Joint World Exclusive: First Sonic Colours Cutscene Footage

You’ve seen me go on and on for a good while now about how Roger Craig Smith’s voicework as Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the many highlights of the upcoming Sonic Colours. Today, I’m proud to say that you will finally get a chance to see what I’m talking about – SEGA has kindly released the first ever cutscene trailer for the game, complete with fourth wall-breaking gags.

This video is special because it has been handed down as a joint-exclusive between The Sonic Stadium and our very close friends Sonic Wrecks and Sonic Retro. That’s why you see our website names featured in the video – so you know where you saw it first!

Below, you can watch the cutscene that we are collectively calling “Tails and the Translator,” since Sonic Colours’ scenes aren’t officially titled. It’s the fourth one you get to see when playing the game, and features Tails tinkering with his Miles Electric handheld to try and make sense of Yakker’s garbled pleas for help. You’ll notice that the relationship between Sonic and Tails has grown here – Tails is so used to Sonic’s heroics that anything he does almost seems ordinary, while Sonic openly ribs Tails in a way that only best friends can.

Enough of this – hit play! And voice your comments in the usual place. That’s the comments box below, in case you were wondering. Please note that this video, obviously, may contain spoilers. You have been duly warned.

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  1. The writing’s cute, but I’m not really digging that voice for the blue guy… Maybe it just takes time to grow on me.

  2. I for one like it but I think the voice is a bit deep. I guess I’m just not used to the fact that he’s story wise 17.

  3. Hrm, a completely new pitch. It doesn’t sound ”sonic” to me, but hey, he’s new to the job, and Sonic has always been higher pitched, so I am used to that.

  4. Wow, the graphics in this game never cease to amaze me.

    Tails is definitely an improvement. He’s actually ACTING for the first time…ever!

    Sonic’s a little weird. He sounds far more “surfer dude” then he used to. Acting is definitely a big improvement though.

    It’s kinda weird honestly. The voices are no longer making my ears bleed. I mean, both Drummond and Griffith had their moments, but if all of Roger Craig’s stuff is as good as this scene, then he’s definitely the best we’ve had since Jaleel White.

  5. Both Tails and Sonic have got an older voice. It’s a bit of a sudden change but not a bad one. Will take a bit to get used to it though.

  6. He broke the 4th wall!!
    Not really sure what to think I liked tails and Sonic was okay maybe the voice will grom on me more when I get the game

  7. Hmm, I think Tails is absolutely spot on…Sonic sounds a wee bit too old I think…I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to fit his character at all yet…however with time I think i’ll get used to it =)

    I’m off now to make underwear to be worn by salad =P

  8. It is so… AWESOME!!! I love the comedy and the voices with the both of them!! Tails gets major points for sounding like an actual little guy with more emotion. And Sonic…? It’s about time he sounds older! I love it!

  9. wow… wow… so, Sonic moves his hips like a chick, huh? And… the voices… but I am still partial to Jaleel White and Bradley Peirce, so I will still play.

    Other than that, I say classic Sonic and Tails! The graphics are mind bottling*! I wanna play.

    * (You know… where all yout thoughts are trapped together… like in a bottle?)

  10. been watching it over and over just noticing little things like Sonic and Yacker synchronising actions. Those guys at SEGA sure put a lot of love into their games nowadays =D

  11. “You’ll notice that the relationship between Sonic and Tails has grown here – Tails is so used to Sonic’s heroics that anything he does almost seems ordinary, while Sonic openly ribs Tails in a way that only best friends can.”

    β™₯β™₯β™₯!! I LOVE that. Seeing Sonic and Tails interact so naturally like best friends do, without Tails being awe-struck and with Sonic openly teasing him… aww… so great (: Happy Flyboy is happy.

    Voices themselves – I APPROVE! Sonic actually has CHARACTER at last. I’ve felt his previous voices were rather generic and forced, but this time around he actually seems to have a personality and can be a bit of a jerk without being IRRITATING. He kinda rolls Jaleel White’s attitude, the OVA’s douchiness and modern Sonic’s cool charisma into one. Sure, he could do to sound a little younger, but that’s a small complaint. Welcome home, Sonic!

    Tails is, of course, SO MUCH BETTER too. His voice register has been lowered slightly and it makes ALL the difference. He sounds like a boy again. I’d still prefer an actual male VA, but I understand the complications and so I’m happy with Kate for now. (On an aside, I never really bought Tails being 8. I think it would make so much more sense if he was around Amy’s age, but ah well).

    As for the scene itself, unbearably funny and cute! I didn’t care much for the blatantly cheesy and mildly patronising 4th wall breakage, but that’s a minor gripe. Over all, I am a very happy Flyboy (:

  12. 0:17-0:20

    Sonic IS doing a moonwalk here. Wow finally a tribute to MJ, I think. Thank you Dread that was awesome and really made my day. Keep em coming.

  13. seriously sega wtf, tails i understand why you may want to change him but sonic was alright, hes personality has changed which makes no sense

  14. Whoa, they both sound alot cooler than ever before. That more laidback “surfer dude” voice fits Sonic well if you ask me.
    Also, I like how they interact now. So yeah, like people said before me.. the acting is a big improvement here. And YAY, Tails aren’t so freakin annoying anymore.

  15. Roger did okay… But to me, the voices sound so different it seems like I’m watching a fandub. o.o It seems really… unreal. When they switched to Jason, kids didn’t notice quite so much, but they’re going to go, “What happened to Sonic’s voice?” O_o Next to that, the acting seems… halfhearted? I shouldn’t be one to talk, though, considering I cannot voice act at all.

    I suppose it’s fitting. Sonic’s voice would probably become lower eventually, but it’s kinda sudden.
    On the other hand, I like Tails’ voice MUCH better than before.

    I also like the humor put into this cutscene. XD Very, very nice.

  16. Um..Sonic voice broke along with tails yaker is not how i ecpected apart from that it is cool sonic now sound more like ME XD

  17. Wow! I’m really impressed! Tails sounds absolutely fantastic, and Roger’s Sonic is great! It’ll take some time for it to grow on me, but I think he’s got a great new image for Sonic. He sounds cool, you know?

  18. Sonic sounds a little deep. But he also sounds cool at the same time. Tails sounds alright as well.

    I think I can get used to them. Now all I need to do is wait for Free Riders cutscenes so I can hear the rest of them.

  19. lol roger still sounds a bit like Ezio (without the italian accent). Not bad though i’ve gotta say.

  20. I think he sounds fantastic, definitely a vast improvement in my opinion. I was always worried that they’d try to make him sound much deeper at some point, but it’s actually refreshing that he no longer sounds like a Looney Tunes characters and sounds more like a character in his own right.

    Writing and acting in comparison to previous games is beyond comparison. I mean, wow, from one clip I was already sold on this story. The comedy is a bit childish, but this IS the Sonic game aimed at a younger audience isn’t it? I quite enjoyed it, and I could see kids all around enjoying it too.

    As for the graphics… holy crap.

    High-fives all round Sonic Team.

  21. Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

    I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be a situation where they all get better, then SEGA kicks them all to the curb :c

  22. … ‘K, fuck everyone else, Roger is the definitive Sonic.

    Tails still sounds bored, though.

  23. tails sounds ok. i really liked amy palant’s work, though i’ll make due with this too. as for sonic. did anyone else see the ruby spears megaman toon ages ago? well gotta say the new sonic voice reminded me of megaman. not that its a bad thing. i really liked that voice! but that’s about it i’ll keep my opinions to myself and cross my fingers for a winning sonic game.

  24. This is AWESOME!!! Tails’ new voice sounds fantastic; I love it! As for Roger’s take on Sonic…. He does a good job, I will admit, but….it just doesn’t sound like Sonic.

    I will admit: I’m probably just used to hearing Jason Griffith’s take on Sonic, but I’m sure that after a while I’ll grow to like the new voices!

  25. Now if Sonic didn’t move so flamboyantly around with all the hip shakes >___>;
    Kinda kills the VAs, lol.

    But otherwise, I love how these scenes continue what Unleashed started.
    Sonic is finally acting like a prick again. And holy crap, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  26. Hmmmmmm….

    I definitely like this voice more than Griffith, Mostly because griffith has an up and tone tone issue.

    And i know everyones entitled to there own opinion, but i dont see how anyone can think this fits Sonic more than Drummond did.

    Its kind of sad, i feel drummond never got a chance to shine…
    I mean in a way…
    The only game where he didnt have to drag out his lines
    for dubbing purposes” Was sonic heroes, where people seem to mistake cheezy script writing for cheezy voice acting.

    But sure this will grow on me, as i like it more than griffith.

