Sonic Relief Charity Fundraiser Returns In 2011

Sonic Relief Charity Fundraiser Returns In 2011

Doctor MK (or MK Skillz as some of you may know him), the founder of charity fundraiser Sonic Relief, has announced the return of the event for next year and a new twist for everyone to get involved with. Check out the announcement bellow.

One of the most pressing issues with the previous two Sonic Relief campaigns has been publicity. It’s hard to reach out to all the different corners of the fanbase and raise as much money as possible when hardly anyone knows you exist. But, with any luck, that’s all about to change this time around. Why’s that? Because, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… the great Blue Nose campaign!
Anyone who knows about Comic Relief will know that a major source of their fundraising is through selling Red Noses which you can then wear to show your support (often with very funky designs – one year you could even give your Red Nose its own hairstyle!), and so if Sonic Relief is to live up to the charity’s legacy, it’s only fair we give a similar thing a go ourselves. If you’ve been keeping up with our retrospective, you’ll know that it was a Blue Nose that inspired the whole Sonic Relief concept in the first place.

Now, obviously it’s impractical to try and manfacture and sell the titular Blue Noses in real life… so what on earth am I rambling on about? “You’ve gone mad, MK!” I hear you cry.

Well, no I haven’t. Not yet anyway. So, what could possibly be the next best thing to having an actual Blue Nose? Slapping a Blue Nose on your online avatars and signatures, that’s what!

As modelled above by Sonic the Hedgehog himself, it’s a quick and simple procedure that will help to make your avatar look way past cool as well as doing our campaign the world of good – a little bit of promotion can go a long way!

You’ll be able to get your hands on a downloadable Blue Nose of your own very soon (prior to the start of the campaign – which, I can now reveal will run from mid-January to early April) and, unlike a Red Nose, it’ll be totally free. Why? Because the potential impact of this viral publicity stunt will be priceless to our efforts if it goes to plan and enough people take part. The Noses will come in a range of sizes to suit everyone, and if need be we’ll even stick to the Nose on your avatar for you! We’re really pulling out all of the stops for this one.

So, even if you don’t want to submit an entry or make a donation to Sonic Relief 2011, you can do us a huge favour simply by giving your online persona a small makeover! I cannot plead with you enough to take part in this if you can – such a small thing can go so far! Heck, let’s even see some Blue Nose themed entries this year! Get your nose on!

But… wait a minute… Comic Relief has a Red Nose Day to go with its Red Noses, right? So does that mean we’re going to have a…? No, we couldn’t… could we?

Blue Nose Day 2011. Watch this space.

Source: Sonic Relief Official Blog

Fre more information about Comic Relief, visit their website.

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  1. Got to love blue noses. Simple enough to apply to things and they don’t pinch/squash/simply not fit your actual nose.

  2. @ Shadzter

    I get that, but I mean, why would we need to download it instead of like a copy and paste thing? Is it just going to be a picture that opens up in paint or something?

  3. By ‘download’ I mean you’ll be able to save the individual image file of the nose and then edit it onto your avatar in Paint/Photoshop/etc accordingly

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