SEGA Removing “Poor” and “Average” Sonic Titles From Retail

SEGA Removing “Poor” and “Average” Sonic Titles From Retail

Who saw this one coming?

In an unprecedented move that will surely leave a few people scratching their heads, SEGA told MCV today that they will no longer be selling Sonic games that receive “poor or average” Metacritic scores at retail.  So… basically… every game released in the last decade?  *rimshot*

I wish that were me making a joke, but it legitimately looks like every Sonic game we’ve seen recently will be vanishing from store shelves.  SEGA’s SVP of EMEA Jurgen Post said the following:

We have to do this and increase the value of the brand. This will be very important when more big Sonic releases arrive in the future.

We could make a lot of money on back-catalogue Sonic titles, but let’s keep the number of Sonic games available under control. Otherwise you can have cannibalisation. If there are ten Sonic games on the shelves, with people seeing Sonic Rush DS or Sonic Rush Adventure, this may not help our overall strategy.

Out of all the crap released in Sonic’s recent memory, the Rush games have been critical highlights and fan favorites.  The Metacritic average for Sonic Rush is 82.  Last time I checked, 82 is a damn fine score.  Why single these two games out?  There are way worse Sonic games to make examples of.  If Sonic Rush is cited as “average,” it looks like everything will be disappearing.

With this news, what does that mean for recent critical bombs, like Sonic Adventure for XBLA and PSN?  Will they be going away soon as well?  We will keep tabs on this situation as it moves forward.

For now, SEGA’s plan is to appeal to the core fanbase from the 90s and the young crowd with their upcoming holiday release schedule while curtailing the sheer amount of Sonic games available.

“Colours will play well to our younger Sonic fanbase, but should also appeal to the older fans once they realise there are no unwanted surprises,” added brand director David Corless.

“It’s the first console title for a while that’s clearly influenced by Sonic’s platform past but also keeps the series moving forward with new ideas and innovations that complement that legacy. Sonic 4 on the other hand is old school and primarily for those core fans who remember the originals. But there are also a number of younger gamers who’ve recently discovered the classics on the iPhone or XBLA, PSN and WiiWare so it’ll appeal to them as well.”

So, they’re making games targeted at specific audiences that should appeal to both audiences.  Yeah.

Original Story: MCV

EDIT: The guys at NeoGAF have made a list of the games that will remain on store shelves.  Keep in mind that this is speculation at the moment:

OK, just looking through metacritic, these games are being pulled (current gen only):
Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
Sonic Unleashed
Sonic and the Black Knight
Sonic Classic Collection DS
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Sonic and the Secret Rings
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Sonic Rivals
Sonic Rivals 2

and these are staying:
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Sonic Rush
Sonic Rush Adventure
Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

Thread here.

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  1. This is why the Games on Demand version of Sonic ’06 was removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace then :p I too can’t understand why they would remove the two Sonic Rush games, when they were very well received by fans and critics. There’s much worse Sonic games out there on the shelves.

  2. Actually Sonic 06 was just ‘sort of’ removed from xblm. It’s still there to redownload if you’ve already purchased it. But does this include Sonic Unleashed? Although not my favorite game I still kind of think this shouldn’t happen to such a beautiful game.

  3. I wish they’d realise that this ISN’T what the franchise needs as the damage has *already been done*. Sweeping it under the carpet and pretending none of the games happened doesn’t instantaneously erase the fact that Sonic games still need improvement and have already been reviewed and scrutinised to death. …That said, I’m kinda all for removing any traces that Sonic 06 ever existed.

    And again, good intentions, horrible hand. The Rush titles? Really? They were gems in a rather shoddy Sonic decade I felt.

  4. Sega need to get Naoto Oshima back again to bring back that 90s japenese feel sonic has been missing

  5. That’s insane. Sonic Rush 1 and 2 were amazing games that were very well received. Why single those games out?

  6. So we should assume that Sonic Free Riders won’t be in the shops for very long then? (It’s going to be crap if you don’t get why I said that).

  7. If there’s any game that deserves to be singled out more than the Sonic Rush games, it’s that poor excuse for a game Sonic 06.

  8. ….dang, I did not see this coming whatsoever.

