Gamespot Demos Sonic Free Riders, New Characters Revealed

Gamespot Demos Sonic Free Riders, New Characters Revealed


As part of their On The Spot show, Gamespot has posted the first of 2 parts of a Daily Demo of Sonic Free Riders, in which SEGA’s Sam Mullen is on board to show off the final build of the game. In this part we get to see various modes available in the menus, including World Grand Prix, Time Attack, Free Race, Tag Race, Relay Race and Tutorials, which Mullen navigates with the recently revealed voice recognition feature.

We’re given a brief tease of the World Grand Prix (story mode), in which we see Eggman ruling the tournament dressed like a king. This mode looks to be played from 4 teams of characters available.
Sonic, Tails and Knuckles
Shadow, Rouge and a new blue E-Series robot, which we assume will be called E-10000B, since he’s blue.
Amy, Cream and Vector
Jet, Wave and Storm

A silhouette of Eggman can also be seen. Maybe this is a final/last story unlockable?

Speaking of characters, we see quite a few new entries to the roster, some you may have seen in yesterdays trailer and others brand new. Shadow, Cream, Rouge, Blaze, Silver and Vector will all be included in the game as playable characters. We get a taste of Wave’s new voice actress at the end of the video, where Sam demos the volcanic themed track shown in screenshots yesterday with her on the returning Hang-On bike.

Gamespots Ricardo Torres says we can expect part 2 of their demo next week, in which they’ll be showing the multiplayer modes of the game, including a new “Date Mode”. We’ll keep an eye out for the demo and bring you all of the new information revealed.

Source: Gamespot.

Thanks to Hero of Legend at the SSMB for the YouTube conversion!

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  1. Waves voice dosent sound new It sounds just like bella when you compare it to the zero gravity clips Im just saying

  2. Now I think Wave had a new voice actor. So, I wonder if Shadow, Silver, Cream etc. also have new ones? Most likely.

  3. @ Jordan:
    Sounds similar, but a little different to me. If it does turn out that her voice actress is staying, then I’m all for it. I don’t mind either way, as the voice being used here is awesome.

  4. damn i wouldnt get kinect but since i have sonic riders 1 and 2 i have no choice because i want 3 and im going to own 3. dammit! now i have to hook my elite up now. >:| i swore i’d never use my 360 for no reason damn why must this be an exclusive to MS!

  5. @ Shadzter right on but i believe SEGA said almost everyone was getting replaced I think there just replacing those who were most complained about because I know Mike Pollock is still in New york he said he uses ISDN Lines and the voice sounds awfully close from what ive herd from here

  6. Does Shadow still have the same voice? I still hear him say “Hmph” around where Wave does the tricks in the lava place.

  7. It looks like this game has the same turning problems as the first two Riders. Either the turning is bad or the player just sucks.

    Either way, it’s not like a lot of people are going to buy a Kinect anyways, much less a Sonic Riders game for it.

  8. New…teams?? Like, Sonic Heroes storyline style?? Damn it I want this game but not enough to get an Xbox… are they gonna port it ever?

  9. Ooh, I’m actually quite interested in this game. Not only did we get to hear Wave’s new voice actor, but, who I’m thinking is Jet’s voice actor, at around 6:14 Says “How do ya like that?!” And the ‘Date Mode?’ Fun nights await!! Oh wait, no they don’t, I don’t have Kinect and don’t plan on getting it. PLEASE, SEGA! PORT IT!!!

  10. So after a lot of listening, I’ve come to the conclusion that Wave is played by Kate Higgins. Am I 100%? No. But if that’s her saying “How do you like that?”when she hits Shadow, it sounds kinda like Kate Higgins voice.

  11. @ Jordan:
    SEGA confirmed Mike Pollock is returning for both Colours and Free Riders. Roger and Kate were also confirmed for both games.

    “It’s all change with the Sonic voice actors! That’s right just about EVERYBODY in the ‘active’ cast has a new voice actor and in one of those crazy “wow I really do work for SEGA” moments I was actually part of the team who helped select them.

    It was a very surreal experience, just a pity I didn’t know about the actual auditions, I’d’ve SO thrown my hat in for Jet and the Chaotix.

    Of course you might not actually hear them all for a while, but you certainly will for those characters that will be used in Sonic Colours and of course Sonic Free Riders. ”

  12. Dude! Sonic Free Riders having that many characters allows us to hear the voices of majority of the characters that fast! XD Unless some of the unlockable characters have no storymode lines then their clips could be recycled ones. But I’m hoping not. And if they are in story mode, that’d be cool for a Riders game.

