Fury as Argos Doesn’t Deliver on Sonic Colours Pre-Order Offer

Fury as Argos Doesn’t Deliver on Sonic Colours Pre-Order Offer

You may recall an offer at UK retailer Argos’ website we reported on back in September (seen in the screen cap above), which promised that customers who pre-ordered Sonic Colours on Wii or DS would be delivered a free Sonic & Wisps figure with their copy of the game on release day. The game has been out since Friday and there have been many reports at the SSMB from members who pre-ordered with Argos that they have received their game, but NOT the figure, including The Sonic Stadium’s own, T-Bird.

Here are a few of those reports:
jennytablina said

Are the figures being posted separate from the game? I was a tad miffed that my copy of Colours Wii didn’t come with them (only a little, I was pretty happy with the game but y’know )

Though I was pretty impressed with the fact Argos actually got the game to me on release day despite pre-ordering only a few weeks before.


Blue Blood said

Yup, same. I’m waiting on two figures (totally separate orders for each version), and if they don’t deliver then plenty of rage will ensue.


FTA said

Those sneaky bastards. Last time I shop with them.



Dear Argos, I don’t like what you’ve been doing to my friends and I who pre-ordered. It’s messed up, so now I’m gonna mess you up.


SSMB member CobraRoll on Friday said they didn’t get their figure, but after speaking to Argos they were told that the figure will be sent out at a later date:

Well, my order from Argos arrived this morning and I can confirm that it is NOT the special edition that Australia has been getting. I called Argos again about it today and they said give it a few more days for the figures to arrive and they should do. I’ll be chasing them up again though if it doesn’t arrive.



Yeah pretty much what they said to me. When they looked the catalogue number for it up, they did comment that the number is the kind which coincides with some kind of deal. They just say to wait for a bit and get back to them if they don’t deliver.


SSMB member Gnasher, who also hasn’t received a figure, has contacted Argos today in hopes to resolve the issue. In a post made at the SSMB, Gnasher says he was told that Argos claimed no such offer existed.

I just got off the phone with the Argos people and least to say I’m far from happy at all with what I was told. Argos used every excuse in the book to try and explain why there was no figure with my pre-order. They included but where not limited to.

* Did you enter the offer code when you went into the final purchase?

* The offer is no longer on the website.

Now… correct me if I’m wrong, but a pre-order offer typically ends after the game is released, and as reported on TSS Argos pulled down their listing shortly before the game came out, yet did not notify any of those who had pre-ordered that this had changed.

There was also no offer code to enter, it said in the description that the figure was included in the order, no additional code had to be entered.

Then we moved onto the issue of the game in question….

Did you open the game from the packaging? If yes, no refund or figure.

So anyone that opened their game, and was told that it would be sent out later, you’re not getting a figure anymore.

This is despite explaining to the lady, that I had screen prints of my orders, including the offer itself, and several reports from other people who had pre-ordered (you guys) that they had no received their figure. It was then that she claimed that there had been no other reports or complaints about missing figures, or that there was even an offer on this particular item.

Because there is no listing on the argos website it means that it didn’t exist… again… despite the fact that many people print screened [the above] image!

Gnasher was so furious with this that he’s going to be contacting BBC Watchdog and Trading Standards, in hope that they will be able to help everyone affected by this.

I am going to be writing to them with the above, and BBC watchdog as well as trading standards will be CC in the letters, if you guys are a bit pissed at this I suggest you do the same.


Blue Blood says he ordered both Wii and DS versions from Argos and neither version came with the advertised figure, so he will be calling the retailer tomorrow.

I’ll phone them tomorrow. Better still, I had two separate orders. I bought the DS version and my Mum bought the Wii one, so that’s twice they fucked this house over.

We will let you know how the situation pans out and if we hear of any solution given to this problem.

Did you pre-order with Argos? Did you receive the advertised figure? If not, have you been in touch with Argos and heard anything we haven’t? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I’ve had some serious trouble with pre-order bonuses too, and it was pretty recently too. Pre-ordered that new Spider-man game from amazon to get an extra costume and the delivery wasn’t dispatched for 2 weeks after release. Ended up having to cancel the order and buy from somewhere else, and apparantly there was another pre-order bonus from amazon that i didn’t know about, so I got cheated on 2 bonuses and became royaly p***ed off.

