Merchandise Update: Sonic Colours Figure, Classic Controller, Big & Froggy

Merchandise Update: Sonic Colours Figure, Classic Controller, Big & Froggy


It appears that UK retailer Argos won’t be limiting the Jazwares made Sonic and Wisps action figure to pre-orders of either version of Sonic Colours. Argos is now listing the figure for pre-order on its website and its in-store catalogue for £14.99. The figure available is the one seen in the Wii version of the Sonic Colours special edition listed in certain countries, which comes with the White, Cyan and Orange Wisps, leaving us to assume that the Blue, Yellow and Red Wisps are ultimately exclusive to the DS special edition figure bundle. With the figure holding a £14.99 price tag, we highly recommend you pre-order a copy of Sonic Colours Wii/DS at Argos and grab the figure for free, if you’re interested in purchasing both items of course.

Elsewhere, Australia is getting another pre-order bonus on top of the one already offered there at EBGames, where you can get a free Sonic hat with pre-orders. Instead of a hat, JB Hi-Fi are giving away a blue Sonic Colours themed Classic Controller when you pre-order the game. Both retailers are stocking the special edition of the game with the Sonic and Wisps figure too.


Finally, a Jazwares made Big the Cat & Froggy action figure set has appeared for sale across online marketplace eBay and should be hitting retailers such as Toys R Us soon, if not already.
Here’s a description from eBay:

Being offered is the BIG THE CAT & FROGGY figures from the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series by Jazwares. The detailed, massive BIG figure stands about 4 inches tall and FEATURES OVER 12 POINTS OF ARTICULATION… while FROGGY measures about 2.25 inches tall. Unopened in factory sealed packaging. Officially licensed product.

Will you be grabbing any of these? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Big and Froggy is at ToyRus right now along with a good amount of other Sonic goodies like a 10″ Sonic and Sonic mp3 player.

  2. I have the Toy Island Big and Froggy already and I have the ReSaurus Big… yeah, I’ll be buying this Big and Froggy for sure. I’m trying to get all the Jazwares small figures (though I still can’t seem to find Vector and Espio anywhere).

    I’ve got too many Sonic figures as is. I would like it if they just made all the wisps together in one pack with me having to buy another Sonic figure … I guess if they sell it at retail I’ll probably get one, but no way will I buy two Sonic’s just for the different Wisps.

  3. Thanks for posting my video, I actually never knew it was going to be big news like this. It’s been a pleasure serving news for you TSS. 🙂

  4. America needs a special edition~ Really want that classic controller. And I’m totally picking up one of those Big the Cat and Froggy sets and hiding Big around my house.

  5. @Shadzter – I sent you a PM about this last week lol guess you never got it. The game does not need to be pre-ordered. The catalogue states that the figure is free when purchased with both the DS and Wii versions). You can also get this figure free if you buy Sonic Free Riders. With the one figure set being given out three times, I can’t see us getting the other Wisps with the DS version, at least not at Argos. That being said, buy all three games and get three figures!

    The figure is free while stocks last.

  6. I love the Big figure and all the Wisps, they look amazing; the Sonic and Froggy figures on the other hand look kind of crappy…

  7. By the way, is it just me or does it look like there are a few more buttons on the Classic controller in between the analog sticks?

  8. My brother just pre-ordered it the other day….
    I wonder if he gets the classic controller as well or whether its a different preorder?

  9. Gah, already got my bro to pre-order from EBgames (Australia)
    Oh well, I just wanted the figure anyway, really too late on JB’s behalf

  10. I’m getting the EBGames ones with my preordered Wii version. So I’m getting my hat AND my figures. =D.
    I’m hoping the Big the Cat figure comes to Australian Toy’s R Us’. I want my fat purple cat D=!
    As for the Classic Controller…meh. I never use mine. Plus Target’s down here are stacking with Sonic themed accessories.

  11. The aussie Target stores have HEAPS of sonic related junk. I’ll hopefully get some of it out when Project 24 kicks off again..

    Already got the pre-order on the wii at EB, but id love that Big/Froggy pack 😀

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