    This is a total bummer for me. I’ll never get to play the Rush Series, Riders Series, Sonic 06, Black Knight and the 360/PS3 version of Unleashed now…

  9. I’m not sure what this is going to accomplish. Regardless of whether the games are actually on the shelf or not, everyone knows they existed. Just because I don’t see Sonic ’06 on the shelf that doesn’t mean I don’t already know it existed and that it was terrible.

  10. edit for my previous comment:

    well at least I’ll still have the chance to get the rush series when i get the money

    Why is classic collection getting pulled though? Its just S1-S&K ported onto the DS right?

  11. Amazon, Ebay. I bought Sonic Unleashed and Sonic 06 for Xbox for just under £10 total inc. postage and packing. So~ there will always be ways, they just won’t be distributed officially. :3

  12. Woah, um… that’s pretty odd. IMO the only Sonic game (that’s still in retail) that’s bad enough to be pulled is ’06, and maybe Chronicles (emphasis on maybe, as Chronicles was only bad, not horrible). And I guarantee that MASATOWG won’t be pulled… Nintendo wouldn’t want that, and it’ll keep selling for a while by definition.

    …hmm, maybe I should pick up Rivals and Rivals 2 before they’re (hypothetically) pulled? Are they even worth it? 😕

  13. “So, they’re making games targeted at specific audiences that should appeal to both audiences. Yeah.”

    My thoughts exactly. But all power to them if it works. I just hope they continue to try and find that balance. One game for everyone.

    By the way, I wouldn’t mind seeing some form of evidence that Sonic is actually popular with children these days.

  14. @C.Olimar788

    It depends on what you like. I enjoyed them but they kinda got bored after I beat them. I’d recommend the first one since it gives you more of a challange. the second on just has a few more characters but physics and everything are the same.

  15. Their not removing the Sonic Rush games. They where only used as an example of an overpopulated market, but they’ve got the right critical ratings to remain.

  16. Besides Unleased,Secret Rings, and Mabey Classic collection im pretty much fine with all the other crap thats being pulled

  17. wow…thats a lot of games. lets hope sonic 4 and sonic colors doesnt get “average ratings”. Hopefully not…but damn. i didnt think sega would put a halt to these games. a move definitely unexpected! let’s hope their plan works!

  18. Um excuse me but olympics? I don’t think so. It’s a huge top seller, so I hugely doubt they will remove it and it’s a union like no other. And what, sonic classic collection is a collection of old school games that rock, that would be pointless. Releasing sonic 4 and removing ways to play the old ones for the new fans. Big FAIL! It’s ok to remove rivals as that portable thing ain’t selling anyway, and sonic chronicles as well. But the rest is fine, the other games are good. Just because they are not the classic sonic way, doesn’t make them terrible. If they remove sonic riders 2 from wii then cancel Free Riders seriously. I am going to contact sega about this, because it makes no sense.

  19. I’m very disappointed by this because I was going to wait a few years for the psp’s price to drop so I could try the Rivals series, but it looks like I’ll have to rely on the internet’ “sigh”. Anyways why are they pulling Sonic Classic Collection Ds? It just seems wierd since it’s just a port of the classics.

  20. im i the only one that noticed that the four games remaining had little or no work from sonic team
    Sonic rush:dimps
    sonic rush adventure:dimps
    Sonic and sega allstars racing:sega
    Sonic ultimate genesis collection:sega

  21. “So… basically… every game released in the last decade? *rimshot*”

    Hah ha, no. Sonic games didnt start scoring poorly until Shadow the Hedgehog came out. Sonic ’06 made everything even worse and its what started this mess that ‘every Sonic game has been terrible in the last decade’ but before Shadow came out Sonic games was doing good and people wasnt hating on the series like they’re doing now.

  22. Guess I need to run and grab Zero Gravity in stores while I still can then, I actually liked that one.

  23. Lot of those games in that list are argubaly good or bad. I mean Rush and Rush adventure were great games. I bought them both and they were fantastic. Chronicles was great (well except for it’s story). Rider 1 was meh, Zero gravity was good, same with the Mario & Sonic games. Unleashed, it can be argued, same with the storybook series. 06 was the Sonic Labaryth of this generation. But pulling games out of the shelves is stupid.

