Sonic Colours Out In AU, Review Round-Up, More DS Characters

Sonic Colours Out In AU, Review Round-Up, More DS Characters

Sonic Colours for Wii and DS was made available to purchase in Australia today, the first official release for the game, with Europe receiving it tomorrow and the U.S. on the 16th. With the first official release has come many story mode spoiling details and media in the Sonic community for both versions, which we won’t relay here, but some interesting news you may want to hear is that more characters make non-playable appearances in the DS version than first thought. Joining already confirmed Amy & Knuckles are; Shadow, Blaze, Silver, Rouge, Cream, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Big and Chao.

You can hear some voice clips of the new voice actors portraying the characters in the video at the top of the page, courtesy of YouTube user MidniteWv4. The clips are played in the following order of characters: Sonic, Tails, Yacker, Eggman, Cubot, Orbot, Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, Amy, Silver, Cream, Big, Espio, Charmy, Vector, Chao, Rouge, Omega and Wisp.

In other news, more reviews have been published across the net for both versions of the game, some scoring the game high and some scoring it low. British newspaper Guardian, along with Gamekult have given the Wii version its lowest scores of 3/5 and 6/10 respectively. Guardian cite dull presentation, lack of polish and an untidy interface as their reasons for an average score.

Eurogamer put their review of the Wii version out today and it was a positive one, with an 8/10 score awarded. The game received positive marks for its controls, simple storyline and replayability. Videogamer are equally positive in their review, where the Wii version got another 8/10. Videogamer’s Jamin Smith says “The controls are tight and simple, and even the camera is on its best behaviour throughout.”, the latter being something most modern console Sonic games are often panned for.

As for the DS version, Game Informer gave the portable outing an 8.5/10 for its fluid high-speed, the Wisps adding interesting gameplay and the addictive special stages. Elsewhere, the DS version was given a 7.9/10 by GameTrailers, a higher score than the 6.4 they gave the Wii version. GT’s reviewer appears to have really enjoyed the multiplayer modes of the DS version and the Wisp abilities that encourage exploring and replayability, but they say the game can get frustrating, because of the gap between the two screens resulting in you losing sight of Sonic from time to time.

You can check out more Sonic Colours Wii and DS reviews at Metacritic.

What do you think of the critics impressions of Sonic Colours? Have you picked up or will you be purchasing the game? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for first revealing details about the cast of characters in the DS version!

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  1. Unobtrusive character appearances… sure, why not. Except Big… Big should have committed Japanese ritual suicide a very long time ago

  2. I like all the voices. I’m also very happy that Omega’s voice sounds more like the original one he had~

  3. That’s Q all right, portraying Silver! Would like to know who’s playing Espio, sounds pretty cool. liking the way Shadow sounds too.

  4. I can’t hear the new voices yet cause Youtube is blocked for some reason but I will find out tomorrow or next week


  5. I’ll miss the 4Kids cast though I stuck by them all the way but now its time to move on HOPEFULLY THE NEW CAST WILL BE GOOD OR IMPROVE IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS πŸ˜€ sooo excited

    But David Willis was the best voice of Espio no doubt!

  6. Ugh… I kinda hate when all the characters are used for no real point… I really hope there is a really good reason for every single character here to be in DS Colors…

    And I still hate Amy’s voice SO MUCH.

    Espio and Charmy’s are good.

    Wisps sound adorably creepy.

  7. I thought these reviews were pretty good. Some of them were very informative and actually gave reasons for the game being what it was (Gameinformer, Joystiq) while others were full of total crap (Gametrailers).

    Oh and those voices are alright, nothing for me to really complain about. Except Amy, oh sweet Jesus why.

  8. Okay I heard a few voices

    Sonic- Still not liking it yet

    Tails- good but something is still off eh! I miss Amy

    Knuckles- Ah nearly like Dan Green just needs to be a little less high pitched

    Rouge- almost as good as Caren but not quite

    Shadow- No….

    Amy- O_O NO WAY

    Vector- Excellent sounds like Jimmy except hes less high pitched πŸ˜€

    Thats all I’ve heard so far….I’ll be looking forward to the rest soon

  9. *sigh* The voices are cool and all, but I am highly disappointed that Sega put SO many characters in this game. It makes me feel like they are trying to appease the fan service remarks so it will make all the 13 year old “fan boys” wet there pants. I was really hoping that we would only see Sonic & Tails in this game. πŸ™

  10. Hmm, Espio sounds kinda Troy Baker. ._. lol

    I like all the voices. Most of the sound EXACTLY like the 4kids cast as if they had improved greatly or something. Meaning there’s no way for me to dislike this cast whether I liked or disliked the 4kids cast. XD EXCEPT AMY! My goodness. Her ner voice and personality makes me apreciate her old one… which made me appreciate the one before THAT! Sonic gets better and better over time while Amy gets worse and worse. XD lol

  11. Played it this morning. It’s pretty cool actually. I love the special stages and the music is pretty catchy overall. The game feels a lot like Sonic Rush, as far as the boss battles go and zipping through the stages… and that’s a good thing for me. I managed to make several of my friends here in the US jealous for playing here before they get it next week.