    There better be a d*** good explenation for this attrocity. >=(

  2. I’m sure they will sort it out and explain the situation as soon as possible…..

    The people who ordered Colours should be a little patient I know its been a while but….I’m sure theres a good reason why this has happend…though its been almost 3 months ( I agree its a bit too slow :/ all that for nothing but…)

    I am sure you will all get your copies of Colours ASAP Just hang in there!

  3. @Truesonic:
    The problem isn’t that these people didn’t get their game. They got that on release day on Friday just fine. The problem is that they didn’t get the figure with the game like Argos advertised.

  4. I too pre-ordered my copies of the game from Argos. They arrived Saturday, with no figures. I thought that the figs might have been sent separately, as they’re awkward for the bike postie. No figures have arrived as of yet, and I’m more than a little bit miffed. Now, I have remembered why I never buy games from them.

    I would contact them, but I don’t know how exactly to do so.

  5. Those sneaky little bastards! That’s false advertising! I would definitely be in contact with them til I got those figures, don’t give it up guys!

    Gamestop better not pull any of this crap tomorrow with my hat…

  6. I’ll admit that some people are being a bit melodramatic with this – just a figure guys! Be thankful you got the game!
    But still, pretty shabby to do this. Especially when some people were probably paying the extra £10 FOR the figures. (I got my copy for £25) I imagine the figures might have never been made or something so the had to cancel the bonus. Pretty rubbish customer service!
    Unfortunately I doubt watchdog’ll do anything. It’s not really exciting enough to catch their attention, but you may well get trading standards. It’ll be fun if Tss brings Argos down. 😛

  7. I already said this on SMMB that i hadn’t recieved my wii or two preorder firgures and only got the DS game which i was told by the guy on the phone to “freely open the game, your figures will come”. hahahaha….>>

    I spoke to them on the phone and told me they had dispached my figures, latest by 15 of nov, with basically has passed. Kinda angry now.

    I got the wii version on satarday, though it was stated i would recieve it on the day of release. Not as much angry about that though. Thing is, i lost £20 just preordering them, since GAME and Grainger Games were selling it on release day for £10 cheaper each or something near that. If i don’t get those figures, that means i missed a day of playing the better version IMO and lost money that could have went to something else.

    Hahaha … im really p*ssed off, excuse my french.

  8. HAHA, FTA is trying to act like he’s Sonic from Sonic Colors with how he said,
    “I don’t like what you’re doing with my friends in there. It’s messed up. So I’m gonna mess you up!” XD
    Did anyone else catch that similarity?

  9. @cobanermani456 I’ve glad someone picked up on that.

    I’ll be honest, I don’t care that much. The figure did look like crap, it looks way worse than the other ones (Unleashed, Black Knight etc) I only ordered it cos it was gonna mean the figure cost me like £2, if I don’t get it I really won’t lose sleep over it.

    It’s more the fact they didn’t say anything and are acting like it didn’t happen which has annoyed me more than not actually getting it. Also the fact that I could have gotten it cheaper and a little earlier, but it’s only a few pounds, nothing to cry over.

  10. “Kids, there’s nothing more cool than preordering my game from the Argos website and getting a free figure for doing so. But if someone decides to remove the offer without letting you know about it, that’s no good! You preordered! No one has the right to deny you your free figure. So what do you do? First, you send them hate mail, then you call Watchdog!”

  11. @BlueChaos No, that’s the LINK to the comment FTA posted on another website, XD
    @FTA Haha, thanks

  12. @Shadzter

    Oops sorry my mistake ^^ but…

    Yeah not having the figures may be a….Tragedy :/ if you put it that way but they should be at least Happy they got the game and they can have fun right?

    The comments are a little too harsh I’m sure it will be sorted soon I think…..

  13. Well, I preordered mine in September, recieved it a day late on Saturday with no figure… rang them for them to tell me they’d ring me back, so i left it and they rang back a few hours later to say that they would ring back tomorrow -.-

    But I have a friend who works in Argos who says they’ve had alot of preorder/ edition complaints lately, I.E people paying for SE Fable III and getting normal ones, but yeah, will be contacted tomorrow and let you know whats going on.