  24. I hope they don’t get rid of Sonic Unleashed. I like Sonic Unleashed and even though the 360 version received poor reviews, I still believe its the most polished and the most beautiful looking 3D Sonic game ever made. The game isn’t as terrible like the critics makes it out to be when there’s games that are much much worse out there in the market.

  25. what the hell?!?!?!? there taking away sonic unleashed?!?!? i have to get it before there gone!!! i was going to get the new xbox and unleashed for my b-day i 2 weeks!!!! O_O i have to get it before my b-day!!!!!!!!!! 1 question, when will they be pulling them away?

  26. I don’t think think that SEGA will removed all games under 75, I say under 60 or close to it. That seems fair.

  27. So, uh… where will they go? To the SEGA Vault? To be burned? Buried in the middle of a desert in Arizona?

    The world may never know.

  28. Oh. Wow. This is terrible. 🙁 Sonic Unleashed? Zero Gravity? Chronicles? Storybook series? …All of them?

    Even Sonic 06… it’s part of the franchise. They’re removing parts of the Sonic franchise. Not ALL of these games were bad (I’m looking at Sonic Unleashed for sure, along with Zero Gravity and Chronicles… and hell, I liked the Storybook series too). People RATED them bad because it was ‘cool’ to hate Sonic after Sonic 06 came out.

    This is too drastic. I don’t think it’s a good idea at all. I love how determined they are to make Sonic a really respectable series again, but… I liked Sonic all along. This saddens me. 🙁

  29. …Just can’t imagine Sonic Unleashed not existing on the shelves anymore. Despite the RIDICULOUS, UNFAIR ratings, I thought it was a turning point for the Sonic franchise, and a very enjoyable and memorable game.

    Aw. :'(

  30. …I know I’ve posted a lot on here already, but I just can’t believe this. SEGA, this is a bad idea. Many people actually liked these games. Sonic 06 kinda sucked (though there were some parts I liked) but still… I don’t want it to be as if none of these games ever happened. This is Sonic. This is all part of the franchise.

    Hell, don’t sweep it under the rug. Keep those games out there, that way people will have them to compare to all the Sonic awesomeness that’s about to happen! It’ll be like a display of improvement. :/

  31. Im confused, everyone is saying sonic rush is getting the boot but it says its staying up there.

    I dont mind this at all, I felt Sonic was out of character in almost every game on the going list and it killed them for me for the most part “except of course games where he is mute”

  32. Also, the ports to the SA games recieved average scores. Does that mean they’ll stop selling them, too?

  33. I actually completely agree with this move with the exception of Sonic Unleashed which personally I think was the best game in the series since Sonic Adventure. But look at it this way, a new gamer that sees Sonic 4 or Sonic Colors comes into the market and sees any of those other games for much cheaper and decides to buy those games instead. More likely than not they are going to be completely turned off from the Sonic franchise by their very first experience. If those games are removed from the market SEGA has a better chance of that new gamer buying Sonic 4 or Sonic Colors which are supposedly better representations of the Sonic franchise, have a higher level of quality and polish, and are generally much better games. That new gamer enjoys the higher quality game and becomes a fan, leading to more Sonic purchases down the road, stronger sales for future titles, and increased revenue for SEGA.

    Bottom line the better games sell, the lower quality titles of the past stay in the past, new fans are created in the process, SEGA makes it’s money and Sonic becomes a viable quality franchise again. I see this as a Win/Win situation for both SEGA and us as fans of the franchise.

  34. … Actually thinking about it now- it makes me wonder…

    Step 1: Create a scare to get people to buy the games they’re taking away.

    Step 2: Profit; but games disappear anyway.

    Step 3: They get re-released in a combo-pack or as downloadables. …Or with future Sonic games…or even future consoles.

    … Just a thought, though probably FAAAAR off base.

  35. If Sega is serious I have to hands to consider.

    On the one hand, SEGA is cleaning up they’re own mess, and it seems they’re making a huge rebound with Sonic 4/Colors.. I am hard for Sega right about now.

