Sonic Free Riders Out Now In Europe, Launch Trailer

Sonic Free Riders Out Now In Europe, Launch Trailer


Xbox 360 Kinect is now available in European territories and one of its launch titles is SEGA’s Sonic Free Riders, the third game in the Sonic Riders series and one that takes full advantage of Kinect’s abilities. To celebrate the European arrival of their first Kinect title, SEGA Europe has put out a new launch trailer with the return of the beautiful people from the earlier trailers to remind you how the game is played. More gameplay footage from the game’s various tracks is included, too.

Have you bought the game today? If so, share your thoughts on it in the comments. If you’re yet to buy it and plan to, Amazon appear to be the cheapest offer in the UK, with a price of £29.93. If you see a cheaper price, let us know.

Source: Sonic City Blognik

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  1. Interesting article from Kotaku today.
    Apparently one of their other reviewers, Stephen Totilo, played the game and said the controls worked for him, as opposed to the main reviewer Brian Crecente, who said it was broken.

    Sega apparently offered to fly Crecente over to see what was up, though he declined. I’m interested in seeing how this’ll turn out. Could just be that Kinect is a bit new and thus has a lot of kinks to work out.

  2. I want this for my Xbox360, but what should I get a Wii and Colors (I’m in love by colors), or the Kinect (in love too 😛 ) and Free Riders??
    My Xbox360 is a Pro, I must get somekind of component to link it with the Kinect, I don’t know what it is or the price… please help me what should I do bros????

    SEEEGGGAAA is great 😀 lol

  3. @Sonic Unleashed (SU):
    If you go for Kinect and Free Riders, don’t worry about having an older model Xbox 360. All Kinect’s come with the power supply and cable required for the device to work with older Xbox 360’s. I have an old Elite and I got my Kinect this morning and it came with everything I needed, even an extension cable for my wireless adapter.

  4. @ Sonic Unleashed (SU):
    You’re welcome.

    Well, like with all games, consoles and devices, it depends on what you’re personally looking for. I’m really enjoying everything Kinect has to offer and look forward to seeing what games the future holds for it. I had a lot of fun using Video Kinect earlier and navigating the menus with my hands and voice, but was a little disappointed that the Kinect controls only work with streaming/downloaded videos and not DVD’s. That’s no biggie though.

    As for the games, I only have Kinect Adventures (which comes bundled with every Kinect) and Sonic Free Riders and am enjoying both immensely, though Sonic Free Riders is very exhausting and a bit hard on my back with the leaning to turn, but that’s mainly because I’m ill with M.E. so I get tired easily and have weak muscles and joints anyway XD

  5. Think I’ll pass on this for a few reasons. Firstly I don’t have the money for Kinect. Secondly the Sonic Riders series has been mediocre and this looks to follow that fomula. Lastly I wouldn’t have enough space for this game’s control scheme. My room is crammed full of stuff and there is no way in hell my parents would let me set up my 360 in the living room (which would still be a sqeeze).

    I’d still like to give it a try even though I know none of my friends will buy it.

  6. @Burtzman:

    Hmph. He’s no different than any other review who hates it. Probably couldn’t get into it right away and automatically declared it crap. After reading those comments it just amazes me at how many people haven’t played the game themselves and are just accepting his review like he’s the voice of reason. If you ask me people should just try the game before making assumptions based on what nostalgia whores are saying. It just simply amazes me. The only sane person who commented was a guy named “Myth” something. I forgot what he said, but he was the only one who was making sense to me. The irony? His comments were lowest rated. And over the years people have been constantly constantly saying how IGN doesn’t give fair reviews to Sonic games. Now they give one (a SPIN-OFF of all things) a 7.5 (a decent score) and they’re STILL whining and even accusing Sega of bribing IGN to give it a good score. Idiots. If it were that simple then they would have gave Sonic Unleashed for the PS3/360 9s instead of the low scores it didn’t deserve.

    You know what’s really sad? People these days need the words of critics and internet celebrities to determine what’s good and what’s bad because for what ever reason they can’t form an opinion of their own. Has Dr. Seuss taught us nothing about trying before we assume? I mean, good-lord was he over exaggerating? Who gets that mad over a game? I know it’s his shtick, but he’s making it look worse than it is. Just because he can’t get the controls down doesn’t mean it sucks. He just sucks at it. Also while reading those comments I also saw complaints about the storyline of the game. Well what the f*ck do you expect? It’s a Sonic racing game! What kind of epic story do you expect from a racing game? And he called the soundtrack the worst in the series. Well he’s obviously never played Sonic Shuffle. I mean complaint after complaint.

    “don’t putz sonic on a hovrbored1!1!1!1!11!1!!1111!!”

    “giv uss a neuw sonic R!1!111!1!!!!1!1!11”

    “sonic iz teh suks naow!1!1!1!1!1!!1!111!!”

    SHUT UP!!! For christssake just shut up! People like them are the reason the fanbase is broken up until this day. They always want things to be the same. And if it’s different it’s automatically crap. Also anyone who likes the new games are automatically retarded fanboys and die-hard fans. I just don’t understand what it takes to be a Sonic fan of the retro and modern eras without getting attacked by retro whores. I really don’t. People can’t even accept one another’s opinion without getting into a flame war. I accept opinions. I just debate them. But in the mist of things there are some fans who are on both sides and that makes me feel better about this fanbase.

  7. I just like how anyone who see’s ONE reviewer rate ONE sonic game as “OMG bad! Don’t BUY!” then makes a whole “speech” on it just because they couldn’t just skip it and move on and instead say:

    “U only hate it because it’s sonic”
    “People who don’t luv all sonic games should die!!”
    “people are dumb becuz they hate sonic riderz”

    My opinion: (Don’t take it too seriously folks)
    The game looks awful, I hate the fact that it’s only on kinect and not on the controller as well, the opening music sounds annoying, and I’ll save my money for Sonic Colours because that looks like fun and it looks pretty. And I never liked Sonic riders Zero Gravity and the first Sonic Riders was good on it’s own. My final score: Don’t care because this game wasn’t intended for me and I’ll pass. But I’m still a Sonic Fan, so don’t set me on fire for having disliking a Sonic game.

  8. Hey I’m just debating his opinion. I tend to go into rant mode when doing stuff like that. I apologize.

  9. It’s okay, and I’m sorry too. I’m just tired of Sonic fans going against each other like this. *sighs*

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