  12. They all sound wonderful. Hmm, this is the biggest cast of characters we’ve had on a DS Sonic game so far. I like it.

  13. @ Truesonic u must be a jason griffith fan, cuz sonics new voice is starting to ring RYAN DRUMMOND!!!! =p

  14. Not a bad idea, if you ask me. Keep it subtle for the minimalists in the Wii version, add side characters in the DS version.

  15. HA HA HA HA! The DS doesn’t have that many sound channels! …Wait, is that real? … I want visual proof.
    The entire article looks like it could be fake.

  16. Fortunately, most of the voices are pretty good.

    Unfortunately, Sonic’s is THE WORST!!!!!!

  17. YES!!!!silver is in!!!*cough* i mean,what an excellent performance by silver’s new actor…

  18. I knew colleen O’Shaughnessy was going to be in this series! I just knew it! And I kinda had a feeling it was gonna be Charmy, which I like very much, it reminds me of konohamaru! But Amy Birnbaum is my favorite, same with David Willis as Espio, but troy bakers voice is cool.

    All in all, the voices THMESELVES are great, but ther voices as some of these sonic characters are just bad, or shud I say unfitting… Except for Amy’s, her is just plain bad…

    I give this cast a 6/10. I like them, but I prefer the 4kids cast still!

  19. @MetaRyan “HA HA HA HA! The DS doesn’t have that many sound channels! …Wait, is that real? … I want visual proof.
    The entire article looks like it could be fake.” :
    We don’t post lies here. Someone posted screenshots from the game of the various characters appearances in the game, but I couldn’t post them, since they were taken from the leaked rom of the game, something we don’t promote here. It’s not not just us reporting on the cast either, GoNintendo and other sonic fan sites have too.

    You can find the pics at the below links at the SSMB:

    As for video, I don’t think anyone has recorded anything outside of the last story stuff yet, but buy the game and you’ll hear those clips.

  20. I got both versions, finished the DS version and now on Wii, it’s the best Sonic 3D game yet, but I didn’t really like the story because it not exciting doesn’t make you play to know more, I would love to see a story like the Adventure games.

  21. I like Omega’s new voice alot and the Chao sound so cute. Cannot wait for Christmas! πŸ˜€

  22. Ah well. It’s only 3 poor reviews against the 10 or so good ones. This game’s still a winner!

  23. OMEGA IS BACK!!! I’ve also stay a large Sonic cast could be in the games, as long as they werent in cutscenes, okay maybe not this large. Silver and Blaze are from alternate dimensons, so its kinda fucked up that they’re here.

  24. After playing more of the Wii version I’ve got to say it not what I expect and doesn’t beat Adventure 1 & 2, 70%(if not more) is 2D and when it come to 3D it mostly on reals. Don’t get me wrong but don’t you think Sonic Team overdid in 2D, Sonic 4, Sonic Colors DS and most of the Wii version come on can’t we have a fully 3D game, I don’t know about you but I had enough of 2D, they should have made the Wii version a full 3D game with more platform and better control (easy to say huh).

  25. playing sonic colours is like having a constant orgasm. The control issues in past 3D games are not present and the learning curve for sonic colours is very reasonable. The wisp’s powers are also a great treat to the gameplay and the sense of speed is really alive. Anyone who has a wii definitely needs to have this one in their collection, even if they are a sonic fan or not.

  26. … No Marine? πŸ™

    We give Sonic Colors DS… a 1.. out of 5 πŸ˜›

    I don’t think she’s ever coming back.

    Anyway, looking forward to it next week

  27. Marine oh I remember πŸ˜€ and what about Johnny and Captin Whisker?

    Will they ever appear again?

    Marine is like a sidekick to blaze like Sonic and Tails….also Amy and cream etc etc

  28. Why is everyone raging at there being extra characters?
    They cameo as side quests.
    They won’t totally warp the story with the power of team work.

    Trust me.
    Everything will be ok.

  29. Espio: How goes your training? A failure.

    Yeah you didn’t have to ask that question anyway, Espio.

  30. @GoldenHedgy


    I don’t think so she wasn’t comfirmed….:| and she was never on the cast list

  31. son of a bitch… that was actually of some great quality, exclude Sonic and Vector… (amy’s just always been annoying though)

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