    On the other hand, FUCK. I don’t have some of those games!! :OOOOO

  36. basically thats it, to me he other games dont seem to much of a lost, sad that there taking away unleashed, winter Olympics, and zero gravity. the other games aren’t a big lost for me, cuz i either didn’t play them, or i just dont have the console for them. :T so not mush of a lost for me. sorry about the lost for you guys. :C

  37. Great move, SEGA. Personally I have a fondness for Unleashed, Black Knights and Secret Rings in particular but… what the hell, I own all those games anyway so =)) I like the direction Sonic is going in now… very promising…

  38. I get yanking “poor” titles, but why average? …I really don’t understand SEGA logic.

  39. wow classic collection for the DS didn’t look that bad…
    dang i need to hurry up and get some of those before they go…

  40. Sega never said specifically which games are getting the boot, that list is just a guess. Realistically, here are the games I think will get the boot:

    Secret Rings
    Black Knight
    Rivals 2
    Sonic 06

    I can’t see them removing any other games. Unleashed and Winter Games sold over 3 million, so its safe to say they’re staying.

  41. …Wait, HEY NO I WAS GOING ASK FOR THE CLASSIC COLLECTION THIS CHRISTMAS!!! And what the hell, Dark Brotherhood got plenty of good reviews. I know that list is speculation, but I would vote for those two to remain, at least.

  42. Woooow…im really impressed and shocked with Sega right now. That’s a big ballsy move. They have that much faith in their new line up of games? Sonic 4 and sonic colors better be incredible.

  43. What!?…..SEGA, what are you thinking? In my opinion Sonic Unleashed is the most,fun, best Sonic game I ever played in a long time. This is a bad move….:S

  44. Thank you Sega, I hope you remove all the shit that has been clogging up Sonic’s name for so long. Only release top quality titles like Sonic 4 and you will FINALLY bring Sonic back to his formal glory.

  45. Making business decisions solely on Metacritic isn’t a good idea. You have to take each game on its own merit and then make those decisions. Does Sonic ’06 deserve to continue to be sold? Of course not. But does Unleashed? Yes it does. It has its flaws, but is overall a great game.

    SEGA, you have to do your own personal quality inventory – don’t let others do it for you.

  46. Thy are FINALLY pulling Sonic 2006 from retail?

    …I’ll still find it at CEX though, won’t I?

  47. While I’ve enjoyed a good chunk of recent Sonic games, I know damn well that it’s rare for one to have a Metacritic score above “average.” There’s certainly Sonic games that I think are horrible train wrecks (Sonic and the Secret Rings), but they didn’t say “we’re pulling all BAD Sonic games.”

    I frankly don’t see the relevance in pulling these games. Sure, the Storybook games could be pulled because Sonic Colors is coming, but what about the PS3 and 360? Aside from Sonic 4 and a Sonic Riders spin-off (which is, of course, 360-exclusive), these consoles will have no Sonic support outside of Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing.

    By the way, the sarcastic “are they gonna remove Sonic Adventure too?” comment is silly and unoriginal (Kotaku users beat you to it hours ago). You even posted yourself in the article’s TITLE that they’re removing Sonic games from “retail.” Besides, while the critics smeared Sonic Adventure, it’s currently in the “Top Rated” section of XBLA. I don’t think that’s going anywhere.

  48. Brainzilla2004: “By the way, the sarcastic “are they gonna remove Sonic Adventure too?” comment is silly and unoriginal (Kotaku users beat you to it hours ago).”

    I know that this comment is aimed at me. I wasn’t trying to be sarsastic with my comment (I was actually being serious) and I don’t even go to Kotaku.

  49. @Jeremy:
    Sonic needs more then one good game to fully bring him back. Lets hope Colors for the Wii and DS do great, too

  50. WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!! How do they DARE pulling Sonic Unleashed?!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t like the werehog either, but the daytime stages, especially with the DLC levels were AWESOME! Oh man, this is absolut crazy stupidness!

    Oh, and Sonic and the Secret Rings was also a great game!

  51. Oh, and I forgot, are they really saying that they think Sonic Free Riders is going to be great? I highly doubt it! It looks just like the previous Riders games and while they were OK, there’s no reason to make games like Sonic Unleashed and Sonic and the Secret Rings disappear, but shortly after release Sonic Free Riders. Maybe Sonic Free Riders could surprise me with its quality, but from what I’ve seen so far, I HIGHLY doubt it!

  52. @Jix:

    Not sure if Nintendo would be too keen on a Mario title being pulled from store shelves.

