Sonic 4 WiiWare Out Now In Europe and Australia

Sonic 4 WiiWare Out Now In Europe and Australia

European and Australian Wii owners can now finally purchase the WiiWare version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 from the Wii Shop Channel. The game costs 1,500 Nintendo Points and weighs in at 387 blocks of memory. Those hoping for multiple control schemes such as the Classic Controller and Gamecube Controller will be disappointed, because the game only supports the Wii Remote. Special Stages do have some control choices however, with the option of playing with the d-pad or with motion control.

Will you be buying Sonic 4 on WiiWare today? Let us know and share your thoughts on the game in the comments.

Thanks to just4lolzz in the comments for the heads-up on the Australian release.

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  1. I beat it with all Emeralds a few minutes ago. It’s pretty dang good. Small warning though, the bumpers in some special stages are EVIL. 2 of them actually trapped me until the timer ran out. I say, Go down to the shops and get some Wii points now if you havn’t already got it.

  2. This game is incredible!
    I wonder why you didnt make a thread about Sonic 4 console versions Reactions, like what you did to the iPhone Version?

  3. played it, loved it, beat it.

    @HeroInferno, I agree with you on some. I hated the ones that were only the tiniest part away from the ! blocks. I hated them so much.

  4. Downloaded, played, beat, loved, done.

    An alternate title for this game would be “Sonic: Redemption”.

  5. The game’s AWSM , although it sounds different on the wii than the versions i heard on youtube, but oh well. Bright colours, sharp picture..niiice (y)

  6. Wow! This game is great, like always! My sister who used to play Sonic games back in 90’s was really impressed too!

  7. I guess it was because I tried to embed a URL. My original message just said that this screenshot looks super like the original concept art for the original game. That might make sense, too, as Sonic was and is termed literally Needlemouse then as well. Do you think they drew on inspiration from the original material? Those who are familiar enough with the concept level art will know what I’m talking about. I provided a URL but I couldn’t post this reply whenever I did that. Do they not want us doing that?

  8. I got Sonic 4 Amazing gameplay, Amazing Tunes, Amazing Badniks. Amazing!!!!!
    I love it!! 🙂 ………Man, I’m such a fan………..:)

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