  27. Oh yes, i like tails voice…

    I think corey bringas and even the Sonc Heroes one “at times”
    was better
    but this is allot more boyish.

  28. Tails sounds just right in my opinion, but Sonic would benefit from a slightly higher pitch, which can be done very easily with professional software, you won’t need to get rid of Roger to do that, because his vocal “mannerisms” and his tone sound very natural and not cheesy, but it definitely threw me off with the deepness, so hopefully they can make that very minor adjustment in the future.

  29. Hmm apon listening a few more times…

    i like the tails voice more and more… Its surpassed the Sonic heroes one

    Sonic is already sounding better, I just expected it to be higher pitched

    Roger seems to portray sonic sort of like drummond did in adventure 1

  30. Ok ill admit IT’S BETTER THAN RYAN DRUMMOND but not better than Jason NEVER Jason gave Sonic energy Jason gave sonic a teenage voice JASON WAS SONIC!!!!!!! he made sonic so cool energetic and free spirited Roger bonds kind of boring and old why you people hated Jason I dont know but if you think this better nope Jason is the true blue Sonic for tails good work Kate on boy sounds but he sounds weird and has a helpless sound like William cookery did but at least Amy gave tails a intelligent voice and a boy voice in unleashed. My final verdict second place but seriously you people make me mad when Jason took over you had to bitch and moan and riot but you give Roger a wrist also uggggg I’m not saying I don’t like it its just i like the 4kids cast more you never once gave them a chance when in reality they were great (accept for Caren Manuel an

  31. Am I the only one who doesn’t like Sonic’s new voice?

    Tails’ voice sounds like he still has the old voice actor but with a much more deeper voice.

  32. Wow, Sonic’s new voice was a lot different than I was expecting, it’s going to take a little bit for me to get used to it. I like it though, it sounds a lot more natural and not “forced” like with previous VA’s.

    Tails’ new voice is a HUGE improvement though, I really like it.

  33. DarkKyo64 Approves both Roger and Kate…Very Much XD

    Roger Craig Smith actually makes Sonic sound like what he should sound. and his persona feels like the classic Sonic. Sega’s new approch of Sonic and Roger’s voices make this New Age Sonic The Hedgehog feel like a good blend of classic(Jaleel White), modern(Ryan), next gen Sonic(Jason) and new content. Both Ryan Drummond and Jason Griffith were great voices of Sonic but they had to keep playing Sonic to get it right. Roger got it on his first try…. He’s definately the best of Sonic’s video game voices.

    Kate Higgins as Tails is 100% perfect HANDS DOWN!!! The best Tails by far…

    I just love how the game is very funny, cute and yet very faithful to the Sonic Universe. WAY TO GO SEGA, JOB WELL DONE… XD

  34. Sonic’s new voice needs ALOT of time for me to get used to it. Not that it sounds horrible, it just I’m not used to that kind of tone for him.

    Tails new voice however…IT’S AWESOME! It’s perfect! No complaints from me! <3

  35. C’mon guys give the guy some time & you will get used to him in no time just like Griffith πŸ™‚ .

    i think we’re gonna take a very short time getting used to roger’s voice, no need to worry at all πŸ˜€

  36. Ok ill admit IT’S BETTER THAN RYAN DRUMMOND but not better than Jason NEVER Jason gave Sonic energy Jason gave sonic a teenage voice JASON WAS SONIC!!!!!!! he made sonic so cool energetic and free spirited Roger bonds kind of boring and old why you people hated Jason I dont know but if you think this better nope Jason is the true blue Sonic for tails good work Kate on boy sounds but he sounds weird and has a helpless sound like William cookery did but at least Amy gave tails a intelligent voice and a boy voice in unleashed. My final verdict second place but seriously you people make me mad when Jason took over you had to bitch and moan and riot but you give Roger a wrist also uggggg I’m not saying I don’t like it its just i like the 4kids cast more you never once gave them a chance when in reality thy were great (accept for caren manuel and jimmy zoppian

  37. Ok ill admit IT’S BETTER THAN RYAN DRUMMOND but not better than Jason NEVER Jason gave Sonic energy Jason gave sonic a teenage voice JASON WAS SONIC!!!!!!! he made sonic so cool energetic and free spirited Roger bonds kind of boring and old why you people hated Jason I dont know but if you think this better nope Jason is the true blue Sonic for tails good work Kate on boy sounds but he sounds weird and has a helpless sound like William cookery did but at least Amy gave tails a intelligent voice and a boy voice in unleashed. My final verdict second place but seriously you people make me mad when Jason took over you had to bitch and moan and riot but you give Roger a wrist also uggggg I’m not saying I don’t like it its just i like the 4kids cast more you never once gave them a chance when in reality they were great (accept for caren manuel and jimmy zoppian

  38. But seriously 4kids cast were better imo you don’t like it too damn bad cause I will defend them and if thedanimator reads this SHUT UP!!!!!

  39. @ Jordan
    Man, i just dont understand how anyone could prefer Jasons acting over this…
    Jason had his very occasional good lines “mostly just in brawl”
    But he was just so inconsistent, But i feel sympothy for you considering ryan was replaced and i thought he was perfect.

    I agree, it does feel allot more classic, and i also hear a blend of all of sonics voice actors which is without a doubt a good thing.
    I disagree that drummond had to keep playing sonic to get it right, considering i liked his voice in every game. And i also disagree that griffith ever got it right haha.
    I also agree that this is funny…
    I mean its not histerical but its not totally cheezy…
    Its just entertainment.

    But seriously guys just listen to this…
    I know im a total drummond i hate this word, but fanboy…
    But its just music to my ears.

  40. THAT VOICE ACTING IS TERRIBLE! Sorry, but Jason was amazing! Sonic now sounds like a random teenage chav! He really does! Tails sounds fine though not much difference but Sonic! What the? Sonic is now a chav! He sounds to HUMAN!

  41. Thanks for the clip guys! I absolutely love the new voices,I think it brings something very fresh to the characters and the writing seems superb.The characters themselves are very expressive and lively,I found myself constantly pausing the video to look at their expressions and movements.That clip has put a very big smile on my face,and I can’t wait for this game as it seems that a lot of care has been put into it. πŸ˜€

  42. The game is getting really awesome.
    About the voice, it’s going to take a little to get used to the difference, but i don’t mind it, it makes sonic more mature yes but its not a big deal

  43. Ok Roger’s voice is WAYYYYYY to deep for sonic, that doesnt fit AT ALL!!!! Kate sounded ok but she sounded girly just like everyone said Amy did, also at 1:01 to 1:04 Tails sounded EXACTLY like Sakura from Naruto… Thats not good for this role… Im sorry but im not liking these voices at all…

    Jason Griffith was the best sonic and shud be the ONLY sonic! Kate I dont have any REAL problems, she sounds ok but i still prefer palant

  44. Tails voice is perfect! Probably the best the character has had.

    Sonic though? too deep and too “Typical Anime Hero” sounding. If you know what I mean. He doesn’t sound like he’s a 15 year old kid.

    Did anyone else notice that at the beginning of the video Sonic moonwalked after he stopped?

  45. HA! I love this. I like how they made it humorous, and I LOVE Tails’ new voice. He sounds way more like a boy than he did before (or at least a girl who’s not-so-girly).

    I dunno about having Sonic break the 4th wall….might have been funny in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, but for the games, it seems like they pushed the humor a bit far.

    And finally, Sonic’s voice……I like it. I don’t LOVE it, but I do like it, and quite a bit. I will have to let it grow on me, certainly (and I think for the good of the planet, everyone should try this), because we hanged Jason before the guy even had a game out. Let’s be respectful, and not do that this time. I personally like that Sonic sounds older, and the only reason some of the butt-hurt out there might get shell-shock is because it diverges so much from what we’ve had before.

    New Sonic for a new era in Sonic games. Let’s all behave.

  46. @AMTModollas: Jason Griffith was the best sonic and “shud be the ONLY sonic!”

    Pffff, as if! Ryan Drummond and Jaleel White mopes the floor with Jason it’s not even funny.

  47. Well it’s about time we got to hear the actual dialog. Sounds pretty good so far. I’m surprised at some of the comments. I don’t see another voice war starting anytime soon. It’ll take time for most of us to get used to these voices. Tails is perfect and Sonic sounds good. He always has.

  48. @ JasonTheJackass

    Hehe, the entire post above you is dedicated to Sonic’s moonwalk.

    I don’t understand all of the love for Jason Griffith. All the man did is impersonate Ryan Drummond. Saying that a knock-off of another actor is the “only true Sonic” is a load of pig crap. And welcome to the club, by the way. Your beloved Griffith made the English voice tracks unbearable for the past five years, so now you guys can empathize with all of the people who disliked the 4Kids swap, as you seem to feel the same way regarding Roger Craig Smith.