  53. WHAT?! What the hell are they thinking? I thought they could at least leave M&S2 in retail (a lot of sonic AND mario fans are gonna be pissed). And I was SO hoping to get the PS3 version of Sonic Unleashed when I finaly got a PS3. Why are they basing this SOLEY on Metacritic scores? Just… ARGH!

  54. I don’t know what to say. For some part i’m glad that Sega is cleaning up Sonic’s name, but for some part i’m not all that happy.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 was a good game. Sonic Unleashed was a mixed game. Fantastic sonic levels, and the werehog levels. I just finished the game, but I wished I could have purchased a simple unlocker for like 400MSP to unlock every level and just be done with it. If they did such thing, Sonic Unleashed would be more interesting to anyone since you could have skipped the werehog.

    I’m sure that it ain’t good to see tens of sonic titles in the shelf, but i’m not sure it’s to blame to this avarage games. Why do we need SONIC & all stars racing, why do we need SONIC and mari… SONIC and…. it aren’t sonic games. Sure it has the person sonic in it, but it aint sonic. If they make better thems like “Sega olympics” (Sonic included) it would have been cleaner to non-sonic lovers that it’s more a olympic game, then a sonic game.

    I just HOPE that for some way, Sonic Colors will be made available on XBLA or retail xbox. I think sonic unleashed purchases should get 50% off or something if they return unleashed when purchasing the new game.

  55. Sounds like Sega is pulling a DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING.

    Protip, Sega: Even your shittiest games are beloved by somebody. Celebrate your history and learn from your mistakes, don’t cover your tracks and try to pretend the bad stuff never happened. Nobody’s going to play along.

  56. I’m not quite sure what Sega thinks this will do exactly. It just looks as thought they’re trying to cover up everything and ignore it all which, protip, doesn’t work. Ever.
    It’s not even going to save money, what are they going to do with the copies they pull back? Burn them? Sure, they could stop producing them but pulling it all back seems like a stupid move.

    Yes, 06 was a rather poor game, it had glitches and those damn loading screens, it was a poor example of a Sonic game in several respects. However, some people loved it for varying reasons.
    Unleashed? That was almost a step back on track after 06, sure some people might not have liked the werehog but some people did and the Sonic stages were pretty decent.
    Black Knight and Secret Rings, they were little side games and there was visible improvement between them. They were simply shorter games which you could pick up and wave around with timing.
    I know that Chronicles was seen as a bad game by many but, really, I found that one hilarious. If only for the fact that Shadow sounded, looked?, as though he was throwing a tantrum half the time.
    As for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games? I liked that one over the first one. Why? Because I didn’t have the bruise my arm trying to get the events done with.
    And why the heck is the Second Riders going when it was an improvement?

    Me thinks that they’re not listening to the audience, and don’t really care about the people they’re aiming for, and are just trying to please reviewers. You know what? I frankly couldn’t care less about what a reviewer says or what score a game gets. I buy a game because it looks appealing, not because it got a high rank from some guy with nothing better to do.
    Besides, by this point there are a number of reviewers who will simply score every Sonic game low unless you’re mashing your right button and scrolling to the side.

    Stupid move.

  57. I literally have nothin to say but SEGA should get they’re head outta their ass and keep half those games in, because i really enjoyed unleashed and secret rings in terms of story for both, i dont give a fuck if the controls for rings is shit, i enjoyed it.

    go fuck yourself, get ya head out,your ass, keep the games there, eat a dick, dont go back to being shit

  58. GOD DAMMIT. Now I have to rush to gamestop and hope they have used version, then sweet talk them into selling them to me……this is beyond fail. This is like the dumbest move ever….

  59. Really,Unleashed and SaTBK? i actually like those,plus they controlled better than ’06 and Secret Rings.

  60. So Sega is removing them in terms of what? Poor reviews, sales, quality or all of the above?

    I think it’s kinda stupid if theyre getting rid of Olympic Games. That game sold like millions.

    “Protip, Sega: Even your shittiest games are beloved by somebody. Celebrate your history and learn from your mistakes, don’t cover your tracks and try to pretend the bad stuff never happened. Nobody’s going to play along.”

