New Sonic Colours DS Tropical Resort Gameplay Video

New Sonic Colours DS Tropical Resort Gameplay Video


Sonic Reikai staff member ashthedragon has uploaded a gameplay video (recorded by boyfriend RACCAR) of herself playing Sonic Colours on DS at the recent Gamefest 2010 event, which SEGA’s Spanish division attended. The video gives us a look at Tropical Resort Act 1 in full and shows the full potential of the Red “Fire” Wisp and its Red Burst power, such as flying around the stage, attacking enemies and launching Sonic from a ferris wheel designed catapult. Apart from that, the usual high speed Sonic Rush style gameplay is shown in full force.

Source: Sonic Reikai

Thanks to Seraphinprincess for informing us at the SSMB!

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  1. I never saw the wall jump before. It looks like a nice addition, despite being more Mario copypasta.

  2. @Katmit

    For YOUR information this isn’t the first time sonic has jumped on walls he’s done this other times too! Have you ever seen the triangle jump on sonic heroes or the wall jump on sonic unleashed? there was also a wall jump on Sonic Rivals two. AND He’s also done the panel jump on Sonic adventure. Where’s this copypasta you speak of?

  3. Hey, that’s my video! I’m glad it reached here, I feel like a famous person now, or something lol

    By the way, I’m female πŸ˜› the video was recorded by my boyfriend RACCAR ( male voice in the video) and I was playing ( female voice).

  4. First Mario game with wall jump: Super Mario 64 in 1996

    First Sonic game with wall jump: Sonic Unleashed in 2009

    I guess we now know who’s copying who πŸ˜‰

  5. @General Blue

    And for YOUR information, Mario had STILL been wall jumping before Sonic in Mario 64 ;P
    But anyways, that’s irrelevant. Nice footage. I’ve been kinda off putting the DS version of the game. Been too hyped for the Wii version.

  6. Actually Mighty was the first sonic character to use wall Jumping seen in Knuckles Chaotix in 1995 a year before the n64 came out. So technically all hail the vertically scalling armadillo!

  7. This game is gonna be AWESOME! Plus, if people want to complain about Sonic wall jumping why don’t they complain about other characters who can wall jump. It’s not like Sonic is the only one who’s wall jumped. And then why don’t we complain about EVERYONE using a lock on camera like Ocarina of Time 64? People stop being STUPID

  8. This game looks beastly awesome. And if people are going to complain about Sonic copying Mario and his wall jump why aren’t you all complaining about other characters that do it too? And why aren’t you all complaining about EVERYONE copying Ocarina of time’s lock on camera? Seriously folks, stop being MORONS

  9. @ashthedragon:
    Woops! Sorry about that. Please forgive me *embarassed*. Edited the article now πŸ™‚

  10. well this is a like sonic rush 3 but how is it if it has wisps and then its not cause 1 wheres blaze the cat now ive solved the mystery *professer layton correct pose*

  11. @Everyone standing up for Sonic

    I agree 110% Sonic didn’t change, so called loyal fans did! Why is it when they trun sonic into werewolf or give him a weapon everyone has to trip? Poor Sonic being the butt of everyone’s joke! it’s depressing!
    You guys know how it is!


    “First Sonic game with wall jump: Sonic Unleashed in 2009”

    Did you even READ my comment?


    You forgot about Knuckles Chaoitx which came BEFORE Mario 64!

    Good Grief! Just because you see sonic do something else from a different game doesn’t mean that he’s coping them. For heven’s sake people! Oh Give mario a big water gun and everything’s hunky dory. Give sonic a sword and all hell breaks loose! It’s SOOOOO irritating how people complain over the most STUPID things. I thought that all the 3-D games from 06-10 were AWESOME and you think otherwise how can you call your self a fan?!

  12. @ General Blue

    Just because he’s a fan doesn’t mean he HAS to like EVERY sonic game ever made! I have only 2 Sonic game on my Wii, Secret Rings and SaS-ASR, and I don’t like either of ’em! Well, ASR is allright, but Mario Kart Wii, just.. I don’t know, it just controls better. Secret Rings just flat-out SUCKS. You barely control Sonic at all! It’s somewhat fun at first, but it’s just really unresponsive.

  13. @ Inferno the Fox

    “Just because he’s a fan doesn’t mean he HAS to like EVERY sonic game ever made.”

    True, but I’m NOT saying he has to like EVERY Game to be a fan. But it’s hard to tell who or what’s a sonic fan because of all this hate going on, and saying stuff like “Sonic is just copying mario or Link) all because he can jump on walls! Yes SASR wasn’t easy to control, but did it ever cross your mind that SEGA was trying to make a challenge (I’m saying this for every sonic game except 06 that was just unfinished) . Or that since it was one of the first WIi games that it wasn’t perfect. SEGA is still trying to make good games but how could they with all the hate in this so-called Sonic fan community?! Yes the games from 06-10 weren’t perfect. I for one like them all (Even 06 and Shadow the hedgehog) And EVEN in this an site there are negative people. I’m Just saying let’s stop the hate and start giveing some engorgement for once

    I just hope when colors comes out it make at least SOME haters happy!

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