  14. @Truesonic:
    They’re happy they got the game, but due to Argos’ return policy they can’t open their game and get a refund if they decide they want their money back so they can get the game cheaper elsewhere. These people ordered the game from Argos to get the figure, but could have got the game much cheaper elsewhere.

  15. Wow… that sounds pretty crappy. I would never shop at a store again if they blatantly lied to me like that. I just pre-ordered on Saturday at the brand new GameStop in Mount Sterling Kentucky. Of course, since it just opened last week I can understand why I may not get my hat tomorrow…

  16. I ordered the Sonic colors special edition of a Swedish Internet business CDON.COM. I was told that it was delayed from their suppliers. So I have not got the game or my Figurine! 🙁

  17. Now this is why I pre-order with Game or Gamestation.

    Back in September I picked up the Halo: Reach Limited Edition Xbox, which was advertised by gamestation as having ‘a halo branded wired headset’. As it turns out from the box and the contents, theres no such thing. It was a mis print and no one noticed. But despite this at least they compremised with me, and instead gave my the Halo Reach wireless headset free of charge.

    This whole fiasco with Argos is disgusting, and there staff ought to be sacked on the spot. Complain to Trading Standed by all means. They can claim all they want that the preorder offer didn’t exist. It’s bound to re-appear on ‘The Way Back Machiene’ sooner or later.

    If anything, I reckon they ought to give you your figures, then compensate you with some vouchers or something extra at least.

  18. @Shadzter

    Now I understand…such a shame :/ I wonder why this happend But Hopefully we will find out the awnsers and Argos can explain and sort this ASAP……All that money gone to waste 🙁 Maybe some people need to stick to buying in the future or wait for a couple of months for the prices to go down I still think the posts that wre on were sort of people overeacting a bit but I get their point

    Lets just wait and see what happens for now….and maybe Argos can resolve this…..I hope? I pray for those people >.<

  19. Huh.. so the Argos figure deal and the Australia GS limited edition pack are 2 different things..

    I got my brother to pre-order the Australian pack, but it wasn’t necessary to pre-order for the figure, just the hat. I’ll have to ask him if he picked it up.

    Maybe the figures aren’t made yet? 😛

    I don’t have doubts about the hat pre-order here in the states… when I placed my order the staff at my local GS actually asked each other if they had the hats already.

  20. I put off getting Colours from Argos pretty much due to laziness and by the time i got round to ordering it they were no longer offering the figure (this was around the 6th), very glad i didn’t order it earlier. Got it from GAME instead and got it a day early =D

  21. I received both the Wii and DS versions from Argos last Friday and did not receive the figures. Got straight onto customer services and they said that there were no figures supposed to be included. So I’ve sent the games back to get a refund. I’ll find the games cheaper some where else and stick to pre-ordering games through GAME.

  22. Er sorry for double post, but it doesn’t seem to be clear: did anyone get the figures from Argos?

  23. @BudokaZ
    No-one in the forum or the comments here who pre-ordered from Argos has received their figures. I’ve not seen one person say they’ve received a figure.

  24. @BudokaZ:
    Yeah, it’s absolutely ridiculous on Argos’ part. They fail to deliver and are now claiming that the offer never existed? Outrageous.

  25. RIGHT. Haven’t seen this mentioned, but I just rang Argos After Sales, and they told me that they were ringing people up regarding the figurines, which they started yesterday.

    What the phone call will be about I have no idea, but if they’re going alphabetically then I will be the damn last person they call.

    Hope this helps/is relevant

  26. Same story here, ordered both a Wii and a Ds copy of Colours for my Sonic mad son and they arrived on day of release but without figures. Waiting for Argos to get back to me with an explanation.

  27. @BudokaZ:
    Thanks for the info.

    jennytablina has posted in the forum saying she called them today and was told pretty much the same thing you were told.
    “I called Argos today and asked about this. The attendant said the call center got an internal email about this today and checked, it said Argos had a system error and EVERYONE who preordered Colours did not get a figure (computers eh?). They apparently were trying to reach customers yesterday via email and phone. Though I had no call or email in my inbox.