    I guess that’s true. Alot of people say that these games are bad but there’s people who actually enjoys them. The only truly horrible game(s) I see on that list that they should really get rid of is Sonic ’06 and maybe Black Knight. Trying to hide them isn’t going to make things all that better cause alot of people have played these games already.

  61. God, I need to pick SU for PS3 fast (Even though I already own a PS2 version?) And need to hurry up and get black knight. I really don’t wanna go ebay on this whole stuff.

  62. Okay… WTF? Why yank nearly all the older 3D Sonics off shelves? Unleashed may not have been popular with the critics, but it was for the fans.

    Seriously, why the hell? This is stupid man.

  63. Also, I would like to note that SU is the third best selling Sonic game. If it DOES get yanked off, that’d be stupid.

  64. “Protip, Sega: Even your shittiest games are beloved by somebody. Celebrate your history and learn from your mistakes, don’t cover your tracks and try to pretend the bad stuff never happened. Nobody’s going to play along.”
    I agree, this is true.

    What an odd decision Sega have made, it’s not like some fans don’t enjoy the average games. I also think taking Unleashed off the shelves is a dumb idea because I thought that game kicked ass, no matter what that half baked IGN review says.

    I guess it’s eBay and second hand copies is where anyone will hope to find the old games.

  65. This is great news really, we want sonic to be know as a great franchise not a joke (riders, werehog black knight etc)

    so really this would boost sonic brillantly, because sonic 4 is brillant and colours is looking great, if the public just focus on thous two games as the only ones to Buy then sonic will be in the Mario catagory again.

    @ Tom, sales doesnt matter, so what if unleashed sold 3 million, it only reached that because the sonic obessed nuts brought the same game for all 4 systems (ps2,Wii,360 and PS3) nearly everyone i know hated unleashed for its story, VA, boring werehog stages etc, only sonics levels got praise really.

    Hence colours coming out to put sonic back on track, sonic 4 has alreadly done that.

    Its like my friend was right, 4kids was the dark cloud on the sonic series, ever since theyve gone sonics been making a great comeback so far lol, then again my guess was simon jeffery, when he went sonics now got back to the right track thanks to mike hayes.

  66. Er… last time I checked, Unleashed and Winter olympics got positive reviews. And I will always say that people over-bashed the riders games.

    Oh well, I guess they want to focus on their recent games. I mean, ALL companies do that so I don´t see what the deal is about: It´s logical that they want to ditch old stuff that already has done it´s way in favour of the new stuff. I see no big deal

  67. Sonic Classic Collection is being pulled? That just barely came out! Plus those are supposed to be the good games. I haven’t actually played that specific compilation, but i assume the games on it are just as good as the originals.

  68. What instead of getting rid of those games, what if SEGA can improve them in certain ways such as gameplay, plot, and bonus stuff and re-release the games? I think some of those games could use a lot improvement such as Sonic 06. What do you think about this?

  69. I’m going to miss seeing every game with Sonic on it at about £15.
    Mario will forever be double that. :]

  70. “@ Tom, sales doesnt matter, so what if unleashed sold 3 million, it only reached that because the sonic obessed nuts brought the same game for all 4 systems (ps2,Wii,360 and PS3) nearly everyone i know hated unleashed for its story, VA, boring werehog stages etc, only sonics levels got praise really.

    Or the game, you know, just sold that well cause simply that many people brought the game. I only own the Wii and 360 version cause both versions are different from each other. I think it’s stupid and a waste of money to own it for 4 systems, but I dunno maybe there are some fans out there that brought it for all 4 systems.

  71. SK72: I’m no scientician, but I’m pretty sure pulling a game from stores doesn’t erase it from history. Or the memories of those who played it.

    Pulling these games from the shelves isn’t going to do a thing other than prevent people who want to buy them from being able to. Sega seem to think that not letting people buy older games will somehow make Colours… better? Or that having a crazy tiny selection of games available will somehow make people… buy more Sonic games?

    I don’t know what their angle is, to be honest. It just sounds like somebody’s drunk at the helm to me.

  72. Oh shit I’ve got to get Rivals 1 + 2 and Classic Collection fast!!! Wait…why Unleashed and Winter Olympics? They were some of the best current sonic games? I don’t get you SEGA….