    At least you got a solid heads up though. I picked up Shadow the Hedgehog and my blood curdled in that first scene with Sonic… Ugh…


    Sonic’s new voice is PERFECT!! He sounds like an even cooler version of what Jaleel White used to do!! =)))) Thank God they got rid of Griffith.

  50. Very VERY good. This voice acting is worthy of a well made cartoon, like Jhonny Bravo or Dexters Laboratory.

  51. @Brainzilla2004

    LOL Yea, I got Ninja’d XD

    I dunno. He emotes very well and gives Sonic his “Attitude”. Maybe I just need to get used to it. Let’s see how he sounds when running full speed and excited.

  52. Well… I’m impressed. Tails Sounds Great! And Sonic Sounds even better! 1:46-1:57 Has done it for me..

  53. well… i guess i’ll be keeping all sonic games on japanese from now on…
    tails is okay… but sonic makes my ears bleed…

  54. @Super Sonic.
    Holly Crap! he does a little bit.
    Sonic voice sounds ok. I like it better then Jason but not as much as Ryan.
    It’s going to take some getting use to but Sady right now i feel that the voice doesn’t fit Sonic.

  55. He’s good, but can he pull off a HOO KIMOCHIIIIII DE?
    Seriously though, it takes time to get used to, but kick-related puppy deaths are bound to rapidly decrease.
    And Tails is probably one of the least grating Tails voices out there.

  56. Tails is the best I’ve heard him in years πŸ™‚

    Sonic’s voice acting is /perfectly fine,/ in terms of emotiveness and inflection. He probably sounds the most “human” he’s ever been. I just believe that his voice is way too low. Smith almost sounds like Sonic when he pitches his voice high, but only when it’s high. I think I can get used to his voice being low, though. It’s growing on me.

  57. I’m greatly unsure about Sonic. As far as acting goes, he’s probably the best in terms of acting since Jaleel White. In terms of sound, Jason fit the bill more closely. Personally I would have caste him for Knuckles, the only problem is….. I….. LOVE…… DAN…… GREEN……!

    But, eh, I’ll get used to it. It’s not a bad voice, but this won’t be the first time I’ve heard a character’s voice change more than I would have liked. As for Tails, his voice makes my soul happy.

  58. Ack, Tails voice is fine, but Sonic’s makes me sick. He sounds too tough, honestly, Ryan and Jason sounded exactly the same to me, I didn’t even care, but this voice gives me a gross feeling in the back of my throat. Let’s just go back to Jaleel White.

  59. Haha *SPOILER ALERT* Sonic colours is all about knitting underwear for salad.

    Tails voice is 100 times better, some actual emotion in his voice now,Sonics is good but im going to have to get used to it.

  60. I’d agree it’s sounds a bit deep, probably cos we’re used to something a bit more youthful and ‘hyper’. Roger sounds a bit more mellow, like Sonic’s been off camera smokin’ a doobie πŸ˜€ I hope he says “Dude” alot.

    I will admit he gets the inflections spot on though. Sounds like previous incarnations but slowed down, LoL.

  61. Eh, I don’t dig it either. It is deep and gravelly. I agree with DeadCal. He sounds like a surfer/stoner. But you know, during gameplay clips when he yells it doesn’t bug me as much. I think it’s cause his voice is higher when he yells. I always preferred Griffith or Urkle personally. XD

  62. I liked that, nothing was really bugging me and I got a few laughs off of it.

    I really wish the Wisps were making underwear for salads. No really, that would be so cool.

  63. Wow, very mixed opinions herem πŸ˜€ I’m like in the middle. I don’t love it but I don’t think its awful either. Its something I need to get used to when I play the game.

  64. I said this on another article, and I’ll say it again. Voice War II has already started…

    Personally, I liked both of their voices overall. Sonic’s voice finally sounds like it has emotion without being annoying, which is something even the later Jason Griffith couldn’t accomplish. I just wish the animations in the cutscene would further emphasize the voice track. However, Roger’s guaranteed to improve and become awesome. Tails also has the first voice to sound boy-ish without lacking emotion (AND HE SOUNDS LIKE HIS AGE). However, Kate needs to speak up more, otherwise Tails will sound like he’s whispering. Overall, the best voice actors for those two characters in years, maybe in all of history.

    Btw, why are people saying that Sonic did a moonwalk? All he did was take a few steps backwards.

  65. On second thought, Sonic doesn’t sound like Aladdin.
    This cutscene though, just makes me think I’m watching Nickelodeon.

  66. Ah damn it all. The more I listen to it the more it sounds like freaking Jack Black to me. And then I started wondering what it would sound like if Griffith said those lines… *sigh*

  67. “Btw, why are people saying that Sonic did a moonwalk? All he did was take a few steps backwards.”

    He did do the moonwalk. His feet looks like he is moonwalking backwards

  68. @Jim-X
    When was the last time you actually heard Jaleel White as Sonic? They sound nothing alike. The old Sonic cartoons are available on DVD, if you need to refresh your memory.

    Well, they’re both boy geniuses with a penchant for making machines, so it’s kind of appropriate.

    I agree. Roger would make a way better Knuckles than Sonic. It almost seemed like Knuckles had taken over Sonic’s body and was doing his lines. πŸ˜›

    Sonic sounds too old. I just don’t think the voice fits him. Maybe if Sega decides to start aging the characters, it would fit, but otherwise…

    You’d think that Sega would have learned their lesson by now. You shouldn’t replace voice actors if you don’t have to, and if you do, get ones whose voices actually fit the characters. I’d rather have someone who sucked at every other role they ever had, but at least makes a good Sonic (or good whatever other character they do) than someone who is a great voice actor, but doesn’t sound like the character they are doing. Hopefully, he’ll adjust his voice for later games.

    I did like Tails voice though. Sounds less girly than before.

  69. Hmm… let me first say that the graphics, gameplay, and overrall EVERYTHING in this game seems to have been handled with care from sonicteam, everything is amazing, graphics to gameplay a future marvel of the sonic series. As for the voices Tails’ is just perfect in my opinion – kiddish sounded but not at all girly – His voice actress did an amazing job. As for Sonic’s … personally i loved Drummands voice acting the most but Roger is good to ( much better than Jason ). His voice is more mature but still kinda niiave sounding you know? Overall i think he might pull of Sonic’s voice fully with time. Oh and Sonic doing the moonwalk was friggin’ histerical thanks for uploading guys.

  70. As I said on Sonic Retro, Kate Higgins is (so far) the best Tails voice I have heard since SA/SA2. Hearing Sonic with a deeper voice took me by surprise slightly, but it works so much better when you think about it.

  71. Had a “whoa, didn’t see that comin!” moment when Sonic talked at first, but after a few seconds, i was like “damn Sonic sounds awesome!”
    Kate did an awesome job as Tails! (thumbs up)
    can’t WAIT for this game!
    also…lol at Sonic doin the Moonwalk.

  72. (Oh what to think, what to think; am I supposed to love the new voices or hate them and curse out all that find them acceptable, well as a Sonic Fan, I must go with my Sonic Fan Instincts)


    (Aw, that feels good, I love these new voices, but I just can’t let anybody else know that)

  73. well… sonic just sounds deeper and wierd >.>

    tails is fine but ughhhhh we want ryan back…. at least for just ONE LAST sonic game and we as sonic fans would be pleased~~~~~~~~!!!

  74. Ok, I can get used to the humor, and to tell the truth, Roger isn’t that great, but I’m optimistic.


  75. I think you guys should all just let this new voice sink in a bit before you try going in-depth about it. I’ve given it a few listens, and the only thing I can say is that I’m still in that “jarring” phase where I can’t stop noticing that this isn’t the actor who did Sonic’s voice for the last batch of games.

    As for the voice itself…

    It’s pretty damn good, but at this point (maybe subsequent cutscenes will change this opinion), I think Jason’s Unleashed performance sounds better. That said, Jason took several games and half an anime series to even get good at the role, so it’s hard for me to discount that this is a much stronger debut than Griffith gave us when we first heard him.

    Tails is, of course, much better off for the actor change.

  76. While I really want to hear the new voices I’m also trying not to spoil too much of the game so I’m gonna have to force myself to stay away from this…

  77. I keep hearing all those annoying rants about Sonic’s voice being bad, and all I wanna do right now is go to all of them and rub this video in thier faces. This sounded great! I am sure, it’s a sudden change, but I’m liking how Sonic and Tails sound. It went off smoothly, not as bad as I expected. I could get used to Sonic’s voice.