    The official word seems to be that everyone WILL get their figure delivered separate in the post in the next few days, currently waiting on the assistant to call back with details about my own delivery (she was having trouble getting the entertainment side to respond)”

  28. Lucky for me I didn’t go to Argos for my copy. I went up to Gamestation instead the other day and bought it there. It would’ve cost £35 but I was able to use the credit I earned from trading in to get it for £20 instead 🙂

  29. @Psych

    Wow that was clever of you 🙂 but unfortuante for some people I really feel bad for those people who did go to Argos ….I pray for them >_<

  30. Just picked up my Pre-Order from GameStop, they did not have the Sonic Hat with my pre-order…lol….ahh well 🙂

  31. i got the game in argos on friday and when i asked about the figure they said they were out of stock
    so they probably dont have any at all

  32. dont know about you guys but im pretty annoyed when i got mine i thought it was only me who had this but now that i can see there is at least 50 others. just to let everyone know the sonic colours figure is available in argos in store or online but im not paying more money for something that should have come free. iv ordered some sonic figures from the argos website and if they dont come then its the last time i use argos

  33. Okay this has been resolved for me, the woman on the phone placed a reservation for the £15 Sonic figure for me and has paid it for me via Argos. I just need to go down to my local store and pick it up using my reservation number. What a hassle!

  34. Update: I called again and apparently my figure was sent out in the post yesterday. So I should get it Friday at the latest. Not sure why some people are being told to go to their local store to pick one up (as it sounds like this delivery was automated by their system anyhoo)

  35. same happened to me, infact Argos have fuckedall my orders up, i Pre-ordered an xbox 360 with kinect, to be delivered on release date for the kinect… last wednesday, argos delivered…JUST the Kinect sensor! so i rang up, asking where my 360 was, they said we’ll contact the driver of the van who dropped off my kinect, so i left it for a day, no response, i rang up again the following day asking what’s happening, they said they don’t know what happened but they’ve contacted the driver and they’ll deliver between 7am to 6pm wed-Sat, saturday came, NO 360.

    rang up again, explained to them again, told me to ring up on Sunday. Sunday came, told me they don’t deliver on Sunday, and they said they’d call me on monday, i was at college, mam rang me saying argos rang me and said they’d DEFINITELY deliver on Wednesday this week.

    so i’ve had to wait a week on a console, i PRE-ORDERED in Advance, because of their errors.

    not very professional at all, and fuck Amazon delivered Sonic Free riders with no problems, it even got delivered before my Kinect!

    so no figures for either games, AND no 360

  36. I’ve never ordered from Argos before this, it’s a real shame they got chosen to exclusively stock the figure from the UK, or there wouldn’t be this problem on quite so big a scale.

  37. “Who would be dumb enough to make something and not deliver it? It’s like they want people to be mad” Guess what Sonic Colors Cutscene I got that off of.

  38. same thing happened to me but the lady i called said that there was no such offer on the website so i told her off, showed my pictures to her(through email) and she said that tricks will get me nowhere and hung up

  39. @nuzamaki90 Wow, that’s really sad. I have no respect for them anymore. They kinda sound like the electronic company Archos which has REALLY bad customer service. Maybe they’re together as a business?
    Hmmm, Archos and Argos XD

  40. Called Argos today, was told that the figures are not in stock but will be sent out as soon as they are. The whole thing is somewhat shambolic if you ask me.

  41. Yup, same thing happened to me. I was a bit baffled at first and assumed I made a mistake with my order until I saw this article.

  42. I now have my figure… see the SSMB topic for details… and see it for an utterly disgusting sales move by argos… it says on the packaging that the figures should be free and not sold seperately… yet they’re charging £15 to buy it seperately.

  43. Here’s where you can contact BBC Watchdog.


    They usually get results, and it’s alot of fun watching company execs squirm in the hotseat (well, the ones that turn up). I still remember when 3 or 4 ‘unrepairable’ PS3’s were fixed live on camera.

    Enough of you have to actually contact them though.

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