙁 I wish there was some way we could prevent this…but it looks like we don’t have the choice…..I regret getting Shadow The Hedgehog and Riders on PS2 …maybe some CEX stores will still sell old games but Meh doubt it really :/

    Awwww GOSH!!!

    Man SEGA needs to really think about this :\

  20. @Truesonic:
    Almost forgot about CEX. Yes, they do sell last generation games, so you might find copies of Shadow and Riders in there.

  21. @Shadzter

    Boy I hope your right , I’ll go to CEX tomorrow or maybe Friday….and Classic Collection is going on my Christmas list 😀

    Actually I think Wednesday or Friday would be better It may snow tomorrow :L Brrrr its Freezing out there :O)

    Well thanks again for explaining properly Shadzter

    I hope SEGA think about this carefully O.O

  22. @Truesonic

    Yeah, I found all of this delisting their “sub-standard” games thing ridiculous. Sonic Unleashed was about as successful as the Sonic Adventure games sales wise. And I personally think Sonic Unleashed is the most underrated video game of all time. It seemed like 90% of the criticism of the game was directed at the Werehog gameplay, and 99% of the criticism of the Werehog gameplay was unconstructive. I always see people who complained about it simply because it’s “not Sonic style”; never talking about actual thoughts about the Werehog. Every now and then I see people bring up more founded criticism like the Werehog levels are too long, or something like that. In fact, Unleashed was mostly panned by fans and critics for just having elements from the Adventure games, like overworld hubs, and alternative gameplay style that isn’t like Sonic’s. And yet the Sonic Adventure games are considered great despite having these elements. I actually thought the Werehog gameplay was considerably more fun and polished than any of the alternative gameplay in either of the Adventure games, but that’s just me.

    What else is funny is despite how so many fans wanted a game that was just the day stages from Unleashed and we got that (and a lot more things that fans wanted) in Sonic Colors, the Adventure games are still considered to be the best 3D games in the series from what it seems like, and I’ve seen a spike of fans who want a Sonic Adventure 3 now.

  23. @Espeonic
    I completely agree woth you. The werehog was way more than Big or Amy. It seemed like a game in it’s own right. Sonic Adventure was awful solely because of Big and Amy.

  24. @Espeonic

    Very well explained 🙂 what you’ve said is all true

    Unleashed was also one of my favourite 3D Games I’m one of the half minority who liked the Werehog it had platforming , awesome music, more pace,clear paths and stages and your right Sonic Adventure did have some of these elements I just hope they think carefully about this Unleashed still sold a lot despite negative reviews…I actually prefer Unleashed than Adventure and some fans tend to bash games without playing them just judging them by somebody’s review (e.g IGN) or the look of the game o_O

    and I’m not sure if its possible for Adventure 3 I mean 06 was sort of similar I guess but who knows it could still happen…..


    I am with you there too, it was always annoying be chased by the damn robot :@ and Big’s fishing stages took time -__-‘ SA2 SU and SC were much better

    I’m more shocked of the 4 games Sonic Unleashed, Classic Collection, MASATOWG and ZG may no longer be in stores anymore O_O But we will see what happens

  25. @Truesonic:
    I don’t think M&SATOWG will go off the shelves yet. SEGA are advertising it on the back cover of Sonic Colours’ instruction manual and Sonic Colours has only just come out, so that game may be selling well enough for them to keep it on the shelves for now despite the average metacritic score.

  26. @Espeonic
    Yeah, what you’ve said about the fans hating on Sonic Unleashed cause it has hub worlds and different gameplay styles but yet adored the Adventure series even though they have the same thing are freaking hypocrites. That’s one of the reasons why I hope Sega don’t make a SA3 cause I can already see the critics and fans complaining if Sega introduce an couple of new characters or gameplay styles and hub worlds. The fans don’t know what they want Sonic to be anymore.

  27. @Shadzter

    I see…but it would be sad to see those games fade away soon .. …I thought they were great games in my opinion but like you said its up to SEGA :\

  28. @Truesonic
    Thanks for agreeing. And you’re right. SA2 was way better. I hope they make something like it in Sonic Anniversary. It’s probably wishful thinking.

  29. @Metalriders

    I agree thats a good idea

    You may be right…it could happen with a few changes maybe add twists and elements or something similar…I have a feeling Sonic’s 20th Anniversary will be good 🙂 Time will tell….

  30. @Truesonic
    Getting somewhat back to the topic, it would be nice if Sonic Anniversary came bundled with an oldeer sonic game.

  31. @Ahmad

    That too is also a great idea….(e.g 5 in 1) or something similar to that but yeah thats a really good idea too ^^ (it also could be helpful for people who really didn’t get the chance to play the past games when they wanted to) 🙂

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