    Oh and also…. Sonic did moonwalk. In a small sense. And…
    Fourth Wall Breaking for the win!!!

  78. anybody who refers jason over ryan has been smoking some serious crack. i dont know bout da rest of yall but he sounds a hell of alot better then jason. i agree it takes some getting used to, but he has ryan drummond potential here, lol.

  79. Wow, gotta say I was very impressed. Roger (and Kate) definitely has some serious acting skills.

    Hearing those Ryan clips just makes me wish all the more that sega had just rehired him. Just imagine how incredible he’d sound with this script…
    That voice is perfect.

  80. Though hes been replaced Jason Griffith will always be the true Sonic in my eyes I don’t care what anyone says he was perfect much better and will always be in my opinion

    Amy Planant will always be the true Tails in my eyes and Dan Green will always be the True Knuckles in my Heart.

    ANd the 4Kids cast will always be the True Sonic Voice cast in my eyes they were all good and improved as the years flew by I gotta say its nice knowing them 2005-10 it was a blast wish they could have voiced the characters more though cause it seems some of them didn’t get much chance since their characters barely appeared on any games till now…(The Chaotix , Big, Cream? etc)

    But I wish Roger And Kate the best of luck I hope they have fun …..its gonna take a lot getting use to having them around for now on and in the future

    Man im gonna miss Dan Green (THE TRUE KUNCKLES VOICE), David Willis, Amy B, Caren Manuel, etc etc

    Good Luck in Future roles 4kids Cast and Goodbye
    Hello and Welcome the new cast and its good to have you hope to have fun and to find out more new voice actors…

  81. (“That voice is perfect” is referring to Ryan’s)

    Roger seems like he’ll fit the role very well, but you just can’t top Ryan in my heart…

  82. @ Solaris Paradox, your right, jason took a loooong while before his voice started to ease on my ears. and that was the black knight.

  83. @Solaris Paradox: You’re so right about that. Jason didn’t do so great when he first started off as Sonic either. I didn’t like him at first but I gave him a chance and it seems like forever for him to get good at the role. This is Rogers first time voicing Sonic so I’m hoping he improved like Jason did.

  84. Though i’m still not sure about this

    Sonic is too deep :L

    and Higgins tries too hard to sound like a boy….but we’ll see in Colors and FR

  85. To be honest, I actually don’t mind the voice acting, or mostly care. I mean I never complained once about Jason’s acting with Sonic or Shadow…or Jet. But I guess its a big deal for you guys but for me personally. Oh just a weird thing Sonic reminds me of Rachcet (If I spelled his name right) and hey that’s a cool thing :). I remember this all happend with people wanting Ryan back as Jason wasn’t good around when he took Ryan’s place and slowly, people like Jason’s acting, so I think it might happen again. And with Tails, he sounds like a boy, that’s fine with me.

    But over all, I really liked the cutscene with the humor with the trasnlator not to mention Sonic breaking the FOURTH WALL and just made me laugh and I can’t wait to get the game, heck I haven’t even played Sonic 4 yet. For the people who don’t like the new voice actors, that’s your problem, me on the other hand, I’m cool with it.

  86. The graphics on the wii look amazing! Tails sounds amazing and sonic sounds pretty good too. Still, i find myself feeling like jason should be doing sonic but i felt the same way about chip’s american voice compared to his japanese voice. I had first heard the japanese voice and got use to it and when I went to play the american version it sounded a bit off to me at first, but I learned to love it mid-way though unleashed. It’ll probably take me a couple of cutscenes before I except this as the new sonic.

    P.S. Did anyone find the voice and the mouth movements a bit off on sonic or is it just me?

  87. Well, it’s different, i’ll give it that. I don’t think it’s bad. It caught me by surprise the contrast, but I don’t really think it’s bad. The other thing is, Sonic has to have aged SOMETIME. I know in the context of the game he should be 17, but having the same voice is pretty illogical, even in a Sonic game. Yes it’s deeper, but I think IMO it’s better than Griffith. I’ll be honest, I think when this game comes out the voices will be looked at with some skeptism, but overall, I think it’s just fine. Besides, if the voice acting bothers you that much, just press MUTE on your TV remote. Heh.

  88. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU SONIC TEAM!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? These voices are horrible!!!!!! Sonic’s voice is tooo deep for his persona….and Tails is ok but not too great…. Geez the voices ya used for Sonic Adventures, Sonic Heroes, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, and the Sonic games for the WII are way better if ot perfect!!!! Dont loose hes voice SONIC TEAM…please dont!!!!!

  89. Forgot to say that Sonic’s voice is a few pitch away from Knuckles…and give Sonic a sore throat hes almost sounding like Shadow. Tail voice needs to be squeakier…not too much but

  90. Sonic actually sounds pretty good! while griffiths voice has grown on me i’m sure craig will replace him soon. this cut-scene is gorgeous as well! and tails sound like how’d i would imagine. and the humor is shaping out well to.

  91. FINALLY! Sonic sounds like he’s actually 20 years old now lol. I also like this Tails the best so far πŸ˜€

    Like I said a few months ago on a different post, theres a reason for the different voice actors. And Its mainly due to Sonic’s age. When sonic was still new (or in better words, young) in the 90’s, they had someone who could pull off a little 9-12 year old kids voice for him; which was Jaleel. Then it was Ryan who did the ages of 13-15. Then Jason with 16-18 and now Roger with 19 through whenever the VA’s change again.

    Yes, theres still room for improvement with Rogers voice acting, but it probaby isnt gonna change that much. But I am looking forward to him on Colors and the other games he’ll work on.

  92. I can’t understand the amount of hatred for Sonic’s new voice over at Youtube it’s crazy!

  93. LOL that’s a funny cutscene XD I love it how they made it humorous; I laughed! Sonic’s voice is different, but I like it. He sounds a bit older and manly *swoons* XD I just have get used to it. Tails’ voice is perfect, much better then the 4kids one. I love Sonic’s 4th wall XDDD that’s just so epic! He hasn’t done that since Aosth(Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) I love this clip. I can’t wait to see more of it when teh game is release!

  94. Sonic’s new voice is slowly starting to grow on me after watching that cutscene over and over.

  95. *wips tear away
    Sonic has finally grow up.
    No, seriously, I was expecting another high-pitched something, so he caught me completely off-guard, but my second impression was pure awesomeness. Oh and Kate Higgins is perfect.
    In this sense: WESKER!! SASUKE!!!

  96. This cut scene honestly reminds me of the older cartoons,with that music playing in the background. Also I do remember Tails’s voice sounding quite girly in s.a.t.a.m. So this has got a certain nostalgic feeling too it. It’s been a while since I”ve watched that show,so who knows X) false memories?

  97. Well it’s gonna take some time to get used to Sonic’s new voice. I hope Smith will make it sound a bit younger in time because it seems a bit gruff and off now, but whatever. Tails sounds great though.

  98. Impression of Sonics voice: I hate it. It was one thing switching from Ryan to Jason (at least they had SOME similarity), but now it’s completely off. I’m not saying I want Sonic to sound annoying, I just want the voice to at least match the character. It doesn’t have that Sonic feel to it.

    Impression of Tails voice: Completely perfect. It fits well and sounds very professional.

  99. It’s definitely an interesting shift from Jason’s work, but it’s certainly not a bad debut for Roger. Besides, at least he’s shown he’s capable of actually acting, which I didn’t really see from Jason at first.

  100. Everyone has their own opinion. There’s always gonna be people wanting Jason back because they grew up with him or Ryan back because they grew up withο»Ώ him. Roger gives Sonic that manly yet still spirited teenage edge which is great. Kate gives Tails for one actually allowing him to sound like a boy again, and gives him that innocent/sweet personally the little fox has always had. A friend of mine always told me people should love things for what they are instead of what they’re not. Why should their voices be any different? Love the voices completely and Yacker is truly adorable. <3

    Roger & Kate; Welcome to Sonic! :]

  101. Huh. It’s… different. The Tails voice is easy to get used to, but the Sonic voice will take some time to sink in. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything. It just took me off guard.

    I think we’ll get used to it eventually.

  102. I like Roger’s Sonic voice. He sounds a lot more mature now, like he’s actually advanced a few more years.

  103. lol all this “*insert name here* will always be the true Sonic in my heart” stuff makes me giggle. It’s not like Sonic’s really a person who died or something. XD

    I think the voices are good. Sonic doesn’t really sound that deep to me. In fact, it sounds like the voice from that clip people used to guess what Sonic should sound like. You know, the one that goes “Me!? I’m just the sidekick!” XD It also sounds deeper with lower expressions and higher with with more elevated expressions.

