Signed Sonic 10th Anniversary Wine Glass: A Closer Look

Signed Sonic 10th Anniversary Wine Glass: A Closer Look


Although I have a fair amount of Sonic the Hedgehog loot sitting in the merch lair, there are some folks out there who I think could probably put my collection to shame. Some of you youtubers out there might know a channel called Pete’s Game Room, which is a fantastic showcase of video games and video games merchandise, old, new and rare.

Anyway, last week Pete reviewed an item which is probably known to all you serious collectors out there; the 10th anniversary wine glass – for those of you who want to know more about it and see it outside of the occassional photo online, this is your chance!

Do check out the other stuff on Pete’s Sonic Collectables Youtube channel – it’ll make even the most experienced merch hunter drool!

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  1. Looks sweet, just got a sonic watch today to add to my 320 bits of sonic merch.not sure what it’s real value is but it came in a gift box with sonic rivals 2,sonic ’06 and sonic & and the black knight artwork on it.the watch itself has a sonic heroes strap and a sonic riders picture on the face.

  2. I’ve heard rumors that something even more rare, a girlfriend. Maybe you should try to get one of those things next.

    Naw, I kid. C’mon I spend most of my life as a troll so it aint much better

  3. I’ve heard rumors about something even more rare, a girlfriend. Maybe you should try to get one of those things next.

    Naw, I kid. C’mon I spend most of my life as a troll so it aint much better

  4. Nobody can have a greater collection than you T.
    We all know you even traveled through space to get Knuckles’s awesome OVA hat.
    Anybody more ambitious, could easily take over the world.

  5. @SimonH- Yeah, that’s definitely a bootleg. As in, a fake piece of merch cranked out in a Chinese sweatshop. Please do not eat it, as we don’t know what kind of poisonous chemicals were used in it’s production.

    My current rarest piece of Sonic merch is probably my Japanese poster for Night of the Werehog. I also have a boxed Sonic X-Treme cassette player, which I’ve never seen before, so that’s probably fairly rare. And Sega owes me a Sonic Team sweatshirt which I won in a Free Stuff Friday giveaway and haven’t recieved yet, even though it’s been TWO MONTHS. I hope it didn’t get lost, because those were an employee-only item and there are probably less that 15 in existence. But my real favorite rarities are the little, “worthless” items that most normal people wouldn’t even think about saving. My favorite piece of merch at the moment is a little paper plate with Sonic on it that I got at GameWorks. It’s probably pretty rare because every other sane person would have used it for it’s intended purpose, and then thrown it away.

  6. @SonikkuForever oops too late,although those chemicals did taste rarest piece has to be my virtual sonic cd and my favourite has to be my 32 inch sonic plush i got from america.i’m not too bothered about the watch since it only cost 3 i won a large sonic plush at thorpe park on sunday so that compensates for it me or is the room spinning.

  7. I’m freaking jealous. That Sonic collection is indeed drool-worthy. The rarest things I’ve got are only the 10th Anniversary soundtrack and the 15th Anniversary resin statue.

  8. It is indeed a fine grail! I’ve got some little gems of merch too, like my classic Doctor Robotnik statue, a bloody wierd Sonic money box and the fleetway art.

    Mind you, I’ve got some odd merch too, which is why I’m filming something called “Rude, innapropriate and wierd Sega Merch” for next moth, lol, should be fun.

  9. @ T

    No that’s impossible my mom wouldn’t have the certificate of authenticity!

    I’ll tell you were it is, in a real box lol.

  10. Whoa! o.o That’s some collection!

    It’s awesome but I wouldn’t want all that stuff. XD

    It makes sense for people who are collectors, but I couldn’t see myself as a collector. It’s just too bizarre! O___O lol

  11. @Ax

    Well it’s diferent for everybody. There are few total collectors who try to get ‘everything’ Sonic related, most people have specific interests, e.g. I tend to collect pins and fleetway related stuff, however I will sometimes go for odd of funny looking toot. Others stick to plushies, some stick to figures, comics whatever.

    Toot like this is normally picked up by a total collector.

  12. That’s pretty freakin’ awesome!
    Whoever that guy is, he has a very impressive collection of Sonic gear, even bigger than mine!

  13. @Simon H
    Bootleg dude. Try going to They’ll usually catch bootlegs and confirm whether or not an item is official or not. I remember seeing that watch on the bootlegs page. Don’t worry though, it happens to all of us.

    Keeping on topic…. That wine glass is definitely a hot item in any Sonic collection. That guy is lucky, not to mention his collection in the back *sighs* I wish I had his collection.

  14. My rares item got chewed up by my mothers dog…so down in value it went.It was a grey werehog sweatshirt. I cant find a new one anywhere. I would love to get a new one,yeah I can re-patch it,but it wont be the same. Thing is,this was an unknown item on sonic gear,so no one knows where it came from or any other details,another bootlegged item perhaps?I need some enlightenment on this item.It’s grey,with the sonic unleashed logo in the front with three claw marks,and wherehog on the back.

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