    Otherwise, I believe I just heard Wave, Silver and Jet’s voices! =D If it’s Shadow’s new voice, it’s actually pretty good (so far). XD Wave sounds okay. Jet sounds.. interesting. (I believe it was him saying “How do you like THAT?” wasn’t it? o.O)

    And over all this game looks amazing! 8D

  13. @SonikkuZaHejj Yeah I heard that too, and I HOPE thats not Jet’s voice, becuase thats just not fitting AT ALL

    @PC the Hedgehog I was thinking the exact same thing! O.o Michelle Ruff would be good for Blaze and/or Wave, especially if she used her Rukia voice for Blaze, but if it turns out thats still Bella Hudson, that’d be great! =D

  14. Why don’t Shadow and Rouge team up with Omega? And why does Vector team up with Amy and Cream?!

  15. YAY! THEY GOT SILVER! JUST WHAT I WANTED! They’ve even gone and got Blaze and Shadow too! This is gonna make my birthday that little bit more special now that they got all my fav characters! Oh, and my jealous friend (they have PS3 so can’t get Kinect) will be glad that they can play as Vector when they come over! I’ve had no doubt Kinect! Love it and getting it!

  16. Vector teaming up with Amy and Cream? That ought to be good for a few laughs!

    I guess Big was too fat to fit on a gear.

  17. I don’t think Vector with Amy and Cream is too weird since Big did it. I find it suprising he’s in the game tho since I didn’t expect anyone too big to be in the game for design reasons, but Big was on a motorcycle before and they do have Eggman, Storm and the E-10000 bots. I suddenly find it easier to picture Vector on a board now, I guess cuz the graphics and stages seem more advanced and fitting for a larger variety of design styles. He might even just be on a bike.

    Glad to know there’s a way to use the bike so simply now. XD What about hovershoes? I guess it’ll be like a board only facing forward? Or will waving arms from side to side be required like Shadow normally does? XD

  18. This game is looking fantastic. It’s funny that we were somewhat concerned about there being no story, since it looks like they’ve made a bigger (not necessarily better, but bigger) than in the previous two, with four main stories and what looks like a fifth, final story (Sonic Heroes style). The difference between board and bike controls looks like it should offer a decent bit of variety. Hopefully if there are skates this time around we’ll see another play style for them too.

    Can’t wait to blast through the competition for a third time!

  19. Vulpine: If Marine were in this game, that would make me VERY happy!

    Maybe Shade as well. That is, if Sonic Team owns the character and not Bioware.

  20. @AMTModollas

    Hah! Better than his previous voice by far. Jason just made him sound like nails on a chalkboard. D l

  21. @AMTDollas

    Way better than his last voice, at least. lol

    Jason made him sound like Nails on a chalk board.

  22. @58SlugDrones: Had a quick peek at the new Japanese trailer.

    … It’s cute, I’ll give it that, but if it has its own story mode…

  23. @mega fan

    No, there actually IS a blue E-10000. Playi t full screen and right at 1:43 when they guy says the king looks like Robotnik/Eggman, it shows Shadow’s team closest to the screen for 6 seconds. It’s crystal clearly showing an E-10000 robot, not Metal Sonic. (If Metal Sonic’s in the pic, he’s hidden on the side and there are 4 characters, but there’s definately an E-10000 robot and it’s blue with a white stripe down the middle. ^^)

    Also, a second ago I just said if Metal Sonic were there then he’s well hidden on the side, I was referring to the right of the circle. But that blue with black below Rouge to the right of the circle is NOT Metal Sonic either. It’s just E-10000B’s hand. He hais his hands up in a fist. =) His fingers are white. XD

    I even got a clear screenshot but I don’t know how to send it to any of you or show it on the article. any ideas Shadzter? XDD

  24. Awesome, I was hoping they would be adding these characters to the roster 🙂

    Also, lol at King Eggman.

  25. @Kits’Okami: It shouldn’t be in the story… I hate SonAmy. Thus, atleast they showed Sonic and Tails doing it too so it may not be the “date” we are thinking of…

  26. @ Shadzter & FoxBoy:
    Sorry! I only saw the far away picture & I thought his hand was Metal’s head. Also Shadzter what video was that pic from?

  27. @mega fan

    Yeah that’s what I figured cuz at first I was wondering what his hand was too til I saw the connection and it became clear. lol

    And the picture is from the video above the article we’re all looking at. =)

  28. @58SlugDrones: … Goodnight, everybody! XD

    -not an attack BTW. I read your comment one way when it should’ve been read in an other =P-

  29. Now this may be a dumb question (I never played Zero Gravity, so maybe this was a feature), but what’s the difference between a “regular” stance and a “goofy” stance?

  30. @SoySoy

    “Regular” means you ride with your left leg in the front. “Goofy” means you ride with your right leg on the front.
    Hope that helped. 🙂

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