    It also appears quite funny. Even if they do joke to joke, I like them. C=
    And Tails sounds geat. ^^

  104. Also, I find it odd a lot of people say Jason Griffith ddin’t do so good when he first started off as Sonic. To me that was his best voice acting as Sonic the entire time he portrayed Sonic. XD

    I guess it depends on when we’re talking about. First in the games or first EVER. Cuz to me his voice acting as Sonic in episode 1 of Sonic X had no flaws really. It was just a fresh new voice. C= It slowly grew out of that. XD But whatever I didn’t care.

    Now I’m interested in Sonic Free Riders cuz of the larger cast of characters and the game coming out soon. I wonder if we’ll get a cutscene vid of that before it’s soon released. OvO

  105. wow i just finished looking at some of the youtube comments and well….. people seem to be letting their fandom take over. i don’t hate the voice actor but i think right now it sounds a little off to me. in later cut-scenes it might be better but look at the fanbase. everyone after unleashed seemed to be like”okay we won’t whine about voice acting we’re better than that.” and look what happend. wars between fans. people it’s VOICE ACTING! Not someone kicking a baby dog! you act like it’s a offense to your country. maybe instead of worrying about something as ridiculous as voice acting maybe you should worry about oh i don’t know GAMEPLAY?! if that’s awesome how would voice acting kill the game for you?

  106. Tails has an excellent voice, and Sonic’s is fine too, it just needs some getting used to. If they’re trying to make Sonic sound like a 15-year-old, I think they’ve succeeded.

  107. I like how Sonic sounds his age and Tails finally doesn’t sound like a girl anymore. I can’t wait for this!

  108. Yeah, after watching a bunch of times, it gets better and better.

    @Dakota Jones
    Sonic does not age, I repeat
    The most they will do is say hes 16 in one game and 15 in another.
    Hes never been below 15, or above 16 to the best of my knowledge.

    I actually think as a whole this sounds closer to ryan than jason.
    Especially in adventure 1

  109. @ Sonic Express
    Really? *presses link*
    *overload of comments.* Um…. *closes window*
    I’ll stay in Sonic Stadium…

    Too….many…comments! Overload! 0_0

  110. I loved the humor, Tails’ voice, Sonic’s voice tone (yes, the voice itself sounds too grown-up, IMO) and the animation. πŸ˜€
    Did you just see how Sonic moved, looked and acted? I loved that. It felt like an advancement over the in-game cutscenes of previous games and the scripting, but it still felt familiar.

    Sonic turning at the camera reminded me of AoSTH and Looney Tunes.

    I love so much about this…
    I love that Sonic enters in the scene running, then moonwalking over to Tails. (Yeah, now that’s it’s been confirmed about Michael Jackson’s collaboration in Sonic 3, Sonic can moonwalk. It’s about time. πŸ™‚ )

  111. This is… SO weird to me. Seriously, this cutscene proves that Voice changes can change a whole character’s personality. I Loved this. Compared to Sonic Unleashed, I was actually laughing.

  112. I love it. It sounds very cartoonish which I think fits Sonic extremely well. The animation looks a little off, though.

  113. I like Robert Craig Smith’s voice even more than I like Ryan Drummond’s voice (Puts up Flame Shield)

  114. Here’s how I see it. Jaleel White gave Sonic a personality, Ryan Drummond gave Sonic a good voice, but lacked acting skills, Jason killed it all, and now Roger is bringing it back, combining Jaleel’s personality with Ryan’s tone of voice, and adding his own deeper flare to it.

    I’m already used to Sonic’s voice. The switch from Ryan to Jason took me 5 years to get used to, and that’s the thing, I never liked Jason’s voice, I just got used to it. He never really got significantly better, we just got used to him. But because I never really liked the voice, getting used to the new one is easier for me.

    Now Tails on the other hand will take some time as I was used to his voice even before they made switch to Amy Palant. I’m one of those few people who actually liked Amy Palant’s voice for Tails, even though I think Kate Higgins is miles better, It’s because I liked the previous voice that it’s gonna take some getting used to.

  115. It really dosn’t sound like Sonic’s voice. It more sounds like Sonic from an older age. If the game states that Sonic is 17 or 18, then I can except this voice since it does sound like an older Sonic. But it really dosn’t sound good as a young Sonic. I know that alot of the generally angry Sonic fan’s will hate the new voice. If the instruction manual states that Sonic is 18, then the voice would make more since. (The voice makes me think about Viewtiful Joe,lol XD )

  116. Anybody realize that Sonic just did the moon walk? xD

    Lol, anyway the new voices are going to sound weird at first but after time they’ll sink in. You shouldn’t just bash them before the game even came out.

    I personally think they sound weird but I like it. They sound more mature! πŸ˜€

  117. Well, the script is as cheesy as ever… but hey, that’s half the reason I like this franchise!

    As with Craig, it will take some getting used to, but I think a deeper, actually realistic, voice suits him. And as much as I liked Amy Palant, Tails sounds good.

    I want to hear Craig’s voice with Werehog. LOTS. *shot*

  118. Nope, No matter how many times I watch this (and i have benn all day) Sonic Voice still doesn’t fit him.
    I want to Love it but…i can’t.

  119. I don’t think sonic’s voice suits him same with tails’ voice but I’m sure I’ll get used to it after all I got used to Griffith at some point I haven’t lost hope completely I’m open to new things and this is one of them.

    Well done SEGA, well done

  120. @The Danimator

    You kinda just proved your statement wrong saying sonic doesnt age. Besides, Im talking about normal human earth time, not in game time. He’s 20.

    In game time Sonic ages a year each decade that passes. He started out 14 years old in ’91. So yeah, he’s most likely gonna be 16 when Colors is released.

  121. @TheDanimator & Dakota Jones

    Sonic is said to have been 10 in Sonic 1 and 11 in Sonic 2, though he was considered 16 later and Knuckles was 15. They then changed their ages to Sonic being 15 and Knuckles 16. I don’t think this is them aging as much as it is just a change of profile info. (Meaning from Sonic’s point of view, if he has green eyes now then he’s always had them. =P)

    Sonic doesn’t age in the storyline because in the storyline time hasn’t passed as fast as in real life. How long does it take to play all of the Sonic games and beat them in a row? It might take a while, but not THAT long. XD

    The franchise is 19, however that is sort’ve irrelevant. XD There is no such rule that he ages every decade, especially since only one decade has fully past so there’s no way to prove his age changes at all just because of that. In fact, his age info changed before the first decade was up. XD

    The only other age Sonic’s ever been was 17 and that’s in Sonic Chronicles which might not even be considered canon and takes place after the all the present games we encounter. It’s possible he’s older in next gen too as Shadow has been part of GUN for multiple years in Sonic 06 (as an agent was giving a test to those to enter GUN and he claims it’s the same test Shadow took “all those years ago”. o.0)

    Lastly, it’s even possible that Sonic Chronicles happens in the Sonic 06 timeline before he goes to Solleanna making it uncanon like Sonic 06 itself. =P (That’s just a theory though. XD)

  122. Ah. Light-hearted, even comedic, yet JUST serious enough (d’aw pleading Yacker) to enable purpose.

    Not Shakespeare, but better than “THAT’S TEH POWA OF TEH TEAMWORKZ!!!1!”

    I have to get used to Craig, but this is good. Tails’ voice is perfect, and I love it.

  123. …You know…I wish my sound wasn’t busted on my laptop. Seriously. I didn’t even bother watching. ARG! Maybe I will fire up my Wii later to watch it…

    Anyways…I’m nervous about hearing his voice 0o’ I mean, I never even noticed when Ryan and Jason switched…I just hope Roger keeps that same cocky edge to the voice the others did.

    And yes, I realize the script is probably cheesy…But come on! We haven’t had any fourth wall breaking in a while (minus Sonic ’06…Which broke pretty much every wall in existence XD)! I think it is needed…That being said, I haven’t watched the video yet XD Later. Yes.

    How ironic I spotted this the day I wore a Sonic costume to school!

  124. You guys are acting ridiculous. I’ll tell you why the age confusion for Sonic. In Sonic 2, Sonic Chronicles, Sonic Adventure etc. just see:

    Sonic’s age has always been a tricky one to pinpoint. According to the Sonic Technical Files, it says he is 18, “but it’s kinda hard to tell.”

    In a video for those who preordered Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in Japan, Sonic’s age was listed as being “15-16.”

    Once Sonic Jam was released, it looked like it was solidified at 16.

    In Sonic Heroes he was listed as 15.

    When Sonic Channel opened in 2005 is was finally confirmed that he is 15.

    So after 2005, SEGA or Sonic Team had never given an age for Sonic in a videogame.