  73. Well, that’s one less reason for me to buy a PS3. Kinda sad. I hope they remake it for the 20th Anniversary, and either make Elise a Hedgehog, or replace her with a more in-place Princess, like Princess Sally Acorn. I mean, Sally kissing Sonic back to life can make more sense.

  74. Good idea to be honest. Sounds like they really wanna turn Sonic’s name around, which is good news if anything. I guess it just says that they’re not into making anything that isn’t decent anymore. Hopefully this’ll play out to be true.

  75. It seems good at first, then you realise that lots of people like the games on the “To be pulled” list. I personally loved Sonic Chronicles. Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olimpics is being pulled too? How much money did you make from that one again SEGA? Deary me. At least now we’ll have a streamlined selection of the best of the best Sonic Games 😀

  76. THIS Bullcrap
    They cant do this (technically they can)!!!!!!
    i loved unleashed and rivals

  77. …You have GOT to be kidding me.

    How cowardly can you possibly be? I know they’re trying to appeal to the kids and the elitists now (which is irritatingly simplistic to begin with), but COME ON. What about those of us who’ve enjoyed the series thus far, despite all else? Now were gonna have to scour eBay or what have you for those titles, which means less retail money for Sega. I don’t even have a PS3 or 360 yet, and now I have to pick up Sonic Next and Unleashed anyway before they get pulled. Great.

    I’m assuming that they just don’t want anything “bad” to compare their newer stuff with.

  78. It’s a pretty massive condtradiction to their earlier statement about “respecting the brand’s heritage”. You’d think respecting its heritage would involve… not trying to hide a decade’s worth of it. XD

  79. SEGA: you really shouldn’t be hiding your games. although they may not have the best scores in the world, but they are beloved by some of the fans. I personally enjoyed secret rings and black knight, and I refuse to sell them. if you actually go through with this they will forever remain one of my most prized possesions. besides. If you keep the older titles itll make the newer games look even better. I still dont even have unleashed, next gen, rivals, rivals 2, rush adventure, this list is long, but its becuaes im not made of money, and i have other things on my wishlist. the games may be from a time that wasnt so great but they bring back memories

  80. @chris101: “I literally have nothin to say but SEGA should get they’re head outta their ass and keep half those games in, because i really enjoyed unleashed and secret rings in terms of story for both, i dont give a fuck if the controls for rings is shit, i enjoyed it.

    go fuck yourself, get ya head out,your ass, keep the games there, eat a dick, dont go back to being shit”

    You know, using that kind of foul language and telling Sega that they should ‘go fuck themselves’ and ‘eat a dick’ isn’t really smart either and it’s not going to make them changed their minds. :\ Theyre getting rid of the bad games and keeping the good Sonic games on the shelves.

  81. these are games that doesn’t deserve to be on that list, seriously
    Sonic Unleashed
    Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
    Sonic and the Secret Rings

  82. i want to say this is wrong sonic i was born with 1990 and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games this is not a sonic game so if your site is even rite you’d know Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is a party bettween Mario and Sonic BIGGER NAME MARIO So why on god’s name would they do such a thing and take off any sonic game off the store shelves

  83. Because Sonic Unleashed recieved poor reviews. -.- Yeah, Unleashed has its flaws but I dont think the game is down right terrible. It’s still one of my favoirte 3D Sonic game despite the poor reviews.
    I really think Sega should choose which games that really deserves to go instead of metacritic choosing for them.

  84. Yikes. Kind of sucks for a collector like me,guess there’s always e-bay if I miss out on buying them. I liked sonic unleashed :/ and the sonic classic collection too,I know there have been plenty of those games ported,but it’s nice to play if you’re incredibly bored and away from your sega genesis. I finally got a chance to play sonic 06,so…I can kind of see why that’s up there*dies from an invisible wall*

  85. Is Sonic Heroes and Sonic Rider’s are going to be taken out? This is a bad idea SEGA. Some people like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06 as well as other games that the fan base seems to like.

  86. Wait…. So Sonic Unleashed sold 4 million but just because it had below average score??? You gotta be bloody kidding :/ That would be the stupidest idea ever.

  87. The only one I’m upset about is Sonic 06 (For Mephiles and my old copy is lost, I actually liked it) and Sonic Classic Collection DS.

  88. this is great news, it means they are one step ahead on putting sonic out of his misery for good

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