  125. @The moon walking moment… An homage to Michael Jackson? The cutscene was made quite a while ago when the game wasa still in production, maybe they threw it in after MJ’s passing?

  126. @The_Soul_Gauge

    That’s what I was thinking. If so, it’s a really nice touch on the developers’ part.

  127. I’ve never seen a worse cutscene in Sonic. The new voices are fine. But everything else is just…… awful.

  128. Very AoStH like!
    Also, he totally -did- moonwalk, wow. xD

    (Sonic probably never keeps track of his own age, so I propose that he’s 32. Today. It’s his birthday.)

  129. This age thing is stupid. You NEVER heard ppl trying to saying Sonic’s age is 20, until Roger craig’s voice from this video came up with a deep voice. Now biased roger fans are gonna use the franchises age, not sonic’s, as an excuse for why he sounds so deep! I know ppl who’ve convinced themselves that Sonic is officially 20… This is when u KNOW people are becoming biased with roger voicing Sonic when theyll use the LAMEST excuse to defend themselves for liking his deep voice…

    Im not baggin’ on roger, hes one of my fav VA’s but even I know he just doesnt suit Sonic

  130. Well, I really like the cutscene itself, with its humor and the Sonic to Tails interaction. I also LOVE Tails’ new voice.

    As for Sonic’s… it’s not bad voice acting at all, but it’s just not what’s engraved in my mind as Sonic’s voice. I mean, I’ve been hearing the old “young, Sonic-y” voice since I was 5. It’ll take a good while to get used to.

  131. @FoxBoy
    Just talk about Sonic and crap, i also wanted to ask you about your friend involving the sonic movie thing.

  132. I still don’t understand how people think Roger Craig’s Sonic sounds like a 20+ year old. He just sounds like a deep voiced teenager. I got more of an impression that Sonic was 20+ when Jason Griffith was voicing him, and he had a Medium-range voice.

    Anyway, for ONCE…in TWENTY years in the video games…the acting was flawless (Yacker included lol). Roger Craig’s Sonic is deep, yes, and I admit I had to get used to it since it’s so different but he comes off natural and full of personality. It’s also nice to hear Sonic voice that isn’t nasally for a change too. He sounds more heroic this way and his voice makes Sonic stand out in a good way. Kate Higgins’ Tails is cute, endearing, and the first female VA for the character that actually sounds like a boy.

    In short, they’re the best voice actors the characters ever received…EVER.

  133. That’s actually some great voice acting, bar the script, but we expected as much.

    I approve of Roger Craig Smith.

  134. It seems people don’t know what voice acting is. People are getting “Voice Acting” (ACTUAL TALENT) confused with (BEING TOO CLINGY TOO OTHER VOICE ACTORS). Meaning, people are saying Roger is terrible because they’re still stuck on Ryan or Jason “a little too much”, when actually Roger is doing a GREAT JOB. Voice acting is about making the character come to life, finding out what the characters personality is and matching with it, engaging you enough to make you feel like there’s actually “a talking blue hedgehog” somewhere, and Roger did all three of these WELL.

    From this one clip, Roger #1. Found out what Sonic’s personality is. #2 Brought that personality to life. And #3 engaged some people enough to not even mention his name, some people just said “I do/don’t like Sonic’s voice”.

    IMO I would have to agree with some people and say that Jason Griffith wasn’t a good VA, we just got used to him over a five year period. Jason never really felt like Sonic to me, nor did he bring the character’s personality to life. If I had to describe Sonic in two words I would have to say “HEROIC” and “JERK” and Jason only did one half of these by default (I blame 4Kids).

    All the other VA’s did a great job at these two aspects, Jaleel, Ryan, even the guy who did Sonic the Hedgehog (The Movie). They gave him attitude and turned him into a Hero…it’s nice to see someone else bring Sonic’s personality back, now I can actually enjoy cutscenes again SHEESH!!!

  135. I gotta say, I absolutely LOVE Tails’ new voice! It fits him better than Amy Palant πŸ˜€
    And sure, It’s hard to get used to Roger’s deep voice for Sonic, But I think it suits him πŸ™‚

    Also, This scene was great, with nice little humour! I want to see more, and I WANT THIS GAME SO BAD!

  136. hey these voises are not bad infact i like them sonic voise is cool making him sound olderand to me tails sounds the same, i just wanna here knuckles shandow and the others!

  137. @kalion

    Wha? You too? What am I supposed to be doing? @__@ I’m not a representative. XD
    Erm, is there a way to give your email privately? XP

  138. the yacker does funny stuff when tails is translating, plus…
    and then i noticed that sonic4fan beat me to it >:-(

  139. The guy’s doing a great job, I just can’t get behind how deep that voice is. It’s Knuckles. Everything about it just screams “THIS IS KNUCKLES’ VOICE” at me.

  140. Tails voice sounds amazing.
    Sonics voice sounds as if after 15 years his balls have dropped.
    Gonna take some getting used to.

  141. I just realized something. Everyone’s saying Sonic’s voice is deep, but perhaps if Knuckles WERE there it’d make Sonic’s voice seem less deep. Play Roger’s Sonic and Drier’s Knuckles and alternate, Roger’s Sonic voice is definately higher pitch.

    Secondly, the voice of Sonic here probably sounds deeper because of his tone. Otherwise, those unedited Alton Towers clips we heard and the Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing TV commercial clip we heard that people liked are actually the same at in this cutscene. The only difference is he’s calmer in this cutscene and excited in the clips we heard months ago. o.0

    In fact, Griffith’s voice in Sonic Unleashed and Black Knight are just as deep or deeper, the only difference is Roger has a “sharper” voice.

    But seriously, if you think Roger’s Sonic voice is deep, listen to his very last lines about the map again. That is not deep. And throughout the game it’ll probably sound slightly deep, slightly high pitch and alternate. =P

    Now I’m curious for Sonic Free Riders to be released in just 5 days! >_< I wanna hear the other's too. I sure hope those "Teams" in Free Riders means that Team Rose and Team Dark are actually in the story this time. It's fitting for a story like this (competition).Also, this is the first time to see Metal Sonic in a full 3D game since Sonic Heroes. (not including S&SASR) I wonder what sounds he makes and if he'll have any voice clips referencing to Sonic Heroes. XD

    Why do I care about the voices so much? …I don't. But as long as they're gonna be there I'm interested. =D

  142. Sonic voice is good, they wanted to make him more like a badass guy and cool shit.. it will fit for everyone later.

    Tails voice is awesome, it’s more like a boy and not too high.

    The game looks badass and it shows how powerful nintendo Wii..
    Gonna get it, Sonic Colo”u”rs i’m coming for you!

  143. Sonic took a fair amount of getting used to, but having seen this and… Other things. I’m confident that Roger brings the right kind of Sonic to the table. His voice acting is believable, he creates a personality for Sonic that doesn’t make me wince and the game is a joy to experience for this and many other reasons. Kate’s work on Tails is also great, as he no longer sounds as whiny and as annoying as previous attempts.

    Also agree with everything Jmack said. People really do need to distinguish the difference between quality and not liking something just because you’re used to something else.

  144. I agree with basically everyone, Tails voice is fitting.
    Sonic’s will take time to get used to, but you can hear that it’s better in my opinion.

  145. My problem with it isn’t that it doesn’t sound like any of the old Sonic voices… it’s that it sounds EXACTLY like one of the old Knuckles voices. I’m seeing Sonic, but I’m hearing Knuckles, and it just doesn’t mesh well in my head. It makes me wonder what they’re going to do with Knuckles’ voice.

  146. umm can someone plzz answer this question? What do u guys mean by “Sonic broke the fourth wall”?

  147. i don’t like sonics new voice it just seams way to deep for him i meen it sounds more like knuckles voice then sonics. Sonics new voicing is going to take a LOT of getting used to it just dosent sound like sonic. in other words i compleatly agree with ‘sock fox’ on this

  148. @Jmack
    I wouldnt use Jerk to explain sonics personality…Just attitude, and impatience at times
    But i agree with everything else you said.

    I dont even feel like it was a matter of opinion that Jason was a bad voice actor, I truly think im right and anyone who says other wise is wrong, i just dont see how anyone can think hes good…
    He had some good lines here and there but hes just awful as a whole…
    He was better as shadow.
    And im not ripping on anyone who likes Jason, I just highly disagree.

    I also feel like the ONLY reason why many people dont want drummond back is because of people like freeking spax, Just because i like drummond more people would always compare me to spax…
    for the record i do not respect spax as a person and he has been a huge Jerk to me in the past.
    The majority of fans wanted drummond back at first and thats a freeking fact.
    The majority of people who wanted him to stay were either completely new to the franchise and thought sonic was supposed to sound like that, or just sick of people saying everywhere that they want Drummond back.

    Another thing that you have to respect about drummond, is that he based his voice off of absolutely nothing and got the role, he said he looked at a picture of sonic and the voice just came out of him, thats pure talent.
    Jason was told to use ryan as a reference, and im sure roger used the past sonic voices as a reference at all.

    People keep saying they want roger to sound higher pitched…
    go listen to Sonic in adventure 1, Roger would sound very close to drummond if he made his voice a bit more high pitched.

    I also hate it how anytime i mention drummond anywhere people go nuts, and say stuff like
    “the voices dont matter”
    This statement is obvously not true for the majority of fans, just look at how many people commented on this video!

    Sega should of done the respectable thing and just kept drummond from the start, there wasnt a good enough reason to go through all of this voice nonsense.
    And these are human beings were talking about that are getting replaced.
    How would you guys feel if you got the role of sonic and you were replaced for virtually no reason.
    I just dont understand peoples logic sometimes.

    Anyways, overall Roger is good as sonic
    and imo better than griffith but not as good as ryan or jaleel, from what ive heard so far.

    But guess what, this wouldnt be an issue right now if they had just kept drummond from the start.
    Barely anyone complained of the voice acting back before the 4kids actors.

    I feel sympothy for the people that dislike rogers portayol
    it can literally feel like your childhood heroes personality was stolen away from you when one of your favorite voice actors gets replaced, i experienced this with drummond getting replaced.

    I do apologize for my occasional long comments about the the previous actors, but this has turned into a voice discussion obviously.

    Ill keep it to a minimum, but as most everyone else on here im strongly opinionated.
    And its hard to just sit back and not talk about this.

    btw, foxboy just send me a private message on youtube @minimullen

  149. When i said this earlier
    The majority of people who wanted him to stay
    by him i meant jason sorry.

  150. I also relize that this statement
    “I dont even feel like it was a matter of opinion that Jason was a bad voice actor, I truly think im right and anyone who says other wise is wrong,”

    comes off as very one sided

    obiously there are people who for some reason think Jasons good, so i hate to admit it but it is and opinion, i just dont feel like it is. haha

    Oh yeah forgot to mention about tails new voice, It sounds good
    i like the corey portrayol more, but it makes since to use a girl, and this time they got it right.

  151. I like Tails’, thought he’ll take some getting used to. Sonic.. shouldnt really be this deep, as everyone has said. Ive tried rewatching this a jillion times, but i just can’t see it as Sonic. While I do like his overall voice, i dont like his deep tone. Sounds like someone went thru puberty. C;
    We have to consider that this IS Craig’s first time with Sonic, and that he’ll improve with time and (if SEGA really values fan feedback) our opinions.

  152. @TheDanimator

    Sonic does have attitude, and he is impatient, but he is a jerk at least half of the time, and I say that because to be truthful Sonic doesn’t really care about anyones personal problems. Yes he defends freedom, and if someone is in danger of having their freedom taken away from them he’ll come to their rescue, freedom is important to him. Or if someone is in danger “in general” he’s there to save them. But if someone is annoying him, or bothering him with a whole bunch of silly things (usually Amy) he’s going to let them know, even if it hurts their feelings. Sonic isn’t a counselor lol. If he isn’t faced with a challenge or saving the world from Eggman, he wants as much time to himself as possible.

    One of the reasons I didn’t like Sonic while Jason was potraying him is because Sonic was always trying to be a freaking conflict mediator. He would always be like (in a soft voice) “come on we’ll solve this problem together” NO!!!

    Think of Shara, Princess Elise, Cream, Chip, why was he trying to help them on a personal level? The devs were beginning to lose Sonic’s personality. Any other time Sonic would not care about helping Shara through a “break-up”, or getting it in good with Elise, or helping Chip get his memory back. Once he gets them out of danger he’s gone…and that’s the truth.

  153. Well… I like it! like most here have said already Craig will need some getting used to, but he’s not a bad choice at all. Tails is absolutely perfect. And the only time I cringed of embarrassment was when sonic decided the fourth wall had to go. THATS something i could never boast when watching anything with Jason at the vocal cords.

  154. @TheDanimator
    Well i didn’t like jason for a long time but in unleashed he did get better. not WAY better but better. smith i think is a sonic that will take a long time to get used to. but when it comes down to it if ryan was still voicing sonic in 06 it wouldn’t have changed a thing. i don’t think i would hear people say that that’s the sonic they new in adventure. HELL NO! now ryan was a awesome actor no dought about that but a lot of people seem to put acting in front of gameplay but i find it the other way around. plus if we didn’t get jason i guess we wouldn’t have mike pollock! so we get some we lose some as the saying goes.

  155. if you think about it, this a relaxed scene. no action, no high strung moments just relaxed. this suits him perfectly. he knows when to pick up the excitment. he’ll go down as one of the best.

  156. I’m sick of the Sonic fanbase arguing over the English voice actors. We’ve been through at least 5 English actors since Sonic came to be. Kanemaru Junichi has been with the series since for quite some time, and has been perfect since the very beginning. Kanemaru Junichi IS Sonic the Hedgehog to me, and everyone else is a cheap and lame impostor.

    I also think Jason was getting better, compare him from his beginnings in Sonic X to his role in Sonic and the Black Night. He still sounded cheesy; as did Drummond, White, and now Smith. I see Smith as an improvement, but I want a voice like an English inequivalent to Junichi. A voice that is cocky and a bit of a jerk at times as well as a bit childish, but ultimately has a heart of gold. The childish quality Junichi has is perfect for Sonic in my opinion.

    I’m not one of those otakus who think the original Japanese audio is always better. I almost always prefer the English dub of anything, regardless of how bad others view it. The only case I always want, even sometimes need Japanese is for Sonic. And only for the character of Sonic as well. I don’t care much for the other Japanese actors, but I will import just to hear Kanemaru Junichi’s perfect voice.

    In short this is the TRUE Sonic:

  157. Loving the new direction, and voice acting. Plus the hedeghog engine really shine here.
    Curious just how big this new Colors world might be.

    And again, the voice acting is golden.

  158. Has SEGA gotten the English VAs right after 5 years?
    The answer is an emphatic: YES!
    …Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes (You may want to move on now), yes, yes, yes….

  159. Personally, I think that Roger’s voice sounds kinda like my own voice, which I think is pretty cool. Thank God that Tails’ voice sounds more boyish… Previous versions sounded like nails on a chalkboard to me. (My own opinion folks, take it or leave it.)

    Also, I am SO surprised that no one said this yet…


    It’s official, ladies and gentlemen, Sonic has finally hit puberty. Either that, or his balls have dropped….

  160. Why would you translate a language into Binary code?! XD

    I like the voices a ton, even if Tails’ is strangely familiar (;D) and the lip synch is off.

  161. @sonicdudefan1996

    Oh yeah, trust me im not saying if Ryan was voicing Sonic in the crappy games it would of made the games good or something.

    Sonic would of felt more real to me and stuff if that were the case and id be able to tolerate the in game voices more, but script writing totally plays a factor, allot of the script writing just didnt suit the character…

    Sure ryan could of delivered it more like Sonic in my opinion, but that doesnt change the lines.


    I still disagree that sonic acts like a jerk half the time.
    The meanest ive seen him is in the sonic movie dub when he got mad at tails.

    But in the adventure series and stuff hes consistently saying stuff like awasome job tails
    and stuff.

    And i recall him saying “i hate to ask but could you help them”

    Hes totally considerate most of the time.

    he just gets annoyed easily.
    Hes far from a “jerk”

    Of course are definition as “jerk” may vary.

  162. @TheDanimator

    I think that’s what it is. Jerk isn’t necessarily “Mean” but rather when Sonic says something or does something that is unnecessary. Like when he broke the 4th wall…that’s him being a jerk.

    And the quotes where he asked Knuckles to help Amy and Tails, and when he complimented Tails on a job well done, like I said, those were when he was faced with challenges. Yes he’ll support his friends in a time of need.

    I’m talking about times when Amy would ask him to marry her and he said loudly “NO WAY!”. Or when he said to Knuckles “Way to go KNUCKLEHEAD!”. Or when he first said “Look, it’s a giant talking egg”. Or when he would call Shadow a “Fake Hedgehog”. Or perfect example when Amy asked him to be Birdie’s bodyguard for a while and he was like “YOU MUST BE KIDDING!” he doesn’t have time or patience for those things lol. Alot of the time he would mostly be a jerk to Eggman…but Jason didn’t even potray that well.

    And all the quotes I said were only a few from Adventure 1, and 2…I could go on.

  163. @TheDanimator

    Yea our definitions of jerk are different. I don’t mean that Sonic is “Mean” but rather when he says or does things that are unnecessary…like breaking the 4th wall, that’s him being a jerk lol.

  164. I noticed you’re talking about this whole acting thing and I just gotta say Ryan was a terrible actor! XD He was an awesome voice but a terrible actor. It got annoying after a while when you hear a guy who sounds like he’s constantly smiling. lol I mean, I get he’s energetic and happy but he’s not psycho. He shouldn’t sound fake when he has non-happy expression-worthy lines.

    Jason being good or not IS an opinion because.. how can it NOT be? Opinion is one’s perspective on what they think about something. If you didn’t like the voice then your opinion is he’s bad. If someone liked the voice then there opinion is it was good. Usually people don’t have a problem with a mild speech pattern. XD Especially when half of the time that speech patter is used by EVERYONE anyways. o_O Some people felt it fit Sonic more, was more cartoony. The acting wasn’t realistic, it was cartoony. But at the same time he was able to put more varietty and “Character” into it than Ryan. However that’s because by this time they already made the games more cinematic with cutscenes and such, plus Griffith voiced Sonic first in a TV show rather than a game. Ryan was limited to stale cutscenes to begin with. So I don’t think his lack of acting was his fault.

    Roger is better than both of them as he voices games AND TV shows, has a wide range of voices that don’t sound alike (something you don’t usually get in voice actors who you can always recognize without looking up. XD) plus Roger’s a great actor.

    It’s just they’ve all had corny as heck lines but have all had cool lines too. (By that I mean it sounds cool when they say it), and that’s from pretty much all the actors! =)

    I think that a portion of disliking Griffith’s voice is because he worked for 4kids and because he replaced an unfairly fired Ryan Drummond because even if it wasn’t as good as Ryan it was NOT such a big deal it was worth a “voice war”. Not unless his voice was super high or suepr deep with an EXTREME voice pattern like an idiot. No, this was mild. And out of all the different varieties of Sonic voices we had, Jason fit in well and had no reason to be hated on like that out of all those voices.

    If you wanna talk annoying, Sonic ALWAYS has an annoying voice. “Oh no! Don’t tocuh that leaver! WuuuAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” *goes deaf* x.x lol

  165. Anyone else think Sonic’s new voice sucks? ‘Cause it just doesn’t sound enough like Sonic should. Tails’ voice is fine though.

  166. I would have to say that Tails finally has a decent voice actor. Roger Craig? I’m still trying to get used to it after all of these years of growing up with nasally Sonics. Can’t say I am a fan of his VA for Sonic. Sonic sounds older, but still…

    I miss the nasal tone. Call it nostalgia.

  167. @TheDanimator says
    but isn’t the point of sonic to make him feel cartoonish not realistic. take mario and megaman i still really like them even though they don’t feel in the slitist way realistic. i’m just asking but why would you want sonic to feel more real than cartoon? do you mean like it feels and sounds like sonic is actually interacting with someone and not being dubbed or something else. please explain.

  168. @TheDanimator
    but isn’t the point of sonic to make him feel cartoonish not realistic. take mario and megaman i still really like them even though they don’t feel in the slitist way realistic. i’m just asking but why would you want sonic to feel more real than cartoon? do you mean like it feels and sounds like sonic is actually interacting with someone and not being dubbed or something else. please explain.

  169. Do I like it? No.
    Do I adore it? No.
    Do I love it? YES!!!!!!

    It’s perfect! It’s just right for Sonic! Tails’ voice sounds amazing too! The graphics are pretty impressive and it sure looks promising! Good job Roger! =D

  170. @sonicdudefan1996

    I think he does mean that. (The suggestion you asked at the end about him sounding like he’s actually interracting with someone)

    But even besides that, I can’t say the point of Sonic is to make him feel cartoonish. Otherwise why act like his speed is anything special?

    I have to say Sonic is pretty realistic. Not the concept of the characters themselves but the atmosphere. It’s sort’ve like a cartoonish real world (Portrayal of the real world if it were to be a bit more like cartoons) I think Sonic was supposed to be mixed and balanced. I can’t even see the classic games as THAT unrealistic other than the obstacle of it all. It’s like a mix of cartoon and real. Sonic was always meant to look 3D as possible and 3D was meant to be a bit more realistic (as cartoons are all 2D and the 3D world has to do with our real world and real physical laws of shape.) In the Adventure series it was also half and half. Realistic people and city, but also cartoonish characters, anime-looking humans (sometimes), and the usually loop everywhere. XD

  171. If sega reallly wanted to bring sonic back completely, they would of rehired the entire Adventure series cast. Those guys were great. I mean, Sonic’s new voice actor is great, I just don’t feel like its a voice that suits sonic all that well atm. But i will most probably grow into it. I do like tail’s new voice though.

  172. So like, Sonic and Tails sound bad-ass. Definitely like them more than Griffith and Palant, to be honest (if anyone wants me to elaborate, feel free to ask. I don’t feel like typing a wall at the moment).

  173. Question: How is Tails’ mouth aligned with his skull but Sonic’s mouth is all out to the left?
    …He should probably go get that checked.

  174. @BlooDood

    Yeah! He just doesn’t look right with his mouth all to the side making him all dopey looking. lol Maybe in 2D artwork, but not in 3D. It’s just weird knowing you can poke the front and side of his face and feel nothing but skin while his mouth is on his cheek… and SLIDES froms side to side depending on the angle. x_x


    THIS IS TERRIBLE Sonic sounds too deep and GRUFF

    Tails sounds a bit deep he should a young voice



    Its soo unfair come on SEGA please tell me this isn’t happening πŸ™

    What the hell SEGAAAAA this isn’t what most of us fans wanted




  176. I’ve watch tons of Naruto episodes in the past, so hearing Kate’s Tails’ voice sucks. I’m going to keep thinking Sakura every time he talks now.

    I liked Sonic’s old cocky attitude. I’ve always had. Now it’s just like he’s saying, “Grab some weed an chillax, bro”.

  177. I think it’s a great voice, and besides you haven’t even heard him in action, this is a relaxing and calm cut scene that doesn’t need sonic to go “I’M RUNNING AT MOTHER F***NG SUPER BA***RD SPEED WOOOOAAAAAAOOOOHH” but seriously why do you even care about his voice? If you were true sonic fans you would only care if the game was good or not and I think you have all lost that and it’s kinda disappointing.

  178. @lolo OMG, I thought the EXACT same thing. I had to watch some clips from Unleashed and since I’m already playing A Crack in Time, I compared the three and while there’s no way in HELL Smith sounds ANYTHING like James Arnold Taylor (Ratchet for those who don’t know) it’s IS huge jump from Griffith. He was getting better, but it’s a very different step in a very right direction.

  179. Everyone his voice is FINE, it’s still cocky and Sonic-y… just a bit different and has higher quality ACTING despite being a deeper voice. I totally agree with @Josh here. I understand why Nintendo never has Mario voice a script.

  180. I don’t like it ._.

    Quality work for sure, but it just seems like a completely different character to me. Ryan Drummond to Jason Griffith was still pretty similar to me. They atleast both had a similar pitch in their voice when doing the Sonic character. This just sounds like a completely new person to me. Like it isn’t Sonic at all. A lot deeper. Still a bit cocky, but the tone of voice just sounds completely foreign.

    Especially since we’re still in the same console generation as Jason Griffith games. That’s all I’ve been hearing in Sonic Unleashed and Smash Bros. Brawl and other games from this generation, and that’s still what I expect to hear.

    Ugh. Hopefully I’ll get used to it by the end of Sonic Colors, and then it won’t seem so crazy in future games.

  181. Also, new Tails voice actor sounds close enough to me. Definitely isn’t as much of a dramatic departure from before as Sonic’s new voice. I never thought Tails had the best voice actors, anyways. (although really, I thought the entire old cast REALLY proved their worth in Sonic Unleashed, especially Jason Griffith).

  182. If the “wisps” were flickies I would have been following this more closely
    oh well, it looks good

  183. haha , cuteeee ! x]
    i like Sonic’s facial expressions , but maaan do i miss his old voice actor ! πŸ™
    Jason Griffith seemed more suited for Sonic … the new one sounds like a more outgoing version of Knuckles , x_x;
    Tails’ voice sounds fine , ^^ , but i’m still waiting for those old Heroes days to come around again , when he was LEGIT voiced by a boy , πŸ˜›
    well , one thing’s for sure , i hope i get this game soon ! (: , ( stupid wii , go fix yourself .. -.-” )

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